tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 02

My Only Talent Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Suzie Signal Sonar Drills

Tuesday morning also found me horny and hungry. On the way to the dining hall, I thought through my options. I had one more 'free day' before classes started, so in keeping with my own marching orders, I needed to get dates set up for the weekend. I could ask Suzanne out when we ran tomorrow, and then after that askJanet for whatever evening was open after I talked to Suzanne, then cover the other night somehow. Should I set things up right away in case Suzanne turned me down tomorrow, or keep it open so I could accommodate Suzanne's schedule? My talent certainly did not eliminate all uncertainty.

It was still early, and there were very few people in the dining area. I sat down alone and then walked over the juice dispenser and noticed an attractive girl sending for me with a moderate signal. I suddenly found myself thinking of all the time constraints and scheduling issues of getting into a relationship, even when I knew the woman was attracted to me. What if she only wanted 'plain' sex with no oral or anal fun? Wouldn't it be more efficient to prioritize women who 'wanted it all' like I did? What if I could learn what a girl really likes before I got her in bed? That would be a real breakthrough, but how could I accomplish it? I knew I could now hear much weaker and more subtle signals than I ever had before, and recognize signals on different 'wavelengths' but how could I take a reading on someone's particular preferences without touching them to see how they reacted?

Maybe it was my thinking that some of Janet's signals sounded like the 'dive' alarm in old submarine movies, but suddenly I thought about sonar! What if I could 'ping' by sending a strong signal for certain things, and then listen to see if it 'bounced back' to me? I decided to conduct an experiment. I would start with strong, unambiguous signals that should provoke a strong reaction. I focused my attention on the girl at the next table who was sending moderately for me, and conjured up a vivid mental image of me fucking her vigorously, and tried to 'send' her the image as strongly as I could. She looked up and cocked her head to the side, then looked back down at her food. I sent again, concentrating as hard as I could. She looked around again, and then smiled, and I felt her moderate Suzie signal change and 'echo' a little bit. I kept sending, and her Susie signal clearly got stronger, with a lot of 'reverb' on it! She was now looking off into the distance, and smiling broadly!

I conjured up another mental image, of me coming voluminously in her mouth! I sent it as strong as I could, and watched her reaction. She tilted her head and looked around again, and I carefully avoided eye contact. I kept sending, and imagined how it would feel to have her sucking the come right out of me. What a great image! I could see her expression change, and then she blushed strongly and smiled shyly! Her Suzie signal changed 'frequency' a little and got much louder. Hot Damn! I stopped pinging abruptly, and she looked around again, as if she was saying 'what was that, what just happened?'

I set up one more mental image, that of me fucking her enthusiastically in the ass! I thought about how hot and tight it would feel, and how I would love looking down at her ass bouncing as I was slamming into it! She looked around again, and then got this disgusted look on her face. Her Suzie signal just disappeared. She picked up her tray, rapidly put her stuff into the disposal line, and almost ran out of the dining hall! No trouble interpreting that, I suppose!

As I left the dining hall, I spotted Janet, and decided to go for the sure thing for one of the nights this weekend. She looked good, she smelled good, and she had her hair up on top of her head in a bun and I wanted to use it as a handle to fuck her mouth! I proposed we do something Saturday night and then asked her to stay over, since I knew Kevin was 'pledged' almost every hour of that weekend and would not be staying in the room until Sunday night. She looked embarrassed, which was unusual, and then said she wanted me to go to dinner with her parents when they visited from Florida Friday night, but then after dinner she was going to drive with them to attend a Saturday morning football game at her Mom's alma mater 200 miles away. So a nice social occasion, but no prospects for sex! She did propose that we get together this afternoon, and said that her roommate would be gone all evening with one of her friends from her hometown, so she invited me over for a while after dinner. She even had a specific proposition for me, which sounded wonderful. Janet was getting less inhibited, more inventive, and kinkier, all of which were fine with me. So I now had a date this weekend for dinner Friday, but no nookie afterwards.

I decided to hold Saturday open for Suzanne, with Chrissy as a backup invite if Suzanne could not accept my invitation. For Sunday, I called Lara, one of the new girls I had met at the ZZZ mixer, hoping I could test my sonar and see if she was amendable to the fantasy I conjured up when I first saw her. I called her, and asked her if she liked to play tennis. It turned out that she did, and I reserved a court at the intramural fields online for Sunday at 11 and forwarded the info to her so we could meet there. She said she would bring her car and we could go to a restaurant for lunch after, which sounded perfect.

I went to the bookstore to buy my textbooks, and spotted my friend Ralph from junior high. He had moved to another town for high school, and I had no idea he was at ESU, I thought his plan was to go to school in California. He said his scholarship had gotten hung up, so he was taking advantage of the much lower in state tuition at ESU. He got here at the last minute, and was literally living in bunk beds in the lounge of one of the older dorms until a room opened up. He said there were always people cracking up or flunking out early, so some spots would be available soon. If I remembered Ralph correctly, he was in no danger of flunking out.

I went up to Janet's room, and found her in fine form. She was craving it wild and rough and I happily obliged her. She had suggested something new she really liked, and so did I. She ended up lying on her back on her dorm bed, with her head back over the edge of the bed, taking me all the way down her throat. She encouraged me until I was absolutely slamming her face as hard as I could, with my balls hitting her nose and forehead so hard they were getting sore. Janet was in such a state that she had both feet up on the bed with her legs open wide, with two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. She had already come twice. Just as I shot in her mouth, the door to her room swung open and in walked her goth roommate, Melanie, accompanied by Lou the 'hot junior'! I froze in shock, but my prostate gland kept pumping my ejaculate into Janet's mouth. Janet was so into it that she continued noisily slurping and sucking it right out of me without even noticing that the door had opened. Her fingers were flying in and out of her ass and her wet, sloppy pussy and the two new arrivals were getting a full face on view, and probably encountering quite an odor, too.

Janet's Suzie signal was already wailing like a cat being swung around in a burlap bag, and then massive 'adjacent channel' interference from goth girl came up loud and so 'off key' that it made my teeth hurt! Then a third note of Lou's excited Suzie signal sounded like a fog horn in perfect harmony with Janet's signal. Lou really liked what she was looking at, and goth girl really hated it! No one said anything. The only sound was my rapid breathing and Janet's frantic sucking and swallowing. Then Melanie pushed Lou back out and slammed and locked the door. Janet finally plopped me out of her mouth and said "What was that?" and I told her. She drew a dramatic breath and held it for what seemed forever!

"How does your roommate know Lou? They seem like they would run in completely different circles!" I asked.

"They have known each other since she was eight years old -- they were in the same dance troop. Just how you do you know 'Lou baby'?" she asked, in a jealous tone, but her Suzie signal said I was still doing fine with her.

"I met her at a mixer at my roommate's frat house. He just asked her out. Does your roommate just hate me or all men?" I replied.

"It isn't that simple. Melanie has had major problems with her mother's new husband hitting on her since she turned 16. Her mother refused to believe that it was going on until she caught him on video, and then when the marriage split up her mother stilled blamed Melanie. It is wonder Melanie isn't more screwed up than she is! She did all that goth hair and black fingernails stuff as a ongoing protest against her mother, father, and stepfather treating her so badly. So cut her a break!"

The intrusion had certainly broken the mood. Janet jumped in the shower, dressed, and went looking for her roommate. I took a shower, put my clothes back on, and went looking for Janet. I found both of them in the floor lounge, seated on a couch, and talking softly to each other. Lou was not there. I walked up, but Janet motioned for me to stay back. Goth Melanie began to sob softly and Janet hugged her. I motioned to Janet that I would call her later, and headed back to my room.

There were lots of guys hanging out in the lounge playing cards, watching TV, and just goofing off. I didn't want to go for a run, because I was 'saving myself' to run with Suzanne tomorrow. When I got to the room, Kevin was there talking on the phone. When he hung up, I asked him "How are things with Lou?"

He laughed. "She was just telling me a tale of your exploits! She painted quite a picture! You are my hero. I also want to thank you. I think you warmed her up for me! "

"I meant to talk to you about Lou", I said. "She seemed to be interested in both you and me. I pointed her out to you since that was the deal for the mixer, but if she wants me, I won't be able to resist her."

Kevin looked at me funny. "I knew it was too good to be true!"

I shrugged. "This is not a zero sum game, buddy. I think she gets off on the idea of the two of us both chasing her. But let's make that work to our advantage, and not let her play us off against each other."

"How do we do that?" he asked.

"Well, we could call her bluff!"

"What do you mean by call her bluff?"

"Well I don't think you want to marry her, do you? Me neither. Let's tell her we both want her, and she can have us both, but only at the same time, and she has to give it all up for us!"

"Give at all up?"

"Everything we want sexually, for both of us. Her pussy, her mouth, and her ass, any way we want it. The whole nine yards! I think that's what she really wants anyway, and it might as well be us now instead of two other lucky guys later!"

Kevin looked at me with the funniest look. He said nothing for a full 30 seconds, and then he smiled broadly. "If you can get that ultimate smooth cocoa butter Jewish American Princess to give it up for both of us at once, I will admire you forever! I can't think of any memory I would rather have than that. When she is married to some schmendrick Park Avenue dermatologist who only schtups her twice a month, I will be savoring the memory of tapping that fine brown ass while you come in her mouth! Maybe she will be savoring it too! That's beyond epic, man. That's mythical, legendary! When I am 90 years old that memory can make me the happiest dirty old man of my generation. I thought I would have to wait until I was casting starlets to get that kind of action!"

Kevin amazed me. What a combination of a highly cynical but likely realistic world view and self knowledge combined with unbridled lust! I offered my hand and Kevin shook it. "We begin our quest!" I said. "Blood brothers!" he cried. I told him I needed to do some planning on how to make it happen, and he said he would back any play I came up with. He went back to the frat house for more pledge training, and I went to bed early.

Wednesday morning, my 8 AM class was 'Rhetoric and Composition' taught by a brand new TA on her first day of graduate school. She was a real looker, and was sending for me, but reeked of tobacco, so she was off my list for sure. As she droned on going laboriously through the course syllabus that I had already read, I decided to run a little sonar drill. I started with a standard straight fucking signal, and she echoed pretty clearly, and did the same for the oral and anal images I sent her. Then I explored some of the stuff Mrs. Douglass did not like. I sent an image of the TA and Lou 69ing each other while I penetrated Lou's ass from above. The TA looked around and cocked her head from side to side, and there was a strong echo. Then I visualized me shooting into Lou and then the TA licking us both clean. The TA lost her place on the syllabus, closed her eyes, and shivered. The ping bounced back to me super strong! She looked around the room in almost in a panic, and shivered again. This was fun!

In the break between classes, I started the reading assignments for English, going over to the library and speed reading the books that were on reserve for the class. My 10 AM class was "Introduction to Engineering" and was taught by a real live professor. There were three text book reading assignments and two homework assignments for the next class. When the class broke up I went for an early but light lunch, then put on my running stuff and headed for the track around the practice field. Suzanne sent a text saying she was in class until 11:50 and would get there as soon as she could. When she arrived, she looked even better than I remembered, which I would not have thought possible.

She began to stretch and I did too. She said "Do you really want some suggestions?"

"Yes", I said. "Plus some ideas to improve my running, too!" Did she have any idea how incredible she was?

She looked at me funny again. She told me I was swinging my arms too far and letting them get out too far away from the sides of my body. She also told me to bring my knees up a little higher as I ran and to try to extend my stride a little bit. We took off at a moderate pace and I tried to put her suggestions into action. She gave me some feedback as I ran and after a while it did begin to feel more 'natural' to me. I could see that the new arm motion, especially, was improving things. We settled into a rhythm and I decided to try to improve other things, too. I visualize me kissing her tenderly, and then tried to send the image to her as strongly as I could.

She tilted her head around like she was looking for something she couldn't find, then she shook her head and concentrated on running. I sent the image again, imagining how silky smooth her skin would be and how her lips would feel against mine. I heard a big echo in her signal, and she actually stumbled a little bit. Yes! "Is there a rough spot in the track?" I asked glibly.

"Uh, maybe" she said. "Let's keep running."

I formed another image. I was gently rubbing her nipples through the front of her tee shirt while continuing to kiss her. I watched her face as her Suzie signal warbled and grew. She blushed and looked around again. I smiled at her. She looked away, but her signal was growling and loud. We were approaching the 3 mile mark, and I was feeling the need to breathe a little harder. She kidded me. "Looks like your breath is coming faster. We need to do some interval work to improve your wind."

I smiled. "Maybe I am breathing faster because I was looking at you. But let me think about some interval training." I kept up my previous image of kissing her, sent it to her as strongly as I could, then visualized moving down for kissing her nipples, then moving back up to kiss her mouth, and then back to her nipples. I sent that image as vividly as possible, imagining how she would feel and taste as I did so. Wonderful!

Her Suzie signal went wild! In fact, I could hear little lulls in it as I imagined switching between the two fabulous activities. She began to breathe faster and I noticed her face was flushed and her eyes were wide, and she was breathing hard through her mouth! I said "I can visualize some interval training that would be great. How about you?"

She looked at me with wide eyes, then shook her head and tried to look serious. "Let's concentrate on running right now!" she said. She picked up her pace a little bit and I tried to keep up. She was still breathing hard, and I knew it was not from the exertion of running. At the four mile mark, I resumed my sonar drill. I sent a signal of me slowly taking off her panties, and kissing the insides of her thighs, trying to make it clear that I was planning on settling in between her legs for a long time. Her signal vibrated and increased in intensity. As we passed 4.5 miles, I visualized her coming with my lips kissing her clit. The note of her signal changed and she drew in a sharp breath. At the start of the final lap, I sent the image of me being fully erect and entering her pussy gently and kissing her, then stroking her strongly. Her signal pinged and was modulated by my imagined strokes. I then sent the image of alternating between fucking her with hard, deep strokes and moving back to kiss her between her legs, then going back to fuck her hard again. As we approached the finish line, I sent a strong image of me pulling out of her and coming on her nipples. Her signal screamed in exact synchrony with my visualizing my hot stuff landing on her smooth skin. I even said "Oh, Oh!" dreamily as I imagined shooting.

She looked over at me with wild eyes and almost stopped running. "Why did you say that?"

"Oh, I was just imagining something wonderful!" I said. We passed the five mile mark and she said "sprint for one more lap!" and took off as fast as she could. Somehow I knew that I had to keep up with her or die! I gave it everything I could and stayed right behind her all the way around. She looked up just as she finished the sprint lap and smiled widely when she saw me there. I smiled at her. As we walked two more 'cool down' laps, I started sending images again. Maybe it was the endorphins kicking in, but I got a little carried away and imagined me taking her doggy style, roughly and fast. Her Suzie said yes, very loudly! Then I sent the image of us cuddling and kissing and I heard her Suzie say 'contentment'. For the last few feet of the last lap, I put my hand in the small of her back like I was walking her to class in junior high. When we finally stopped walking, I gently pulled her into me and kissed her lightly on the lips, with no tongue. Her Suzie signal wailed like a Banshee! Before she could even react, I put my hands on my hips and kept walking. Her signal stopped for a moment, and then increased even further. "Wait up!" she said. I did.

I stopped and waited for her, then carefully held my tongue to see what she would say. "You did well to keep up on the sprint!" she began. "I am not sure I want you to kiss me again, though."

Her Suzie had told me the truth. "Yes, you do. There may be some complications I don't understand, but you want me to kiss you, don't you?"

She looked at me with a mix of panic and relief. "Yes, I do, but I feel guilty about it. I have to go. Maybe we can talk more on Friday?"

"Before you go, how about we do something Saturday? Do you play tennis?" I tried.

"No" she said. But I am going to play in a soccer game Saturday afternoon. Why don't you come and watch? I'll send you a text with the details."

"I'd like to. Can we do something afterward? Maybe go dance somewhere?" I would love to see her dance!

"Are you a good dancer?" she smiled.

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