tagMind ControlMy Inheritance from My Dad

My Inheritance from My Dad


I cant say I knew my dad or that I really remember what he even looked like. See my dad was a traveling entertainer who just never came home. Mom said she still loved him but they got along better if they didn't talk to each other. I know it made me scratch my head too trying to make sense of it as well.

The last time I remember anytime of my dad he was buying me an ice cream cone and to be honest I'm not really sure that was my dad.

My mom got contacted by a lawyer saying that dad had passed away and that it was his wishes that there was no service and that he just be put in the ground. He also informed mom that his will was to be read on the first Monday after his death and it would be read in their law office in Las Vegas in 4 days time.

Well my mom cant travel due to her health but wanted me to be there for the reading of the will for as she put it "out of respect of his memory."

I wasn't too pissed at going to Vegas but I hoped the reading wouldn't take very long so I could see part of the city.

I flew in on the morning of the reading and got to the law office a hour early and the lawyer said he may as well read it as I was the only one coming to the reading. After all the legal crap he informed me that there was one small box, a small book and a little over five grand left over after his interment.

Once the lawyer give me what dad had to give us in his will he started going on about how sorry he was for our loss and I stopped him by saying that I don't even remember my dad at all. I thanked him for his service to our family and got my ass out of there.

His office had been just off the Vegas strip so I walked down the strip playing a few slots but couldn't get into it. So I found a small coffee shop and opened the box finding what looked like a piece of cheap cut glass on a thin cord. I just about threw it away right there but decided to check the book out first.

I started reading the book and it said things I had no clue about. It turned out I knew my dad by his stage name as a somewhat famous hypnotist who traveled the world putting on shows. He also said that the orb as he called it was for me to have and use. He went on to say that once I learned how to use it that I could have just about anything I wanted in this world. I thought it was a bunch of bull shit.

I put the book and the orb in my pocket and got a taxi to the airport.

As I waited for my flight I thought it sure wasn't much to show for his 70 plus years on this earth but the five grand would help mom out for a few months anyway.

I got on the plane and this very good looking young lady sat down next to me and I smiled to myself thinking maybe she will be friendly, then I noticed the wedding rings and I thought so much for that.

After we took off I took the orb out of my pocket holding it to the light coming in the window next to me when the woman next to me said "That's beautiful, but it makes me feel funny to look at it. Its like its taking control and its making me sleepy."

I looked at her and her eyes were glued to the orb and her eyes looked to be getting very heavy so I said "You should sleep."

No sooner than the words were out of my mouth and she was a sleep beside me. I thought oh ya, what is this, some kind of joke. I thought find I will play along and said "Can you hear my voice?"

She said she could and I went on by saying "I want you to follow my instructions I give you, but you will think these are your ideas. Do you understand what I I'm telling you?"

She said she understood so I went on to say to her that she was finding it warm and that if she unbuttoned 3 of the top buttons on her blouse she would find it a whole lot more comfortable. I was shocked when she undid the buttons giving me a great view of her white lacy bra.

I thought fuck this is great and she is a good sport to go along with this. I decided to ask her a few questions about herself so I said "I I'm going to ask you a few questions and you will answer them truthfully and to the best of your knowledge, do you understand what I just told you?"

She said she did and I went on to ask "Are you happily married?"

She said "Yes." And I then asked if she was going home to her husband and she said no.

I then asked her why she was going away from her husband and she responded that she had to go on business.

I then asked where she would be staying and she named one of the high end hotels in my home town.

I saw my opening and thought we will see just how far you will take this joke. I said "When you get off the plane I will offer to drive you to your hotel and you will accept my offer. Do you understand?"

She said she did and I went on the say "When we get there you will want us to have dinner together and then go to your room. Do you understand?"

Once again she said she did and I went on to say "Once inside your room you will want to make love with me and do whatever I tell you to do no matter what it is. Do you understand this as well?"

She once again said she did and I finished up by saying "After we spend the night together every time after that you will pick up strange men when you go out of town on business and do what ever they want to you in bed, plus if you can have more then one man at a time you will love it. Do you understand this as well."

She said she did and without any sign that this was wrong. By now we were getting close to landing so I put the orb away and gently woke up my married soon to be lover.

As we walked off the plane I turned to my soon to be lover and said "Hey how about I give you a ride to your hotel so you dont need to get a cab, what you think?"

She smiled and said "Your such a gentlemen and if its no trouble I would love a ride to my hotel, by the way what's your name I cant seem to remember what you said it was and I'm sure you told me?"

I said my name was Paul which its not, but she didn't need to know that.

Once she got checked in she said she wanted to buy me dinner for being so nice to her and going out of my way to help her out. I told her it was my pleasure to give her a hand.

After dinner she looked at me with a sly look and said "Would you like to come to my room for a night cap?" I said "It will be my pleasure to do just that."

Once we walked in the room she turned to me kissing me hard and the mouth and saying "Take me anyway you want to please fuck my brains out."

In seconds we were both naked and I thought your husband is a lucky man to be married to something that looks like you do. I said "I would love if you deep throat me sweetheart."

She was on her knees doing her best to take all of me and gaging every so often. Before I could cum I pull out saying "Get on your hands and knees I'm going to fuck that pussy of yours."

I slid into one of the tightest pussies I have ever fucked and when I told her to rub my clit she started to cum.

After she had cum a few times I pushed my thumb up her ass and she went insane screaming for me to fuck her harder. I started to wonder if hotel security would get called due to her screaming at the top of her lungs.

I pulled out and worked my cock up her ass and she kept saying "I've never done that before, please go slow."

She soon got into being ass fucked and with her rubbing her clit and me pushing my thumb up her cunt, she came so hard she blacked out and I filled her backside hole with my cum.

After we rested I asked her if she needed to call her husband, at first she looked shocked, then smiled and nodded.

When she got him on the phone I went down on her pussy eating her out and trying my level best to make her cum for her husband.

I listen to her having trouble to form words as she was on the edge of coming and she said "I got to go I'm coming, I mean I got to go to the bathroom, bye." and she came as she hung up.

"Your bad aren't you?" she said after catching her breathe. I just nodded and went back down on her.

She pushed me over going down on me getting me up for round two. Once hard she climbed on top and began riding me as she played with her hard nipples.

She said "Tell me when you're close lover, I want to drink you down."

It took some time but I told her I was close and she got off me taking me as far down her throat as she could. I felt her push a finger against my ass and then in, making me cum almost as hard as the first time.

She swallowed as fast as she could and still miss some of my cum. She licked up what she missed and said "If my husband seen me right now he would go insane. I have never been fucked in the ass before or let anyone cum down my throat before either. I'm such a slut, but you know I have never enjoy sex this much before.

I said "Well I need to take a leak, have you ever tried a golden shower?"

She said no but was happy to try it with me. I got her on her knees in the tub and then sit back on her feet and I stood in the tub in front of her.

I told her to look up at me and to open her mouth and stick her tongue out. She did as she was told and I then said "If any goes in your mouth just swallow it, it wont hurt you to do so."

I couldn't hold back any longer and I hit her on her tongue and then pointed down to her tits hitting each nipple in turn and at that point she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her open mouth drinking what was coming from me.

Once I was done she went back down on me sucking the last bit from me. Holy fuck this is one kinky girl.

We showered together and after one more nice long fuck it was time for me to get my ass out of there. As I got into my car to drive home I started thinking of all the women I know that I wanted to fuck, married or not.

Thank you dad, you couldn't have given me anything better.

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