My Mother-in-Law


She got up and picked up her towel. She folded it up and put it down onto the dock. She knelt down on the towel right behind me. She reached out with both hands and began rubbing on my neck and shoulders. Damn, that felt good!

While she was massaging me, she would lean forward and whisper more questions into my ear. "Does she go in for the kinky stuff?"

"Not really," I said. "Normal stuff, I guess."

She continued to knead my upper back. So I figured that I would have some fun and turn the questions around on her. "Are you into the kinky stuff?"

"Not any more," she said a little sadly. "Your father in law is getting a little old."

"Oops, sorry to have touched a nerve."

"Don't worry about it," she said. "There are other outlets."

I decided not to pursue that subject. I sat there quietly enjoying the attention to my back.

She volunteered, "It's mostly just the same old thing with him, you know, just not very frequent anymore."

"I'm very sorry about that," I said. "Well, your secrets safe with me," I said in as reassuring a voice as I could muster, while whispering.

She continued to work my shoulders and neck. Occasionally, she would lean up to whisper something into my ear. As she did this, her hands would go around to my chest and rub my front a little. This really felt good. I wasn't about to say anything, but I think this old chick was beginning to get a little turned on while she was exploring this "Young Stud."

Our conversation continued and stayed on a sexy tone. "Are men's nipples as sensitive as women's?" she asked, as she began touching my chest very lightly with her fingers.

This was glorious. "Yes, sometimes, I guess" was all I could manage to get out.

She continued to tease my nipples a while, then moved her hands down to my abdomen. She rubbed around my belly for a little bit. As she leaned against my back, I could feel the metal wires in her bathing suit top poking into my chest. I was beginning to wonder about her tits when she pronounced "I think that you will probably live."

She stopped the massage and took her seat back along side me. We sat there for a while looking at the stars. I had an idea, "can I pay you back for the back rub?" I asked.

"I'd love it," she responded.

I got up and went behind her. Instead of kneeling, I sat down behind her and "scootched" up until I was very close to her. My legs were sticking out over the edge of the dock. I started to rub her neck and shoulders, just as she had done for me. She seemed to melt when I touched her. Soon, she was leaning back against me. All I could reach to rub was her neck and the tops of her shoulders. She leaned forward again and reached back and slid the zipper of her bathing suit down. She pulled the straps off her shoulders and pulled the whole suit down a little. "Continue," she said. "This thing is awfully restricting."

I continued rubbing her shoulders and now bare back. Again she leaned against me and put her head back on my shoulder. I couldn't take it any more. I let my hands glide up around her, under her arms, until they found her tits. She never moved a muscle.

There I was sitting on the dock, feeling up my mother in law. Wow, what a situation.

I massaged her tits with the palms of my hands for a minute or so. I then began to lightly tough her nipples with just the tips of my fingers. Her reaction was immediate and dramatic. Her breathing changed to long deep breaths. She leaned back against me a little harder. Then she said, "You sure you're good at keeping secrets?"

"That's probably the only thing that I'm good at," I responded.

I continued to massage her nipples for a while. Then she put her hand behind her and grabbed by crotch. A light grab, but a grab none the less. I let her know that I liked it by moving a little closer to her. She seemed to get the message and started to gently rub my cock through my damp cut-offs.

"Are you sure you can handle this," she asked.

" I can handle anything."

I continued to rub her tits, occasionally twisting and teasing her nipples. She continued to rub my crotch. This went on for about ten minutes when she suddenly let go of me, pulled her legs up out of the water and stood up. I just sat there on the dock.

She slid her bathing suit all the way down and stepped out of it. She picked it up and put it on the chair. She stepped back to where I was sitting, straddling me. My face was right in front of her pussy. I could smell her, and she smelled good. I guess the swim in the salt water didn't do any harm here.

She remained standing there for a few seconds then she reached down with both hands and pulled my face right into her pussy. She bent her knees slightly and turned her feet outward so as to give me better access to her. I immediately started to lick her pussy and found her clit without any trouble. I could feel her clit growing as the blood rushed into it. I helped it along with some gentle sucking. I reached up between her legs and started to massage her ass while I ate her out.

After a few minutes of that she began to tremble. The tremble grew into a shaking that let me know that she was starting to come. She pulled my face tighter against her, squeezed her legs against my ears and rocked her pelvis like she was riding a horse. Her orgasm went on for quite a while, I just let her enjoy it, I couldn't breath - but I let her enjoy it.

When it subsided, she sat down on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and whispered "thank you" into my ear.

I guess she knew what was next. She reached down between her legs and undid the button on my cut-offs. The zipper came down next. She lifted herself up and I slid my shorts down and off. I put them on the dock next to me. When she came back down, she managed to impale herself on my now very stiff dick. She let out a soft moan as I penetrated her and when it was all the way in, she just sat there for a few seconds without moving.

Then, she began a slow easy movement of her hips. Slowly at first, but picking up the pace gradually as she went. Soon she was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly, she leaned to the side and we went over onto the dock. She immediately rolled on top of me and continued. I don't think that she lost a single stroke in this move. She continued fucking me from above for a while then she sat up. Without saying a word, she turned, rotating on my cock, until she was facing toward my feet.

She whispered over her shoulder, "Follow me." With that she pulled her knees up under her and went into a kneeling position. I had fallen out of her pussy, of course. So I got myself to my knees behind her and re-entered her. She leaned forward and put her hands down onto the dock. I started to stroke her with my cock.

OK, time for a reality check. Get this, now, I'm down on the dock, fucking my mother in law doggie style. Ain't life grand?

I went on for a few more strokes then had another idea. I reached around under her, found her pussy. I spread her lips and found her clit again. It was still poking out and quite stiff. I started to rub her clit with my fingers as I stroked her pussy with my cock. She came quickly. I was really surprised how quickly she was able to get off this was. I soon followed. I shot an immense load of cum up where my wife had come from.

Can you believe it. I fucked her. Or better yet, she fucked me, then I fucked her. This was becoming a very bazaar relationship.

We lay back down on the dock for a while. We eventually untangled our organs and lay side-by-side looking up at the stars. It wasn't quite so hot now.

After a while we started to get up. I found my cut-offs and she started pulling on her bathing suit again. "A secret is a secret, right?" she said.

"Absolutely," I replied. "Who'd believe this anyhow?"

"Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it" she confessed.

"Me too," I replied. "Do you ever want to do it again?"

"Oh, we had better not. It's probably illegal or something, anyway," she said with a laugh. "What are you and Mary doing for Labor Day?"

"I Imagine we will be visiting with the "In Laws" down the shore" I replied.

We walked back up the ramp and back into the house. I checked on Mary, she was fast asleep and looked comfortable with the fan. She had pulled the sheet up to her waist, covering her pussy, but her tits still looked good as she lay there on her back.

I went out into the living room again to say goodnight. Mother in law was just finishing putting the fruit bowels into the sink. "Goodnight," she said as she kissed me lightly on the cheek. "I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. You had better turn in yourself, you've still got that fence to finish."

Can you believe it? Now she's worried about the fence getting done. Ten minutes ago she's fucking my brains out and now we're back to mother in law - son in law. Oh well, such is life.

I was back on the fence bright and early next morning. I had it done just after lunch. Mary was feeling much better and mother in law was unexpectedly cheerful that day. Mary even noted her good mood and actually said, "I wonder what's gotten into mom?"

"My cock," I almost said. But I kept my mouth shut, I can keep a secret, you know.

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