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My Mexican Carpenter


My husband had always wanted to have his own Den/office, and the only place it could be located was above the garage, we didn't have space anywhere else, it would involve a lot of expensive work, but we were okay financially now. So ahead it went.

The builders came and did all the brickwork, and the roofing team did the roof, it got tiled and now we had the shell, so Dan, my husband could decide what he wanted, and where,

He drew up his own plans, and a friend of his mentioned a really good carpenter that could make and fit cupboards, units, the ceiling, flooring, doors, in short, he was qualified to do everything that was wanted.

So Dan called him, he came round to discuss the work, but I was out shopping, he went away and came back a week later with a price, more discussion ensued, the price was agreed, and work would start in 2 to 3 weeks time.

The work would take about 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

My husband is a very high ranking loss adjuster in insurance for his company, he is well paid, and travels away now and again, we never had children because I couldn't carry one to term sadly, but we got over that, and now lead a very comfortable life.

By the way I am Jennifer Mathews, 5ft 5" tall, quite good looking, and because we are well off, my clothes are mainly all designer ones, so when I dress, I know I look good!

I drive a black cabriolet BMW soft top, brand new.

My skin is smooth, lightly tanned, long dirty blonde hair tapering to the middle of my shoulder blades, it is glossy, heavy, and well cared for, and I love it.

I am 27 years old, with emerald green eyes.

I must confess here, that twice I have been unfaithful to my husband, both times when he was out of town on business, but it was only sexual relief, and nothing else, both with different men, that I never saw, or wanted to see again.

So, this Monday morning saw the arrival of Emile, as he was introduced to me by my husband, I hadn't seen him up until now, he was a very swarthy Mexican type of man, maybe even Cuban or some where that way, I wasn't sure.

About 35 years old, I would guess, very good looking in a rugged way, I immediately saw danger in his eyes when he looked into mine, black curly/wavy hair, dark brown eyes, 5ft 10" ish, with brown, bronzy type of skin, powerfully built, and seemed very lithe and light on his feet.

H came in a big van, loaded with materials, and spent most of the first day or so just setting up.

What I did notice was, he wore very short cut off denim shorts, and they were cut high too!

One of those leather belts, for carrying hammers, and screwdrivers which had the effect, on me at least, of making him look really manly, which I am sure he is

A tight, denim shirt that showed his powerful shoulders, chest and upper arms, bulging biceps, that gave him the appearance of a very athletic, agile and powerful guy.

He was also very hairy, you could see them all over, up his legs, along his arms, and coming over the studs on his denim shirt, that finished gathered at his throat.

The following morning at about 10:00 I took him refreshments etc, as I did in the afternoon, but at lunch time I had invited him into my kitchen so he could eat in comfort.

We chatted, and he told me of some of the contracts he had done in the last couple of years, and somehow, I could detect, that he had done more than just contracts at some of the houses he had worked in.

He was funny and humorous, and had me giggling at all sorts of things that had happened; I liked him immensely very quickly, we got on very well, and I felt a sort of affinity towards him.

He is also a very sexy man, and that danger I could feel was always there, especially if he passed close to me, one day in the kitchen he brushed my arm, I'm sure deliberately, it was like an electric shock to me!

It was now Thursday, I was wearing nothing really special, a white loose fitting one piece cotton dress that buttoned all the way down, fitted at the waist, it finished well above my knees, a bit like a shawl really, my hair was loose too, and flowing about me as I turned, high heels, I always wore those.

I had imagined what he would be like sexually, what his preferences were, that kind of thing, today, I took out his tray, he was stood on one of those stools that carpenters use, but I could only see the lower half of his body, he was obviously reaching up to something as he was standing on his toes.

As I got closer, it gave me an opportunity to have a good look at the lower half of his body, and in particular his strong legs.

It wasn't until I got up fairly close to him, that I realised, that about 2 or 3" of his cock was sticking straight down his leg, and out of the bottom of his cut offs!

It looked hard, partially erect, bigger than Dan's by a good bit, or it looked like it was, I was rooted to the spot, I couldn't tear my gaze away, he had heard me, because he bent down and said. 'Hello Jennifer.'

He nonchalantly took the tray from me, put it down and said 'Thank you, I'll bring it in when I've finished okay?'

My face was burning, my nipples were tingling, and my pussy started to throb, I couldn't get away fast enough, but he had seen my reaction, and was not only amused by it, he knew what he had done.

And the effect, he had had on me.

I went into the house stunned, my pussy was heating badly now, I needed something to relieve me, I went upstairs to my bedroom which was at the rear of the house, knowing I had my 'friend' there in the drawer, for needy moments such as this!

I looked out of the window first though, through the net curtains, so he wouldn't see me, but he was back stood on the stool by now, I gazed hard at his shorts, looking for his cock, which was still protruding down his leg.

What made my jaw drop was, as I looked, his hand appeared and rubbed it,

My God what a sight, I was unbelievably turned on!

What I didn't know was, that an air grille had been fitted into the wall above and in the centre of the doorway, that could be seen through, and because the vanes were normally in the down position because of rain, he had taken it off and fitted it back on upside down, so while I was thinking he didn't know I was there, he was looking up at the window, watching me, watching him!

His hand appeared again, and gave his cock a really good rub for several seconds, me not knowing he was doing it because I was there looking.

I was now transfixed in the window, my own hand now in my soaking panties, rubbing my own fully aroused clit, not realizing I was moving the curtains too, as watched him caressing that wonderful, dirty coloured bronze weapon.

The next thing that happened was, he dismounted off the stool, walked quickly towards the house, I thought myself, shit, the show is over, and tried to follow his movements for as long as I could.

What I didn't know, or see, was, he came directly into the house, up the stairs, undressing as he went, this I know, because I was mortified, as he came into my bedroom, wearing only a very brief pair of pants. I heard him say. 'Hey Jennifer, I have a surprise for you.'

He must have been the most confidant man on planet earth, because he walked right up to me, pulled me away from the window and the next thing I knew I was on the bed, and held tight in his powerful arms.

He told me he 'knew' me, knew what I wanted, and that he was here to give it to me, I never stood a chance, his aura was too much for me, the personal power, and personality that emanated from him was more than I could fight.

I had no defence against him.

He immediately seduced me, it really was no contest, I would never have admitted it right then, but I was already desperate for his cock, before he even got into my bedroom!

But I did admit it very soon though

He kissed me now, and so well, I wasn't used to being kissed, and handled like this, I was in brand new territory.

He had me undressed in a nana second, a heartbeat!

He was leaning over me in that special way, a man power position, that only men like can him, can reveal to a woman like me, in need of being taken the way he was taking me.

I was totally subservient, I had always liked to be in control for some part of my sex life, but I knew this wasn't going to be the case here!

He pushed his briefs down, got his hand on the back of my head and just shoved me down on to that beautiful cock that up until now, I had only gazed at.

Well it was up front and personal now, and lodged in the back of my throat, where it would stay until I made him cum, and unloaded, I wasn't asked, or consulted.

And unload he did, Jesus, what seemed like gallons of it, I swallowed it all!

'Wow Jennifer that was fantastic, you are a great cock sucker' he said.

'Thank you,' I replied. I was beaming with pride, and pleasure at his comment.

'Does your husband get that kind of treatment?' he asked me.

'No not really, and not very often either.' I said honestly.

'Good,' he muttered, 'I don't want him to be taken care of, as well as you take care of me!'

'Now, get on your knees girl,' he ordered me.

I quickly did as I was told.

He got behind me, and I was treated to the most powerfully hard fucking I have ever had in my life, it was so wonderfully painful, he went on and on, he was insatiable. I came so much I couldn't breathe properly.

'That was my best Mex fuck, I've just given you baby' he told me, 'only my special fuck toys get that Jennifer.'

'Are you my special fuck toy now, Jennifer?' he asked.

'Oh yes Emile yes.' I readily replied.

I sprawled now, face down on the bed, spent, he lay at my side, kissing and caressing me.

'Do you know Emile, I am sure,' I said.

'That this job of yours is going to over run?'

'I am sure of that now Jennifer,' he laughed.

The following day, I got well fucked in my ass, it was something I had never done, past boyfriends had never tried it, my husband hadn't, so I was, I suppose a rare virgin there considering I had been married 5 years.

But I am a virgin there no longer, Emile, my Mexican lover saw to that big style, he had cock in my ass for what seemed like an hour.

Im not really sure how long, but I do know I couldn't walk properly for quite some time after it.

He had me squealing and begging, but did he listen? Not once!

I love it now though, and I am asking him to fuck me there regularly.

I was shagged rotten for the next 5 weeks, he treated me like a real slut, I got fucked the way he wanted to fuck me, and my opinion was neither sought, nor asked. it was the most wonderful period of my life, and I now live in another world that Emile has introduced me to.

He also loved me in a way I had never been loved, so soft and gentle when he wanted to be, it was heaven, whichever way he wanted me.

My husband can't understand why I am so tired, or why he doesn't get sex nowadays, I can't have his worthless dick in me now, Emile has control over me in this way.

But my life changed in a bigger way later, when he had finished the work and left.

I missed him so much, I went looking for him, and when I found him, my shock didn't come anywhere near to the alteration my life went through!

To be Continued...

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