tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Introduction To CFNM Ch. 02

My Introduction To CFNM Ch. 02


Author's Note: Those readers who know the real 'rules' for CFNM know I've bent them to some degree for this story, so please overlook it as you read. Also, I received some reader email suggesting I might encourage both males and females to discuss your desire to explore CFNM with someone who might enjoy it. Gals, don't be afraid to ask. And guys if you get asked, try it out. By the way, there's a ton of good information about CFNM on the internet, including news groups and websites devoted to CFNM. Enjoy this chapter.


When I got back to work, even the solitude of my office didn't do much to quiet my nerves or for that matter, reduce my excitement. The hurt in hearing Sharron tell me that she didn't love me the same way I loved her was devastating and painful. But, in a way, I felt released from the invisible tether that drove me to pursue her. I knew part of my relationship with her was now over – the part where I was trying to 'will' her to love me. On the up side, though, she positively reaffirmed our close and special friendship. I guess that was better than nothing.

I kept bouncing back and forth between feeling sorry for myself and the extreme excitement I experienced being naked in front of her. Boy, what a transition that was! One minute I was telling her how much I loved her and the next minute, I was standing in front of her with a hard-on, stroking my cock while she watched from two feet away.

Thinking back, I remembered how it all unfolded and I realized what a sly fox she was. At just the precise moment when I was the most vulnerable, she brought up the Slippery Nipple. She worked that angle to bring up her CFNM fantasy, adding that it would be no big deal for me to get naked in front of her since we were such good friends and all. So, feeling desperate to have any kind of relationship with her, I agreed. In fisherman terms, she threw her line out and I took the bait.

Then, to set the hook properly, she pulled that hot little stunt in her car after we left the restaurant. She knew damn well if she sat with her legs spread open, letting me look at her panties, I would agree to just about anything. Truthfully, it was a very smart move on her part. I don't know how long she's known about my fascination with panties, but, she played me like a fine violin – first letting me look up her skirt and then enticing me with the promise of more. In the long run, though, I ended up being the master of my own un-doing. But, who could blame me? Listen, no man thinks clearly when he's looking at the panties of the girl he's desired for years. Interestingly enough, I saw a side of her that was anything but sweet and cute. Plus, it didn't matter to me at all that she might have manipulated the situation to see my cock. I kind of liked that, anyway.

I closed my office door and stared at my computer screen trying to decide which of the fifty urgent and overdue emails I should open. After ten minutes of staring at my inbox, I still hadn't made a decision and finally realized I might as well just turn the damn thing off and go home.

Driving home, I replayed in my mind the vision of her standing in front of me with her skirt up around her waist and how I stripped off my pants and underwear. I recalled the look of longing on her face when she looked at me, and later, her look of total satisfaction as I stroked my tool in front of her. Then, when my cock was about to explode, she hesitantly wrapped her hand around it and stroked it until I was spent. In a way, we made a good team – I had what she wanted and she had what I wanted.

But, beyond it all, there were some things I learned about my cute innocent little Sharron which I would keep in mind if I was smart: First, she loved to see naked men. Second, she fantasized about watching men masturbate. It only took me a minute to figure out that if I couldn't be her real lover, maybe we could work something out for some mutual stress relief!

There was something about what we did that deeply touched the naughty side of me. Exposing myself in front of her gave me an adrenaline rush like I had never experienced before. I was nervous, sure, but when I saw her eager eyes staring at my hard cock, all I wanted to do was show it off more. I also liked the idea of stroking myself in front of her, especially if she was going to show her panties off. That, just in itself, was worth it to me – to be able to see my perfect love holding her skirt up so I could look at her panties while I pleasured myself. It just doesn't get any better than that.

I even agreed to be naked with her on Saturday. I wonder how many times a day I can get a hard-on? How many times could I make myself cum? Once an hour? Holy shit, wouldn't that be something! Maybe I should quit jerking off for a few days and save up my cum for Saturday?

I was just about to make the last turn before pulling into my driveway when my cell phone rang. I recognized the personalized ring tone immediately as 'her' ring. A sudden panic shot through me and I just knew she was calling to cancel our CFNM Saturday and tell me we'd made a horrible mistake after lunch today.

I contemplated not answering. But, deciding to be brave, I flipped open my phone and answered it just like I always do with her.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." She replied, saying, "Thanks for lunch today, Brad. I had a really great time."

I laughed. "You mean the actual lunch, or after lunch at your place?" I asked.

"I meant when we were at the condo," she answered, "but, lunch was good, too. I always enjoy being with you. You know that."

"Personally, I had more fun at the condo," I said, "and, we should have lunches like that more often." I added.

"Would you like that?" She asked.

"You've got to be kidding, Sharron. I would do it again in a heartbeat!" I explained.

"I'm glad to hear you say that." She said. "Brad, I've got a proposition I want to run by you. Do you want to have dinner tonight?"

"Uh, sure, I guess. But, what's up?" I asked.

"Well, it's complicated." She said. "Let's talk about it tonight. Besides, I feel bad about the way I trampled all over your feelings today."

"Somewhere along the way," she added, "I must have given you the impression that I wanted you to chase after me, or hold out for me. But, Brad, I never intentionally did that. I swear until you told me today, I never had any idea you felt the way you did."

"I know that." I replied. "You don't have to feel guilty. I should have discussed it with you years ago. It's entirely my fault and you handled yourself graciously, Sharron."

"No, Brad, I didn't." She answered. "And, I do feel guilty and I realize now how hurtful I was to you. I just want the chance to explain myself, okay? We'll do that tonight, too."

"Okay, okay." I said. "What time did you have in mind?"

"Why don't you meet me at the condo at seven o'clock and we'll go somewhere nice and I'll treat." She said.

"Okay, I'll see you around seven." I replied.

After we hung up, I pulled into my driveway and went inside. I guessed things were going to be fine between us. I'll let her get her guilt off her chest and we'll say what ever needs to be said and then we'll both have some closure. "That will be good." I thought.

Then I got a terrific idea! I'll go over there early. I'll use the extra key she gave me to get in and I'll have dinner ready for her when she gets home. One thing I know about Sharron is that she loves surprises and she loves to be pampered. So, I made a quick list of things I wanted to take over there and a few things I needed to pick up on the way. But first, I better have a shower and change into something casual.

Standing in the shower with the hot water beating down on me, I started to think about her holding up her skirt and showing off her yellow panties. Then I remembered the modest way she took them off and how they felt against my cheek.... and her smell.

What a turn-on it was to reach out and take her panties from her hand and lift them to my nose. I stopped for a moment to wonder what went through her mind when she saw me sniffing her panties. She had to know I would use them to feed my fantasies of her, didn't she? Of course she did. She knew damn well they were wet with her pussy juice. When she told me I had 'earned them', what exactly did that mean? Were they the "consolation prize" since I couldn't have her love? Was that it? I got her panties instead of her heart? Or, were they really my reward for getting naked in front of her?

That got me thinking. If her panties were a reward for getting naked, would she reward me the same way if I got naked, again? Would the reward be better next time? I've been alive long enough to know that when a woman wants to give you her panties, that's something you should appreciate and encourage. So, I made a mental note to thank her.

Without realizing it, I had begun to stroke my cock as I day-dreamed. A million thoughts flashed through my mind as I brought myself closer and closer to cuming. Then suddenly, I got a brain storm on how I could end up naked in front of her tonight.

I stopped jacking myself and finished my shower as quickly as I could. Rummaging through my underwear drawer, I found the pair of spicy men's underwear Sharron gave me as a gag gift some years back. "These might turn her on." I hoped.

After I dressed, I gathered everything I needed from my place, grabbed my car keys and ran out the door. I knew I had to make at least four stops on the way over to her place. Fortunately, they were all close to each other and before I knew it, I arrived at my first destination, the Hallmark store.

Now, you should understand that Sharron is a sucker for anything with a cute saying on it and more than once she's drug me though this store looking for something that caught her eye. Browsing through the glass display cases, I wondered if I would find a cute little curio statue that said "Panties Are For Sharing". But, not finding one, I found the next best thing: a beautiful crystal picture frame with the words "All You Need Is Love" etched into the crystal. On another shelf, I found a small silver plate that would add nicely to my plans, so I snatched it up, too, and headed to the register. The lady behind the register offered to gift wrap the picture frame and since I thought it would be a nice touch, I waited the extra five minutes for her to do it.

In the same strip mall, there's a liquor store where I picked up some Quantro, which I know she likes immensely, but never buys for herself. Then, I drove down the street to her favorite Chinese restaurant where they put together boxes of all of her favorite Chinese dishes, including her precious 'Shark Fin Soup with Snow Peas'.

Lastly, I stopped at a florist. I know she loves the smell of roses, and being the nice guy I am, I bought three dozen red roses arranged meticulously in glass vases. Buying three dozen roses seemed like a good idea until I had to figure out a way to get them out to my car, and then over to her house without tipping them. Fortunately, the lady in the flower shop gave me a box which I set on the passenger side floorboard. Problem solved.

Arriving at her condo, I opened the door and carried all my surprises inside. Walking into the kitchen, I saw the drying remnants of my recently spewed semen still on her table. I was curious to know why she was so adamant about me not cleaning it up. Did she have some sperm fetish? "That's kind of kinky." I thought.

Okay, so now I had to put my plans into action. I put all the Chinese food into the oven to keep it warm. I hid the silver plate and the Quantro in one of her cabinets. While I was doing that, I found candle holders and candles. These would come in handy.

Walking into her living room, I moved her coffee table out to the middle of the room, threw some of her sofa cushions around it and covered it with a white linen table cloth I brought with me. Next, I placed four of the candles at the center of the table and ransacked her kitchen to find everything I needed to transform that coffee table into a beautifully set dinner table.

I was duly impressed with my work. And, as I drew her curtains closed, turned off the lights and lit the candles to see how it looked, I stood in awe knowing that she would be completely blown away with the effort I took to surprise her.

My best guess was that I had, at the most, about forty five minutes before she would arrive home. I decided to put the other two vases of roses in her bedroom and close the door so her room would fill with the aroma from the fresh roses. However, upon entering her room, I stood overlooking the biggest mess I had ever seen. The bed was unmade and the sheets were thrown off. There were clothes all over her floor and a wandering pile of shoes, carelessly thrown in the corner.

With no time to waste and knowing where she kept her sheets, I remade the bed with fresh linens. I picked up all her shoes, arranged them in her closet and then cleaned up everything on her floor. I was doing fine, and I was making good progress until I walked into her bathroom. There on the floor, right next to her laundry hamper was a pair of tangled pink panties. The first thought that came into my mind was "Jackpot!"

Now, I swear to you, and you have to believe me when I say that up until this exact minute my intentions in her condo were purely friendly and all I wanted to do was surprise the hell of out her. But, when I saw those panties lying there on the floor, I couldn't just ignore them. It was as if the panties actually called my name and then before I knew it, I reached down to pick them up and started to unroll them. But, even before I got them untangled, her scent of her pussy hit me.

My cock instantly went hard and as I stood there holding those panties, I quickly had to make a decision on what I was going to do with them. As I saw it, there were only three choices: 1) immediately put them down and walk away, or, 2) put them in my pocket and 'liberate' them to become part of my hopefully growing collection, or, 3) take the time to enjoy them now and then put them back. I must have considered each option for a whole millisecond before my mind was made up.

I took a minute to arrange the two vases of roses so they looked nice, placing one on her night stand and one on her dresser. Checking my watch, I confirmed the fact that I had at least twenty minutes before she would arrive.

Looking at the panties in my hand, I was still torn between putting them back and taking advantage of the opportunity and masturbating with them. Jacking off with her panties as I had done earlier was okay, because she knew I was doing it, in fact, she was right there – she watched me. But, what I was thinking about doing now was sneaky and I was invading her privacy. I knew it was a risky thing to do, especially if she caught on.

Finally, I said "Fuck it". Turning to leave, I closed her bedroom door behind me and took the silky pink treasure into the kitchen with me. I stood defiantly in front of her kitchen table and unzipped my trousers. Fishing my hard cock from my underwear, I held her panties to my nose, closed my eyes and started to gloriously stroke the one eyed monster.

The pink panties were much silkier than the ones she gave me this afternoon and as I delighted in the smell they carried, I rubbed them on my cheeks and directly under my nose. It didn't take long at all before I started to get close to cuming. Then, with some kind of unthinking reflex action, I slipped the crotch of her panty into my mouth and the next thing I knew, I was sucking the material. When I realized I was sampling the actual taste of her pussy, every sensory function in my body overloaded and I exploded with a huge blast of cum. It jetted across her table in a thick rope, making an obvious trail of heavy, fresh cum. Several shorter spurts followed the big blast until I almost fell to the floor.

I must have been a sight standing there with my cock in my hand and her panties hanging out of my mouth as I gasped for air, trying to hold myself up by leaning on the table. I rested like that for a minute or two trying to catch my breath. Then, looking up over the river of semen on the table in front of me, a severe sense of panic set in.

There was no way I was going to be able to clean up the new cum without disturbing the remnants of my earlier ejaculation, which she specifically told me not to clean up. The trajectory of the cum streams weren't even in the same direction and the new cum looked different – it was thick, white and shiny.

"Oh, shit." I said.

Stuffing my cock back into my pants, I ran back into her bedroom where I was going to drop the silky treasure into her hamper and hope for the best. However, as soon as I opened the door to her room, I was distracted by the overpowering aroma of the roses.

It was perfect. It would blow her away. In fact, I bet it would blow her away to the point where she wouldn't even notice or remember that she had left her panties out. So, rolling them back into their original shape as well as I could, I tossed them into her hamper and made my way back into her kitchen, closing her door behind me.

The last detail I had to cover up was my fresh cum covering her table, and as I tried to decide what to do about it, my cell phone rang. It was her ring. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" I exclaimed.

"Hey." I answered.

"Are you at my house?" She asked.

"Well, kind of...." I answered. "Where are you?"

"Sitting in my driveway." She replied.

"I see." I said, franticly wondering how I was going to keep from getting busted. "I don't suppose you can give me a few minutes before you come in, can you?" I asked.

"Well, that depends." She answered. "Want to tell me what are you up to in there, Bradley?" She jokingly inquired.

"Sharron, it's a surprise. I just need two minutes. Can you give me two minutes before you come in?" I begged.

"Okay," she answered, "but, this better be good."

"Just give me two minutes. Thanks." I said as I hung up. Looking around, I tried to think quickly how I was going to clean up the cum before she came in. I ran out to where I had set up her coffee table for us to eat thinking I could use one of the napkins to wipe the cum up from her table. Then, the door knob turned and she walked in. That was the fastest two minutes I have ever seen.

The first thing she saw when she closed the door was her living room rearranged like a restaurant, complete with a fancy table and candles. She sniffed the air and asked, "Are you cooking?"

"None of your beeswax, nosey girl." I said.

And then in my snobbiest 'waiter' accent I followed up with "I don't believe I'm quite ready to seat you yet, Madame. Can I interest you in something from the bar, though?"

At first, she looked at me like I was crazy. But when I stayed in character and looked at her as if I was waiting for her answer, she put her hands on her hips and asked, "Just what have you been doing in my house, all alone?"

"Dinner," I said, in my normal voice, "A nice dinner. No fuss, no muss, no going out, and, I promise you're going to love it."

Putting her purse and keys down, she looked around. As I knew she would, she came over to look at what I had done with her coffee table... looking at the napkins and the silverware. "Candles and everything, huh?"

"I did the best I could with the time I had." I replied.

"It's beautiful." She said. "What are you cooking?" She asked as she turned to walk into the kitchen.

I caught up with her in just a few steps hoping I could divert her attention away from the cum covered table. As she got closer, though, she stopped short of going in and peered through the doorway. When she saw the roses she turned to look at me. "Roses?" She asked. "Red roses?"

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