tagBDSMMy Love, My Lover Ch. 03

My Love, My Lover Ch. 03


Darkness, cold in your mind as you lie fearfully waiting for the sweet torture you know is to come. The blindfold shrouding your sight, you strain your remaining senses trying to see with your body.

Breath, hot on your skin, sends electric pleasure through your body. The breezy caresses making their way slowly up your body to your ears where ever so lightly you feel the feather soft touch of lips and a whispery promise of unbearable pleasures.

As he speaks, you can feel the fires of your need ignite in your body until you are burning with desire and even the sound of his voice sends ripples of pleasure through your body until you cannot help but groan as he slides earmuffs over your ears, depriving you of the erotic thoughts his voice describes and leaving you with just the smell of him and the feel of his breath on your body.

Slowly, you feel him move, missing the feel of him almost instantly. Then, ever so lightly, you feel his feather soft touch slowly stroking your body until your whole awareness is centered on the ghostly trail of his fingertips.

Gradually his touch deepens until you feel your whole body relaxing and going limp as he kneads the muscles of your body in a deep and powerful massage. Then, when you are so deeply relaxed that you feel as if you are floating in a cocoon of peace, you feel his touch change yet again to the gentle stroking as he smoothes away the last of the tension with long, slow sweeps.

Gently you float upon this cloud for a few minutes of eternity until you realize that the smoothing sensation of his touch has ceased.

Regaining your hypersensitive state, your mind reaches for every sensation, searching for him until even the errant stirring of the air on your body feels like a gale. Then, as your body reaches it's most sensitive, you are electrified by his breath as he releases the breath he has held in a controlled rush of air aimed directly at your clit, sending a shock of sensation throughout your body and a wave of pleasure magnified by your hyperaware skin that makes you gasp.

Then, before you have a chance to lose your hypersensitivity, he resumes stroking, circling your nipples in a tightening spiral that leaves them yearning for the seeming promise of a caress and sending more tingles of pleasure traveling to your mind and your burning center of need until you whimper with need.

On cue, he closes the spirals around your nipples and starts manipulating them directly, making you sigh with contentment until you realize that this has not lessened your need but has only intensified it to a new threshold. Squirming, you try to close your legs enough to create enough friction against your clit to achieve release only to find yourself unable to close them enough with him kneeling in between them. Then, he once again blows against your clit sending you just shy of release and he continues to do so until your groans become nearly continuous.

Suddenly, you feel his breath replaced with his tongue as he tastes the copious bounty of your sex. Tantalizingly, he purposefully drives you to the brink of orgasm and stops, leaving you hovering so close that the least sensation will send you over the edge. Then slowly, as you gradually descend from the precipice, you achingly notice the absence of his touch. And, as the absence of sensation continues, you slowly feel the fires of your desire diminishing until you are left with a near painful ache.

Then, after several minutes during which you become convinced that you have been abandoned for the night, you once again feel his touch, as he quickly reignites your internal fire. Once again, he feasts from your bounty until you are pushing yourself against his flickering tongue, seeking release only to have him once again withdraw.

Several times he does this until the burning of your desire no longer diminishes in between sessions and you are left in a constant state of heightened arousal, desperately seeking release. Finally, as you are once again held at the brink of orgasm for what must surely be the tenth time, your last shred of dignity evaporates and you find yourself begging and pleading for release.

Teasingly, he withdraws several times, just long enough for you notice until he once again resumes torturing your abused clit. Shamelessly, each time you beg for more until you are constantly pleading for his mercy.

Then, he withdraws for several minutes. Hovering just over your sex, you feel his breath teasingly caressing your clit on every exhale. Whimpering and half sobbing, you plead for orgasm, begging for release from this torturous state of endless pleasure.

Suddenly, you feel him surge in and attack you clit, quickly bringing you again to the brink of release before replacing his tongue with the measured manipulations of his fingers, leaving you hovering just on the edge of orgasm for an unbearable eternity.

Then, as you feel him shift, you tense in anticipation as you feel his cock slowly tease along your opening, the sensation alone enough to bring about the first flutters that signal the beginning of your orgasm. Slowly, he positions himself, continuously holding you on the brink of release.

Slowly, he slides his cock into your sex, making sure to go just slow enough to deprive you of orgasm. Teasingly but lovingly, he slowly strokes in and out for several minutes, building the anticipation of release until you again start to beg; shamelessly pleading for him to take you into blissful oblivion.

As you start to beg, he withdraws, leaving just the tip inside of you and resumes stroking your clit for several minutes until the anticipation and the prolonged pleasure becomes almost painful and every nerve in your body and your sex is on fire.

Then, in a surprised instant, he pushes deep inside of you and forcefully drives you to the brink and over into blissful nirvana. Relentlessly pounding, your body has become so sensitized that every stroke brings on another orgasm until you find yourself in a continuous orgasm so powerful that you drown in the sensuous pleasure for several minutes of wondrous eternity.

Gradually, you descend as he slows to a more relaxed pace, prolonging his own release and keeping your body in an extended afterglow as each stroke sends pleasant aftershocks of mini-orgasms through your body. He continues for several long minutes as you drift in ecstasy until he can hold back no longer and finds his own release.

Withdrawing, he slowly removes the earmuffs while stroking your body in long relaxing strokes, sending you drifting further into a relaxed state. And, as you find yourself slowly drifting into the restful sleep you need after your night of pleasure, you hear him whisper words of love that warm your heart as the darkness of the blindfold is replaced by the darkness of sleep.

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