My Mystery Master


Hi! My name is Peter or Patricia and I'm a gay transvestite. Ideally I'd like for you to imagine that it's you who's experiencing what I shall soon recount but I'll include a brief description of myself anyway.

I'm tall, 6'2 and slim. My body is completely hairless apart form the short blonde hair on my head and my plucked eyebrows. I'm not totally convincing as a woman but think I look pretty good on the whole. My ass has had its fair share of dildos and vibrators but I've yet to experience the real thing. Like every tranny I'm into stockings, suspenders and looking and acting just as feminine as I can be.

About a month ago I joined the local gym. It's open 24/7 and has its own swimming pool. I needed to loose a little weight and get rid of my slight beer gut. Swimming was the ideal solution. At 11:30 every night Monday to Friday, I head to the gym and its deserted swimming pool.


I was on my way to the locker/changing room after about an hour in the pool. I thought I had the place pretty much to myself but I was wrong. Out of the blue my wrist was grabbed, my arm twisted up my back and my body pushed up against the blue tiled wall. I try to look round but a hand pushes and holds my head against the wall.

"What do you want?"

"Shut it." My unseen attacker tells me applying more pressure to my arm. If you've been fortunate enough not to experience this hold let me tell you it's very painful and, as I discovered, struggling only increases the pain to your arm and shoulder.

"I know what you are." He tells me. His voice is deep and I get the feeling he's deliberately disguising it. My mind is racing. I haven't told anyone what I really am and since I'm still in the closet, work hard to maintain my mask of masculinity. Before I can answer my wet trunks are tugged down to my knees. Before I knew what was happening, let alone be able to do something about it, one huge hand wraps itself around my cock and balls and squeezes.

"Holy shit."

"You're going to do as you're told, aren't you bitch?"

"Yes." The pain was unbelievable and yes it did bring tears to my eyes.

"Eyes front at all times and keep your mouth shut." He instructs squeezing my manhood even harder.

"OK, ok."

He releases me, well, my cock and balls anyway, my right arm is still firmly twisted up my back. I reach down and try to massage a bit of life back into my aching balls. I can feel him moving behind me. God knows what he's doing and at this point I don't particularly care. Christ my balls hurt. A whiff of Vaseline alerts me to what's coming. I try to relax but can't help tensing up a little as I feel the head of penis slide between my butt cheeks. He thrusts.

"Oh my god." I gasp as his prick invades me. I've no idea how big his cock is but it feels huge. Heart racing, I wait as he eases himself into me fully. I feel his pubic hair and balls against my bottom and try to relax. He releases my arm and grips my hips with both hands. Relief floods me as the pain from my arm and shoulder dissipates.

"Hands on the wall. Above your head." He commands. I reach up and plant both hands on the wall. He's right up me. My whole body twitches as a spasm of pleasure rocks me and then it begins, my body shakes and trembles, my natural response to penetration. There's nothing I can do now. All power and control over my body, if not my mind, taken from me by an unseen stranger. In contrast to my shaking body the stranger remains motionless perhaps just content to watch my natural reaction.

"There's no need to fake it bitch."

"Christ...does it look like, ooh, I'm fucking, oh god, faking?"

"Sensitive bottom huh?"

"I guess."


"OH MY GOD." I cry out. A sharp sting of pain forces my whole body to tense up momentarily intensifying the feelings of pleasure emanating from my bottom..

"Oh god." I gasp. It's at this point that I truly realise how powerless I really am. I pray his dick is all he wants to stick in me and hope he's not some weirdo with a knife and fuck 'em and kill 'em policy. The thought panics me but still my body shakes and trembles in a fit of ecstatic pleasure. There's nothing I can do, my mind a passenger and captive to my body's desire.

"Oh god." I say hopelessly as I feel him withdraw a little. He starts to fuck me. Slowly at first, his thrusts, deep and hard, make me stand on tip toes. Then he increases the pace, the rhythm becoming more natural. My mind crumbles, as I knew it would, the pleasure and waves of ecstasy driving all fears and concerns, even thought itself, from my mind. All I can do is feel and god does it feel good.

"Oh no." I gasp as he takes my cock in his hand but my concerns vanish as he begins to jerk me of .I was truly lost now, adrift in a sea of ecstasy. He pumping hand around my cock makes my hips thrust backwards forcing me grind harder on his thrusting prick which would thrust my hips forward making my cock strain against his grip, which would make my hips thrust backwards again and again and again. I groan unashamedly with pleasure.

"You like that, don't you bitch?"

"Yes," I gasp "Oh god yes." He pumps my ass continuously but release my cock from time to time, letting it go limp before starting again. He teases me mercilessly. My heart is racing. My breathing heavy. My moans and gasps growing in volume. I want to come now. I need to come now. He releases my cock.

"Oh shit." I cry out in frustration.

"Problem bitch?" he asks still fucking my ass.

"Make me come." I gasp.

"Beg me."

I'd never begged for anything in my life before, believing it to be a sign of weakness but as his wraps his hand around my cock once more I simply don't care.

"Please make me come." I cry out "Please, I beg you. Please make me come. I'll do anything, anything you want. Please I'm begging you." I continue to plead and beg as the speed of his hand increases and then I feel the point of no return. He thrust his cock up me as far as it will. Standing on tip toes again I feel my whole body tense up around his prick, my back arches, my whole body curves like the wood of a bow, his hand jerks me furiously, he starts pumping my ass again. His thrust wild and uncontrolled.

"HO-LY FUCK-ING SHIT." I shout through clenched teeth. As I feel his spunk filling my ass my own load erupts from my penis. A constant wave of ecstasy fills every fibre of my being. If I tense up any more I think bones will snap. Then without warning my entire body goes limp, my form like that of a rag doll as I wait for the unseen stranger to finish shooting his load into me. I'm totally spent and exhausted. Finally he stops humping my ass.

"Close you eyes and keep them closed." He instructs me. I do as he says. He pulls his dick out me and I collapse to the floor. I hear his foot steps fade as he walks away. Eyes still closed, more because I was savouring the feeling of being totally fucked and satisfied than in obedience, I lay there catching my breath as spunk oozed and dribbled from my bottom. After a while and feeling that I'd regained some measure of composure and self control, I opened my eyes and, legs still feeling weak, get shakily to my feet. I notice my swimming trunks are practically dry as I take them off and use them to clean his spunk from my ass and my spunk off the wall. I dress and leave not quite sure how to feel and wonder what, if anything, will happen tomorrow night?

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