My New Place


It wasn't long after graduating college that I cashed in the bonds my parents had been saving for me and used the money to buy my own house. It was exciting to have my own place but at the same time could get lonely living away from home and being alone. One day I noticed my neighbor bringing in some groceries from her car and I figured it would be a great chance for me to introduce myself and maybe make my first friends in the neighborhood. She had her hands full so she was more than willing to let me help her out. After finishing with the last set of bags I told her that I liked the way she had decorated so she offered to give me a quick tour of her house. In walking around and seeing the rest of the rooms I noticed two of the bedrooms had windows facing my place and the windows aligned directly with mine. With the houses being only 8-10 feet apart I made sure to take a mental note to be careful when I had my windows open.

One night I was getting ready for bed; I had on just a pair of purple panties and a t-shirt as I walked through the house to make sure the doors were locked and as I passed down the hallway I noticed I had left the blinds open in one of the spare rooms and I could clearly see into my neighbors house. Through the window I could see my neighbors' 18 year old son watching TV in his room. He's a senior in high school and a cute boy but seems extremely shy.

Curiosity got the best of me for a few minutes as I looked over him as he sat in just a pair of athletic shorts with no shirt. He was young but his body was firm and he seemed to be in pretty good shape. With my lights off I knew he couldn't really see me so I wasn't worried but I noticed as I got ready to head back down the hall that the thrill of watching him had begun to make me wet. I made it to my room that night and couldn't help touching myself as I thought about what it would be like if I had caught him masturbating. I wondered what his young cock looked like; what it would feel like; what he thought about as he touched himself. It didn't take long before I came hard and I fell asleep shortly after.

The next night I decided that after getting myself off so well the night before I would see if I could return the favor to my neighbor for giving something to imagine before bed. I waited to see the light go on in his room and then slipped on a black silky thong and a small button up shirt with no bra. I headed into my spare room and turned the lights on. I sat down in a comfy chair and pretended to start watching TV. With my chair facing the wall where the window was I could see him clearly in his own room so I knew he could see me. I wanted to make sure he was watching so I would move and shift every so often hoping he was getting a nice view up the edges of the shirt so he could see my black undies. I tried to glance quickly to see if he was watching and there was little doubt that he was. After another minute or so the lights went out in his room so I could no longer see inside. I imagined him turning out the lights and sitting back down in his chair and slipping his shorts down to play with his cock. I turned the lights down a little with the dimmer switch and sat back down. As I did I unbuttoned a few of the buttons on my shirt.

Slowly I began to run my fingers up and down the middle of my chest as I finished the last button of my shirt. I pretend to keep watching TV even it is still off. The lighting in the room however allows me to see what he sees without letting him know I am doing it for his viewing pleasure. My shirt is open down the middle so that just a bit of my breasts can be seen and as I continue running my hands down my chest, this time I allow on hand to slip under my thong. As my fingers brush my clit I moan softly to myself as my other hand reaches across my chest pushing one side of my shirt open so I can grab my own chest. Squeezing my tit and pinching my nipples as the hand under my panties begins to rub my clit and the rest of my pussy.

Switching hands I push open the rest of my shirt and then just decide to take the whole thing off leaving me in me topless in just my thong as I continue playing with myself. Rubbing slow then fast I change speeds back and forth bringing myself closer and closer to climax. I reach my other hand down to the waistband of my thing and slide it off. I spread my legs wide hanging my knees each over an armrest giving myself all the access I could need to my now dripping pussy and swollen clit but even better it gave my watcher a fantastic view of his older neighbors' exposed body. I imagined how crazy he must be going in his room, stroking his cock while he watched me and I finally couldn't hold back. My head flew back into the chair and my body tenses as a massive orgasm rocks my body. I rub fast and hard through my climax and slow down as I bring myself back to normal. I stay in my chair naked rubbing and caressing my body for a few minutes more before slipping my panties back on and walking to the window. I take my time as I reach up to close the blinds and I as I do I look directly into the room of my neighbor to where I know he must still be sitting and give a small smile and wink before closing my blinds and heading to bed.

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