tagBDSMMy Pet Ch. 01

My Pet Ch. 01


I discovered the pleasure of chatting online when my children were young. I had one daughter at kindergarten and a baby that slept a lot during the day. I've never been the fussy house keeper, my house was tidy but not spotless and so when I had some free time while my youngest had her nap the idea of doing housework was never appealing. I've also never been interested in day-time television; soap operas are just not my thing. I did watch a few movies some days but often my daughter would wake up and I would miss the ending. I would read sometimes as a way to pass the time while I waited for her to wake up for her next feed.

Then one day my husband brought home a computer, cool I thought we are finally catching up with the 21st century! It was great, I was able to email my family and friends and finally I had something to do during the day while my baby slept. It didn't take very long before I discovered the fun of chat rooms.

At first I thought great, now I can pretend to be someone else, I can say I'm a hot 25 year old chick and see if I can chat up some sexy young men.

That worked out really well and it was fun for awhile, but I got tired of trying to remember all the lies I told about my fake life. Also after spending some time in the 'younger men for older women' chat rooms, I discovered that there were actually quite a few young men that genuinely liked women my age. Maybe I could quit with the made up stories and just be me and young men might still want to chat to me. So I tried that and it was great, I could just be me and answer questions truthfully. Before long I had lots of online friends and some online lovers too. It didn't take me too long to discover the fun of cyber sex.

I met a lot of good friends and had lots of fun with some online lovers. Then I met Bryan, he wasn't much younger than me but we became close friends and he introduced me to the Dom/sub world. I had no idea how much there was to learn about it, I found the whole thing fascinating. I had been up until then, quite naive on the subject. Not only did I discover about the Dom/sub way of life, I soon found out a lot more about myself that I hadn't been aware of.

I became an online sub for Bryan and it was fun. I had found not only a good friend, but he was my teacher and my Master.

So I started hanging out in the BDSM chat rooms as well as the 'younger men for older women' rooms and it was there that I met several young men wanting me to be their online Mistress. Up until then I hadn't considered the idea of me being the dominant one but the more I thought about it, the more I was excited by it. I role played with a few of them and I found I loved it, loved being in control. It actually confused me a little; I didn't understand why I could be turned on by being so dominant when in fact I was submissive.

I spoke to Bryan about my confused feelings and he explained to me that I was a switch and encouraged me to explore this new side of myself. So I decided it would be fun to get myself my very own online slave to play with and set about trying to find one I liked. I had in my head what I was looking for. I wanted a guy in his early 20s, probably American because I liked chatting to Americans, someone that liked my kind of music and of course someone that was submissive and willing to do whatever it took to make me happy.

I headed off to the chat rooms to hunt. I felt quiet excited about the prospect of having my own online slave. I spoke to heaps of them, even role-played and cybered with some, looking for someone I would click with.

Then I met Nicky, he was 20 and not really what I had in my mind as my perfect slave. He wasn't American and not a big music fan like me, although he did like music, just not a fanatic like me. Actually he was from India and even though I'm not racist, I've also never found Indian men particularly that attractive either. But there was something about Nicky, the more I talked to him the closer we got. He told me all about his real life experiences as a live-in slave for his aunt. I found the stories he told me exciting but at the same time disturbing. Some of the things that he told me his aunt made him do shocked me.

I was relatively new to Dom/sub online relationships and still had a lot to learn but mostly I found with my experiences as sub to Byran, and Mistress to Nicky, that I was learning so much about myself. Learning what things turned me on; often I was surprised at how excited I would get during an intense cyber sex session. I kept pushing myself, testing the water to see how I would react to different scenes in role-play. Nicky was pushing me too, only in a very submissive way; he was experienced not only with online Dom/sub relationships but in real life too. He kept suggesting different things, he knew what he liked and he wanted to see if I would respond favorably to his ideas.

Most of his ideas excited me so much, more than I had been excited when I was being submissive with my online Master. I was starting to realize that perhaps I was more dominant by nature than I had previously thought.

Some of Nicky's ideas shocked me, especially when he spoke of ways I could punish him if he should not please me in any way. I wasn't shocked so much that pain and humiliation would turn him on, but more that it turned me on to do that to him. I often felt very guilty that I should get such pleasure from calling him nasty names and making him do things to himself. I had grown so close to Nicky now that I found I loved him and yet how could I want to hurt anyone that I loved? It made no sense to me and went against everything I had always known to be true. I had to re-train my brain.

It took time, years in fact. I had ceased to be a sub to Bryan, but we still remained friends. I had a few other online lovers on and off over the years but one thing stayed the same. Nicky was still my slave, it became that I couldn't even imagine my life without owning him. We had even drawn up our own contract in which he signed, willingly giving himself to me as my property.

We spoke online as much as we could but sometimes he would have to go away for a week or so for training as he was in the Navy.

A few times I had rung him and we had intense and wonderful phone sex, he would always make me cum so good. I wanted to ring him more often but the toll calls were expensive and of course I couldn't ring him on my home phone for fear of my husband asking why I would be ringing India. So I used my mobile phone and we would text each other sometimes too.

The great thing about our relationship is that even without the great cyber we were close friends, we could talk about anything and if I wasn't in the mood to play and just wanted to chat, that would be cool. There were even times when I would feel my submissive side rear its head and we would role reverse for a hot cyber session, but he would always go back to being my pet afterwards.

Often during our many conversations we would both fantasize about how good it would be if one day we could meet for real. Of course there was no way I could just hop on a plane and fly to India as I had a husband and two kids to consider. But we would daydream about how once his training was finished that he would save up and come here to see me and we would both get very hot and bothered about the things we would do if that was to happen. We talked about how we both wanted to do all the stuff we cybered about, all the naughty, kinky, dirty things for real.

Then one day out of the blue Nicky told me he had some exciting news. He was being sent to Hong Kong for an assignment and he had asked for a weeks leave so that after the assignment he could fly to New Zealand to finally meet me. He had been secretly putting money aside for years in the hope of one day flying to my country. He was so excited; he could barely type the words.

I was in total shock. I just sat there looking at the screen, re-reading what he just told me over and over. Nicky was coming here, my slave was coming to see me for real, not cyber, not phone sex, but real, live human flesh to flesh.

I think I stopped breathing for a moment.

He kept typing back to me asking me if I was still there, finally I replied once I put my brain back into working mode and asked him all the when and where and how questions.

I was excited too, but mostly I was nervous.

All these years of telling him all the nasty, kinky things I want to do to him, it was all fantastic and easy to do in cyber, but could I really be that strong dominant woman that I had become online, when it came to meeting him face to face?

At least I had two months to figure that out and prepare for his arrival and over that time I had talked myself into being confident in my domination of him. Of course our chat sessions became totally focused on his impending visit.

Meanwhile in my offline life (the line between the two was starting to become a bit blurry), I had booked a hotel room for him that was close to my work and I had arranged to have that week off. Of course I had no intention of telling anyone else I was having time off work, I fully intended on just carrying out my day as per usual, dropping the kids off to school on the way to work but going to his hotel room instead.

There was other planning to be done too. I went to a clinic and put myself back on the pill. I hadn't been on it for many years due to my husband having a vasectomy. I didn't want to worry about unwanted pregnancy. Not only did I not want any more children at my age, it would have been hard to explain and although I am pro choice, I do not condone using abortion as a means of birth control.

I also went shopping; I brought a leash and a black leather dog collar from the pet shop. It had a place for engraving your pets name and any other details. I had it engraved with 'property of Miss Marie' as Nicky always called me Miss.

I spent quite a few dollars at a sex shop too. I brought a strap-on dildo complete with harness, it was one that was double-ended, so that part of it also went up inside the woman's pussy, giving double the pleasure when used.

As well as that I brought a cock ring and nipple clamps and a butt plug. I knew he was only going to be here for 5 days and I wanted to do everything I had fantasized about to him. It cost me a pretty penny but I had no doubts about getting my moneys worth out of my whore.

I knew that Nicky had not had sex with anyone but himself in the last year but still I wanted to make sure I would be safe. I instructed him to get checked out at a clinic, get blood tests to make sure he didn't have any sexual diseases. I was worried about all the sex his aunt had forced him to do when he was younger, I wanted to fuck my slut real bad but not if it meant risking infecting myself and passing it on to my husband. He assured me he was clean but went along with my wishes and promised me that he would bring me a letter from a doctor as proof along with the results of his blood tests.

The tests came back clean, which made Nicky very happy and of course I was most relieved. I really didn't want to have to use condoms. He still brought the letter with him as reassurance.

With the practical side of the agenda all sorted, now all we had to do is wait. Time went quite fast actually, the two months seemed to fly by. We talked online everyday until he had to leave for Hong Kong for his work assignment. I instructed him not to masturbate the whole time he was in Hong Kong so that when he arrived in my presence he would be very horny and full of cum for me.

I also did not masturbate during that week, well actually I did a little, but I didn't allow myself to cum. I hadn't told him that I was planning on doing that, but I just wanted to make myself so horny that I would want to attack him the moment we got to his hotel room.

Finally it was the Monday morning of his arrival, his plane was due in at 10.15 am. I got up and got ready for work as always, acted like there was nothing new about this Monday as any other. I wore my usual work clothes, plain black skirt, white blouse, black jacket. I looked like your typical office worker. But underneath I was wearing my sexiest black g-string and black bra. I would normally never wear a black bra under a white top because it shows through a little, but today I wasn't going to be Marie, ordinary office lady, wife and mother. Today I was Miss Marie, owner of a man, Mistress to a slave.

Fantasy and reality were about to become one.

I dropped off my kids at school and went straight to the airport. I had put all my sex toys in a bag in the boot of my car and I carried the leather dog's collar with me in my handbag. I arrived with 30 minutes to spare and even though it was early morning, I needed a drink. The nerves were starting to really kick in as I prepared myself for this meeting. So I went to the bar and got a bourbon and coke to calm myself while I went over in my head what I should say and how I should act. A little voice was telling me I should just go, but I ignored it and temporarily shut the door on that part of my brain.

"I can do this," I said to myself but out loud.

"Sorry. Did you want something?" the barman asked, thinking I was talking to him.

"No. I'm fine, thank you," I replied smiling and getting up to leave.

I went to the arrivals area and waited. The plane had landed and was just being processed. Then passengers started coming through the doors to the waiting arms of friends and relatives. Lots of people all around me hugging and kissing each other, lots of happy talking and excitement in the air.

My stomach was starting to feel like I was going to throw up. The one drink hadn't really taken the edge off much. I was beginning to question myself again.

Then I saw him. My Nicky. My pet, the man that had become an important part of my life. He was standing in front of me, no computer screen or thousands of miles between us. Right here, in New Zealand, in the flesh.

If I thought I was nervous, one look at him told me that his nervousness was tenfold my own. He is 25 but he looked like a scared little boy, staring at me.

Finally he found his tongue.

"Hello Miss," he said timidly, with a nervous smile.

Just hearing his voice and calling me that suddenly made me brave. I beamed a big smile back at him and stepped closer and gave him a big hug. Drinking in his scent as I held him close. His arms instinctively moved around to hug me back.

"Hello pet," I spoke into his ear as we hugged.

As we embraced, I felt him tremble. Pulling back I looked into his eyes. They were wet with tears.

"Are you ok Nicky?" I asked, concerned.

"Yes Miss. I'm just so happy to see you," he replied with a smile.

I too was feeling very emotional to be finally meeting after all this time. But I was doing my best to remain calm and mostly remain in control. My eyes were tearing up too, but I didn't want to burst into tears in the middle of the airport, so I pushed back my feelings for now and busied myself with practicalities.

"Come on then Nicky, get your bag and I will take you to your hotel," I said.

So off we went. He was looking around everywhere at everything as we walked to my car. Asking me things about New Zealand and the weather and all that sort of small talk that anyone would ask if it was there first time in a country.

The trip wasn't long to the hotel, only 15 minutes. I had pre-ordered a tray of fresh fruit and tantalizing nibbles for lunch to be sent to his room, along with a nice bottle of sparkling New Zealand white wine and two wine glasses, to be waiting for us when we arrived. I had the feeling once we got to his room neither of us would be going anywhere for a while.

All through the small talk during the trip to the hotel he had been staring at me as if he was unable not to look at me. I of course had to look at the road as I was driving, but glanced at him as often as I dared. Still marveling at the fact he was actually here with me, in my car.

Once at the hotel, he took his bag out of my boot and I picked up my bag too. I saw him glance at it and I knew he must be wondering what I had in there. All would be revealed in good time. We collected the key and went to his room.

As soon as we got inside, I put the 'do not disturb' sign on the outside handle and locked the door.

It was weird, for although I was still nervous, I had this sense of purpose. I knew what I was going to do, I knew what I wanted and yet I felt strangely calm.

Nicky put his bag down and turned around to look at me. He came closer. I could tell he wanted to hold me again and kiss me. He almost did just that, but he stopped and paused.

"May I kiss you Miss?" he asked, remembering his place at the last moment.

I smiled at him, holding out my arms as an invitation.

"Yes pet."

He took me in his strong arms and kissed me. I could feel the strength of many training work-out sessions in his arms. His mouth was warm and hungry. I kissed him back with the same hunger. The passion was so intense; I almost lost my control, about to become a soft romantic fool in the arms of my lover.

He stopped for a moment, paused to take a breath and I pulled back from him.

"Wait pet," I requested and he stopped and looked a little confused and giving me that hurt puppy look.

"Just a moment pet, I have something for you," I said turning around to pick up my handbag. "I want you to kneel down and close your eyes pet. I have a present for you." I smiled at him as I spoke.

"Yes Miss," he replied and knelt down as instructed, with eyes closed.

I took out the collar from my handbag and leant down and attached it around his neck. He let out a gasp of excitement when he realized what I was doing.

"Open your eyes now and look at me pet," I requested, smiling down at him. It looked so good to see my collar on him.

Nicky looked up at me. His eyes now freely flowing tears down his sweet brown face. I wasn't sure if he was even able to speak at that moment.

"I claim you as mine Nicky. Mine for life, "I declared.

"I am honored to be Yours Miss," he said, his voice cracking slightly. He looked at me with his tear stained eyes and I could see love in them. Unable to hold back and maintain his control of his emotions, he wrapped his arms around me from his kneeling position and hugged me tight.

"I love you Marie," he announced as he looked up at me from his embrace, calling me by my first name for the first time since he arrived.

I smiled down at him, then leant down and kissed his lips, holding his face in my hands. The knowledge that I owned this person that I held in my hands giving me such a rush. I felt a wave of emotion pass through me that was close to an orgasm. The power rush was incredible, adrenalin racing through me.

"I love you too Nicky," I replied when I pulled back from the kiss, this time no longer able to contain my emotions as tears ran down my cheeks.

I pulled on his sleeves as a motion to stand up, which he did and we hugged. Holding each other close, savoring the moment, and breathing in each others scent as we embraced. We stood holding on to each other for a few minutes, giving ourselves time to recover from the emotional outburst and sheer intensity of finally being able to touch each other for real after 5 years of wanting.

Eventually we pulled back and smiled at each other.

"Thank you for your gift Miss. I will wear it with pride," he said beaming at me.

"You're most welcome pet. Go look at it in the mirror," I said, motioning towards the bathroom, "I want you to wear it everyday you are here in New Zealand pet. Only take it off to shower," I instructed.

"Yes Miss," he replied, admiring the collar as he looked in the bathroom mirror.

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