tagBDSMMy Own Prison

My Own Prison


I was chopping the onion with such ferocity that I failed to notice the tears falling down my face. Disappointment evident in every line of my body. I was tense and hunched over that onion, mindlessly destroying it into bits. Pulse pounding rock in the background to match my mood. 'My Own Prison' by Creed booming through the speakers appropriate for the occasion. My head raged with pain and with half caught thoughts as I recalled bitterly the 'Dear Jane' letter I had received earlier. It was from a former friend who was letting go of our friendship. A friend who failed to see that honor and integrity needed to take precedence over all else. 'My Own Prison' indeed, caught between pleasing a friend and maintaining my own moral standards. Since real life can be so exacting, it explains the craving I have in other areas of my life to have someone else handle decisions.

'Dammit!' I exclaimed as I nicked my finger. Reaching to turn on the faucet, I brought my wounded finger to my mouth. Leaving my finger under the stream, even as it burned, watching the water swirling into the drain pink tinged. Muttering to myself at my clumsiness, grabbing for the first aid kit under the sink. Carefully cleansing it and putting a small bandage on. A fine temper starting to foment in my brain. Wiping away those tears I once again concentrated on what I was doing, paying more mind to the task at hand.

Shoving my hair out of my face, I continued with dinner preparations, Sir would be home soon and I needed to be ready. With the smells filling the kitchen I modulated my breathing, centering my body. The juxtaposition of controlling my body and thoughts balanced against having a monumental temper tantrum I was withholding actually brought a small smile to my lips. This was a lesson I was learning from Sir, but in a different way than had been revealed to me previously.

Ah Sir. What can I say? He has been a wonderful addition and I must admit addiction to my life. And the games we play, they have opened doors to me that I had failed to notice before. His wit and intelligence and gentleness tempered with his briskness and well- documented appetites at times are a much needed relief to my everyday life. Focusing on paying attention to details and heightened feelings is a specialty of his.

I finished up dinner preparations and surveyed the scene one last time. Satisfied, I went to quickly bathe and dress. Putting on all black I was soon ready. By black, I mean black corset, black stockings with black garter, black panties and black heels. Enough black, you think? My hair painstakingly coiffed into a smooth chignon and light makeup. The only real color the slash of 'fuck me' red on my lips. Returning to the kitchen I put on my apron as the finishing touch. The message read 'Inquire Within.' The stage set.


Steve entered by the back door and stood watching Marie as she bent over the oven to take in the sight of her ass delightfully hanging up in the air, her panties and garters in full view. He sniffed appreciatively at the meal in progress. Stepping further into the kitchen, he left his briefcase by the door, eased off his shoes and padded over to where she was. Placing his hands on her hips, he drew her back against his already hard cock. He had an affinity for the particular attire she was wearing and he smiled, as she wiggled her hips against him.

Unbending, I stood in the shelter of Steve's arms and felt him encircle my waist as he sniffed my perfume. I had put on a light, spicy scent that never failed to rouse a response. I stayed quietly there for a moment, just enjoying the clean smell emanating from Steve. He always was perfectly groomed, something I aspire to. He reached up to cup my cheek and feeling a lone tear expressed concern.

'What's this Marie? A tear? Why?' Steve had switched from his Sir role immediately. Marie didn't cry without reason he thought.

'Oh Steve' I sighed. 'I got a final letter today from Jill. It's over and done, nothing more I can do.'

Knowing the story, Steve just enfolded me to him, his arms rubbing up and down my back.

'I am sorry love. I know how much her friendship meant to you. What can I do?'

'You can transport me the way you always do. I am in a mood for rough, hot sex with you!' I smiled tremulously up at him and moved in to touch my lips to his. My tongue darting out to trace his lips. Sensing my need he just opened his mouth and engulfed mine, his tongue sweeping into the innermost recesses, taking possession, reestablishing ownership.

Heating up immediately, I wrapped my arms more tightly around his neck and ground myself against his cock. Rubbing fiercely I moved against him. Not wanting to wait, one hand reached down between our bellies I undid his belt and unzipped him without hesitation. Reaching in I grasped him firmly and stroked him hard and fast. Without breaking contact either with my mouth or hand I back pedaled with him to the table, which I had yet to set. My thighs bumping against the edge, I scooted on the table and spread my legs wide.

Steve trying to catch his breath, immediately feasted on Marie's naked clit and labia (crotch-less panties) and fell on top of her. His hands roaming all over her body as she squirmed against him, hers all over his. He touched her gleaming mound and felt her readiness himself. Without further ado, he impaled her then and there. Watching her face and her heaving breasts, her legs wrapped around his waist, he rode Marie hard. His cock straining to reach her deeply as his tongue had earlier. Her hips rising off the table following his movements encouraging him further with her moans.

I was beyond comprehension now reciprocating. Juice from my pussy running over me, down my thighs, coating Steve's cock. He was moving so easily. Hard, so hard. Seemingly growing inside of me with each thrust. I could feel myself starting to tighten around him. Not yet I said in my head. Keep it up. Make it last. Fucking Steve is one of the great pleasures in my life and I wasn't ready for this ride to be over. I could hear our bodies slapping together frantically, could feel how wet I was.

Keeping my eyes trained on his I thrust up mounting excitement apparent. Steve knowing how close I was, his intent the same as mine. The pace unbelievably quickening further, the table was wobbling under our weight. I bet whoever designed it did not intend it to be used this way. Fucking with abandon we both neared the precipice.

'Steveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' I came squirting everywhere.

'Marieeeeeeeee!' He groaned crushing his mouth to mine once again.

We pushed on. The first edge of passion not abated. My thighs quivering around him, my pussy pounding with the residual combined orgasm. His cum mixing with mine and falling to the table as well. Steve still hard trembling in the throes of the lasting orgasm as well. Fucking my mouth with his tongue, mine was fucking his. One of his hands ruthlessly pinching my nipple through the corset, squeezing it, rolling it in his fingers, mashing his palm over it. One of mine reaching down to squeeze his cock, one leg off to the side so I could accomplish this. Steve moved lower and was nipping my neck now, me arching at this contact, offering my throat to him.

Suddenly, Steve replaced his cock with his hand, fingers crammed into my pussy as he played with my clit. Teasing, tormenting, instigating he continued. Not to be outdone, I encircled him and played with his head. Lying on our sides we sustained these movements for a time. Lost in our own world. Always wanting more.


Searching his eyes I jumped off the table and went to turn off the oven. The timer had been going off for a good ten minutes. Turning around I saw Steve had removed the rest of his clothing and had gotten his briefcase, a wicked glint in his eye. I laughed knowing that he had a present for me.

Steve opened the briefcase to reveal a brand new whip and handcuffs. Oh, my eyes got bigger at the sight. Pretending menace, he slowly plied the strands between his hands letting them run over and around his supple fingers. Almost like he was twirling a moustache Snidely Whiplash style. I could see myself tied to train tracks! I could feel myself dripping even more at the thought of what he was going to do with it.

Steve advanced towards me his intent clear. Those cuffs dangling in one hand. Smiling wickedly and amusedly at the same time (there's a feat) he attached one cuff to my left wrist and the other to the oven. Heat at my back, I knew that whatever we were embarking on I had to be careful to avoid burning my back. This of course added to the excitement. To lose oneself and be mindful at the same time required concentration. As I said earlier, a lesson Sir was always reinforcing with me. I grinned back.

Sir placed a clean kitchen cloth under my ass and instructed me to spread my legs wide. Sitting six inches from the stove I scooted as far away as I could. He loosened the stays of my corset, allowing my breasts to fall free, engorged and ripe. Glistening folds in full view, he started with my ankles, light brushes only. The strands of the whip caressing my legs as he moved up further. His cock growing a bit at the sight I presented. Swirling all over my body, taking his time, building anticipation. My breath coming in short pants as I watched him. Firing me up again, I was at his mercy. And as a reminder that I could stop the action any time, he had placed the key by my hip.

Suddenly tiring of his game, he started flicking the whip all over my body. Again not with any real force but I was paying attention, squirming, wondering where next. There was no set pattern to discern in his eyes. I watched him trying to ascertain where to no avail. His wrist moving fluidly, those strings dancing their own tune. My body writhing beneath them, my face and chest flush, small hisses escaping my lips. Never leaving a mark, never having to do so. Juice soaking into that towel to be absorbed.

Sir resplendent in his tumescence was carefully noting all of Slave's reactions. His goal always to pleasure her as much as himself. Balance was a key in this relationship, not domination but a sharing of ideas and experiences. Her submissiveness was not in question, as his dominance was not. To attain nirvana there had to be give and take, however, who was in charge was never in doubt.

Watching her eyes with his he stepped over to her. She had to get onto her knees, knees that were now being covered in the juice soaked towel. Never tentative or hesitant about sucking his cock, she boldly embraced him. One hand wrapped around his waist the other bent over her shoulder due to the cuff.

I love sucking Steve's cock. The taste, texture and shape never failing to elicit a response. I could still taste my earlier passion. My tongue thrusting over and around, I teased the vein that was standing out, running my tongue up and down. One of his hands releasing the clip in my hair to run his fingers through. My heels crossed underneath my ass I was happily slurping away. Pressing him closer with that hand around his waist, my mouth opening up further to take him deep. Trying to get him as deeply in as his cock had been in my pussy earlier.

Feeling him lean over on one hand to rest it on the counter, my eyes traveling upwards to try and capture the look on his face. All I could reach up to was his chest heaving in and out rapidly. Keeping my eyes trained there I continued to suck and fuck him. My tongue scraping against his tip dipping in. I felt that first drop of precum, slightly salty, but knowing that I wanted more than that. Ministering to that cock was the only thing in my existence now, all earlier thoughts of disappointment had dissolved the moment he had touched me from the first.

Guiding him to the back of my throat my mouth working feverishly on him I kept him deep. Knowing he enjoyed being there. My mouth working spasmodically but still a vacuum seal. Feeling his muscles bunching together I opened my mouth as widely as I could with a cock stuffed into it and waited for that stream to cum coursing through. His hips jerking fitfully he filled my mouth, throat, the cum running down the sides of my mouth when I couldn't contain everything. Sucking him clean, he lay quiescent in my mouth catching his breath.

Rendered mute Steve pulled himself up off the counter and straightened, flexing his muscles and stretching his back. He smiled his white teeth sparkling at Slave, sitting at his feet. She perennially pleased him and was such a sport about things. She was the greatest find and he treasured her dearly. (The fact that she could eloquently write stories too had not escaped his notice!)

Knowing she would not do it for herself, he crouched in front of her and picked up the key to release her. He watched her delicately lick the rivulets of cum framing her mouth with her tongue. Speculation flitting across his face he wondered how far he could push her tonight. She clearly needed something more, his toe having brushed against the towel, feeling the wetness that had spread the towel almost beyond its absorption point.


I rose to the balls of my feet to plant a kiss on his waiting mouth. A model of patience in this endeavor. My body tingling with unrestrained and rampant desire. Knowing that there were no punishments or recriminations this evening had me boldly reaching for the whip. Not to strike him with, never that, but to tickle my own breasts with, nipples protruding at the first contact. I sensuously ensnared them around the tassels teasing provoking a response. For him and for me.

Expertly slashing away at the nipples reddening them a bit further. Moving that whip down the curves of my body I stopped at the entrance of my pussy. Cocking my head in inquiry I waited for permission. Having it granted I inserted the handle inside, my waiting muscles easily capturing it, the tassels in evidence, and the hilt completely embedded. Sir dropped to his knees in front of me, my turn I thought in triumph. His warm breath touching me, his lips a hair's breadth away. I waited.

Sir inhaled her fragrance, enjoying each time they were together like this. Her muskiness always drove him wild, one of the reasons he kept coming back for more, one of many. His tongue experimentally rasped against her hooded clit. Desire streaking through him again at her own. His hands holding her hips just so he proceeded to lick her lavishly. The strands of the whip becoming slick with her juice and tickling his chin in the process. Her hands on his shoulders encouraging him to take at will what she was freely giving.

I am so freaking wet tumbled through my mind. What this man could do was amazing. I had no words, only feelings and sensations. He's sucking my clit and it feels so indescribable, mere words unable to capture it properly. And the handle is riding inside me being squeezed intensely. My fingers now playing in his hair, stroking the sides of his face, wherever I can have contact. My legs trembling, having trouble supporting my weight now, tremors shaking and coursing through my body. My stockings soaked as well my juices have traveled that far.

Yearning roaring through my brain wanting fulfillment. Overcome, I came all over Sir surprising both of us with the force. Boy that whip is thoroughly christened now I giggled silently. Sir's tongue lapping everywhere trying to capture the liquid as I had his. His face buried. I felt the whip slide from my pussy in defeat. Staying like this for a moment.

Steve rising to hold me, kissing the top of my forehead. I just sighed against his chest nestling close. Such a feeling of well-being encompassing me. I stepped away reluctantly.

'I am afraid that dinner may be ruined.' I ruefully smiled.

Startled, Steve just laughed. 'You surpass my expectations every time Marie. Partaking of your body is nourishment enough. But I know you worked hard on our meal so I will be down in a tick.' (I love when his British accent is noticeable! It gets me every time.)

'Steve, go take a shower, I will finish up here. And thank you. You surpass mine all the time too.' I winked at him, which he let slide this once.

Steve meandered out of the kitchen to clean himself up. I moved to the table to survey the damage. Tsking silently I cleaned it the best way I knew how... with my tongue!

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