tagBDSMMy Own Heaven Ch. 17

My Own Heaven Ch. 17


This story is fiction based loosely on people, places and events mostly from my life. I strongly suggest that you read the previous chapters before you read this one.

I have received very little feedback and I wonder if there is anyone out there reading, and if there is no one reading my work, why should I bother?

So, if you liked, disliked or have ideas for this story, please let me know by leaving a comment - even an anonymous comment helps.

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When I got my breath back, Keith lifted me up. I found myself standing in front of him completely naked in red five inch heels with my hands cuffed behind my back; Keith's favorite outfit for me.

He stood up in front of me letting his nine inch cock rub against my belly. Looking down at me he said. "Has my baby girl learned anything from this?"

"Yes daddy," I said, "Your little girl is a spoiled brat, and she needs to be punished so she can learn to be a good little girl." I paused for a few seconds, and then I said softly, "Please daddy, you worked so hard to teach me a lesson; I want to thank you for my spanking and making me cum."

"And how would you like to thank me, little girl?" he asked staying in his daddy role.

Looking down at his very hard, almost painful looking, cock, I said softly, "Please daddy, could I suck your cock until you cum in my mouth and then make me swallow all of your cum?"

"I think that would be the perfect way for you to thank me." he said with a smile.

Suddenly, he reached out and took hold of my left nipple and squeezed it between his thumb and finger. He pulled me into the center of the living room by my tit. I followed as quickly as I could, but between the high heeled shoes and my hands cuffed behind my back, my tit still got pulled and twisted.

When we got to the middle of the living room, he let go of my tit and turned to face me. He didn't say a word; he just looked at me and I knew what he wanted -- what I wanted. I carefully got down on my knees in front of him; not easy in high heels with your hands tied behind your back. I couldn't sit back on my heels because Keith is so tall that I wouldn't be able to reach his cock. I still had to kneel up straight, and even then, I had to stretch to reach the tip of his cock. He was so excited his cock was almost standing straight up along his stomach.

He was looking down at me and I was looking up into his eyes as I reached my face up and took the head of his cock into my mouth. He moaned and his cock jerked in my mouth. His moan and his body responding so powerfully to my mouth made me feel so good it was almost like a little orgasm.

I started moving my head up and down on his cock getting it wet with my saliva to make it slide into my mouth easier. I could feel Keith struggling not to move. He knew that I was not real experienced at sucking cock; especially a cock as big as his, and I know he didn't want to hurt me.

My head was spinning I was so excited. I was on my knees, kneeling up straight completely naked except for a pair of red five inch high heel shoes and wrist cuffs locking my hands behind my back. Half of Keith's cock was in my mouth and he was going to cum down my throat. The little submissive in me, or the exhibitionist, or the masochist or maybe all three were in heaven. I just wished I could see what I looked like. We definitely needed mirrors in this room.

Keith was struggling to keep from pushing his cock into my face, and I was struggling to get as much of his cock into my throat as I could. I got over half, maybe a little more, into my throat after gagging a few times when Keith gasped, "Oh God, Heather, I'm gonna cum. Let my cock go or I'll shoot off in your mouth."

But, I wanted him to shoot his load in my mouth and down my throat. I wanted to be his slut. I wanted to feel his come in me, and on me. He put his hands on my head; I sucked his cock as hard as I could, and was rewarded with a long, deep moan and more cum pumping into my mouth and throat than I could possibly swallow.

Some of the cum dripped out of my mouth a landed on my chest and tits. His come in my mouth and on my chest and tits and his long deep moan made me come again. Not a gut wrenching screaming orgasm, but a soft rippling one that warmed my body. I felt like I had given Keith a gift. A gift we both enjoyed.

I kept his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked on it as it softened in my mouth. It felt so different when it was soft than it did when it was hot and hard. I reluctantly let Keith's cock slip out of my mouth and I looked at it. Hard, it was huge and almost scary; soft, it was big, but almost cute. I would never tell my Keith his cock was 'cute'; he wouldn't like that. It's a man thing.

I was kneeling in front of Keith, looking at his cock as he recovered from his orgasm. He pulled up on my head gently with his hands to let me know he wanted me to get up. Before I got up, I softly kissed the head of his dick, like I was kissing it goodbye. I stood up in my red five inch high heels with my wrist cuffs still linked behind my back and Keith held me by my shoulders and pulled me to him and kissed me softly on my lips.

"Has my little girl learned her lesson?" he said still daddy like but his voice was soft.

"Oh, yes, daddy," I said, still the little girl, "Every time I wear my bad girl panties, you're going to spank me and then stick you big hard cock in one of my little holes."

"And what does my baby girl think about that?" he asked.

"I can't wait to wear my 'bad girl' panties again." I giggled.

He put one of his arms behind me between my back and my tied arms, and swept the other arm behind my knees lifting me like a baby. He carried me up to our bedroom; hands tied, wearing my red high heels, and laid me on the bed.

He started toward the bathroom and I said, "Aren't you going to untie me?" He stopped and turned toward me on the bed and smiled, "Eventually." and went into the bathroom.

I heard the water running in the sink and I thought, 'Oh, god. What is he going to do to me now?"

He came out of the bathroom naked (God, he had a beautiful body) carrying a towel, a wet washcloth and a jar. He sat next to me on the bed and used the warm washcloth to wipe his cum off of my neck, chest and breasts and dried me with the towel. I swallowed a lot of cum and I was surprised at how much had escaped my mouth and dribbled onto my chest and breasts. I did like the feel of it though; it made me feel like a 'dirty' girl.

He turned me over on my belly and opened the jar and started to rub some of the cream from the jar onto my bare little ass cheeks. It was cold, at first, on my warm ass cheeks, and I squealed. I knew I had been thoroughly spanked, but Keith never hit my ass really hard, he just kept it up for over twenty minutes. I blushed thinking how I loved every minute of it.

Keith massaged the cream into my ass until my skin had absorbed most of it. Girls, you haven't lived until you've had your hands tied behind you, laid naked, face down on your bed, and your man massages you little ass checks with his big strong hands. I was quivering when he stopped.

He got up off the bed and pulled off my high heels and dropped them on the floor. He climbed into bed and pulled me close to him, face to face, and pulled the covers up over us. "Um...Keith, my hands are still tied." I whispered.

"I know." he smiled and he kissed me soft and deep. I moaned and wriggled my naked body against his hard nakedness trying to get my hands free. I needed to touch him, or hold him or something.

His hands were free; boy, were his hands free. One he kept behind me, in the small of my back, to keep me from getting away from him. The other slid gently over my side, my hip, my belly and eventually down to my bare, defenseless little pussy. And, all the time, he was kissing me, doing amazing things to my mouth with his lips and tongue.

The fingers on the hand between my legs easily found their way into my wet pussy as he moved his lips across my cheek to my neck. My whole body was trembling. He had two fingers buried in my wet little hole, and his thumb was flicking back and forth across my engorged clit.

My hands tied behind my back made me helpless and totally at his mercy. He could do whatever he wanted with me and I couldn't stop him -- not that I wanted him to stop what he was doing. His lips and tongue and teeth were making a trail down my neck and across my chest heading for my breasts and the hard little nipples topping them while his thumb and fingers played between my open legs.

"Oh, Keith," I pleaded, "Please untie my hands, you're driving me crazy."

He lifted his face from just above my right nipple, softly kissed my quivering lips, raised his head, and looked at me with his smoldering grey eyes, and whispered, "No." He bent his head back down to my chest and captured my left nipple with his lips while he drove his two fingers deep into my dripping hole.

"AAAahhhrrrgggg," I cried out as I shook from him exploring my naked body. He was playing with me like I was his favorite toy, and, tied as I was, there was nothing I could do but endure his probing fingers. His teasing lips and teeth moved from my left nipple to the right and back again and his fingers found that spot inside my pussy that makes me loose all control.

The orgasm was on me before I knew it and I came hard; screaming and begging as my body spasmed. Keith's strong hands and arms held me firmly in place and, with my hands tied, I couldn't move making me cum even harder.

When I stopped quaking, Keith took me in his arms and held me against his hard body. My head was against his chest and I was whimpering from the after shocks of my hard cum. I kissed his chest since, with my hands still tied I couldn't move and, it was the only way to show him how grateful I was for what he did to me.

He rolled over onto his back pulling me on top of him and I laid my head on his chest as my breathing slowed down to normal. He reached behind me, and unclipped the wrist cuffs that kept my hands locked behind my back. I brought my hands in front of me as he rolled me onto my back with him above me.

He kissed me softly and I held my hand up so he could remove the wrist cuff. "No, they stay on tonight. They'll remind you what happens to bad little girls."

He rolled onto his side beside me, wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his hard, warm body. My ass was still a little sore and little tremors were still running through my body from my last orgasm. I'll remember what happens to 'bad little girls'.

I woke up the next morning as Keith was bringing in the tray of coffee that had become our normal morning routine. I was lying on my stomach and Keith slid the covers down my body to the tops of my thighs. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over and softly kissed both of my ass cheeks.

I moaned moving closer to him and he kissed my cheek and nuzzled my neck just behind my ear; my favorite 'nuzzling' place. "Your cute little ass is still pink;" he whispered, "How does it feel?"

"Better since you kissed it for me." I giggled throwing my arms around his neck.

He kissed my forehead and got up, poured me a cup of coffee and brought it to me and said, "We have a busy day ahead of us. We have to go shopping this afternoon so we need to get as much done this morning as we can."

He walked to the door of our bedroom and said, "I'll be in the office;" indicating the home office next door to our bedroom, "I want to get a head start. When you're ready to go come and get me."

He was right, of course. Now that the business employed almost two hundred people, Keith felt a responsibility to make the business prosper and insure those people's jobs. Since I was his 'right hand man' it became my responsibility, too. I got my pink little ass out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

As I passed the mirror, I noticed I still had the wrist cuffs on from last night. Just thinking of last night made my little pussy quiver. I shook myself back to the task at hand, removed the wrist cuffs and headed for the shower.

Forty-five minutes later, we were on our way to the office. I put on coffee in the kitchen and we both got to work. I grabbed coffee for Keith and myself, and brought it into his office. As I put his mug on his desk he rubbed his hand over my ass and said, "Are you sore? You got quite a spanking last night."

I blushed and said, "Not really, I can't wiggle around in my chair, but other than that I'm fine. Besides, I loved everything that happened to me last night." I leaned over and kissed him quickly on his lips, and, as I walked to the door, I flipped up the back of my dress showing him my pink little ass and my skimpy white thong.

As I walked to my desk I heard him yell, "I think that's sexual harassment, you know!" I giggled as I sat down gently and jumped back into the pile of mail on my desk.

A little after eleven, Keith called me into his office. "Tina needs to pick up a few things for our trip to the cabin and Phil asked if she could go along, is that okay with you?"

"Sure," I said, "Girls love to shop in packs. You're coming with us, right?"

"Yeah," he said with a sigh, "We have a big order going out today and either Phil or I need to be here. We flipped a coin to see who goes with you and Tina -- I lost."

"We'll see what we can do to make it worth your while." I said with a coy little smile and went back to my office.

Tina came to the office a little before noon. She was wearing a cute little blue sundress and three inch heels; very conservative considering the way she was dressed yesterday. We stopped at a little place around noon for a fast lunch and then we were off to the ski shop for some warm clothes. Tina is so much fun to shop with; at least I thought so. We went into the dressing room to try on some outfits and she noticed my pink little ass. "Ooooo, somebody's been a bad girl." she teased.

I blushed, "How do you know that's not from sitting in the office chair all morning?" I challenged.

"Heather," she laughed, "My ass has been that color the next morning, and several shades darker, too. The most important thing is did you enjoy it?"

"Oh, yeah," I sighed with a big smile, "And I liked what he made me do after the spanking even more."

"You're a lucky girl, Heather." she said.

'More than you know.' I said to myself.

We modeled different snowsuits for Keith and we seemed to attract a crowd of other shoppers in the store who appreciated our little fashion show. It probably helped that we twisted and bent over and moved in various other enticing ways just to be sure the snowsuits fit correctly. At one point, I even opened the jacket part of the snowsuit, revealing my skimpy bra, to show Keith how nice the lining was. Keith appreciated the show, and so did the other men shopping in the store.

Tina got a blue two piece snowsuit with matching boots. She already had some winter clothes at home, she just loved to shop. I got two, white with red trim and pink with white trim, both with matching boots. I loved the boots, Keith recommended them; they were well insulated, and had real soft flannel lining inside so you didn't even need socks when you wore them.

We stopped at a mall and Keith bought me a white, full length, furry coat. It wasn't real fur. In the mountains with the snow, dirt, tree sap and the like, real fur would get ruined. It went all the way down to my ankles. I tried it on for a minute in the store, and I started to sweat. It would keep me warm but it was kind of dressy, too. Keith said I would need it since we were going to the lodge on Saturday night for dinner.

Next, to my surprise, Keith took us to a very sexy lingerie shop. He bought us both matching little -- and I mean little -- nighties. They where almost see through, sleeveless, low cut at the top and would just about make it to our hips. The tops wouldn't even reach the matching g-string panties that covered almost nothing. If we stood up straight, the top would come down far enough to cover half of our bare asses. He got each of us two of them; one in black and one in white.

He took us back to the private dressing area in the store and made us try them on for him. Fortunately, the other people in the store couldn't see us since when we tried on the nighties, we were almost naked. Keith really liked them, and made us try both of them on even though they were identical except for the color.

He made us stand there, and turn slowly round and round so he could see us from every angle. I think his real purpose was to humiliate us since we were both worried someone would walk in and see us (even though, secretly, I was hoping someone would come in). After what seemed like forever, it was really on a couple of minutes, he let us go back and put our clothes back on.

As we changed back into our clothes, I asked Tina, "I know why I let Keith made me go out there almost naked; why did you do it?"

"Phil told me to be good and do what Keith tells me. While I'm with Keith, I know he won't let any harm come to me so, if he wants to have some fun teasing or humiliating me, Phil would be all for it." she said, like I should have known that. "Besides, I love letting people 'accidently' see me naked."

Keith paid for our nighties; they fit in these tiny little bags. The little bag reminded me how naked I would be wearing them. As we left the shop, Tina whispered, "Well, now you know what we'll be wearing for most of the weekend."

Our next stop was a very erotic shoe store. Keith sat us down and talked to the salesman. The salesman measured our feet and then went in the back. He didn't even ask us what we were looking for; which was okay, since we didn't know what we were in the store for anyway.

Keith leaned over to us and said, "The salesman is being very helpful. I want you both to be sure to keep you legs open, and be sure he gets to see your panties while he waits on you." Tina smiled, but I blushed and started to protest; my little g-string left very, very little to the imagination, but a look from Keith made me decide to do as I was told.

The salesman came out from the back carrying a bunch of shoe boxes. He sat in front of Tina and opened one of the boxes and took out a black pair of high heels with a strap that went around the ankle. She'd need that strap, too; the heels had to be six inches high.

She lifted her leg up onto the stool the salesman was sitting on. Her sundress rode up her leg, and with her legs separated, as per Keith's instructions, the salesman had a clear view of her panty covered pussy. The salesman put the high heels on her feet and buckled them without once taking his eyes off of her legs and pussy. He offered her his hand to help her stand up.

She stood, a little shakily, in the heels and even in her sundress that came down to almost mid-thigh, her legs looked incredible. Keith told her to walk around: she was a little shaky but she didn't do badly.

The salesman took out an identical pair of heels in white and Keith had her try them on, too, much to the salesman's delight. He got another look up Tina's dress, and by now his face was getting red.

Then the salesman sat in front of me and opened a box and took out a pair of black high heels that were just as high as Tina's were. I looked at Keith and decided I better follow Tina's lead and do as I was told.

I put my foot up on the salesman's little stool. I couldn't open my legs as much as Tina since my skirt was too tight for that, but he still got a great view of my little pussy hidden behind the little strip of cloth that was my skimpy g-string. The salesman was actually sweating as he put the black high heels on my feet and offered me his hand. I stood up but I could hardly keep my balance. I looked down; the heels were so high I was almost standing on my toes. He couldn't expect me to walk in these.

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