tagRomanceMy Long Time Fantasy

My Long Time Fantasy


I knew tonight was the night that would change my world. I had been in anticipation all day. I went and had a massage, tanned and took a nice long walk before I went home to get ready. I ran the tub and poured the bubbles in. I had my candles going and just laid back and dreamed of the night to come.

You arrived at 6 and we sat down for our home cooked meal. I had taken special pains to make everything perfect. We ate and then went out to the stables. The moon was full and the ground was blanketed with snow. I saddled up my mare and off we went. You were behind me and had your arms around me. The whole ride was everything I dreamed. We both were feeling the heat from our bodies the motion of the ride kept you rubbing up against my backside. I was totally turned on. We rode for what seemed like hours.

When we came back to the stables we both knew that something had started that would be finished. The moon and stars seemed to laugh at us on our ride knowing that they had helped in our lust for each other. We brushed the mare down and our hands touched. I took your hand and held it to my lips and gently reached up and kissed you on your lips. The kiss got carried away and we ended up in the straw. I could feel the heat from rise in both of us. I pulled you to your feet and led you to the house.

We got the fire going again and lay down on the bearskin rug. I lay there for the longest time just looking at your sweet face and body. I finally took my hands, which were so nervous. I wanted to please you so much. And gently ran them over your chest. I could feel your hardened nipples underneath your shirt. I unbuttoned it with my teeth as I edged my way down your chest. I pulled it off and turned you over on your stomach. I wanted to give you all of me right then but I had other things on my mind.

I heated the oil over the fire and lit the candles all around us. The moon was shining through the window on us. I could see your muscles so clearly. I rubbed the oil on my hands and then worked my way all over your back I stayed there a good hour .I finally turned you over and managed to rub your chest. I was so hot. I took your face in my hands and gently started to kiss your mouth just teasing you with my tongue. I moved to your neck and spent considerable time there. I continued on my way down to your chest and ran my tongue over your already hard nipples. I continued down to your belly button and unbuttoned your jeans. I pulled your zipper away with my teeth smelling that musky smell about put me over the edge. I took your jeans off and slid up to your thighs. I started only with my tongue and licked your shaft and nipped a little I followed my way to your balls and licked until you were moaning. I took you in my mouth slowly and only a little at a time. I had to have all of you now. I swallowed you whole and worked my tongue back and forth around your shaft. I had my hands firmly on your buttocks pulling you into me. I could feel the heat of your shaft making its way into my mouth and finally you exploded into my mouth and I was completely drenched. I licked you again and you immediately became hard for me because I wasn't through with you yet. I sat on you and held your arms to your side so you couldn't touch me yet. I wanted to give you everything. I inched my way onto your shaft and slowly slid my way down the whole length of you.

You were so hot again. I had to lay my chest down on your chest so I could have your nipples in my mouth. I grabbed your buttocks again and pulled as I pushed and we were both gone. Never had I experienced in my life, as I was a real novice in this area. I had only ever had two climaxes while doing it in my life. Now I wanted more... we lay there snuggled together by the fire for a long time my arms around your chest and you holding me.

When we looked outside it had started to snow so we got up and put on our clothes and had a snowball fight. I was winning when you did a whammy on me. You came up and put snow under the front of my shirt, your hands lingered there and we fell into the snow. You started to kiss me and I was so hot. You ripped my shirt and devoured my breasts. You pulled my jeans down and licked me so gently. We were so hot we didn't notice the snow. You unzipped your pants and slid into me with force and took me right then and there I saw stars and more stars I was so hot. We ran into the stables and found a blanket and you undressed me. Slowly while you nibbled on my neck and breasts.

You straddled me as you sat on my butt and gave me a rub down. I was putty in your hands at this time.

You turned me over and slowly undid my jeans and pulled them off I hadn't had time to put on panties so I was totally naked. You took your tongue and gently licked my clit and started to take your tongue and go into me. I grabbed your head and pulled you up to me because I wanted to taste your mouth. You held me down so I couldn't interrupt you again. You went back to licking me and I was burning up you brought me to the longest climax I had ever had. You kept holding me down as you slowly inched your way into me. Teasing me until I had another climax and was begging you to come with me. I finally managed to flip you over and rode you until we both came with an explosion of our passion so deep and strong we both collapsed.

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