My Only Talent Ch. 01


She did some very credible experimentation herself. Although she did not have a Suzie signal to listen to, she did have a very good observation point to see which of her actions altered my circulation the most and she was systematically learning what worked. Every couple of minutes she would draw her lips back, kiss it gently, and say something like "That's nice." or "So warm" and I loved hearing it all. Then she began to really jack me in earnest, saying "I want to watch you shoot!"

As previously promised, I replied "your wish is my command!" and she increased her pace. She played with going fast and slow, gripping me hard and loose, and twisting her hand rather than just going up and down. My legs began to move involuntarily, and she said "Oh that's hot!" and then moved her face right down next to me. I was about to lose it, and began rolling my head from side to side and groaning softly. I tried to hold out, but could not, and I my first squirt shot past her head and onto my nipples.

"That's awesome!" she exclaimed, and I shot again. She caught some of it on her face, and I had to remind myself strongly about that business of not falling in love. She sat up a little and pointed it towards her instead of straight up and then two more squirts landed on her breasts, causing her to say "that's nice and warm." I didn't see how life could get any better. Then she proceeded to taste it, then lick some more up and swallow it, and then said "I like it." She grabbed a towel and cleaned up, then started kissing my nipples, and laughed evilly when my cock twitched again. "It seems to need a lot of attention" she laughed almost hysterically.

I turned her over and began to gently touch and kiss her back and run my hands all over her. I got a new Suzie signal: the diffuse one that I had associated with contentment but was now surprisingly strong. Her skin was so smooth and enticing that I just lost myself in it. But I soon realized I was intensifying my efforts around her ass, which was spectacular, and soon I was kissing her cheeks and licking them avidly. The strong Suzie signal came up out the 'contentment' noise and soon dominated my senses.

I pulled her up onto all fours with her ass hanging off the side of the bed, and kneeled with my nose between her cheeks. I pulled her cheeks apart with my hands, and it just seemed natural as it could be to gently blow on her little rosebud. Her signal soared! I flicked my tongue very lightly on it and her signal peaked with each flick. I stuck my tongue in her lightly and then rimmed her just like Mrs. Douglass liked it. Janet did too! "You are just full of surprises!" she said.

"You have a fabulous ass!" I said, and then explored it for a while. Her signal was doing that 'do-wop' ambulance kind of wailing, so I stood up and entered her pussy doggie style. Looking down at her ass was a dream, and soon I was slamming her head into the little cushion above the dorm bed and spanking her ass. She loved it and the rougher the better. Two marvelous orgasms ensued with her pussy clamping down on me. Then I let loose in her. We tumbled back into the bed in a jumble of arms and legs and kissing and hugging. This college thing was okay! We talked some more and made a date to play tennis Sunday after lunch. I was on a natural high, and realize my dad was on to something with his advice to me. About 5 PM, I walked her to her room and then stumbled back to mine on wobbly legs, took a hot shower, and barely made it to the dining hall to meet my date for Saturday night.

I learned something else that evening that would work for me for a long time. I was so satisfied and pleased with myself from my day spent in bed with Janet that I did not feel any pressure to impress Chrissie, the girl I had met yesterday and had asked to the movies tonight. I was just myself, and I enjoyed talking to her. She was very interesting, but I did not feel I had to sell or be aggressive. She ended up selling me, which was wonderful. The more laid back I was, the flirtier she got. We finished dinner and as we walked over to the lecture hall where the free movies were being shown I noticed that 90% of the people walking over were either singles or groups – there were very few couples. I saw Chrissie looking around and she must have noticed the same thing, and then I sensed a 'contentment' Suzie signal from her. This told me two things: first that I was getting better at receiving subtle signals, and second that she really liked having a date when so many other people did not. When we sat down for the movie, I held her hand, and the contentment signal waxed unmistakably!

The movies were a bargain for free, and we sat through the double feature without talking. Then we walked across the campus for a 'smoothie' which we enjoyed while we walked back to the dorm. We had shared a strict and religious upbringing and we talked mostly about church and family. The subject of dating in high school came up, and I shared my family history of lots of church attendance and our tradition of not having sex until you were at least 18. She laughed and said her family would suggest age 28! She asked me how many lovers I had when I was in high school, and I felt like a little lawyer when I said none, that I didn't turn 18 until just after I graduated. She did not ask the obvious follow-up question and I didn't volunteer anything. As we reached her dorm lobby I said in an understated kind of way "Chrissie, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about the kind of relationship I want to have with you." Then I put both my hands in the small of her back, pulled her hips strongly against my crotch, and kissed her with just a hint of tongue. I am not sure I could have pulled that off if Janet hadn't spent all afternoon building my confidence so effectively, but I did. Chrissie's signal went wild, and I turned and walked back to my dorm without looking back.

When I arrived at the dorm, Kevin was already out cold in his bed. He reeked of stale beer and wood smoke, his hair was full of leaves and twigs, and his body was covered with welts, bruises, and curse words written with a Magic Marker. I thought about this for about three seconds, and then fell asleep instantly. I had very pleasant dreams, and woke up with a huge hard on and a tremendous appetite. A trip to the dining hall for breakfast fixed the appetite. Kevin was gone when I got back from eating, and I was hoping Janet would take care of the other issue after we played tennis. Actually, she called and came by before lunch, and we did it before and after tennis. I don't remember much of the tennis game, but I do remember every minute in bed with Janet. Either my ability to read her signals was getting better, or she was beginning to like things a little rougher as we went along. I walked her down to her room, and just barely made it back to my room for my 10 PM bedtime. Kevin was nowhere to be found.

Monday dawned with familiar feelings: horny and hungry! I was not sure of my mission for the day, since classes did not start until Wednesday, so I decided to walk my schedule and learn where all my classrooms were, and maybe pick up a few phone numbers, too. I located all my classrooms plus the professors' and TA offices (which were all abandoned), got a few Suzie signals and one phone number, and then sat down on the mall to watch people pass by. A really great looking blonde passed by, and despite my fervent hope, she obviously was not interested in me. In fact, she sent the same kind of 'interference' that Janet's roommate did, rather than a signal or the absence of a signal. I followed her progress down the mall until she stopped at one of the student organization tables that were almost always set up near the library. She greeted the other girls there and relieved one of them, sitting down to next to the signup sheet as the other girl left. I squinted to read the sign on the front of the table: "LGBT Alliance". Well, now I had a theory about the interference and what it meant.

I surveyed the scene on the mall until noon, then went back to the dorm and went through the lunch line. Kevin was holding court with two other guys, and I gathered this was the subset of the ZZZ pledge class that lived in our huge dorm. I waved and he motioned me over and introduced me as his roommate and champion babe spotter. A discussion ensued, followed by an invitation to a mixer they were having with a sorority at their house tonight. Apparently this group was widely considered to have some of the hottest girls around, and Kevin wanted me to help his buddies choose appropriate targets. I told him I would, but that any money he won betting on me had better be split 50/50, or I would give him the worst targets, not the best. He looked at me like I was not supposed to figure that out, but then agreed.

I put on my running shorts and went to the track around the football practice field that was closest place to run near the dorm. I did some stretches and took off, determined to build up to the 5 miles that was my daily goal. I passed by a very short and very pretty girl who was limbering up by the side of the track. When I had made it almost all the way back around to where she was stretching, she entered the track and started running at about my pace and about 30 feet in front of me. She had on very tight running shorts and a tee shirt, and I could not help but notice that she had a wonderful figure, a tremendous and effortless gait, beautiful light olive skin, and long black hair bouncing and shining brightly in the sunlight. I quickly decided that I would move up to about 20 feet behind her and then keep that pace so I could watch her wonderful backside until she either quit running or I passed out.

She turned out to be in better shape than I was, because at the three mile point I was beginning to chug but she was still gliding along effortlessly. I started double inhaling and concentrating on how wonderful her ass looked to try to take my mind off the pain in my legs and pounding in my chest. At four miles I was worried she would hear my labored breathing and become concerned, but she just tossed me a glance and a smile over her shoulder and just kept going. Just after that glance, I picked up a weak but recognizable Suzie signal from her. With one lap to go to make five miles, she slowed down a little until I got to only about 5 feet behind her, and I was sure she could hear my rasping breath. She turned and looked at me for a moment, more than just a glace, and smiled warmly. Her Suzie signal was now stronger. Then she kicked into high gear and sprinted for the finish line. Despite my growing oxygen debt, I kicked it up a notch and tried to keep pace with her. It was mostly anaerobic effort for me, but she was still breathing easily through her nose. Was this woman a marathoner? I managed to keep the gap to within twenty feet or so as we crossed the five mile point, and she began to jog and then walk.

I was overjoyed she did not go on to ten miles or even the twenty plus she was obviously capable of! I began to breathe as deeply and rapidly as I could without passing out, and she kept walking for two more laps around the track. I kept pace, barely, and finally got enough oxygen on board where I might be able to talk if she gave me the chance! She stopped and turned, sent a moderate Suzie signal and then smiled at me. I said "How many marathons have you run?"

She smiled. "Several. I take it you did not intend to do 5 miles today?"

"No" I said. "I planned to do three and to build up to five by the end of the semester. So, on the good side, I am ahead of my training schedule. On the bad side, I got my ass kicked by a pretty girl!"

She smiled again. "Why were you running at all?"

"I used to run longer in high school. I got out of the habit over the summer, and I need to get back into it. I don't really get the endorphin rush until 5 miles or so, and I am getting a little of it now. It feels good."

She smiled again. "What other highs do you like?"

"Well, I don't drink, because I am one of those people who can't metabolize it normally. One sip of communion wine gets me high as a kite. I tried smoking dope once in junior high, and it just put me to sleep, and I experienced no high at all. "

"So what else does get you high?"

I smiled, as I noticed her Suzie signal going off strongly. "Well, the reason I didn't run as much in the summer was because it became my second favorite form of exercise."

She stuck out her hand. "I'm Suzanne Pliskin." When we shook hands her Suzie signal peaked again. Looking at her close up, she was obviously several years older than me, and looked spectacular! I wish I could send a signal to her, because for the first time, I was getting the signal from one of those dream girls that I really wanted, whether they sent a signal or not. She tilted her head and looked at me funny, then shook it off.

"I am really pleased to meet you Suzanne. Perhaps we could run together again? It might give me a chance to benefit from your training experience." God she was fine! I was getting high just looking at her. She tilted her head and looked at me funny again.

"Maybe" she said. "Walk with me for a while? I am going to my office over in the Economics building. Where are you headed?"

"I'm headed back to the freshman dorm complex. I start classes Wednesday." I was embarrassed to admit it, but she had probably figured it out anyway. She smiled, so beautifully!

"Well at least you may not have developed too many bad habits! Your running style also has a lot of wasted motion, and I could help you with that. Do you know your schedule yet?"

"Yes. The best time for me to run would be lunchtime, MWF."

"That works for me! See you Wednesday at noon?" She smiled that wonderful smile again. Sorry Dad but I have to break the rules a little to chase this one! We exchanged phone numbers and I almost skipped back to the dorm! I was beat, and I knew the mixer could go late into the night, so I took a shower and a nap. I was dead to the world until Kevin arrived noisily and woke me up to go to dinner, suggesting some wardrobe choices so I would 'fit in'. While we ate, he tried to get more information on how I accomplished my 'babe spotting'.

"How do you know which girls like which guys?" he began. "Do they glow different colors?"

"It's not like that", I said. "It's like a hunch. I can never tell exactly how I know. Sometimes I don't know, I can't even guess."

"Well it sure works!" he said. "Steer all the best looking ones to me!"

"That's not how it works either! Sometimes I can tell a girl likes you, or does not like you, but so far I can't make her like you if she doesn't. Sometimes I can't tell anything at all."

"So what's the best way to do this at the mixer? Can you just look around and tell us which babes to hit on?"

I was getting frustrated. "I can't tell from multiple girls at once. I need to just be close to one girl, when she looks at one guy, and then I can tell whether he is a 'go' or a 'no go' for her. Sometimes I can't tell anything. If there are too many girls or guys close by I can't tell anything. So the best way I have seen so far is a reception line. "

He seemed to be getting it. "So like at the dining hall, you could do it for me for say the first ten girls to come through the line, then another guy could stand next to you for the next ten girls?"

"That's probably the best. We can't cover all the possibilities that way but it will be best accuracy for the ones we do cover. After the reception line is done, I can just wander around and see what I can learn then. If I girl seems to be a good target for one of your guys, I will grab the guy on his neck as she passes him in the line. "

We made our way to the ZZZ house and Kevin introduced me to his pledge trainer, who was the first guy he wanted me to help after Kevin himself, and the president of the frat, who was number two priority. Everybody else was to be catch as catch can. I figured that would be workable.

There was a stir at the front door and some very well made up girls began to come in. Some of them wore way too much makeup, some of them too little, but most of them looked really good. I wondered if I could scan them for me and for Kevin at the same time. I decided I could. I tried not to 'listen' until they got close, and then I concentrated. The first girl through was a little older and must have been their president. She was almost perfectly quaffed and made up. She had no response to either Kevin, or me, but she had a very strong signal for Kevin's pledge trainer. When I squeezed his neck, he looked at me incredulously! I whispered to him "go for it, buddy!" and he still looked aghast.

The next few girls had no signals for any of us, and one of the best looking ones sent the interference signal. I wondered if I could learn to tell which women she was attracted to. I saw a 'major hottie' coming through the line. She was very pretty, very tanned and very self confident. I liked her a lot, and I was overjoyed to detect a strong signal for me. But then she also had a very strong signal for Kevin! I guess there was no accounting for taste! I gave Kevin's neck a squeeze and he looked like he just had a wish come true! "That's Lou! She is a super hot junior!" he crooned. A little later a girl with a plain face but fantastic body sent a huge signal for the president, and I squeezed his neck. Then there was a break, and Kevin said another batch of girls would come though in a few minutes.

The pledge trainer grabbed my arm and said "You must be crazy! I am a sophomore! Lisa is a senior, one of the hottest girls on campus, and she has been dating a senior guy from one of the other frats for two years! She would never give me the time of day!" The president came up and said "That girl is too fine for me! She has the kind of body I dream about!"

I said told them both "That may all be true, but I think both of those girls want go to bed with you. What have you got to lose by trying?" They went away mumbling to themselves.

Kevin and the pledge trainer lost no time chatting up their targets, and from the smiles on their faces, they were getting good responses. I was amazed at how well I was able to discriminate between the various signals for different guys, and was surprising myself. The second batch provided some signals for me, stroking my ego, and at least one new target each for Kevin and his buddies. I concentrated on pointing out targets to the ZZZ guys, figuring the sorority girls would be more compatible with them than me. The third batch also provided some happy hunting grounds. The reception line part of the evening was over, and now the random mixing and drinking part had started.

I looked around and tried to find some of the girls that had signaled for me, when suddenly Lou, the 'super hot junior' was right in front of me. "Hi!" she said. "I don't think you are a member of ZZZ. How do you know Kevin?"

She was even better looking than I thought. I could now see some delicious pink string bikini lines in her wondrous cocoa butter tan, and she smelled of some exotic perfume that seemed to act directly on my brain! "I am Kevin's roommate over at the freshman dorm, and I am very pleased to meet you!" I said with undisguised enthusiasm. I took her hand and she moved even closer to me. Without thinking, I held it up and kissed the back of her hand like I had only seen in a couple of movies. Her Suzie signal reached a crescendo! "Oh my!" she said. "You may be a problem!"

"Why is that?" I asked benignly.

"Because Kevin just asked me out and I accepted!" she smiled, with a little modulation in her signal. I think she liked being pursued, but I wondered how things would turn out. I played a hunch. "Did you agree to go out with him exclusively, or just go on a date?

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