My Only Talent Ch. 11


Suzanne guffawed, then replaced Lara's finger with her own, pushing even deeper. Millie crooned like a falsetto singer. "But didn't Sherman take Georgia only once? Master will fuck this tight little thing many times!" Millie sobbed, but I heard her Suzie begin to spark hotly.

"Master, we have to go to the store for a few things we need to finish supper. Will you start her training while we are gone? Maybe you can get some of the 'rougher stuff' out of the way before we get back?" I laughed archly, and heard Millie sniffle, and her Suzie sang of fear, humiliation, near panic, but also rising excitement. They noisily gathered themselves up and we heard the front door close and lock.

I walked over in front of Millie in such a way that she could not miss the fact that I was standing over her. I sure hoped that Suzanne and Lara were right about how to do this. I took off my shoes and socks and then slowly and obviously took off my shirt and loudly unzipped my pants. Then I took off my pants and underwear, and stretched a little, and yawned. I reach out an gently caressed Millie's face, running my hands around her mouth and chin, touching her hair, her lips, and tilting her head up to look at her face. Then I grabbed the handles on her leather hood and made it crystal clear to her that I had total control of her head, being able to do anything I wanted to it. Her Suzie signal rose like an approaching siren, 'dopplering up' as if it was approaching me rapidly.

I sighed dramatically, drew in a loud breath, and then shoved my cock in her mouth and down her throat. Her Suzie exploded in a cacophony of signals. I tried to shut them out, and follow the recipe of just using her to get myself off. Her throat was hot and tight and lusciously wet with saliva. I used the handles and just fucked it to please myself, but Millicent did not really struggle, she just sort of flowed and adapted. She kept her breathing controlled through her nose, and did not seem to gag at all. I even tried to push in hard, and got all the way down her throat even sooner than I had with Lara or Suzanne, but she handled it with aplomb. I was amazed. When I pushed myself all the way down and held it, she actually tried to gobble it down a little farther. Her Suzie was exploding, loud and uninhibited. Her panic was rapidly being converted to excitement. I began a rhythmic motion, using every millimeter of her mouth, hoping to come quickly, but I was suddenly in the zone. I was trying to shut out her Suzie signals, but it they pounding into me like the surf in a hurricane.

She was anticipating my motions, getting into my rhythm and breathing easily through her nose. She even began to expertly lick the bottom of my cock on each stroke on the way out, and suck me hard just as I bottomed out, and her Suzie was climbing higher with every little trick she worked in. I let down all my barriers and tried to connect to her. Her carrier was modulated with so much of what she wanted that I could not even begin to try to read her flight data recorder. But I could tell she was happy. She was the center of attention, and she knew she was pleasing me, and she loved it. She was visualizing me coming in her mouth, and she was looking forward to it. Her Suzie reached out and grabbed me, and suddenly I desperately wanted to come in her mouth, and I did. She groaned and roughly sucked it right out of me. She was most assuredly my kind of girl.

Lara and Suzanne had come back in, unnoticed, and were smiling as they watched. Suzanne spoke up. "Look at that slut! She loves getting it down the throat. What a fuck toy she is!" Millie's Suzie signal soared, she considered that high praise, and she was damn proud of it.

Lara took over. "Look at her pussy drip! She swallowed all the come, but she let her dirty pussy juice drip all over my clean floor!" Lara snapped her whip in the air. "Get down on your knees, bitch. Lick up your stinking pussy juice until my floor is clean!"

Millicent kneeled down, stuck out her tongue, and did her best to clean the floor with it. Lara stood behind her and snapped her ass and legs with the whip, at first lightly, but then pretty smartly. At first Millie signaled humiliation and panic, and with each strike the pain made her cringe. But by the fifth stroke she was looking forward to it, hoping for it, waiting for it, and loving it. By the sixth stroke it was like a caress to her, and she began to drip juice from one end much faster than she could possibly lick it up from the other. Suddenly I could feel that she was the one in a zone, and I knew that if Lara hit her a few more times, Millie was going to come. I reached out and stopped Lara's hand.

"You may never come until I give you permission, slut! And you won't get any more of that whip until you earn it!"

Millie shivered, hoping for one more swat from the whip and not getting it. She was literally a bitch in heat. Her Suzie was pure and loud and aggressive and demanding. I had never heard one like it. Peggy's was pure and sweet and demure and accepting, but not demanding like this. Lara threw down some paper towels and Millie cleaned up as best she could. Suzanne and Lara went into the kitchen and began cooking dinner. I told Millie to heel and walked over to the couch and sat down, making Millie turn her ass towards me, then put it up in the air and her shoulders down on the floor. I began toying with her ass and listening to her Suzie. She was maneuvering her ass to encourage my fingers to enter her. She was amazing. Suddenly I was hard as a rock again, and she was wiggling her ass at me. I used my fingers to spread her ass checks, and kneeled down behind her.

"You may not come until I give you permission!" I smacked her cheeks a few times and she quivered, Suzie sparking. I wanted to surprise her, almost hurt her, because our schedule did not allow her any orgasms until early morning, but I desperately wanted to fuck her. I entered her ass hard, she was tight as she could be, but her ass was also as hot as molten lava. I went all the way into her as soon as I could, and she screamed like an angry housecat. Suzanne looked around the corner of the kitchen door, looking to see if something was wrong. Her eyes got big as I pulled out of Millie's ass and then shoved myself in again. Millie growled again, and Suzanne covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. I tuned into Millie's Suzie, and she was hoping for another hard thrust. The line between pain and pleasure was blurred, and she might come if I was not careful. But she had control like Nora did, and I was going to make her use it.

I leaned over into her ear, and said "If you come without permission, I will throw you and your clothes out in the hallway immediately and we will have nothing else to do with you! Do you understand me slut?"

She hissed "Yes, Master. I will not come until you tell me I can."

I immediately began fucking her ass again. Her Suzie soon became the equivalent of singing through gritted teeth, hanging on the edge to keep control. Keeping her on edge was exactly our plan. I stroked and stroked, enjoying it immensely, and listening to her Suzie as she struggled to retain control and not let herself come. I unzipped and took off her leather hood, then gathered up both her pigtails in one hand, and pulled her head up. She groaned, and her Suzie moved even higher. For her, saying that she liked it rough was an incredible understatement. I pulled her pigtails harder and turned her head around so she made eye contact with me. "You really like it in the ass, don't you slut?"

Apparently emboldened by the removal of her hood, she smiled coolly at me, almost recreating her haughty but hot expression from when we made our original wager. "Not bad."

I fucked her even harder. Her Suzie told me she was just on the edge of coming, but holding herself in. I was nowhere near coming. "I need a little more stimulation, bitch! Could you at least try to squeeze down on me with your fat loosey goosey ass a little bit, or even try to do something that I can feel?" I adjusted my stance for a little more penetration and pounded her even harder. Her Suzie was going wild, as she loved it hard and hot and in the backdoor. She was a slut, a truly magnificent slut. I realized I was just about ready to come, and I decided to adlib another little humiliation. "Well I guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!" I pulled out of her ass and finished myself off with my hand, shooting a considerable volume of come on her back and butt, and watching her twitch as each spurt hit her. I hope she did not notice the utter fascination with which I watched my come drip down her beautiful ass. But her Suzie told me that when my stuff fell on her skin, she had just barely managed not to have a screaming orgasm as a result.

"You are such a slut!" I stood over her. "Look at your slut pussy dripping all over the floor again!" I threw her some more paper towels. "Clean that floor up, and stay there until I come back to get you!" I stomped away without looking at her, and ended up in the kitchen. Suzanne and Lara were working on dinner, but had obviously been listening closely. They both had smirks on their faces. Suzanne whispered "I heard you improvise there, Animal. Where did you come?"

"On her back and on her ass." I said proudly.

She laughed, and looked around the corner. She then covered her mouth with both hands, came back into the room, and whispered "She is reaching around and getting it from her back and swallowing it!" They both giggled. "Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Let's move her little sleeping pad near the table, and put her on a stay while we eat!" She giggled again.

When I walked back into the entryway, Millie was licking her fingers like she had been eating fried chicken. She turned her head when I caught her. "Don't worry slut, there is plenty more where that came from, as long as you behave yourself!" I laughed again. I picked up her doggy sleeping pad, then said "Heel, bitch!" and walked into the kitchen. I dropped her little pad in the corner of the kitchen with a clear view of everything, and then led her to it. "Sit, down, and stay, slut!" She curled up on the little pad, naked, and glared at me. We then ignored her.

I launched into a domestic dialog with the girls. "What's for supper? I am starving!" I dramatically hugged and kissed both of them lovingly.

Lara spoke up. "In a few minutes, you will taste the best Beef Stroganoff with fresh egg noodles that you have ever experienced, Master, plus a fluffy spinach soufflé and a lovely fruit salad. But go wash your dirty hands, because you have been training the new bitch!"

I deliberately avoided eye contact with Millie, while smiling broadly, whistling on my way to the bathroom in the hall to wash my hands. When I returned, everything was on the table and the three of us down and passed things around family style, while Millie watched from the floor on her sleeping pad. The food was fantastic, the beef had been marinated with something very tasty and the sauce was delicious, and complemented the noodles very well. The soufflé was light and perfectly spiced, with some sort of crunchy nuts distributed in it, and I showered Lara with complements on the food. Suzanne and I both had seconds, even though the initial helpings had been generous. Lara was right; both of us got all the food we needed, and we made a fuss over Lara and said that the cook needed several nice kisses, and we smacked on her and hummed contentedly for our audience of one.

We sat around the table and talked about Millie like she wasn't there. Suzanne began "We already have a nickname for this one: 'Wet Spot' since her little pussy dribbles everywhere! I don't think she can help it, she is such a little slut!"

Lara answered. "She better learn to keep my floors clean or I will be whipping her little ass raw every time she is here, assuming she gets invited back!"

I laughed. "Whipping may be what she is hoping for. She is a hopeless slut!"

Lara finally said "She is on liquids only so let's give her some water, and then we have some grueling training which I would like to finish before bedtime, although she will have some chores during the night, too!" She laughed.

I walked over and put fresh water in Millie's bowl, then led her over to it. "Drink up, Millie. The way your little pussy drips we are going to have to make sure you stay hydrated. She gave me a killing look, then crawled over and began figuring out how to drink effectively from a bowl on the floor. When she had finished it almost all off, I said "Good girl!" Her look would have measured about 3 degrees Kelvin.

Suzanne came over and took Millie's leash. "Let's get started!" She had Millie stand up, and restrained her wrists to the chains supporting the trapeze, and then her ankles, too. She then attached clips to her collar, and Millie was almost completely trapped. "Remember, bitch, you may not come without permission!" Millie was just a little taller than Suzanne, who stood and looked her in the eyes, speaking to her in a whisper, listening to her replies closely, and gently touching her chin. I couldn't quite hear what she said, but I saw Millie's eyes get wide in an expression of astonishment, as Lara stepped into view wearing a burnt orange and white strap on dildo, and carrying her whip. "You are going to take one for the team, slut!" She laughed almost maniacally. "We don't have the midnight hex rally anymore, so we are starting a new and very private tradition, the midnight slut rally!"

ESU until recently used to play another state school, a long time rival, and before that game, the ESU faithful would hold a midnight pep rally to put a 'hex' on the foe, thus the term 'hex rally'. It must have been very effective, because ESU had totally dominated the series over the years, winning the vast majority of the games. There was much celebration last year, as ESU capped the series with a final dramatic win, making one otherwise unremarkable backup QB a legend for a long scramble that set up a field goal that sealed the opponent's fate, sending them off once again a loser, and to another conference with no more scheduled games with ESU. Now WTTU was the closest state school and a long term rival. But this slut rally was going to be very different, and would continue until midnight, but total domination was also the goal. And she wouldn't feel the touch of that strap on dildo for some time, but hopefully she would wonder about where it was and when it was going to be used on her until then.

Suzanne stood back about two feet from Millie, and said "Truth or Whip, Bitch!"

Mille looked up and her eyes got big, she squirmed but was thoroughly trapped in the trapeze and chains.

Suzanne's eyes sparkled. "Are all the Phi Phi's really bisexual?"

Millie said "NO!" and Suzanne gave her three lashes.

"You get fewer lashes if you tell the truth, and answer in the proper manner!" Suzanne laughed. "Are you bisexual?"

"YES!" Two lashes.

"Did you go down on your big sister when you were a pledge?"

"YES Mistress!" One lash.

"Did you make her come?"

"YES Mistress!" One lash.

"Did you like doing it?"

"YES Mistress!" One lash.

"Good! We'll see how good you really are!" Suzanne reached and unclipped two snap rings and effortlessly turned Millie upside down, her head now at Suzanne's waist level, but still fully lashed to the trapeze. She stood with her pussy just in front of Millie's mouth. "Eat my pussy slut! Millie dove in (or 'up', since she was upside down) enthusiastically.

Lara stood behind her with the whip, and narrated. "Do you know how lucky you are to even get to smell that fine pussy, slut? Much less touch it!" Millie stopped to breathe, and Lara gave her two hard lashes. "Keep eating, bitch!"

She must have been doing pretty well, because Suzanne clasped her arms together on top of her head and stretched a little, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Lara gave her an occasional swat, but Millie's Suzie was telling me she was looking forward to every touch of the whip. Suddenly Suzanne threw her head back and came noisily, with Millie just as noisily sucking up her juices, and making very appreciative noises as she did so. Suzanne laughed and pushed Millie, still tied to the trapeze and upside down, over to Lara and Millie just as industriously began eating her. Suzanne began to swat Millie with the whip, knowing full well that Millie wanted even more than she was getting. Millie's work on Lara grew so enthusiastic that she was shaking the trapeze, and Lara came quickly with a little noise that sounded almost like a sneeze.

Lara pushed Millie toward me, and she took my cock in her upside down mouth almost casually, but instantly captured me and started to suck me hard. She licked, she teased, she hummed and she generally made love to my cock with her hot mouth. Her Suzie crowed in triumph as she felt me get hard as a rock between her lips. I swung her toward Suzanne, who grabbed her hips and held her as Lara gave her ten of the best, then swung her back to my cock, and then to Lara, who held her legs open while Suzanne gave her five high hard ones to the inside of each thigh. Millie's little pussy was dripping wet again. I looked at the clock on the kitchen wall. We were way ahead of schedule, and I was not sure we could keep this up for another several hours before we let her come. Improv time.

I stood up. "Millie, kneel there at the foot of the bed. We will let you know if we need you for anything." The look she gave me would have quick frozen and shattered an iceberg.

She kneeled at the right foot of the bed. I pulled Suzanne down on the bed until her hips were centered near the foot of the bed, and used my arms to hold her legs up, making clear that I was planning to devoutly devour her. Lara moved up to the head of the bed and held Suzanne's arms up above her head. Then she leaned forward and used her hands to gently touch Suzanne's breasts, making her stretch as she enjoyed it. My plan was simple, if you have to stall for time do something you genuinely love to do, slowly. I was going to run my hands and mouth all over Suzanne, and enjoy it immensely, and if it drove Millie crazy as she watched, untouched and untouching, so much the better.

Suzanne held her legs up in a perfect vertical 'V', completely still, demonstrating her incredible muscle tone and control. I glanced back at Millie, who was staring at Suzanne's legs like she had suddenly encountered a masterpiece in an art gallery. I let go of Suzanne's legs and began to gently touch her, surveying and savoring her perfect musculature at my leisure. I was reminded of the first time I saw her naked, in her apartment, and thinking of her as the perfect anatomical model. Her light olive skin glowed in the soft light of the bedroom, like expensive vellum paper stretched over muscles of ideal form and incredible substance. I touched them, caressed them, massaged them, and delighted in them. I could feel Millicent's Suzie screaming that she desperately wanted to do the same. Lara added Suzanne's muscular shoulders and neck to her territory, continuing to pay rapt attention to the breasts and the crinkly little nipples attached.

Lara and I had now touched every inch of Suzanne's perfect surface several times. She was moaning and the room was redolent with her sweet pussy smell, which was now competing with Millie's ever present and furry little air freshener. I began kissing her thighs and moving toward her sweet little snatch, and Lara began kissing Suzanne's breasts. Suzanne began murmuring and moving her legs gently, and Lara began sucking her nipples in earnest just as my mouth arrived at Suzanne's mons veneris. I stuck my tongue way out and just barely touched her, like I was taking that first tentative little taste of some edible delicacy. It was delicious. I heard a hoarse intake of breath on my right and looked over to see Millicent holding her mouth open with a her tongue out, as if she could catch some of Suzanne's taste lingering in the air. I smiled and made eye contact, and shot her an expression that said 'I'm eating this and you are not, even though you just learned how great it tastes.' Lara moved up and began kissing Suzanne's face, whispering to her that Mille was watching me eat Suzanne's pussy. Suzanne shivered.

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