tagBDSMMy Pet Ch. 02

My Pet Ch. 02


I woke up Tuesday morning, rubbed my eyes, and then looked at the clock. Time to get up, big day ahead. I smiled to myself as I remembered yesterday's activities. It still didn't seem real, but as I glanced over to my dresser and saw the jewelry that Nicky had given me, I knew it had not been a dream.

I got up and woke my kids up and we all went about our normal week day morning routine. Again I wore my usual office work clothes, which concealed my dark purple lacey bra and matching g-string. I made a point of putting in a spare pair of panties in my handbag this time. I also made sure I put back on my new jewelry, a gift from my pet.

I dropped my kids off to school as per usual and then made my way to Nicky's hotel room. I had my own key, so I didn't even bother to knock once I got there. I just walked in.

Nicky wasn't there. At first I was a little bewildered as to where he might be, and then I started to get worried. I sat down on his bed and waited.

After ten minutes I was actually beginning to get annoyed. After all, he knew I would be here by 9 am and he knew that we only had these few precious days before he would have to go back home. Irritated, I picked up my phone and rang his mobile number. I jumped a little when I heard the ringing; the sound was coming from his suitcase on the floor. Damn! How stupid and annoying, leaving his mobile phone in his hotel room when he was alone in a strange country.

Now I was angry, I was swearing to myself and thinking about how much trouble he was going to be in when he did finally turn up. I was also thinking that I might have to go looking for him, having no clue where to start or even what direction he may have gone in. I was worried, but for some reason, I was more angry at him than anything else.

I was just about to leave and start my futile search for Nicky, when he walked through the door. He looked flustered.

"I'm so very sorry Miss," he said with sincerity.

"Where the fuck have you been!" I screamed at him, totally furious for being kept waiting for so long. I walked up to him and was about to slap him when I noticed he was holding something in a bag.

He looked frightened by my tone and instinctively dropped to his knees in front of me, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

"I'm so so sorry Miss. I got lost Miss. I just went out to get you something. Please forgive me Miss," he said, almost crying.

"I should slap you for keeping me waiting for so long pet," I said, still annoyed but my anger lessening knowing the reason for his lateness.

"Yes Miss. I deserve it Miss. You should punish me Miss," he said, sounding like he actually wanted me to hit him.

I felt a strong urge to hit him, partly because I was still a bit annoyed at him but mostly because the idea of slapping him excited me.

I struck his left cheek with my right hand as he looked up at me; his eyes were wide and seemed to almost beg me to strike him. The action caused my hand to sting a little from the impact and Nicky gasped. I knew it wouldn't have really hurt as I am not that strong. I think it was more from excitement than pain that caused Nicky to gasp.

I only slapped his face once. I really just wanted to know what it felt like to slap a man like that, to hit a male without any fear of him hitting back. It felt fucking fantastic! The power rush it gave me surged through my body and seemed to end up at my nipples because they went hard instantly and began to tingle.

I glanced down at Nicky's crutch and saw that my nipples weren't the only thing my slap had caused to harden.

"Oh!" he gasped, "Thank you Miss."

I wasn't sure if he was thanking me for slapping him or thanking me for exciting him, but it made me smile.

"Ok pet. I guess you had better show me what you have in your bag then. Show me what it is that made you keep your owner waiting," I said, my voice no longer showing anger.

"Oh yes Miss. Of course Miss," he said putting his hand in the bag and pulling out a bouquet of fresh flowers, "I wanted to get you these Miss."

He held up them up to me with a smile.

"Oh Nicky! They are so lovely," I said smiling back at him and taking them from his hand. I inhaled their perfume and then walked over and placed them on the desk. I felt a twinge of guilt that I had slapped him when he was only late due to doing something nice for me, but then I reminded myself that it was obvious that he enjoyed the slap just as much as I enjoyed issuing it.

I walked back over to him; he was still kneeling in the same position. I just now noticed that he was in fact wearing the dog collar I gave him and it pleased me greatly to know he had been out in public in it. He would have had to walk into a store and buy the flowers and I'm sure the person serving at the counter would have noticed it. It's not exactly a common thing in New Zealand to see someone walking around wearing a dog collar.

"Take off your clothes pet," I commanded, "You are not to wear anything but your collar when we are here in your room."

"Yes Miss."

Nicky stood up and took off his clothes, even before he took off his boxers I could see he was in a state of arousal.

He placed his clothes in a neat pile on a chair next to the bed, and then walked back over to me and stood still, awaiting inspection. I enjoyed watching him walk towards me with his cock erect. It was exciting for me to look at his naked form and know that I owned that body.

I encircled him. I would never tire of this daily inspection. I ran my hand over his brown skin as I walked around him. He shivered slightly at my touch.

"Mmmm all mine," I said with lust as I touched his body.

"Yes Miss," he said quietly.

"Did you look in my bag pet?" I asked, as I continued my exploration of his body with my hand.

"No Miss," he replied in almost a whisper, his eyes looking down at the floor.

"Don't lie to me!" I scolded him, "I will know if you are lying and you will be in much more trouble if you ever lie to me." I lifted his face up by his chin with my left hand so that I could look into his eyes.

"I'm sorry Miss," he whined his apology like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, "I just couldn't help it Miss. I just had to see what was in there."

His guilty expression confirming my suspicion.

"You are lucky that you admitted the truth to me slave," I informed him, "You are still going to get punished, but because you were honest with me, I will allow you to cum today."

"Yes Miss. Thank you Miss," he said submissively.

"So pet, what did you think of all my toys you found in my bag hmm?" I asked teasingly.

"Very interesting Miss," he said with a sheepish grin.

"Yes I thought so too pet," I said, walking over to my bag and picking it up off the floor.

I placed my bag on the bed and opened it. Nicky was watching my every move, but kept standing in the same place.

I took out the cock ring and brought it with me as I walked back to Nicky.

"This is going to be difficult to put on while you are in that state, isn't it pet?" I asked rhetorically.

"Yes Miss. I don't think it will fit when I'm hard like this Miss," he said, stating the obvious.

"Well then I guess we have two choices pet. I could make you masturbate and cum so that you will go soft. Or I could slap your cock a few times until you go down," I said wickedly.

That suggestion made his hard cock twitch. It seemed to like being talked about.

"So what will it be pet?"

As he was considering the choices, I went back to my bag of tricks and brought out a wooden ruler. Walking back to Nicky, I was smacking my own hand with the ruler lightly but enough to make a slapping sound.

I looked at him, his eyes showing excitement with a hint of fear.

"Well?" I pushed for an answer.

"Whatever pleases you Miss," he answered meekly.

"Kneel slave," I commanded and he obeyed.

I went back to my bag and took out some handcuffs. I moved behind him and cuffed his wrists together. We both knew it wasn't possible for him to masturbate without the use of his hands. I felt Nicky's body stiffen as the realization of my intentions registered.

I moved back around in front of him, slapping my own hand with the ruler again.

He was nervous and looking at the floor. But his cock was giving away all his thoughts, as it was even harder than it had been before and was now freely leaking pre-cum.

Using the ruler, I lifted up his chin so that he was looking up at me.

"Do you realize how much all of these toys cost me, slave?" I asked but not really expecting an answer.

"No Miss," he replied passively.

"A lot of money. Such an expensive whore you are. You had better make sure I get my moneys worth slut!" I exclaimed as I hit his cock twitching cock with the ruler, making him gasp and jump.

I grinned, I felt so wicked to be abusing him like this and yet it excited me so much. I could feel myself getting wet.

I hit his cock again, making him whimper this time.

I love this feeling of total control, being able to do what I like to my slave is such a rush.

I hit his cock a third time, harder this time.

He cried out in pain.

"Please Miss. No more Miss," he begged me.

I looked down at his abused cock, it was still hard. Not as hard as it was before but still not soft enough to get a cock ring on it. There were reddish marks on the skin of his cock from the ruler. It turned me on even more to see the evidence.

Nicky was panting, struggling to come to terms with his own internal battle. My abuse was turning him on and yet the pain was hard to bear. He was trying to will himself to go soft. I could see the intense concentration on his face.

I slapped his cock again with the ruler, this time three short sharp smacks. It must have hurt like hell. He screamed and instinctively tried to move away from me. His eyes full of water, tears running down his face.

Again I felt a twinge of guilt, but the wetness between my legs told me to ignore it.

And it had worked. I looked at his sore cock and it had softened.

I took the cock ring and pushed it onto his mistreated cock. He cried out again in pain as I forced it all the way up to the base, pulling on the end of his penis as I pushed up the cock ring as far as it would go. His tears ran freely down his face as he had no hands free to be able to wipe them away. Nicky was panting, trying to recover from that ordeal.

"Good boy," I praised him now for his ability to take my abuse, "Such a good doggie you are pet. You will be rewarded now." and with that I got down on my hands and knees in front of him and took his tender cock in my hand and gently began to lick and suck his wounds. He moaned as he felt my warm mouth enclose around his soft cock. I licked and sucked slowly and lovingly. I kissed where I saw the marks the ruler had made. I kissed the tip of his cock too and flicked my tongue all around, feeling his penis grow hard once again inside my mouth.

I stopped and stood up again, looking back down at him, smiling. Mentally ticking off another thing from my list of 'things I want to do to my slave' that I had in my mind.

"Thank you Miss," said Nicky now that he had recovered. Although his cock was still tender he did not complain about it.

The oral work I had performed reminded me that I was thirsty. I went to my bag and took out the dog leash I had brought from the pet store when I had purchased the collar that my slave was now wearing with pride and proof of ownership. I attached the leash to Nicky's collar and then un-cuffed him. Once his hands were free, he leaned forward so that he was in the crawling position. Nicky knew full well how much I desired to have my pet on a leash and have him crawl around on all fours like a dog. It excited us both.

I walked over to the small fridge to find a drink.

"Come on doggie. Time for walkies," I spoke to him in a condescending voice, treating him like he was really a dog.

Nicky followed me, crawling fast to keep up. I purposely took my time and even though the room wasn't that big, I made a point of walking all around it so that I could watch him scramble to keep up. I poured us both an orange juice, and then with the leash around my wrist I carried both glasses over to the table and placed them on it. I then sat down at the table with Nicky sitting at my feet like an obedient dog. He looked up at me wondering if he should get up and sit at the table with me, but I handed him his glass of juice, answering his unspoken question with my action.

Nicky stayed at my feet drinking as I looked down at him while I quenched my thirst. I still held the leash in one hand. I emptied my glass and placed it back on the table. I glanced at my watch. It was 11.30 am already. I had thought of taking Nicky out somewhere for lunch, but time just went by so fast when we were together. I decided I would just order room service and stay here today. I stood up and wrapped the leash around the back of the chair like you would do if you had a dog on a leash and didn't want it to wander off.

"Stay!" I ordered, smirking at Nicky. I loved talking to him like a dog.

I walked over to the bed, sat on it and picked up the phone. I rang room service and ordered a plate of sandwiches, fresh fruit and coffee to be delivered in one hour.

I glanced over at my pet, he must be wondering what my next move was. He knew what I had in my bag of tricks.

I thought to myself, yes an hour should be time enough.

I went back to Nicky, who was waiting patiently for my next move. I untangled the leash and lead him to the bed.

"Get up on the bed dog," I commanded. Nicky obeyed and got up onto the bed, remaining on all fours. I attached the leash to the headboard. I then picked up the handcuffs from the floor where I had discarded them earlier.

"Now pet, I want you to stay on your knees near the edge of the bed but as well I want you to lean down so that your face is on the bed, to the side, and I want you to put your hands behind your back again," I instructed. Nicky looked a little confused at my instructions.

"Come on dog! Face down, ass up!" I ordered, giving him a slap on his ass cheek for good measure.

"Yes Miss!" he exclaimed and got into position.

I handcuffed his hands behind his back once more. He looked so venerable like that, his body resting on his shoulders, his face to one side so that he could breathe, and his ass pointing straight up at me. It almost seemed to beg me to touch it. I could see he was clenching his ass in anticipation of what was to come.

I rubbed my hands over both cheeks, caressing them. Then I squeezed them both simultaneously.

"All mine," I declared.

Nicky moaned and I could see his hard cock twitch from between his legs.

I went back into my bag and got out the butt plug that I had brought from the sex shop. I picked up the tube of lube too and for a moment pondered if I should use it or not.

A glance up at the flowers on the desk helped me to decide. After all, I knew it had been awhile since Nicky had anal sex and his ass would be tight like a virgins again by now.

I placed the butt plug and lube right next to his face on the bed. He gasped and his eyes grew wide when he saw it, knowing what I had in mind

I stood behind him and slapped his ass with my hand.

"Spread those legs slut!" I demanded. He obeyed and was starting to breathe a little faster in apprehension of what I was going to do to him.

I think he expected me to just shove the butt plug into him hard and roughly and perhaps part of him wanted that. I know part of me wanted to hurt him for no reason other than I can. But also a big part of me loved him and I needed to control myself as well as him. I wanted to show my pet love as well as pain.

I pried open his ass cheeks as far as I could with both my hands, exposing his little puckered hole to me. Then I leaned in and licked from the back of his ball sack all the way up the crack of his ass, past his hole and right up to his lower back. One long, slow lick.

"Ohhhh Miss," he moaned in pleasure.

I licked him again, up and down his crack this time. I did this a few times, causing my pet to moan in delight. I pulled back, still holding his cheeks apart as wide as I could, then I spat on him at the top of his ass crack. A big glob of my saliva and I watched it as it slowly trickled down his crack to his puckered hole. Nicky groaned. I'm not sure if it was the sensation of feeling my saliva dribble down his ass or just the fact that I spat on him, but it sure as hell excited him. Damn it looked good too. I just watched for a moment. I could feel that power rush coming over me again. My crutch was getting wetter by the minute.

I leant back in and this time I rimmed him. I ran my tongue all over and around his little hole, and then I pushed the tip of my tongue into it. Pushed my tongue right inside his asshole, darting it in and out. I was fucking his ass with my tongue and it was driving him wild.

He was panting and moaning and mumbling things I couldn't even make out. I'm sure his cock must have been hurting, straining against the cock ring, wanting release.

Then I stopped and pulled back, letting go of his ass cheeks and giving his right one a smack.

"Like that did you pet?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh.... Yes.... Miss. Thank you.... Miss," he replied, still panting between his words.

Before he could forget the pleasure I had just bestowed on him, I picked up the tube of lube and poured a liberal amount on his asshole. I pushed my finger into his hole to push some of the lube inside it, moving my finger in and out. His moans of delight made it perfectly obvious that he loved it. I could feel his anus contracting around my finger.

His sigh of disappointment when I removed my finger made me grin. My slut wanted more.

I poured more lube onto the tip of the butt plug and shoved it into him.

He screamed in pain as I forced it into him. I slapped his ass hard with my left hand, still pushing the butt plug into him with my right.

"Stop that screaming slut or I'm going to have to gag you!" I growled at him, "You will have the management up here if you make too much noise."

"Yes Miss. Sorry Miss," he answered, whimpering a little.

It was hard going getting this damn plug in all the way. It was bigger than I thought. I began to twist it into him like a screw, turning and pushing. That worked and soon it was all the way in, stretching my whore's hole.

I stood back a little and admired my handiwork, grinning to myself.

Nicky was panting quietly, trying to adjust to this invasion in his ass.

I went to my handbag and took out my digital camera. I took pictures of him with his ass in the air. A close-up of the butt plug filling up his hole and a side view so that I could get his whole body and face in the shot.

"You look like a complete slut like that," I announced to him.

"I feel like a slut Miss. I'm your slut Miss," he admitted.

"Lunch will be here in a few minutes pet," I said as I un-cuffed him and unattached the leash from the headboard, "Stand up now."

It can't have been comfortable getting up off the bed and standing up with that plug in him, but he obeyed. When he stood in front of me again, I could see his cock was still hard and twitching. The tip glistened with his pre-cum.

"Put a towel over your lap and sit at the table," I instructed, "You don't want to frighten the staff when they bring us lunch, now do you pet?" I said with a giggle.

"Yes Miss. No of course not Miss," he said with a cheeky grin and sat at the table and placed a towel over his naked hard cock. I saw him wince from the obvious discomfort as he sat down with that plug deep inside him. But my slave did not complain, he just adjusted himself into the position on the chair that caused the least amount of pain.

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