tagMatureMy Patriotic Mother-in-Law

My Patriotic Mother-in-Law


September 10, 2001.

"Joe’s Bar"

"Set them up Joe. I’ve got a little story that you ought to know. I’ve got a tiger by the tail. She is a man eater for sure. Hey Man, don’t give me that funny look. You know the woman. She is in here three days a week. Drinks like a fish. She just walked out with those two guys."

"You mean, Sue Ellen? All the guys ask me who she is. I just shrug. What do you know about her?"

"A lot Man. I have a strange relationship with her. She is my mother-in-law. Her husband had a heart attack when he was thirty-six. Probably because the poor shit did not get any rest. A year after I married her daughter, Sandy, she just up and left me with no explanation other then she wanted to see the world. Last I heard she was traveling with a band, fucking all the members. There I was, alone, with a one year old little girl."

"I received a phone call from Sue Ellen. She offering to move in to take care of the child. Well, hell, I was desperate. So I told her that I could use all the help that I could get, and I really would appreciate it if she was around to give me a break once in a while. She has a large inheritance, and has been very generous."

"Just one week after she arrived, I was just falling asleep, when I heard her walk into my room. The covers moved, and I felt her laying next to me. "I’m cold," she said, as she pressed her body against my back. When I rolled over, I found that she was naked. She reached into my pajamas and grabbed my cock."

Heck, what would you do? I’m human. I slid my stuff off. Sue Ellen dived under the covers. The next thing I knew, she was sucking my cock."

With a big grin, Joe exclaimed, "Poor Baby!"

"Fuck you. When I was good and hard, she pulled me on to her, and simply said, "Fuck me." It was after one AM before she would let me go to sleep."

"Ah, Poor baby."

We both laughed. But, I was not getting through to Joe. I had more woman on my hands then I could handle.

"Since then, when she sleeps at home, it is in my bed. Yes, she expects to be fucked. A week later, she cooed in my ear that she had some fetishes. She is a fruitcake, let me tell you. She told me that she wanted me to tie her up, put a blind fold on her, and invite at least three men to play with her. As they were pounding hard into her, she was purring like a cat."

"Hey I heard something about that. Did not know the name of the woman, or where it happened. The guys did not share that with anyone here."

"I never know what I will find when I come home. All she wears during the day is a robe, with nothing on underneath. She loves her "Chivas Regal." By three PM, she will have a buzz on. Several weeks ago, she was in my bed with some dud, when I walked in, she introduced me to him. Still with his cock in her, he reached out sideways to shake my hand. As soon as I let go, she said, "Fuck me." To him."

"Never heard of anyone doing that before?"

" Hey, I’ve just got started."

Joe folded his arm as he leaned back against the counter behind him. "What is your name? I just have to remember all this. Sue Ellen is in here two or three times a week. It sounds like I can make her a major attraction." With that, his head went back and a belly shaking laugh rolled from him.

"I’m Ted Watkins. A month ago, she got really gunned. I don’t know what she was thinking, but she took a walk wearing just her robe. Three college boys talked to her. They invited her into one of their homes. They were fucking her, when they heard the father come home. The kids ran out of the rear door. Sue Ellen was laying naked on the master bed, when this guy walks in. He asked her what the hell she was doing there. She gave him a big smile and said, "Fuck me." He did. Then, if you can believe this, he brought her home, and fucked her again. He has been over two times since. The last time, he showed up at just before nine PM. I was sitting on the sofa. Sue Ellen let him in. As they walked toward my bed room, she announced to me, "He is here to fuck me."

The guy stopped, looking at me; asks, "You fucking her too." I said "yes." He said, "Hi, I’m Al. Come on in. We can take turns."

"I have to admit, it was erotic watching his cock pumping her pussy. Her cunt lips would disappear with the in strokes, and then line the sides of his cock, as he pulled it back. She rides from one orgasm to the next, with little pause. A damn fucking machine.

I drove with her to the "Mountaineer" restaurant over in Proctor. Well, we had just sat down, when these two duds walk up. The both see Sue Ellen at the same time. Like long lost friends they rush up to our table. She got us and gave them both a kiss and a hug. Of course she invited them to eat with us.

After we ate, we retired to the bar. The bigger dud, by the name of Andy, said, "All the drinks are on me."

Sue Ellen laughed. "I’ll drink your ass under the table, Andy Bean."

"Hell you will?"


"If I win, we take you to the club for a secession. If I go under the table, you can dig out a big five spot."

"No one paid any attention to me. The drinks came non-stop. In just over half an hour, Sue Ellen leaned back in her chair as her eyes rolled up in her head. Her "Coke"-"Bacardi" rum drinks before dinner caught up to her. Soon, Sue Ellen and Andy were in the back seat of his car. I could see her legs flailing in the air as I followed them. The other guy, a Don somebody, was driving."

The club was the local fish and game club. There were only five more guys there. "Look what I’ve got here," Andy announced as he half carried Sue Ellen in. She was naked from the waist down.

Sue Ellen was stripped. Laying on her back propped up by her elbows, she inquired, "Where am I? Oohooo, look at all the sweet guys. Hellllooww! Come to Momma?"

"I watched her laying there. Her hair was bleached blonde. Tits were average. Just a little wide in the hips, that flowed to two thin legs that were separated by a four inch space which seemed to invite cocks to come visit. All this on a five foot, seven inch frame that carried an even one hundred and thirty-eight pounds. Just right for fucking."

"Hold her legs apart." Don said as he shed his clothes. "It is my turn Sue Ellen."

"As his cock disappeared into her pussy, she moaned, "Fuck me, Donnie baby."

"My best friend, Sonny Thompson ask me to be the best man at his wedding. Sue Ellen answered the phone, taking the message, when he phoned to tell me where the "Bachelor Party" was to be held.

"Shit. I don’t have to tell you who showed up. She make it a point to give Sonny a blow job in front of everyone. After he blew his load, she turned and put her ass in the air. Next, she said."

With a confused look on his face, Joe asked, "Maybe I’m missing something here. Just what is your problem? Sounds like you have all the free pussy that you want. If she didn’t share it with others, neither you or any other guy could last very long with that woman, don’t you think?"

Now that you put it that way, I guess your right. Must run in the family. Her daughter, my wife, ran off with a band so she could have seven guys to pleasure her."

Shaking his head, Joe intoned, "Damn, what ever she has, if we could put it in a bottle, we would get rich overnight. I have a two thousand square foot room upstairs, do you think that she would consent to putting on a little show for the customers?"

"With Sue Ellen, you never know. I’ll ask her."

September 11, 2001

I was at work. The boss called everybody out of the shop to watch the TV coverage of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.

When I got home, Sue Ellen was sitting on the couch with a bottle of "Chivas Regal." which she was swigging on, right out of the bottle. Her eyes were bleary eyed from crying. She kept saying; "I have to do my part. I must do something to help." I saw a new look on her face. It was a determined look. There was no doubt in my mind that she would do something big.

September 16, 2001

We watched the president’s speech together. In it he mentioned that he was activating all the services. Sue Ellen’s eyes lit up, as she said, "I’ve got it. I know just what I can do." Turning to me, she asked, "Is Joe’s bar the closest bar to Fort Patton?"


"Does he have any large room that we can use?"

I blurted out, "Joe and I were talking about you last week. He wondered if you would put on a sex show in a big room upstairs for the customers."

Sue Ellen stepped up to me. Her hand deftly lowered my zipper. She grabbed my cock. With a wicked grin she asked, "And you said?’ As she yanked hard.

"I didn’t know. I didn’t know."

"Well, we have something to tell him now."

Just then, I heard a car door slam. There were foot steps on the front steps. The door opened, and in walked my wife, Sandy, who breezily announced, "I’m back. I got tired of riding on their bus."

Sue Ellen shot me a look as she said, "Damn good thing that you are here. Tomorrow night you and I are going to do our patriotic duty. C’mon you two, we are going down and have a little talk with Joe."

As the three of us walked up to Joe, who was behind the bar, He shot me a questioning look indicating his wonderment as to what was up. He could tell that Sue Ellen was not there for a drink. I rolled my eyes, put both hand palm up as I shrugged.

Sue Ellen walked behind the bar. She got within a foot of Joe and said. "You put an ad in tomorrows "Bugle" that all the service men at Fort Patton are invited to free shows, every night of the week, that my daughter and I are going to put on. They must call for reservation, because I’m sure that the fire marshal has a limit on how many guys can be upstairs at one time. We will do five shows a night. You can make your money on the beer you sell, but you can’t charge for the shows. Okay?"

Joe had a smile that extended from ear to ear as he said, "You got it!"

The first show started at seven PM the next night.. There were fifty soldiers sitting on the floor in a circle around two mattress on the floor. The spot light came on. The music was stopped. Out walked Sue Ellen, with Sandy right behind her. Both were absolutely naked, buck naked.

Cat calls, whistles, cheering filled the room. After a couple minutes, Sue Ellen tapped the microphone. When it was quiet, she gave a little speech. Pointing her finger from one man to another she said, "You Guys, yes, You, You, and You are the guys that are going to go off one night soon to make up proud. You are the guys that are going to risk it all for this great nation of ours. They won’t let me carry a gun. But there is something that I can do. It is to give you a little R&R before you go. I could have tried to do my duty by letting guys pick me up and fucking them, one by one, but that would not do. So we are here, Sandy and I. This is a "heads up" so listen carefully."

"Sandy and I will get on our hands and knees. You guys take out your gorgeous cocks. Beat them until they feel good. When you only have a short way to go, stick it in our mouths or cunts and we will clamp down to milk you dry!"

There was bedlam. The loud speakers came to life with Jerry Lee Lewis pounding out, "Come on Baby light my fire. Come on Baby light my fire. You know…"

I heard a huge master sergeant growl to his men; "That is my kind of woman. You heard the lady. She is ready for you, NOW. Move It!" In unison, ten cocks appeared, promptly jacked, all at the same speed, like a drill team.

A line formed front and rear of both women. I stood two feet from Sandy’s ass, as the first cock was eased into her pussy. It was long, thick. As the man’s balls rested on her cunt lips, she turned to look at the man riding her. She saw me next to her.

In all the din, confusion, voices, beat of the music, she looked me in the eye. "I will make it up to you, Ted. I have no excuses. I had to get it out of my system. I will do what ever you want to make you happy and save our marriage." She just got out the last words when her body arched. A look of effort came over her face. I knew that she was cumming. Was clamping her twat on the cock doing it’s magic in her. She was her mother’s child, a fucking machine.

Sue Ellen soon got up. She was pinned between two men, both humping hard, upward. One in her cunt, and the other in her ass. By the time the one hour show had ended, every man had buried his cock into one of the women.

After a ten minute break, during which a new group of fifty men were brought in and served a beer, My women, ya, that’s what I call them now, were naked in the spotlight again.

September 23, 2001

The troops moved out last night. So this morning as I lay between both of my women, I thought, let them rest a day, and then I am going to fuck them both. I lay on my back staring at my cock which was stiffly pointing at the ceiling.

My hopes were dashed when Sue Ellen, after looking at a map, told Sandy and I; "You know, it’s only an hour drive to Tampa. There must be a lot of service men at the McGill base that need to R&R with us. We can commute.

I am watching a naked Sue Ellen now. New bar. New men. Same speech, "You, You, You and You…"

I’m Softly

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