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My Mother Vidya, Sri


I had a crush on my mother, Vidya Sri.I am 24 now but my lust on her started at a very young age. I wanted her and I had a thought of giving even my life to get her. I definitely don't want to rape her or I don't want to give her some sleeping pills and get her in sleep

I wanted this gorgeous women in bed with her full presence and involvement. With all her interest and satisfaction I want her to enjoy what I have for her I want her to know how much I want her, How much love I have on her And how much desire, lust and crush I have on her how much adulation i have and I wanted her to know how much of appreciation I have on her

I want her to distinguish my kind of Attraction I have on her is very different from what the entire south India has got on her.

And that's because , I love her. I love her as a woman. I love her charms and her character. I am the one who saw her in her dark times And in her shadowy times. In her bad moods And I love every moment of them. She is a great lady and a greatest human...

That love I have on her have crossed its limits one day on my youth and I started to have a manly love on her. I started noticing her world.. the magical celluloid one.. even most of the young guys doesn't like any heroines of their age than her the reporters still publish gossip about her with some younger hero's like karthik.

simply to say I am bewildered bewitched and bothered just because of her..

I like her from her head to toe I like her silk sexy long hair her round face, chubby cheeks and her dimpled chin (yeah a fantasy fairy tale lady) And her lovely eyes I love her smile Her luscious buxom and sexiest body

Her big beautiful boobs Buttery or milky in complexion like a molded butter cake At the same time with a size of a konkan coconut. She had a sexy dark and slightly curly hair as a normal malayali women have... I think I don't have to describe her famous waist or hips most of the keralites are well aware of her boobs which are still firm and standing straight trying to pierce thru her jacket and sarees. and her butts are even sexier but these are not simply the reasons this adoration , admiration and didn't start overnight...and I am in a situation cannot openly or forcefully approach her I cannot directly say that I love her or I need her badly on bed because she is my Mother

I feel myself with pride being a son to the most beautiful, gorgeous and utmost sexiest women of the say, entire south India.

Also being a son to a lady like her I have enjoyed many luxuries of life and attention , which i really never liked.

Early from my childhood I am noticing her with great care and love. Not just like others who see her in silver screens. But at home without make ups and casual wears... She is a very very strict one at home. She brought me up without any strains of the celebrity mud. She always behaved very much orthodox at home. she never spoke about her career or the media buzz on her. she seldom took me outside with her to long tours but that would be a strictly family one . she never took me to limelight parties of her industry. she always liked me to grow up as a doctor and get settled in a foreign country with a honorable position. she never let me mixed with her sort of career's or never let her down at home or I never had a chance of getting closer more than what she allowed... But I know she loved me very much Because I am the only one left for her...

Her husband( I hate to refer him my father) as all know, left her in a worst situation. He took most of her money and wealth along with him. He drained her bank balance...she corrupted her name in media.

Many of the people who are close to us until then, thought she is finished. she is in an actual terrible position.

But she soon regained her guts and stamina to fight back and she stood in the field...

all the resistance of her , her attitude to fight back, her good nature, her behavior and of course her charms all made me to start develop a crush on her...

even the fact that she is a mother to me made me disappointed because she is a very strict and conservative particularly just with me, it made me exiting whenever I thought of her sexually.

the mere fact that its a taboo to think like that ignited all my cells and hormones. Just those thoughts steamed me. I felt like having a cocktail whenever I thought of her.

Imagine what would be my position when I see her. think of the situations she comes closer to me and touches me (even its with mere affection). at these times along with the lust and fire i have developed, there is also a sense pride inside me being a .. to her. to this goddess of beauty and charms...

I always like to stay with her and reside along with her but most of my school education is outside home in a hostel.

I am sent to a number one convent in Bang lore. and even if I have to come back she might not be in our madras house. she would have gone to a telugu or Malayalam shooting. she spent most of the time in kerala even we have two bungalows in madras. I don't know why , but she never let me visit or stay in our trivandrum house.

Given all these conditions as I grew up my sexual intentions on her too grew along with me... My crush on her started from an early age of twelve. As my little limbs and hormones began to change my attitude on her also changed as an usual teenager i began staring at her when ever her dress slipped. when ever her pallu slipped a bit or if i could see her side ways.. .her jiggling butts whenever she walked...I would mute the sound virtually that comes from her cute lips and ogle at her sweet sexy lips and its movements. even at hostels and whenever I am alone at home I would watch only movies of hers. her old Malayalam movies her black-and-white Tamil movies. and starting with it till today's release and TV serials , I have watched many of her movies hundreds of times . I always carried with me thousands of her stills around which look sexiest. but as I grew I started fantasizing her. when it touched its limit I started reading inc.. and fantasy stories on the web and books.... I started dreaming about her...

I knew for sure this kind of stories would never happen this way especially between my ... and me. because she is a lady like that. Even if she is a public figure she never is a slutty natured one. She never go for money or opportunities. May be she would have affairs but those would also be genuine ones. She always lived genuine to her partners until they start cheating her and run away. And the affection she had on me is so motherly. She never crossed any limits with me nor did she allow me to cross any of the limits..

So at first I got confused about how to approach her or express my feelings on her. I know if I miss the hit She would throw me out of the house as she did my father.

So when I got a sexual feeling on her I started improving my physique. I started to grow up in the way she wanted me to ... I went to gym regularly and improved my body .it actually helped and kept me fit always. I developed urbane qualities and always stood first on my studies and sports. Even from my early teen I saved what ever she gave me for my expenditure and bought her costly presents. she would be very happy that her son , not like normal children, without asking for more pocket money giving such precious gifts for her. seeing my qualities and cultured manners she had a great opinion and her love towards me doubled and increased constantly....

she often told me to have handsome qualities and behave noble. she told she only liked people with such qualities and standards. "just being a handsome guy doesn't touch me. Be a gentle man. behave gently with ladies. Have English qualities and behave like a cosmopolitan, well educated and mannered boy. I like only men like that. never even attempt a girl harsh", she once mentioned as an advice to a grownup boy and I tried to stick to it in each moment of life.

Slowly when i reached 15 I learnt all the tricks. Seeing all the magazines and sites I learnt adult tricks that would at least please a women. when I am out , I rang her often and asked whether she ate food at the correct time. I enquired frequently about her health and sent presents for all possible occasions , and praise her about her brilliant performance in her shows. Being shining as a brilliant student she never had doubts any more that the media buzz or her career shadow would spoil me.

while at home I attempted to do all the work for her. and showed respect and care at all possible times. I exercised before her eyes with only shorts and nothing on top. I swam whenever she comes to the backyard or backside balcony for an evening breeze showing my well built up physique.. at times she watched TV or DVD's with me I would sit as close as possible to her(remember she acted conservative and strict towards me , stopped kissing me when i was 13, and occasionally hugged me for birthdays. )

So, this is the time her husband started quarreling with her. so when I heard this from my hostel I immediately returned home for her moral support. but only when I reached home I saw things are worse. financially she was almost drained. her career is worse because that man has spoiled her name around media men. she is mentally affected because of all these. many of her close men have left her. but she still remained confident and bold. for my part I consoled her. I said," I am with you and I would be always with you in all your times". "even if there is no money left behind or no opportunities you have got me", I assured her. She smiled at me back, approvingly. But at that night when that man came and shouted at my mother, I got wild. I shouted back at him and asked him to get last. but he asked me to come with him, since all the money is with him. I said "if at all u have millions of rupees that u might give me, still that's not worth a single hair of hers." hearing this that man got angry and shouted at me. he cursed me and started fighting with her again. this time I too got angry and shouted at him. at a point he started to say abusive words about her. this point I lost control and slapped hard on his face. I said" if you say such a word against her I swear I will kill you." he was stunned. Even I am still a 15-year boy I looked twenty year old And stood 5.6-inch height. My hands were rough and my body looked like a Chinese kung-fu stars. He never dared to speak again. Then his voice lowered and talked soothingly to my .... But she declined his proposals and challenged him on the court. he left the home with his heads down.

After he left, for the first time she broke into tears. I slowly touched her forehead and tried to sooth her. she sliced on my shoulders. I carefully and smoothly hugged her. As she was crying I kissed her on her fore head. I said I would be with her forever because I love her that much. and after this we got closer than ever and over relations improved.

but for another two more years until I finish my pre university education I couldn't move close to her. but whenever I come home I would play around with her . once I offered her a massage when she came after shooting and she agreed . I massaged all over her hands first. then I thought she would put her legs on the teapot table and I would massage it before the sofa but she didn't. she said its ok for now and left for bed.

So I waited those two years of my PDC to return from ban galore to madras. when I did return I am exactly 6 feet's high. I had a great physique like tom cruise. all my friends praised me for my cutest smile with a dimple chin like my mother. And due to regular gym and heavy exercising, my muscles and cuts showed me like a Professional weight lifter if I am without clothes. All the hostel mates told I would win a Mr. madras if I ever compete when I came home after my pdc exams and when I am waiting for my medical and Tofel results, I understood there was lot of scope for all my fantasies and plans. I become to stick all time its possible. I never went out when she is home. and I knew I am a grown up guy and have to make better plans that would give best results. one more time I had the same chance of massage. this time she said she was having a head ache and I offered her a massage with axe oil or tiger balm. she immediately agreed. I went behind the sofa and bent towards her. I started slowly on her fore head. this way I had a close look of her face .it was glittering like a gold statue. her sharp curves on her face made my heart burn inside like a volcano's I touched her fore head my body became hotter and immediately I begun to sweat a bit. As I moved my fingers to and fro she relaxed a bit. As I played along on her slowly she closed her eyes... My hands moved along her ears to her neck. As I touched her neck i sensed a shock ran through me And a slight jerk on her side too.. I saw her sexiest face and slowly stared through Her lower neck. Her biiiiig breast raised and lowered as she took a deep breath. I wondered how big it would be inside. I remembered in my child hood it wont be this much bigger in size, but would be more firm. even at this age she had a hard and straight looking boobs. it never slanted a bit. its sharp and when she wears a nightie at night her nipples would point out of it with more pressure. now as she is wearing a sari , its all covered but her extra laaarge curves that thrusted out very much compared to normal women hyped my tension. I slowly ran my fingers into her silky, shiny curly long sexy hair. I touched her head through them. If released her hair behind the sofa. Its very very lengthy and nice. There is a sweet sexy smell coming from it. may be a mix of jasmine and shampoo. but its too seducing. I ran massaging my fingers over her head. Same time I ran my fingers through her entire long hair. it actually is satiny in nature. I felt like having a handful of satin and playing with them. as she have closed her eyes and there are no servant along that time I took a handful of her hair and brushed it in my penis. this is the ever first sexual I had with her. That was a great feeling and i never could forget that in my life. I played like this for a while and fearing that would wake her I moved my hands again to her head and from there very carefully to her neck region again. when I touched it , she moaned a bit. and again closed her eyes seductively. her breath is now steady and i watched her breasts go up and down in a rhythmic manner. I massaged her neck while caressing her ears often. she groaned a bit and said "its wonderful" .I touched her shoulders now. her jacket is a low necked one. her shoulder are milky in complexion. a very light trace of oily too. its too slippery, glistening and lustrous. I had an instant hard on. I moved my hand very very slowly so that I could enjoy every mille- second of what I am experiencing. I have dreamed for years just for a moment like this. even as a boy I have missed being with this miraculous lady. as I caressed her shoulders her faced showed a best _expression of hers the sexiest one, with a lot of sex oozing. she is biting her lower lips , which are wet and hot. and her eyes half open and half closed. I tried to lower my hands on her back but i couldn't, because she have kept her head close to the sofa. I am so afraid to move my hands suddenly to her front and spoil the opportunity. even being perverted inside, I liked to play as a gentle man at least as long as I get her. I stopped a moment and looked deep in her face. she had her full lips bitten and her big eyes half closed and this caused my temperature raised.

I went across the sofa and knelt down in the floor. I touched her legs. she opened her eyes and saw what i was doing.. I raised her legs to the nearby tea-poy and placed it there. I started to hold her leg's fingers. I resumed my massage from there. I slowly and carefully moved my fingers thru her foot. she hissed a bit. and released a "Ha..", which sensed so sexy.. i could sense from her face expressions she too is enjoying every minute of it. even as her sari is spread along her , there is a little bit of space where i could see her bit of legs. so i touched that area and caressed it. and from there i started massaging it. her legs are glazed and glib. very very shiny. while running hands along it, its like touching a well polished granite. slowly while caressing it I moved her sari bit by bit and moved my hands . i never have touched any thing wonderfully like that. I raised until her knees. touching and seeing her bare legs until knees itself was a big thing until now , but slowly this much happened in a pleasant and cool way. i started massaging and looked up at her face. her face glowed like a morning sun. there is a sense of pleasure in her.

i raised from the floor and placed myself on the sofa next to her. i started kneading her fingers and rubbed her hands. I massaged them from her knee to her shoulder. she was more relaxed now. it showed.

she smiled without opening her eyes. "man, you have grown up. i have never had a massage like this one before". while rubbing her left hand, i sensed her pallu is slightly spread. i spread and stretched my fingers while rubbing her hands. it slightly touched her hips. she jerked a bit and hissed again. and as i continued my finger tips also slightly had a friction with her enormous sized breasts. iam flying in the heavens. I sensed the perfume which is more feminine and stimulating. I again stared at her glorious face. my dick felt like it would explode anytime. I moved my face close to her. her wet lips looked inviting and stimulating. her sexy expensive skin is scintillating .its shining as well as smelt good. I am a few inches away from her cheeks when the door bell rang. she opened her eyes and saw me closer. she smiled at me and patted my face. then she slowly aroused and left for the visitors room.

I cursed the producer and director who came to book her. they are talking to her for long and never seem to make a move. that evening she left for a shoot and returned three days back.

but this time she regularly rang me and checked how I am. i too often rang her and told that i missed her very very much. I stole some bra and panty of her and checked with them. her size amazed me. touching just her bra made me exited like hell. I saw the mega sized picture of hers in the wall and instantly my dick is in its most aroused state slowly shook it. then i removed my dress and had a masturbation like a beast thinking of the massage session. many images of hers came in my mind. my passion and urge towards her increased and that increased the pace and momentum of my jack off. and at last I took her panty and forcefully shook it. as I thought of her more the tempo increased but I didn't climax. I thought of undressing her. i thought of having foreplays with her. i thought of having sex with her. I didn't climax. I felt like I had a bath with sweat. I continued jacking off. shake shake shake... atlas I imagined my ,, shouting out of joy and esteem i imagined her shouting my name and reaching a climax i felt like her body shook with extreme enjoyment and zest. that minute i found iam going to cum. i too shouted her name aloud and continued with her panties on my dick and watched the TV serial in which she acted with joy. and then I came. I came and I came and I came. loads and loads of my sperms scattered throughout her panties. I didnt wash it. but rather i kept it with her washed clothes.

but when she returned , she was sick and terribly Ill. cancelled all my other appointments , stayed home and took care of her. but I couldn't figure out whether she did wear that sperm strained panty for a day. And when she slowly recovered , my exam results came. i cleared both my medical and tofel in classical ranks. she was so happy and hugged me tight. i took the opportunity as to feel her whole body . i took her in her arms and pressed her against me.

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