tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sex Life Ch. 07

My Sex Life Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Introducing George

Wednesday nights are my Judo nights.

I invariably have a lot of fun on Wednesday evenings, partially because I really enjoy my Judo classes but mostly because after the class, I usually end up having fun with one of the other members of my club.

His name is George and I've been 'seeing' him for a little over a year (you'll probably be reading about quite a few of our exploits in future). He's 19, drop dead shagable, has a car and almost always and gives me a lift home after our class. He also has a girlfriend called Gillian but that's another story. I should point out that on the vast majority of times that he drives me home, we don't go by the most direct of routes. This particular Wednesday night was no exception.

In fact, we went a little further out of our way than usual; out along the coast, through Musselburgh, to Levenhall Links.

The car park is next to a boating pond and it was empty when we arrived. George just about had time to turn off the ignition before I had his cock in my mouth. George's cock was thick and hard and I love using my mouth to pleasure him. He groaned as my lips slid up and down his shaft. Every now and then I'd let it slip from between my lips and kiss and lick it all over, teasing the slit at its tip and driving him wild.

As I sucked hungrily on his cock, I struggled to get out of my Gi bottoms. George did his best to assist but his mind was on other things as I took him, repeatedly, deep into my mouth, his knob nestling in the back of my throat as I sucked and swallowed.

Once I'd disposed of my bottoms and George was brick hard, I released his cock from my mouth long enough to let him recline the seat and roll on a condom. Once that was safely in place, I climbed on to his lap, straddled him and impaled myself on his shaft and started to ride him like a woman possessed.

George's cock isn't the biggest I've ever taken but it's big enough and he knows how to use it (even accounting for the lack of mobility our position allowed). He had my Gi top open and was sucking and licking my tits as I bounced up and down on him.

I was deliriously happy as I worked my hips back and forth, sliding my wet pussy along George's stiff cock as he squeezed and sucked on my tits. The passenger's seat in a car doesn't give you much room to move but I ground myself against him, savouring the friction on my clit as his cock filled me.

I'm not sure when the other two cars arrived, I was too busy to be paying attention to such details but at some point during the proceedings, we did became aware that there were another two cars now in the car park and that their occupants seemed to be watching us quite intently. The knowledge that we were being watched turned me on even more and I was soon cumming hard and I'm convinced the occupants of the other cars must have heard my cries (especially since I discovered that at some point I must have knocked against the switch that wound down the driver's side window).

Ignoring the onlookers as best I could, I let my orgasm wash over me and I rode George's cock for all I was worth. Each thrust added to the powerful sensations that were pulsing through my body.

After a few more minutes , George was breathing hard and told me he was about to cum. I took this as my cue and got off his dick. I clambered on to the driver's seat, removed the condom, bent forward and took him into my mouth to finish him off.

I sucked hard. I had the fingers of one hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking rapidly up and down as I brought him closer and closer to the point of no return. I rubbed my clit with the fingers of the other hand, bringing myself closer and closer to another climax as George strained to hold back, trying desperately to delay the moment of release for as long as possible.

Sadly for him, George couldn't hold on. A few hard sucks later and he let fly, filling my mouth with jet after delicious jet of his hot, sticky cum as I gulped it down eagerly.

The occupants of the car parked on the driver's side of ours must have got a great view of my arse and me fingering my well fucked pussy as I was knelt over, drinking George's cum.

Once I'd cum again and he'd subsided, I let him go and attempted to make myself (at least) a little more decent. I had a cigarette while George got his breath back and then we drove off.

As we passed one of the two cars on our way out, its driver tooted its horn and they guy on the passenger seat gave us a thumbs-up. I guess they enjoyed the show. I know George and I certainly did.

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