My Mom’s Boyfriend and Me


Quite suddenly all the heat left me, and even with the warmth of the shower I shivered at the disgust and depravity of my own fantasies. My sane mind regained control over my body and I quickly turned off the shower and wrapped in my bathrobe hurried back to my bedroom.

Later considering why I had even thought of Sam in the shower I decided it was because I had not had any contact with a man for such a long time that even Sam's was attractive to me. I still found it hard to digest that I touched myself with thoughts of him flowing through my head.


It was all relatively quite for a while, Sam persisted with his perverted eyes, but his creepy hands stayed away from me. I had absolutely no more sexual thoughts about him, the only thoughts I had were of me hoping Mom would dump him and things going back to normal.

That was until one night when him and Mom went out for a meal and a drink. Josie came to keep me company, and, for once, we raided the drinks cabinet. By the time we got to sleep my head was swimming.

Stirring from my slumber I was vaguely aware of the door slamming shut and my mother stumbling up the stairs, obviously as drunk as I felt. I looked at the clock and saw some blurred numbers, I was too tired and wasted to make them out.

"Shhh," she hushed loudly and comically, "you'll wake up Colleen".

"I'll wake up Colleen?" answered a pissed off Sam, "Come on, you're going to bed."

He sounded well annoyed, a tiny smile formed at my lips at that thought.

I drifted off for a bit before waking up again, desperate for the toilet and for a soft drink. I hazily climbed out of bed and had a quick peek at Josie on the spare bed. She was soundly wrapped up in her duvet, gone to the world. She was smiling at something, obviously dreaming well. Swaying out of my bedroom and towards the bathroom, I tried not to make any noise, and all I succeeded in doing was crashing into our landing table.

By the time I got to the toilet, hoisted my top around my waist, and emptied myself, all I could think of was how to stop my head from spinning. I sat, eyes closes, and composed myself for the walk downstairs, determined not to bump into anything again. Trying to clear my head I almost fell asleep there on the toilet. I managed to haul myself up and, less conspicuously then before, made my way to the kitchen.

I felt a small sense of achievement as I got to the kitchen fridge and pulled out a can of coke. The coke slipped into my mouth and down my throat swiftly and silkily as my thirst overtook my concerns about noise. Besides, no one would hear me from upstairs. Finishing one can I was all ready to go back to bed, before I decided to grab another one – just in case.

As I went to turn off the light a noise drifted in from the lounge. Heart racing, the noises sounded like voices, I worried that there were an intruders. I was suddenly dizzy with the caffeine, alcohol and the thought of strangers in my home. I was also suddenly conscious that I was only wearing my nightie and felt incredibly vulnerable. As small beads of sweat started forming on my forehead, I gently turned the light off and prepared myself to investigate the noise.

Tiptoeing into the dark lounge, a small glow emanated from one corner of the room. All the adrenaline rushed out of me and a huge feeling of relief swept over me, it was just the TV, someone had forgotten to turn it off. As I tottered over to the TV I noticed what was showing. Naked on all fours crouched a young, busty Latino. Her long, dark, wavy hair swept down her back as she gazed at the man who was kneeling behind her. The dark haired, well toned man had a firm grip of her hips as he positioned himself to enter her. My gaze lingered on his huge cock, as instead of entering her, he teased her by rubbing it against her exposed pussy and anus.

A shiver sped through my body as I stared and saw the man plunge his cock deep into the young girl. As she gasped, I involuntarily gasped with her as I saw her in an obvious mixture of pain and pleasure. I saw his biceps contract as he held her hips in a pincer and wished that his large hands were over mine hips. I'd never seen a porno movie before, but in just a few minutes I was enthralled.

I was revolted at the fact that this was such a sexist pursuit, males glued to the TV with one hand around their cock and the other with a box of tissues. I was aware that these films treated us with a casual disdain, sex objects to be used. But I was strangely drawn by his oblivious seduction of her, his control of the girl and most importantly, how he was completely absorbed in her. I wanted a man to be as obsessed with me.

With my eyes spellbound with the TV, I placed my can of coke on the dinning room table and made my way to the sofa. It was only when I sat down and a voice spoke from the armchair in the shadows that I realised my huge mistake.

"I never knew you were into porn."

I jumped at the sudden noise and one arm went instinctively to protect my chest. There, barely visible, was Sam. In that moment I realised that the TV had not been left on, he had been watching it. He leaned forward from his chair and his trademark smirk was spread across his face.

"You made me jumped," I said, startled and once again, adrenaline running and beads of sweat forming around my body. "What are you doing up this late at night?"

"Same as you," he replied with an unfriendly smile, "watching some late night entertainment."

He stood up and I noticed he was wearing the tight t-shirt that Mom liked, I could see why, it showed off his body. "I'm just going to get a drink, I'll get you one."

"No, it's OK," I quickly blurted out, "I'm just off to bed."

"I'll be two seconds."

"No, no," I said as I moved to stand up, "it's OK."

Suddenly he filled my view as he menacingly stood in front of me. One hand went to my shoulder and he squeezed it down forcefully and commanded me; "Sit."

As he went to the kitchen I suddenly started sweating a little bit more as I fretted over my options. Later I realised that if I was sober as soon as he left for the kitchen I would have bolted up the stairs and into the safety of my bedroom. As my thoughts raced I had a brief moment to watch the ongoing movie. They were both still at it doggy style, he had one hand gently pulling at her hair, and the other playing with one of her enormous breasts. I watched this intently, shifting my legs and thighs as I became a little more sensitive. Before I know it Sam was back with two bottles of beers.

Again I made an attempt to leave, "I really should be going to bed."

This time he thrust the bottle into my hand and said, "Just finish this off, I've opened it now you have to drink it."

Feeling guilty I took a swig and thought, I'll finish this off quickly then go to bed.

Instead of sitting back onto the armchair, Sam came and sat dangerously close next to me on the sofa. His left hand held his beer shamefacedly near his crouch, the other arm stretched around the back of the sofa. I sat perched on the end of the sofa, unable to sit comfortably knowing that his arm was just behind me. I tried to stretch my nightie as far down my legs as they would go, they barely covered my thighs.

I was aware of his intense stare as my lips went around the bottle to take in as large a gulp as possible. I tried to ignore his leery eyes as I concentrated on the TV.

The story had moved on as onscreen was a new women in a new setting. She was about late 20s and had a lovely tanned complexion. Her wet milk chocolate hair fell straight down her back. I just caught a glimpse of one of her pert breasts as she stepped out of the shower and into her bedroom. She wrapped herself tightly in a typical white bathrobe, the camera closed in on her face as the beads of water scattered her. She seemed content and at ease.

As she sat down in front of her dressing room mirror and brushed her silky hair back, a man rushed into the room. She seemed surprised, as was I. It was soon obvious what was going to happen, the horror on her face said it all. The tall man brandished a large knife as she stood up in shock, her arms protectively wrapped around herself. He pressed the knife to her throat and menacingly whispered, "Do as I say and you won't get hurt." Before I knew it she was lying face down on her bed and he was tugging at his jeans and boxers, hurriedly pulling them down. His erect cock sprang free from his underwear. Once again I shifted my thighs, and, for once, I was glad I was not wearing any underwear as I know I would have been even more fidgety.

Putting his knife down the man hunted for and found a silk scarf, tying her hands roughly behind her back, he lifted her bathrobe so that first her legs were exposed and then lifting it a little bit further her bum. Her pussy was still hidden as she had her legs firmly shut. He commanded her, "Open your fucking legs, or I'll use the knife to do it for you."

A slight shiver went over me and I also instinctively followed his orders and opened my legs ever so slightly. I was sickening myself, here was a movie with a woman about to be raped and I was getting turned on by it. The camera closed in on her arse as the man spread her cheeks apart so that her anus was fully visible. A shiver went over me as he started to lick her between her butt cheeks and over her anus. After a couple of minutes of this he started to probe her anus with his tongue. My sudden desire was to be in her position, to have areas never touched to be probed intimately. I suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have a soft, moist tongue feel its way around and into my anus. My pussy flared up again and my legs stretched a little further open. I closed my eyes as I imagined being in her position.

When a hand was placed on my knee and inner thigh, and slowly started stroking upwards, all I could do was respond. For a brief few moments I sighed in content as a strong hand stroked gradually up and down my inner thigh. It was only after the hand started to reach higher, up beyond my nightie, that I became fully aware and realised that it was Sam's hand I was responding to.

I kept my eyes shut scared instead of in delight, I shivered, mainly in revulsion at the thought of his hands touching me so callously, but slightly at what he was doing for me. As my mind raced and wondered how I'd got into this stupid situation and how I was supposed to get out, his hands started wondering even higher. As his hands got closer and closer to my pussy, the more and more I did not want him to stop. As he made his strokes, I unwillingly arched my hips forward, exposing more and more of my thighs to him and giving him more and more access.

His hot breath and the strong smell of beer washed over me as he leaned to my ear and whispered, "You are sooo beautiful."

I continued to melt as one hand continued to stroke my thigh and the other wrapped tightly around my shoulder. He started to nibble on my ear.

"I can't do this," I pleaded to him, "What about my Mom?"

"Shhhhh, don't worry baby."

Before I knew it I felt his rock hard stubble against my soft neck, my head leant to one side to open it up to him.

"I've wanted you from the first moment I saw you."

I pleaded again, half-heartedly, "We shouldn't be doing this, what happens if someone comes down?"

"Shhhhh, just enjoy."

His hand was continued to stroke slowly and surely towards my pussy. No man had touched me as completely as Sam had, no man ever made me feel the way that he was. Of course I had had boys roughly and coarsely grope me down there, but Sam knew what he was doing, he was turning me on.

Then something snapped. As his hand finally went beyond my thigh and he slipped a finger into me, I thought only of the fact that his finger had done similar things many, many times, not least with Mom. I had disgusted myself again by allowing me to be manipulated by him. This man was living with Mom and he was here fingering her daughter.

I suddenly sobered up and fled the room and cried myself to sleep at my treachery.


After that night my hatred and fear of Sam increased. Every time I was alone with him I would feel incredibly intimidated. I told him he did that to me once, I wanted him to stop what he was doing, he just laughed in my face. Laughed with an arrogant, smirking, snigger. He came over to the sofa where I was sitting and leaned into me, enveloping me. I shrank back further as his lips tickled my ear as he whispered to me; "You should be intimidated by me". For what seemed like an age he stood over me with unsmiling intent eyes as he broke into a smirk again and said, "I'm only joking, you should have more confidence in yourself".

Over the weeks that followed I felt incredibly uncomfortable around him. If we were in a room together alone, he would stare intently at me. More than once it got unbearable and I would have to leave the room to the sanctuary of my bedroom, I spent more and more time around Josie's.

He would make it obvious in checking me out, his leery eyes all over me. And once, when I made the mistake of wearing a low cut top, I eventually noticed he had manoeuvred himself to get a glimpse down it. Mom was too oblivious to notice him gawking at my breasts. I felt so vulnerable and alone, Mom was too wrapped up in him to perceive his obvious wondering eye and perversion – I was his girlfriend's daughter for fucks sake!

His snidey and depraved comments started to get me down. It was just little digs here and there, but they were demoralising. Little digs about me, sometimes he would make derogatory comments about the clothes I would wear, other times he would comment on my perfect hair. He once mockingly waved a $20 bill in my face, only if I would give him a blow job. I almost slapped him for that, but he left the note on the table saying it was payment for allowing his fingers to taste my pussy.

Everything he did tired me out, I would have to be on my guard whenever he was about. And if he did not do anything or say anything I would always be weary about what would happen the next time we bumped into each other.

His exploitation of me did not stop at his ogling or his words, his hands started to wonder and I found myself more and more often fighting his hands. He would pat my knee and leave his hand a fraction too long, he would stroke my hair, slap my bum, anything as long as it meant getting his hands on me, touching and groping me. He would not even be subtle about it, he would do it blatantly in front of Mom. Once, when I was wearing a crop top and tracksuit bottoms, he crept up behind me, grabbed me in a pincer by my naked waist and started tickling me. His obvious hard-on thrust into my bum as I tried to escape. We both fell to the floor, and Mom, who was in the room, was simply in tears of laughter. Out of her sight, quick as a flash he managed to slip his large hand down the back of my tracksuit, down the back of my panties and around my bum. As he quickly withdrew his hand and got up, his middle finger slid tauntingly across my anus. As I rose up, I was almost in hysterics as Sam leered and laughed at me, and Mom oblivious to the fact that her daughter had just been sexually assaulted. Absolutely humiliated I fled the room close to tears.

I did once try to hint to my Mom about his ways, but she just snorted it off and said he was being affectionate.


I never forgave him for what he finally did to be. He caught me at a very vulnerable moment, a moment of weakness. I was low, so depressed, and he came and took advantage. He came and said the right things, with his smarmy charm, his aggressive and macho behaviour, he cajoled his way to what he was looking for - me.

Towards the end of Summer I received my exam results and they were not good. I was devastated and so disappointed. I was not expecting to do badly, I honestly thought I had done well. Mom had a right go at me, saying things such as I was not putting enough effort in and she had sacrificed everything for me to have a good education. She made me feel really guilty, made me feel worse than I already did. The devastation and disappointment of failure was added to by my friends' results and Mom's reaction.

Mom had never been like this before, she had always been supportive and encouraging. But this time she was very angry and upset, and she upset me so badly. The one time I really needed her and she flew right off the handle, and completely over-reacted. I had no doubt it was Sam's influence. For once, maybe not intentionally, but now that Mom had a boyfriend he was more important to her than I was. I was just a distraction during the holidays, her real fun was with the hunk who shared her bed. That's what it seemed to me anyway.

Mom decided that she needed cheering up, so she called a few of her friends and left for the afternoon and probably most of the evening. I knew what these trips were like, she would hit the mall and then for some drinks, not getting back until after she had emptied most of her bank account and most of the bar. She left me with the creep.

I moped around the front room, with a bar of chocolate the TV and my misery as company. Even Josie had abandoned me, she was too busy celebrating her results. She did try and convince me to come out and relax, but there was no way I would have enjoyed it. In many ways I was disappointed she did not try harder to cheer me up, or to come share in my misery.

Only Sam was there, only Sam made an effort. At the time I thought and felt it was because he genuinely cared for me, but eventually I realised it was just because he wanted to use me, use me in the most literal sense.

As I started on my second bar of chocolate he came and stood in front of the TV. I huffed at him, "Will you get out of my way."

He just stood there staring intently at me, I ignored him and pretended that I could see through him. As always his tight t-shirt clung to him.

"Are you going to be a child forever, going to mope around like a six year old?"

"Yes." I replied.

He deliberated for a moment before deciding on his course of action, he grabbed my arm and wrenched me from the sofa. He started pulling me towards the kitchen.

"Oww, you're hurting me. What are you doing?"

My heart started pounding at the force of his grip and the thought of his masterful control over me. Despite trying to pull away from him I did not have the strength to fight him.

"We're getting you drunk, then you can stop this silly behaviour."

He hauled me into the kitchen and then pulled out a chair for me, he pushed me roughly onto it and looked long and hard at me. I tried to meet his eyes, eyes that no longer seemed to be leering but penetrating me deeply. I still could not do it, he had such an overpowering look.

He walked over to a couple of cupboards and pulled out a bottle of vodka and a two glass tumblers, it was evident that he was going to be drinking as well. He poured out two generous helpings into the glasses and handed me one. I took it and swished the liquid about nervously.

"Go on, all in one. It'll do you some good."

I watched as he took one gulp of the clear drink, his face contoured as it went straight down. I swished and stared at the glass again. Everything sensible in me screamed and said no, do not have that drink. Do not drink with the devil, the man who has touched you up, the man who has manipulated you, the man who leers and gropes at you, the man who despite all his perverted ways and advancing age is still very alluring, the man who is my Mom's boyfriend.

It was the thought of drinking with my Mom's good looking bloke that swung it for me. I wanted to pay her back for her cruel words and lack of support. I wanted to hurt her for the hurt she had caused me. Not only for the not comforting me after my results, but for no longer caring about me, she was more interested in Sam then she was in me. Drinking with him seemed an ideal way to do it. I tried to ignore the times he had humiliated me, the times he made me feel so small. But now he was making me feel differently, he was paying me attention and making me feel better about myself, and making Mom seem so small and insignificant.

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