My Only Talent Ch. 11


Suzanne's juice was dripping gently down toward the bottom of her outer lips, and I gently licked it like spring water dripping from a pair of lovely little pink stalactites. She shivered again, and I felt her Suzie crank up like someone had started a loud old lawnmower. I placed myself right between her legs, and slowly penetrated her pussy. It was hot and wet and all her leg muscles were tight and quivering all around me. I pumped her Suzie like a swing, trying to send it higher with each motion. Lara returned to gently touching Suzanne's nipples, rolling them alternatively between thumb and forefinger. I slowly increased my depth as her Suzie swung higher, and at almost my maximum effort she was just about to come. I looked over at Millie, and she was mesmerized, staring at my cock penetrating Suzanne. Millie was sending envy and desire – desire to be the one being penetrated like that. Lara bent down and bit one of Suzanne's nipples gently, and that sent her over the edge, and her incredible strength clamping down on my cock triggered my orgasm too, and I strove to bury myself as far inside Suzanne as I could get.

Millicent was transfixed by the sight of Robbie's cock slamming in and out of Suzanne like a pile driver. His leg muscles flexed and the muscles at the top of his legs and the bottom of his ass pushed against the surface of his tight white skin as he reached maximum penetration. He grunted loudly, and Millie knew he was pumping his come deep inside of Suzanne. She wished it was into her, her pussy, her mouth, her ass, any place would do. She had never felt such envy. She suddenly deeply understood the old term 'covetousness' as what she felt. Lara was rubbing Millicent's shoulders gently, and she hadn't even noticed it when she got behind her and began to do that. Robbie stopped moving and pulled his dick slowly out of Suzanne, and it made a loud and juicy plopping sound, plus it still looked hard and sticky wet. Robbie looked at Millie and smiled a strange smile: feral, but still loving, she thought. What did that mean?

Suddenly Lara's grip tightened on her shoulders, and pushed her head down toward Suzanne's fragrantly wet snatch. Robbie's command voice broke through her reverie "Eat that pussy, slut! Suck it clean and make love to it with your mouth like your life depended on it! Millicent smiled. If all of Robbie's commands were as wonderful an idea as this one, she would have no trouble submitting to them. She inhaled deeply, savoring the blended smell and anticipating the taste of Robbie and Suzanne together and also realized she wouldn't mind being on a liquid diet like this all weekend. She dove in, just as if the rest of her life, her sex life at least, depended on it.

Robbie and Lara watched as Millie worshipped Suzanne's pussy. There was really no other word that fit. She gently licked and sucked, beginning with her tongue like a tiny kitten gently caressing a butterfly and in just a few minutes, finishing like a strong mother cat wolfing down its prey. Suzanne had at least three more orgasms, but it might have been more. Just watching it made Robbie harder than he had been before he came in Suzanne, and it made Lara as wet and wonton as she had ever been. She lay on the edge of the left side of the bed, and leaned back as Millie performed her final magic on Suzanne. Then Robbie entered Lara's pussy and began stroking her strongly. He felt incredibly hard and burning hot inside her, and she could tell it would take him a while to come, but she was also sure that Millie would be ready when Robbie finished. It just felt right to her. Suzanne looked over with hooded eyes and smiled contentedly at them all. It seemed that this improvisation was going to work out fine.

Millie was savoring the taste of the snack she had just polished off, realizing she could get high from that memory for years, and her pussy was twitching as she watched Robbie pound into Lara with just as much gusto as he had with Suzanne. She sorely longed to have those strong legs and buttocks and cock working on her, but for now she was content to anticipate her coming reward. She was already suffused with a sense of acceptance and belonging that she had never felt before. Suzanne slowly snaked over and began to suck one of Lara's nipples, almost like a sleepy nursing kitty. Lara suddenly felt the kind of amazing endorphin rush and peace she always craved, but this time it was hers even before her orgasm. She never knew she could feel this good.

Time almost stood still for them all as Robbie slammed methodically into Lara. Suzanne stayed affixed to her nipple, spent, and at peace, remembering the touch of Millie's lips and tongue on her still quivering pussy. Lara, for her part, loved being gently nursed, and roughly pounded, and felt an orgasm begin to roll inexorably toward her. Millie was content for now to watch and enjoy the spectacle, as she knew she had something wonderful to look forward to after Robbie came, and she was also looking forward to being on the receiving end of a fucking like that, too, as soon as possible. Robbie looked up and realized all three girls were pretty dog gone happy and two of them were actively looking forward to him coming. Life was very, very good. He shook his head, as if suddenly awakening and trying to reorient himself.

Suddenly I felt a cascade of Suzie signals, summing together like I had never experienced before. Suzanne sent almost mind numbingly loud contentment, and Lara send strong contentment plus a strikingly specific desire for me to shoot hard and fill her pussy up with my come. But Millie's Suzie signal was an amazing mix of contentment, a feeling of belonging, and her soaring desire to devour Lara as soon as I filled her, and an even stronger and still rapidly growing desire to be herself fucked mercilessly. The combined signals sent a jolt of electricity coursing through me like I had stuck a toe in the light socket, and I was shocked by how violently I finished up inside Lara. My initial salvo set off her rockets too, and as she came she made a few transiently painful fingernail marks on my ass and back as she gripped me and urged me even deeper into her. I knew they would be bright red tomorrow, but no problem, baby, anytime.

I held Lara's legs up as Millie knelt before her for another session of profound pussy worship. Suzanne was still attached to one nipple, so I sucked on the other side, and felt a wonderful peace come over me. Lara had two additional big, loud, gut wrenching orgasms that expelled some of my come into Millicent's happy and ready mouth along with Lara's squirting juices. Then we all settled down into a happy kiss and snuggle for a few minutes, with the still unfucked and highly horny Millie in the bed between us.

But in a few more moments, I remembered the context and purpose of our improvisation, and I pushed Millie off, dumping her out of the warm bed onto the cold carpet. She gave me another one of those glacial looks, and Suzanne and Lara both made that quintessentially female "Ohhhhhhhh" disapproval sound at the hopelessly mean and thoughtless male. I put on my best 'kind but serious master' tone. "Good dog Millie, but go back to your little sleeping rug. We will wake you if we need you. Right now you need your puppy sleep!" I got in the middle of the bed and tried to arrange Lara on one side and Suzanne on the other, making it clear, I hoped, that they could play with my nipples if they wanted to. But alas, they snuggled tantalizing for a few moments, and then went right to sleep. Millie did not, and her Suzie reached out from her little sleeping rug and signaled unrequited need for a good fucking and some orgasms, along with a desire to express her burning irritation with me by perhaps nipping at my heels. But I had a few more surprises planned for her during the night, following the girl's Millie plan of maximum humiliation, punishment and frustration before we finally let her come. It was betting it was going to be spectacular when she did.

About 3 AM I got that urgent urge to pee, but I remembered our plan and priorities. I got out of bed and walked over to Millie's little sleeping rug and kicked her, not too gently I hoped. "Wake up, Millie!" I said sotto voce. "Heel!" I shuffled into the bathroom, naked, scratching my balls. She followed to my left and just behind me, and after she came into the bathroom, I shut the door to the bedroom. "Sit!" I said, and she did a pretty good imitation of a dog sitting at obedience class, just to my left and in front of the toilet bowl. I then did my best imitation of a race horse, shaking my penis in preparation and reveling in just having one, and then I tried to take a very visible and loud piss into the bowl, aiming right for the center of the water and maximizing the sound level. I was pretty happy with the volume of the flow, having had at least a couple liters of bottled water earlier this evening and no chance to void for hours, and pleased too with the noise level, which I hoped seemed almost Niagara like in the quiet apartment. Millie watched, wide eyed and fascinated, her status as the female only child of a solidly upper class household meaning she had never been treated to such a sight before, especially from a foot away and right at eye level.

I would normally shake that last little drop out into the bowl, and perhaps shiver a little, too, as so much stored heat left my body, but I simply pivoted to my left slightly and placed the end of my cock an inch from her mouth and said understatedly, "Lick it clean, Millie."

Her calm expression froze, her face turned ashen, and her previously calm and sleepy Suzie blared a warning signal. Since I was fond of submarine metaphors for Suzie signals, it reminded me of the alarm that usually sounded in those old movies right before someone nervously said "torpedo in the water!" Millie indeed seemed to regard my penis like a torpedo, a dirty, disgusting and dangerous torpedo. Her Suzie sent an absolute crescendo of revulsion and humiliation, but then something amazing happened. Her Suzie signaled that her disgust and revulsion had been almost instantly transformed into pure humiliation and that almost instantly into raw sexual excitement. She did it much faster than Suzanne or Lara had ever done the same thing. The knob on Millie's little fuzz box suddenly spun up to '11', putting a buzzing and raw nasty tone on her signal, and her face transformed, now wearing that 'hot but haughty' look that I was beginning to like as much as Lara's tight little smile. A wonderful wave of her beautiful pussy smell reached me, and I visualized her wonderfully nasty little wet snatch covered with that coarse and kinky brown hair.

I thought that she would just engulf my cock with her mouth, but she did not. She kept her eyes on mine, and snaked out her pink tongue and just barely touched the little drop of at the end of my cock, in effect saying, 'I call your 'lick it clean, Millie' and raise you a 'watch Millie calmly tasting your urine'. She savored my frozen and slightly shocked expression, and then licked just a little all around the end of my cock, retracted her tongue back into her mouth, then swallowed and smacked her lips, all with a big smile on her face. She sat back on her heels, as if saying to me 'will there be anything else, Master?' What a girl! I looked at her sternly. "Go back to your sleeping rug, Millie!" She did, but her Suzie was crowing triumph and signaling much greater excitement than when we started.

I crawled back in bed, and in a few minutes, Lara got up, touched Millie with her foot, and said "Millie, heel!" and Millie followed her into the bathroom. I couldn't see or hear them, but I detected another wave of humiliation and excitement from Millie's now almost frantic Suzie transmitter. When the door opened a few minutes later, I smelled two distinct pussy scents, both fascinating and wonderful. Lara got back under the covers and snuggled up next to me again, and Millie curled up on her little rug. A few minutes later, Suzanne cleared her throat, and slipped out of bed. She went over to Millie's little rug and whispered "Millie, heel!" and then went into the kitchen. She took something out of a drawer, then took Millie into the bathroom and closed the door. I detected both girl's Suzie signals ramp up, and then Millie's spike significantly. Then, even through the door, I heard Suzanne cry out, like she sometimes does when she comes, and then Millie signaled even greater excitement.

The door opened, and Suzanne sent Millie over to her rug with 'down' and 'stay' commands, and then slipped back into bed with Lara and me. She kissed us both on the neck gently and whispered "Ready for the final part of our plan!? I looked over at the alarm clock on the nightstand, and saw that it would go off in about an hour and a half. I burrowed down into the covers, and tried to catch forty winks. The alarm seemed to go off ten seconds later. Suzanne got up first, woke Millie up, and give her fresh water to drink, and took her to the bathroom to relive herself. Lara rolled over and kissed me and said "We are going to be really rough with her before you fuck her for her first orgasm. Let us do what she needs, so she is really ready for you!"

I stayed in bed and watched as the girls strapped Mille to the trapeze. She was completely naked. They strapped both her arms up high and spread apart, and both her ankles down low and far apart. Then they loosened her ankles a little and put straps under her knees, pulling them up and widely apart. It was as if she was in the position she would take in the 'stirrups' of a gynecologist's chair, but her body was mostly vertical rather than horizontal. Suzanne and Lara were naked too, and all three of them looked absolutely spectacular, I told them so.

Suzanne smiled. "You are about to be the only audience for the first act of a rather spectacular show. But keep resting, because you are going to be the star player in the second act!"

Suzanne and Lara stood on either side of Millie, with their whips and crops in their hands. Suzanne spoke first. "You know you are a slut, Millie, and so do we. What we need to do now is make sure you are completely honest with yourself and with Master about what kind of slut you are!"

Lara used her whip to slap Millie's thigh. Then Suzanne hit the other side with her crop. Her thighs got red, and I got a little harder. I concentrated and felt Millie's Suzie began to crow. There was some humiliation at being restrained and whipped, but mostly excitement and frustration that it was all she was getting. The girls repeated their actions, and Millie got even redder. The girls then proceeded to perform the equivalent of 'contrast therapy' on Millie. First Lara tenderly kissed Millie's breasts, circling them with her tongue until there were fully erect, and then she stepped back and Suzanne whipped them several times until they reddened and Millie's Suzie signal telegraphed massive excitement. Lara then caressed Millie's buttocks gently and then knelt to kiss them. After a few minutes, she moved away and Suzanne whipped them even harder than she had her breasts. I notice that her breasts became even redder and her nipples even more erect that they had been before. She was really getting wound up tight.

Lara knelt again and sucked Millie's toes into her mouth, caressing them. Millie's Suzie burned brightly, and I was surprised at how much she really seemed to like having her feet touched and kissed. Then Lara stepped back and Suzanne used her crop on the bottom of Millie's feet. It was like a ratchet mechanism: everything they did seem to drive Millie up higher and higher on the excitement scale. The girls both leaned into Mille and each took a nipple into their mouths, and gradually ramped up from gentle suction to little nips and bites. It was driving Millie wild. Then Lara kneeled between Millie's legs and began kissing the insides of her knees, while Suzanne methodically whipped her nipples with her crop. Suzanne stepped back and Lara stepped up her efforts, and Millie's Suzie said she was very close to an orgasm. "You may not come until Master gives permission!" Suzanne boomed. Millie looked up wide eyed.

Suzanne motioned for me to come over and I got out of bed and approached Millie. Suzanne kneeled to my side so that Millie would have an unobstructed view, and then began to toy with my cock. Millie's eyes were now wide and glued to my dick. I liked that. Suzanne reached over and just barely touched my cock with her hand. It was a great tease, and it woke me up. Lara was gradually moving up the inside of Millie's legs, and was just kissing the tops of her thighs. I could smell Millie's pussy again. Lara took her whip and began to hit the inside of Millie's thigh on the leg opposite the one she had been kissing. It got red and I got fully hard. Lara began to kiss the red thigh she had just whipped, and then whipped the other thigh. Suzanne had me stand right in front of Millie, about three feet away, and then Lara moved behind Millie and started to whip her buttocks from behind. Suzanne used her tongue to hold up my dick, kind of making it dance and bounce up and down while Millie watched. Millie was right on the edge of coming, and her Suzie was a clarion call, then a fog horn.

Lara whipped Millie once, on the butt, really hard. Millie drew in a huge breath, and then Lara spoke right in her ear. "You know you are cock slut, don't you? You like it in the pussy, in the ass, and especially shoved in your mouth, don't you slut?"

Millie got that hot and haughty look, like she was about to say yes and she was proud of it, when Lara kissed her and said "Me too, honey and I understand!"

"And you're a real cum slut too! You like to swallow it, you like to have it squirted on you, you like to have it squirted in you, you like to lick it off your body, and you especially like to suck it out of a freshly fucked pussy, don't you?" Millie nodded her head, as if in some sort of trance like she was visually reviewing all the things Lara mentioned. Lara kissed her again and said "Me too, honey. I understand, and it really gets my motor running too! In fact, before the weekend is over, I am going to make you lick the come out my ass after Master fills it for us!" Millie groaned, and her neck got red, as her Suzie said hello to that idea.

"And you are a bona fide pain slut, too, you little bitch! You can come from being whipped and spanked, and you have been right on the edge for some time, haven't you? In fact, your perverted little pussy is just as happy getting whipped as it is getting fucked or licked, isn't it slut!" Millie groaned again. She had never realized that, but it was probably true. Lara continued "I can't do that. Getting whipped makes me get really excited, and then the sex gets me off, but the pain itself does not."

Lara kneeled down behind Millie and began to gently tongue her ass while simultaneously pinching her buttocks painfully, and Suzanne stood behind her and cupped both breasts in her hands. Millie's eyes snapped onto my dick again, and I knew it was really hard and ready for her. I positioned myself right at the entrance to her pussy, and just barely touched her. I held her chin up, taking her gaze away from my cock, and looked into her eyes, and whispered to her. "I own you, Millie. You are completely trapped and unable to resist. You are a submission slut, too! You can get off just because you know you are owned!" I slid my cock into her slowly; dipping my knees down to get just the right angle of entry. I somehow thought of an old trigonometry joke from junior high, something like 'the heat of the meat, times the mass of the ass, equals the angle of the dangle.' The meat felt really hot to me, and I knew I had the right angle. She was hot and wet and she quivered as I slid in. She felt wonderful. I never took my eyes from hers, and I went to maximum depth. She looked at me with that hot and haughty expression and it drove me crazy. "You may come!" I cried, and fucked her really hard and she came on the third hard stroke. Her eyes rolled up in her head and all that stored frustration came out, and her Suzie rang out like pealing bells.

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