tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 11

My Only Talent Ch. 11


Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

I didn't get back to the dorm until about 3 AM Thursday morning, and I had two exams this afternoon and three big exams on Friday, and then was looking forward to three days of acting in our in house production of 'Mastering Millicent', which sounded like a movie I really wanted to make, plus another ESU football victory. Gee, Dad, you can be proud of your boy, because for a three day weekend, I have three girls on tap each night, not just one per night, and my goal was to tap all three of them, each night. So I had simply to devote myself completely to schoolwork until my last class period Friday, which was also my last midterm exam, and then I could let it all hang out for the rest of weekend. It was an excellent plan. I was reminded of my tennis coach, saying when you have tough match, just give it your all and make sure you leave everything you have out on the court. I was going to apply that principle to both of my endeavors this weekend.

I set my alarm for 6 AM, and went to sleep instantaneously. When it went off I took a quick shower, dressed, and hit the early breakfast line for protein replacement therapy. I was pounding down bacon and eggs with an orange juice chaser when Nora sat down next to me. "Hey stranger!" She gave me a little shoulder hug. "You really do still live and breathe, and you somehow look better. I guess Suzanne has you in training, huh?"

I smiled my best shit eating grin. "It's tough work, but it's gotta be done!" I was suddenly very interested in tuning in to Nora and trying out my new Suzie signal sniffing capabilities. She was clamping down on her signals very well, but things were leaking out despite her best efforts, and I soon learned where to concentrate to detect them. Her 'flight data recorder' was very well protected, like it was shielded, or encrypted. I could tell there was something in there, but I could not yet ping it or decipher it. "You look hot yourself! What's up with you?"

She shook her platinum hair and smiled, and it lit up the room. "I just finished my last midterm for this week yesterday, and I have walks in all my classes Friday, so today will be a light day. I am going with a group of students to the WTTU football game on Saturday. It's a long drive but we can leave early Friday and take it easy. I have never been to a football game out there." She held up a tentative 'hook 'em' sign and smiled. "I hear that it's great as long as they don't have a dust storm."

"Or a real Blue Norther! It's not Oklahoma, but when the wind does come whipping 'cross the plain, the temperature can drop 50 degrees in two hours. I'll be watching the game on TV. I hope the TV analysts are wrong again about ESU!"

Nora looked at me funny. "I didn't realize you were such a football fan, Robbie."

"This is Texas. Besides my chosen sport of tennis, I follow all of the other culturally important sports: fall football, football recruiting, spring football, and summer seven on seven football! I would rather die than play fantasy football, though, and I am not coming back for the game on Thanksgiving Day. But my dad and I will watch every minute of it on TV. "

Nora snorted and looked glum. "I'll be here on Thanksgiving."

I laughed. "I guess the holiday never really caught on across the pond, eh?"

She laughed. "We have Harvest Festival earlier in the year, but it's not the same thing really. My folks sometime invite visiting yanks over if they are in London on that day, so I know a little more about it than most do."

I gave her a hug and headed for campus, making a mental note to see who was planning to be where for turkey day. I found an empty classroom and did 'mock lectures' as an exam review for my midterms, and studied all the old exams from the UDP files that Oiler had given me, then went to my first class. I thought I did really well on the exam before lunch. All those mental gymnastics made me hungry, so I was back for lunch and felt good about the afternoon exams, too.

Thursday evening was study and review for the Friday exams, except for a call from Rodney Driver. The black suburban that had tailed us was registered to a '527' organization, referring to a section of the Internal Revenue Code, AKA a 'Super Political Action Committee' or 'Super PAC' dubbed 'Real Texans for Truth'. The people listed as contributors to the organization mostly had addresses in Lubbock and environs and most seemed to be alumni of WTTU. Rodney said that some of the websites he frequented contended that members of the group were also big supporters of the recently fired WTTU football coach, who had an ongoing feud with James Craig. So far the PAC had run ads supporting James Craig's opponents in his Senate race, and apparently was also spending money on polling firms and other political consultants, including opposition research. Their activity was at a peak with the election coming next week.

The head of the organization was Winifred 'Wylie Coyote' Wimmers, a notorious attorney, political consultant and rabble rouser who hailed from Wylie, Texas. Winifred was a former beauty queen in her late 40's and had a reputation for being a staunch political conservative and for leaving behind her a trail of heartbroken twenty something guys that she had toyed with and then dumped in the usually male Texas tradition known as 'find 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em'. Her first cousin was John Wimmers Blakeley, AKA 'The Wylie Fist' a notorious trial lawyer so named for his habit of pounding the table in the courtroom instead of making substantive arguments and apparently also his preferred mode of sexual gratification. It was said that if he had been as pretty as John Edwards he could have been VP, but he mainly had 'a face for radio'. 'Fist' was also a card carrying member of the West Texas Trial Lawyers Association, a flaming liberal and a James Craig supporter, and the two first cousins were apparently in a constant state of ongoing political war. Were all these guys sniffing around the AGs and trying to figure out who was behind all the negative publicity for James Craig?

Rodney turned our conversation back to the Saturday night party and gave me an address out west of the city for a house near the road that led to one of the city parks on the river, and said we should take a taxi show up there for the 'pre-party' Friday night at about 11:00 PM, and we would have to solve a puzzle to figure out how to get to the real party, which was at another location. He also said that most of the people would only know about the pre-party, think it was the only party, and would never make it to the 'VIP party'. That sounded mysterious enough, but both Lara and Suzanne were enthusiastic and highly practiced puzzle solvers, and very party driven, so I felt pretty confident we could figure it out. Rodney would arrange transportation home from the second party sometime Sunday afternoon. I got to sleep early.

Friday morning I tanked up on protein and carbs, and I was certain I did really well on both morning exams. I hit the track at my new pace and was feeling a little better than average, and Suzanne joined in just as I finished my initial seven miles. She looked fantastic, as usual. "Let's do a final briefing on Millicent!" she began. She went through the newly foreshortened project plan for Millie, which now finished up early afternoon on Saturday. It was tough, so tough that I questioned it, but she insisted it was something that Millie needed and wanted, and that both Lara and Suzanne wished that they had found for themselves even sooner. She said I did not realize how many guys today were too damn wimpy and immature and how many girls really wanted a strong guy that they could respect, and frankly, how many girls just plain needed a really hard fucking every week or so, not to 'be understood' or 'actualized' or some other psychobabble. After wringing out Millie, the girls would all either sleep or watch the ESU football game with me, and then we would all take a nap before heading out for the Saturday night party, where Millie would star as our novice submissive again. When I told Suzanne about the 'solve the puzzle to get to the real party' deal her eyes flashed brightly. She was motivated.

I changed the subject "I am going to visit my family for Thanksgiving. My grandparents don't travel as well as they used to, so I am going to catch a ride with a friend from high school who is driving up on Monday, and not coming back until Friday. What are your plans?"

She looked a little startled. "Well, my folks are in Europe until December, so I have been again invited to Thanksgiving dinner with Mike's family. I'm not sure they have much to be thankful about, but I have gone down to visit them and Mike in the burn hospital the last two Thanksgivings." She looked sad, and I felt sad. I knew there had been no change in Mike's prospects to regain consciousness.

"I think Lara is going up to be with her Dad, and her only surviving grandmother, for Thanksgiving. She did say her dad is coming to town for the Formula One race in two weeks, and wants her to help him out with a last minute party."

Suzanne sighed. "That's sounds like fun, I'm in. Have you talked to Nora lately?"

"Yesterday at breakfast. She is driving out for the WTTU game later today with a group, but she will be stuck here for Thanksgiving."

Suzanne looked thoughtful. "Robbie, could you possibly invite Nora to Thanksgiving with you? I feel bad that she will be so alone!"

"I hadn't thought about that! Do you think she would accept?"

"Maybe she would, and just asking might make her feel better." I had planned to have some serious discussions with my folks over Thanksgiving to learn more about my talent, our family history with it, and some of the things they obviously had not told me. Having Nora around would complicate that process, but it might also stimulate some answers.

"OK. I'll ask her. She will have to help cook if she wants to eat, though!"

Suzanne laughed. "She's an incredible cook, absolutely world class. That won't be a problem." I decided to talk to my Mom and check it out first.

Friday afternoon went very quickly, the exams were fine, and suddenly I was back in 'full race' dating mode. I had about three hours before it was time to pick up Millicent, and Lara had already assured me that there would be enough supper to keep even two 'machines' like Suzanne and me fully filled up, so I took a nap. I was feeling smug that I had truly 'left it all out on the field' as far as my classes were concerned, and I was really looking forward to 'leaving it all in the girls' this weekend. When my alarm went off, I brushed my teeth, grabbed the paper bag that contained the props that Suzanne had prepared for use with Millie, and whistled happily as I walked to the Bi Phi house.

Millicent Hathaway was on the porch of the sorority house 45 minutes early. She couldn't help herself. She hadn't been this excited when she was debutante three years ago, but that occasion had been more for her mother than for her. She had thought about nothing else but this weekend adventure since Wednesday night. She was wearing the outfit Suzanne had specified, and it looked just like the one she had worn to church school in the eighth grade, and it made her wet. She had her first two crushes that year, one on a ninth grade football player, a tall guy that was way ahead of his peers on the testosterone schedule, complete with the need to shave, a very deep voice, and muscles. She wanted him to pick her up, grab her ass, kiss her and never put her down. Her second crush was her music teacher, Miss Granot, who was in her late twenties. She wanted Miss Granot to sit on her face and make Millicent lick her pussy. It was so nasty and it made her so hot that she almost couldn't stand it. By Christmas break, she wanted both of them at the same time, and her dreams reflected it, but none of those fantasies had ever come true.

Millicent's grandfather was a storied Texas oil man, worth several hundred million. His son in law, Millicent's father, was determined to make more money on his own than his father in law ever had. He was an architect who built a real estate empire of shopping centers, apartment buildings, and office buildings, renting out each property he built and then borrowing to build or buy yet another. His timing was perfect and as the 'Sun Belt' economy grew his properties' valuations soared and he sold some off to pay off his loans and suddenly owned more than $1B of real estate free and clear, collecting millions in rent each month. Millicent laughed when people used the term 'helicopter dad' because to her it meant a dad that was always out flying around in a helicopter looking at property, instead of spending time with his daughter. Her mother had been raised for one career – head of the Junior League and best dressed woman at the country club. She spent all her time on it, not with Millicent. Millie was essentially raised by her grandmother and their maids, and spent more time with them than both of her parents combined. She somehow knew her mother and father didn't really love her, and she wasn't sure her grandmother did either. She was an only child and an only grandchild, and was as spoiled as spoiled could be, and almost never even heard the word 'no'. But when she was four something happened that remained the most enduring emotional memory of her life. She was walking with her grandmother on a shopping trip in Houston, and was being oppositional for its own sake, as four year olds are wont to do. She kept pulling away from holding her grandmother's hand, running to look at anything that interested her, and her grandmother would scold her, but not really do much else.

Finally she jerked away and ran towards the busy street, and almost certainly would have been killed if a passing stranger had not grabbed her just before she stepped off the curb. Her grandmother was livid. "You are going to get your first whippin' when we get home young lady!" Millicent thought it was just another idle threat. It was not. When they got home, Grandma did not fix lunch as Millicent was expecting. "No lunch for you. When you disobey me and run out into the street, you get a whippin' instead!" Grandma has been raised old school, and she went out to the yard with some shiny pruning shears and came back with three switches cut from trees. "Pick your switch, you bad girl!" she told Millicent. Still not comprehending, Millicent tauntingly picked the longest one. "Good choice!" Grandma said. She made Millicent take down her skirt and panties and lean over a chair, pushing her and holding her down when she hesitated. She had never experienced anything like this, and she was embarrassed and humiliated. But then Grandma went crazy and whipped her ass, counting out twenty strokes, each preceded by a little motivational phrase about how little girls should mind their Grandma. Millicent thought that the first one was more than she could possibly endure, and by the third one she was praying to God that it would stop. After the tenth she was in another world, with adrenaline and hormones surging through her system, and crying her eyes out, which she almost never did. Grandma was crying just as much. After the final stroke, Granma gathered Millicent up in her arms and rocked her as she cried. "I am so sorry baby but you can't disobey me like that. I love you and I couldn't bear it if you got hurt!" They rocked together for more than an hour, and Millicent went to sleep in Grandma's arms, suddenly certain that somebody truly cared about her. She would never forget that, both consciously and unconsciously.

When I got to the Bi Phi house, Mei Ling was standing with Millicent on the porch. Mille was dressed as directed, in a schoolgirl outfit with a white blouse and tartan skirt and her hair in pigtails. She had also been instructed to begin a liquid diet yesterday at lunch, but was left to speculate as to why. As I approached, Mei Ling said "I think I am envious of Millie's weekend!" and looked at me expectantly.

All of my words and actions from now until Sunday night were calculated to have a maximum effect on Millicent, so I said "She is a complete slut, Mei Ling, and she knows it, but she is inexperienced. She does not yet know what she is capable of, but she will soon learn to serve me well indeed! From this moment forward, her life will never be the same."

Millicent starred at me dumbfounded, and Mei Ling looked at me really funny, like she could not decide whether to laugh or take me seriously. I ignored her, and slipped a collar around Millie's neck, and bound her arms behind her so swiftly she was trapped before she knew it. I pulled the blindfolding leather hood over her head and zipped it up securely. Millie began breathing harder. I reached up under her skirt with a pair of plastic covered safety scissors and literally cut off her panties, and then reached under her blouse and took off her bra, handing them both to Mei Ling. She could not help but notice that the panties were already very fragrant, and her eyes got wide as saucers. I had already talked to Cisco, and Mei Ling had a few surprises of her own coming up this weekend.

"Do you want to feel this bitch's nipples before I clip them, Mei Ling?" Her face turned pale, and then bright red. "Do you want to feel her wet slut cunt before I take her away for her training?" Mei Ling almost fell down, but did not reach for Millie. I put two clips on Millie's nips, pulled her blouse back down over them, and then snapped my leash to Millie's collar and walked away, tugging her along roughly. Mei Ling stood frozen, gawking at us until we disappeared around the corner at the first turn toward Lara's building. I was taking a circuitous route so Millie would not know exactly where she was going, and three blocks away from the Bi Phi house I took a detour down a narrow alley between two commercial buildings, shoving Millie up against the wall, and grabbing her ass roughly. I slipped my hand low and in between her legs and discovered she was already dripping.

"What a slut you are! Does it make your little pussy wet to know that anyone who walked by could smell you now?"

She gasped and coughed. Every time she moved, the blouse moved the clips and she got stimulated. I gave her a very rough kiss, and then dragged her on down the street. We walked by a construction site, and I slowed down until the workers noticed her, and she heard them whistling at her. I lifted her blouse and they whistled even louder. She almost fell to her knees. But I dragged her on. We circled Lara's building several times, passing by numerous people on the street. Two young guys turned and said loudly "Damn! Look at that!" and Millicent groaned, way down deep in her throat. In the alley behind Lara's I pushed her against the wall and took flash pictures of her with my phone, ordering her to lift up her blouse and then her skirt. She was mortified. Her Suzie was also singing like a flock of songbirds.

We ducked into Lara's building by the side entrance, and took the elevator up to Lara's floor, unfortunately seeing no one else along the way. Suzanne and Lara were waiting just inside the door, and began to play their parts. "Is this our new little bitch? I do hope she is housebroken!" The girls quickly stripped off her clothes, and took her into the bathroom for a little enema party. I sensed humiliation and excitement Suzie signals through the door. They emerged from the bathroom with Millie down on all fours, said "Heel, bitch!" and walked up her up and back, making her heel with tugs on the leash. "This one has potential, but she will need sharp corrections!"

Lara reached down and caressed Millie's ass a bit. "Look at this ass Suzanne, it looks pretty good. She is a wet little slut, though, what a drippy pussy! Lara licked her middle finger and touched Millie's little rosebud. "Look at that cute little asshole!" With no fanfare, she slipped her finger into Millie's ass. Millie groaned and quivered. "Oh, she does have a tight little ass. Master will take that like Sherman took Georgia!" She giggled wickedly as Millicent sobbed.

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