tagBDSMMy Love, My Lover Ch. 02

My Love, My Lover Ch. 02


Slowly you awaken to the gentle stroking of your body, a slow smile creeping across your face and deepening the fading blush left behind by the last orgasm. Catlike, you stretch and try to embrace your lover only to be held fast by bonds that had apparently been placed around your wrists and ankles after you had passed out from the extreme pleasure of your most recent of many powerful orgasms you had experienced tonight.

"You devil." You whisper to your smiling lover. "I'm surprised you didn't use a gag too."

Grinning wickedly, he replies, "But dear, then I wouldn't be able to hear you beg."

"Bastard." You whimper, for you know that by the end of it you will be guiltily begging for more.

With an enigmatic smile your lover silently continues to stroke your body in slow strokes of pleasure, smoothing away the fatigue of the many orgasms of the night and slowly refreshing and preparing your body for the many more yet to come.

So slowly that it goes unnoticed by you for several minutes, your lover changes his stroke from a relaxing one that almost lulls you into a relaxed sleep to a more insistent and calculating caress that soon has all of the most sensitive and erogenous parts of your body quivering with the anticipation of his touch. He continues, deftly avoiding all of these until your whole body is quivering with desire and yearning.

Then, maliciously, he circles just outside of your nipples until your rebellious body pushes a small moan past your trembling lips. And, just as you begin to let yourself relax into the sensation, he leans in and swiftly flicks his tongue over your now over sensitive nipples eliciting a sharp gasp as his electric touch reignites aches of desire all along your body. Suddenly he pulls back and continues his manipulation of your desire, ignoring the intense frustration and need he can see in your face and feel in your body.

After a few moments that begin to feel like eternity, he returns to your nipples as he leans in this time to fondle and nip at your too sensitive neck and throat, again forcing a rebellious whimper. And, again, after a few moments of tortuous teasing, he withdraws, leaving you burning with need and desire.

"Bastard!" you repeat; this time with a little bit more emphatic feeling and frustration.

Grinning, he then lightly runs his fingertips along the edges of your sex, teasingly avoiding contact with the inner folds that are now so sensitive that even the nearness of his touch sends sensuous tingles of anticipation coursing towards your straining clit. Squirming, you try to manipulate your aching sex into contact with his tormenting fingers but to no avail as he anticipates your need and moves with your body maintaining the same frustrating distance from what is now your focus of existence.

After five minutes of eternity, he pauses, a mere inch above your clit, and waits, expectantly.

Slitting your eyes to see why he has stopped, you see his look of inquiry and plead with your eyes for release.

As you desperately try to resist submitting to his deft manipulations, he slowly circles your sex, reminding you of the rewards that await your submission. Then, as he withdraws his hand back to that spot of promise so close above your clit, your resistance crumbles and you whisper a desperate, "Please."

"Please." You whimper again as his only response is a small circling of his fingers above the center of your need.

Agonizingly, he continues his frustrating circling promise of pleasure until finally you relent and with a final whimper of submission you beg in a meaningless stream of words of need and desire that quickly become words of release as, with your submission, he attacks you too sensitive clit, sending you into your most intense orgasm of the night.

As the stars fade from your vision, you whisper the words, "I love you." As he sends you crashing into another wave of orgasms so intense that he has positioned himself at the entrance to your sex by the time you realize that the wave has passed.

Teasingly, he holds himself positioned just at the entrance to your depths as he looks deep into your eyes and waits until awareness of your surroundings returns.

This time, with your body still trembling from the aftershocks of orgasm and your resistance already broken, "Please fuck me, please!" you shamelessly beg as soon as you realize the promise he holds a breath away from your sex.

Frustratingly slow, he inches forward until he penetrates to feel the heat of your desire, drawing forth another moan of need before thrusting forward and burying himself deep within your body, sending shocking ripples of pleasure throughout your body as his hips meet your clit in an explosion of sensation. Tremblingly close, this last sensation sends you once again over the precipice and you fall into the vast universe of another orgasm that seems to last for eternity as each forceful meeting of his body against your clit starts another wave of orgasm until you are riding an unending wave of multiple orgasms.

An eternity later, you feel his need matching your own and, as he releases the bonds holding your wrists, you grab him and pull him deeply into you gripping bruisingly tight as his release triggers your last orgasm of the night. An orgasm that hits with such force you again lapse into unconsciousness even as your body experiences several mini-orgasms as aftershocks of pleasure quiver along your body.

An indeterminate time later, you awaken, completely relaxed and spent from the hours of pleasure you have experienced tonight. Smiling contentedly, you pull your lovers arms even tighter around you as you drift off into pleasant dreams, knowing that tonight was but one of many more pleasure filled nights to come.

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