My Mother's Revenge


Guess Jean had been right; dad had played her for a fool. If I told her, in addition to the pain it would cause her, she would be humiliated as well. But how could I look at her and pretend everything was okay? If I did dad would just keep doing it to her.

"That fucking asshole!

I snapped out loud, how dare he do this to us? Even though he was in the wrong, mom would still be hurt, but if I kept my mouth shut I'd be no better than him. What the hell was I going to do?

I jumped at a knock on my door.

"Hey Nick, pizzas here."

"I'm not hungry!" I called out.

"You didn't have supper."

"I feel sick!" I snapped, and wasn't lying.

I heard the door knob rattle and dad called out, "Hey open the door."

I hesitated, then seeing no way around it, shut my lap top and opened the door. Dad was standing there and I had the urge to smack him.

"So what's the matter," he began, then stopped and looked closer at me, "Hey you do look sick, you're sweating, you warm?"

He reached out to touch my head and I pulled away from his touch.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I started to shake my head, but instead, the anger boiled up inside me, "You're cheating on Mom!"

The second I said it, I regretted it. Now he would probably call Mom and try to tell her I was wrong, make up some bullshit story, twist things. Mom trusted him, it would be awkward and in the end she might believe him. My only chance would have been to keep my mouth shut; instead I'd given him a chance to worm out of this.

"What are you..." Dad began then looking into my eyes asked, "What the hell makes you think that?"

Shit! If I mentioned the video he'd erase it, he might also put two and two together and figure out I was sneaking into his computer all the time.

"Well?" Dad asked, then shook his head, "Whatever Nick, you think you saw something you didn't. Mom came home and..."

"That wasn't Mom!" I pointed at him, "She doesn't dress like that!"

"I told you it was a game."

"She wouldn't go back to work like that." Dad started to speak, but stopped when I pulled my cell phone from my pocket. "I'll call her and ask her."

"Don't do that Nick," dad said, reaching for the phone.

I stepped away from him and asked, "Why not?"

"She's going to deny it, Nick." He gave me a nervous smile, "I told you we were playing a game. If you say you thought she was home she'd be embarrassed."

I looked at the phone in my hand and lowered it. The call would get her thinking and give dad time. Seeing me put the phone in my pocket, he grinned, "See Nick? You're just making a big deal out of...."

"So how much does she cost Dad?"


"I....." I looked away as if I were embarrassed, "I heard you say she was worth every penny."

"What were you at the door, you little pervert?" Dad asked, trying to mask his nervousness with indignation, "What's wrong with..." He stopped and made a show of calming down, "We role play Nick, mom was pretending to be a hooker."

"She's a good actress." I said, keeping my voice steady, "So good she can imitate other people, because that wasn't mom's voice." I tapped my nose, "Or her perfume in the hallway. Her car wasn't outside and...." As I was speaking, a sudden thought hit me, "She was calling you Joey, Mom hates that, and she wouldn't even call you that in a...."

"All right!" Dad exclaimed, waving his hand at me. "You're right."

" admit it?"

"Yes," He nodded, "I don't do it all the time, but once in a while I get a hold of one of those girls from the online personals, we hook up and..."

"You asshole!" I shouted "How can you do this to mom?"

"First off, you watch your mouth." Dad said, "Second..."

"Well you are!" I told him undaunted by his tone. "What's wrong with you? Mom's good to you dad and...."

"And what she doesn't know won't hurt her." He said with a shrug.

"You...." I threw my hand sup in frustration. "How can you say that?"

"Look, Nick." Dad put his hand on my shoulder and I resisted the urge to throw it off me. "You're a man now and men, we... we're not cut out to stay with just one pussy."

"What? Mom's not pussy, you're supposed to love her! How..."

"I do love her." He said seriously.

"Then you wouldn't be..."

"Please," he laughed as if this were funny. "I love her so she's the only ass I get til death do we part? Like my old man told me, you love one, and you fuck the rest. I love Kara. Those other's are just tail, they...."

"You don't love mom!" I pulled away from him. "And as far as sex, I mean Mom's...." I caught myself just before I said hot, "Beautiful! Plus you're always saying she's into everything, bragging about her to your stupid friends."

"She's a great lay." he said as casually as he would say the sky was blue, "But there are other great lays out there and always better ones."

"Sick." I waved my hand at him.

"Whatever, you just keep your mouth shut."

"Mom should know what you are."

"Then what?" he asked, "Then she's upset and she'll cry and we'll have trouble. Why would you tell her?"

"Because she's my mother and I love her and..."

"Oh, knock it off," he said disgustedly. "Besides, if you love her, then why hurt her? I've been doing this since you were a kid and she's never known. Why open up a can of worms?"

"She's deserves better!" I yelled at him so loudly he took a step back. "She loves you, how the hell can you think this is alright?"

"Because the only way it won't be is if your mama's boy ass runs and tells her. That what you want Nick? Want to lose our family?"

That stopped me cold. Either Mom would throw dad out, or worse, storm off herself, go see my aunt Kate in Chicago and leave me with him. No, mom would never turn her back on me, and why would I want dad around after this anyway?

"You love her, then you don't break her heart." He continued. "And think about what I said, you're a good looking kid Nick; you think one pussy is all you'll ever need? You'll see." He paused, then asked, "Well you going to raise hell and hurt your mommy, or you going to be a man and let it ride?"

"I...I won't say anything." I said, putting my head down, "But I have no respect for you at all, and I..."

"I'll live." Dad said, rolling his eyes, "Fucking goody two shoes you are Nick," he shrugged, "Hey, want to be whipped by the first girl that gives it to you good, that's your choice." Turning he walked back down the hallway, "Pizzas on the table, make sure you eat."


I rubbed at my eyes and tried to force myself to keep working on my paper. It was due Monday and I had to work on Saturday and Sunday. Even though I'd spent the last couple of hours alternating between being enraged at my father, and being close to tears at how he could do this to mom, I'd stubbornly kept at it. One thing dad hadn't lied about was Mom's working late as it was a little after nine and she wasn't home yet. As if that thought had summoned her, I heard her car pulling into the driveway and felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. How the hell was I supposed to pretend everything was okay? Maybe I would get lucky and she would be tired and go right to bed.

Yeah, right to bed to have sex with my father who'd just finished washing the scent of his latest hooker off of him. There was a soft knock on the door and I sighed, wasn't going to get off easy tonight.

"Come in." I called.

I heard the door open and turned to see Mom come walking in. She was wearing a black skirt that was just above the knee and a red tank top. She normally wore blouses over those and must have taken it off before she came in. I noticed the top was pretty tight and was straining to contain her large tits. Normally that look would get me going, but tonight all I felt was sadness. That must have shown on my face because she frowned when she came over to me.

"You okay Nick?"

"Yeah, just tired." I gave her a forced smile.

"Told you honey, too much work."

"I'll be fine," I told her.

Mom sat on the edge of my desk and despite my mood; I couldn't avoid looking down at her well shaped calf. She was barefoot and as she began to swing her leg back and forth, I took in her deep red toe nail polish and idly wondered what her feet would look like on my chest. Enough, I told myself disgustedly.

"You don't look good honey," she said and leaning forward, pressed her lips to my forehead the way she had done when I was a kid. "You're warm."

"I'm going to be going to bed soon. Long day?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "I'm pretty tired, but I'm sure your dad will rub my back." She smiled, "He's always good to me."

"Yeah I'm sure he is." I shook my head.

"What's that mean?' she asked

"Nothing." I made a show of yawning, "Think I'll call it a night."

"Okay," leaning over, Mom put her arms around me and hugged me. "You're doing great Nick, work and school. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks," I said softly, feeling my eyes beginning to fill up.

"Love you Nick."

" you too Mom."

"I love hearing that." She said, kissing my cheek.

"I want you to know I do and..." I stopped as my throat was closing up.

"Nick,'re crying." Mom said, "What's the matter honey?"

I didn't answer right away. Instead, I turned to my computer and bringing up the e-mail said softly, "Mom, I...I need to show you something."

"Sure." She said, keeping her arm around me, "What is it, and why are you upset?"

"I..." putting my head down, I clicked the mouse to open the video, "I'm sorry Mom."


I lay there staring at the ceiling wishing I could fall asleep, but knowing I wouldn't. I hadn't slept at all Friday night and had worked eight hours at the coffee shop, during which I'd been in such a fog they stuck me in the back cleaning because I kept screwing up peoples orders. When I got home, Mom was in her room with the door partway open. I was going to go in and ask how she was, but stopped when I saw she was on the phone and her heard sob, "I can't believe how stupid I was! I should have known!"

I lingered long enough to find out she was talking to Aunt Kate and went and took a shower. On the way back by her room, I peeked in to see she was lying on the bed on her stomach, her face buried in the pillow. I wanted to comfort her, but had no clue what to say so went into my room, watched a little of the Sox game, then tried to sleep. As I lay there I couldn't stop replaying the ugliness of last night.

Mom's initial reaction was shock, then after I shut the movie off, the tears had started. I held her close and cried myself as she sobbed on my shoulder. Sitting up, she'd looked at me and sobbed, "You...your aunt warned me, she said he was a dog from a long line of dogs, but he had me conned."

I didn't say anything, and after a couple of minutes the tears dried up and were replaced by a look of anger that seemed out of place on her normally peaceful features. Standing, she said, "Stay in your room Nick and I'll tell you right now, that the mortgage is in my name and that asshole is going to be the one leaving." She'd reached out and gently touching my cheek whispered, "I don't care what he tells you, you don't have to go with him, know I want you to stay with me honey."

I assured her that was what I wanted and after giving me another hug, she turned and left the room and a minute later I jumped when I heard the sound of glass breaking and dad yelling, "What the fuck, Kara? That almost hit me!"

"I'll try harder next time you piece of shit!" I heard mom scream and there was another sound of breaking glass.

Dad yelled something I didn't understand, but I could make out mom loud and clear.

"You son of a bitch, how dare you? And in my bed, you fucking asshole, in my bed!"

"Oh, it's your bed?" Dad asked.

"Damn straight it is, you moved in with me you loser! You had fucking nothing when I met you and guess what? You can go back to nothing! I want your cheating ass out of my fucking house!"

"Kara!" Dad sounded less angry and more desperate now, "I don't know what Nick told you, but he's a kid! He...he's been mad at me about something lately and..."

"Don't fucking lie to me!" Mom yelled so loud I found myself getting up and heading for the door, afraid she was going to start throwing things at him again.

"I'm not lying! I...."

"I seen your little sex tape you asshole!" She screamed. "So just shut the fuck up and get the fuck out!"


"Yeah video! I guess I'm not the only one you like to tape am I? And speaking of that, you don't touch that fucking computer! I'm wiping it clean except for whatever other little fun tapes of little sluts you have on there, I'm saving them for court!"

"Think about this Kara! We've been together over twenty years and..."

"And who knows how many girls you've fucked! For Christ's sake Joe, I give you anything you want! Anything and you do this to me? Fuck you! Get out right now, take your truck and go, I'll have your clothes on the porch tomorrow!"

"What about Nick?" Dad asked.

"I told Nick he was staying with me. He's a good kid and doesn't need to be around a knuckle dragging cocksucker like you!"

"You told him he was staying with you? Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm a hell of a lot more of a parent than you are!"

There was a moment of silence then another sound of glass breaking and dad crying out,

"You crazy bitch, that hit me!"

"The next one's coming at your face, now get the fuck out of here!"

I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway and Mom calling Dad's name. I jumped back from the door as it flew open and dad stood there. He was breathing heavily and there was blood dripping from his bare shoulder.

"You sold me out you little fucking rat!" He snapped at me, "I can't fucking believe you!"

"I'm calling the cops Joe!" Mom called from down the hallway.

"I'm going!" he snapped over his shoulder, turning back to me he pointed, "What about you? You coming with me or staying with your mommy?"

His hand had come up so quickly. I stumbled back and almost fell. Catching my balance, I looked at him and feeling my anger coming back, waved my hand at him.

"Go! I'm staying here with someone who cares about the people they say they love."

"Oh, how dramatic!" He rolled his eyes. "Fine, you stay here, with miss perfect." He started to turn, then gave me a nasty smile, "Think she's so loyal? Wait until you see how fast she has some other guy in here stuffing her slutty pussy!"

He stormed out of the room and I stayed there, my heart pounding. I heard them speaking more quietly, then dad laugh at her.

"Jokes on you Kara! While you've been playing house I've been fucking whoever I've wanted to. You're pissed she was in your bed? I've had a dozens in that bed! Hell you've sucked my cock right after I've had them! So go ahead and think you're getting the better of me!"

"You'll pay for that you prick!" she yelled back, "I'll get even with your ass; no one makes a fool of me!"

When I'd heard dad peel out of the driveway, I'd gone out and sat on the couch with my arm around her. Mom cried softly for awhile, then leaving her alone I got up and cleaned up all the broken glass. I felt a pang of sadness when I realized she had been throwing their wedding glasses at him. In fact I felt more than sad, I felt guilty, maybe I should have stayed quiet. I went back over to Mom who was still sitting on the couch with a stunned look on her face, as if this were really just hitting her. Sitting next to her I'd said,

"I'm sorry Mom."

"You didn't do it." She said sadly.

"I told you."

"I'm glad you did honey," she gave me a poor attempt at a smile, "You did the right thing and I feel good about that, because that came from me, not him."

"Love you mom." I said and put my arm around her.

"Love you too Nick, and thank you for choosing me," she whispered, choking up again. "It means a lot."

I jumped at the sound of Mom's door closing and heard her walking past my door. I got up and leaving my bedroom, went out to the kitchen to see if she wanted to talk. Again I saw she was on the phone, talking as she grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. I frowned as I recalled there being an empty one in her room and she'd been drinking last night as well. I stood watching her pour a glass and couldn't help but notice the black robe she was wearing was so short I could almost see her ass cheeks.

"I'm telling you Kate, I'm going to get even with that fucker." She was saying, I noticed her words were starting to slur and apparently her sister did as well, "Yeah I'm drinking, wouldn't you?"

Mom turned around and seeing me gave a little wave and pointed at the phone. I nodded dumbly as my eyes were drawn to the fact her robe was loosely tied and I was getting more than a glimpse of her tits. Mom started walking back towards her room and I caught a glimpse of the soft onside of her thigh. I quickly looked away. Dad had left, he'd swung by and picked up the garbage bags that Mom had shoved his clothes in at some point today, but hadn't come in. I had no idea what was going to happen from here, but it didn't seem the time to be perving on my mother. I headed back towards my room and noticed her swaying a little as she walked and she was speaking loudly.

"Taping them! I found three more on the computer, it will help in court, but I'm so fucking pissed!" she paused and listened then laughed nastily, "You're right! I should tape myself fucking some young stud and fucking e-mail it to him!"

I watched her enter her room and with a sigh headed back into mine. I stripped down to my boxers and looking at the computer, wanted to smack myself at the thought that maybe watching one of her videos and stroking it would make me feel tired enough to sleep. I shut the main light off, but left the desk lamp on so I could have enough light to read by in bed and picked up the new Sports Illustrated. I read a few pages and realizing that the words were blurring, tossed it on the floor. I closed my burning eyes and relaxed as I felt sleep finally overcoming me.


I was awoken by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Reaching out I fumbled blindly on the nightstand until my hand closed around it. Forcing my eyes open, I saw that it was a little after midnight. Who the hell would be calling? I looked at the phone and saw it was Mom. Why would she be calling me? Had she gone out? I hoped not with the way she'd been drinking.

"Hey Mom." I said hoarsely, "Where are you?"

"In my room." She answered, "Were you sleeping?"

It had come out 'schleeping' and I answered, "Yeah, but that's okay, what's wrong."

"We need to talk, Nick."

"Uh, right now? It's late and...

"Yes right now." Mom said in a firm tone, "I want you to come into my room, don't make me wait."

With that she hung up and shaking my head, I put the phone down and forced my tired body to get up. I slipped a pair of shorts and a tank top on and headed down the hall to Mom's room. I knocked and she called out to come in. I entered and saw Mom sitting on the edge of her bed. My eyes widened and my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw she was still wearing the robe and it was hiked up almost to her hips. Her legs were crossed and as I slowly approached her, I could see her thigh right up to her hip. I had the impression that if she uncrossed her leg, I might be seeing more than her hip.

The robe was even further open up top than it had been previously. Not only could I see more than half of her tits spilling out, but I swear I could see the darker skin that surrounded her nipple. Her hair was down and hanging around her face, giving her a bit of a wild appearance, which was heightened when she looked up at me and I saw how glossy her eyes were. The reason for her eyes was apparent when she lifted the almost empty wine bottle to her lips and took a couple of swallows from it.

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