tagBDSMMy Sexy Valentine

My Sexy Valentine


She loved the pictures of the romantic river front B&B in southern Ohio with the sounds of the Ohio River to be the backdrop for their first weekend together. Months of emails and online conversations had brought them to this point of meeting face to face. She had to admit, she thought it a sweet and corny notion to meet for the first time face to face on the weekend of Valentine's Day, but then she knew Frank seemed charming, and she already trusted him. She would just have to add that he was a sappy romantic.

What he didn't know was that even the sight of his name online or an email from him made her wet. He had become a trusted confidant, but obviously much more. She had dressed a bit provocatively to encourage him to be bold. She wore a long, sheer red blouse, with a black flouncy skirt that tickled the back of her knees when she walked. She had purchased new lingerie for the occasion ... matching red lace demi-bra and panties and, of course, thigh high stockings. She looked stunning ... even her kids said so, of course, they weren't privy to the lingerie!

Her stomach was in a knot as she rounded the last bend and the Inn came into sight. Frank had reserved the Riverview Room, with a large fireplace and big picture windows overlooking the river. She wondered if he had arrived early as she pulled her car into the lot. As she got out of her car, a gentleman came out of the lodge and walked toward her. She nearly screamed with excitement, but managed to choke it back.

"Rachael?" he called out from several feet away.

"Yes!" is all she said before running toward him, her arms open wide. He met her eyes momentarily before pulling her tight to his chest and pressing his mouth to hers in a kiss to be remembered for decades to come as one of the most tender, emotive kisses she had known.

At last they parted, and Frank took her bag and headed toward the door of their lodge, looking into her face repeatedly as if searching her, matching her to the woman he knew online. He told her at least twice how lovely she looked, and that her pictures didn't do her justice. He opened the door, and again looked into her smiling face. Her nervousness slowly waning in the warmth of his face.

She was glad he had arrived before her. A bouquet of red roses in a lovely glass vase with a big red bow around it stood on the dresser. The fireplace was already aglow and reflected on the huge windows overlooking the water. A bottle of merlot and a French baguette lay on the table. She looked into his face and moved toward him for another kiss. This time, she was much more aware of his hands gliding along her female curves and she playfully rubbed against him.

The first hour or so was a time to connect the dots. There were questions to ask and observations to be made. Frank took her hand almost immediately, led her to the overstuffed sofa that faced the water and cuddled her close to him throughout their small talk introduction.

She felt safe and treasured. Then, to her delight, he stood and popped the cork of the bottle of merlot, and as casually as imaginable, asked her to remove her blouse and skirt. He poured two glasses of wine as she adjusted to his request, and finally, complied. He resumed his place on the sofa, and watched as she unbuttoned her pretty blouse, and let it slide from her shoulders. Her breasts rounded beautifully within the skimpy red lace demi-bra. Even her erect nipples were quite evident to his joy. She noted his expectant expression as she reached behind her to undo her skirt and wiggled it down over her hips. He looked her over and welcomed her to take her place at his right side, handing her wine to her.

His nonchalant demeanor spoke volumes to her as their conversation continued, and tiny sparks began to fly between them. He was not over eager, nor was he overly aggressive. He seemed to instinctively know exactly how far to push without trampling her self-respect.

They sat there on the sofa, sipping the delicate, but robust wine, Rachael in her bra, panties, and thigh high stockings, and Frank in his casual business attire. It was expected. It was perfectly normal.

The fire blazed beautifully, and threw a lovely romantic light over them as they watched the sun set, nibbling on the bread and sipping the wine.

"Thank you for coming, Rachael. I'm happy you were able to get away and chose to spend this weekend with me. How do you feel?" he asked sincerely.

"I think my nerves are about squelched," she giggled. She looked at him more seriously, "I'm glad I came, also, Frank."

"Good!" He smiled and refilled their glasses. She started to lift the glass to her lips, but he interrupted her arm. "Wait! Before you can take another sip, your pretty bra needs to be undone. Is it new? Do not remove it, just undo it." His face was serious, though not stern.

Hesitantly, she reached behind herself and undid her bra. "Yes, I bought it for you," she answered. It relaxed its grip on her curves. She was permitted to sip her wine. His casual, off-hand manner was beginning to fan those lusty sparks as she sat beside him nearly unclad, yet he seemed ... unaffected, as if he was quite accustomed to half-naked women around him, eager to do his bidding.

Their meal was finished, and they were both satisfied in that respect. The wine left them feeling warm inside even as the fire warmed their skin.

"So, what have you brought for me?" Frank asked.

"I'm sorry?" she startled at his question.

His eyes wandered slowly down across her mature female curves. Again, their eyes met, and his fingers played lightly with the silky fabric barely covering her puckered, pink nipples. He noted her gooseflesh at his touch, and smiled.

"Finish your wine, please," he said as his fingers traced the outline of her drooping bra. "Your freckles are a tease. I'll have to count them sometime. Are they every where?"

"As far as I know, yes, and you are welcome to count them at your leisure! At least it's not summer. There are many more in the summer."

"No doubt." He paused and took her empty glass and set them both on the end table. "Now, what have you brought me?" he asked again.

"A warm smile," she replied. Her shyness contrasted with his initial knowledge of her through her erotic stories, but he found it charming and even arousing.

"And a lovely smile it is." He kissed her lips, then her forehead, cheeks, and nose. "What else have you brought me, my dear?"

Suddenly flushed with boldness, she answered, "Me. I have brought you ME."

"Thank you. Stand please."

She stood. His eyes locked onto hers as she stood before him. After a long interval during which his eyes drank in every inch of her form, he stood. He stood very, very close to her and lifted her face to his. She wanted to step back, but held her ground. It was a moment of intense inner drama as they instinctively put on their God-endowed roles. He could feel her struggle, and it stirred his loins. His closeness intoxicated her as his scent mixed with hers. Slowly, but deliberately, he gently pulled the drooping bra away from her body, their eyes locked. Her face flushed. He gazed at her mature breasts with desire and could not resist their inviting softness. His hands overtook them, squeezing them, lifting them, pulling them roughly, and kneading them masterfully. He took each nipple between his thumb and pointer and pinched them firmly while his eyes penetrated her soul.

When his hands were fully satisfied, they began their descent along her sides, over her plump hips. Her lacy panties caught on his arms and slowly traveled down her body, riding on his wrists until they fell to the floor at her feet. He noticed her baldness and immediately stroked her while his other hand rounded behind her to her plush bum. A finger dipped into her hidden pool, and he was pleased at the wetness he found awaiting him. After acquainting himself with her naked body, he sat back down on the sofa. All that remained on her luscious feminine form was her nylons.

"What a picture! Thank you, Rachael. Now, please remove your hose." As gracefully as possible, Rachael obeyed his command. "Thank you. As we begin this weekend and take our relationship to this new level, I believe a ceremony is in order and a few rules. Let me set for you first the rules. 1. While we are together in this place, or anyplace private henceforth, you will immediately upon arrival, unveil your luscious breasts for me. They will remain uncovered the length of our time together, unless we choose to dine out. Specific rules will be assigned at that time. Understand this is a minimum. Complete nudity would be highly desirable, but I will not command it for this first adventure. 2.You will speak only when asked, and your answers will be full and completely honest. Otherwise, you will be silent. 3. When I shower, you will bathe me first, then join me. 4. For this weekend, when I urinate, you will hold my penis.

The purpose of these rules is to assure you that I am in charge, and while we are together, you are mine."

He spoke with poise and self-assurance that she found hard to resist, then stood again very close to her. "Come into my arms and feel my deep affection for you." He held her tightly to him and kissed her passionately.

"Time for a trip to the bathroom. Come," he said. She followed him to the bathroom. She undid his slacks, took his penis in her hand and exposed it. She pointed it toward the toilet and held it as he urinated. She shyly used a bit of toilet paper to wipe the drip, then secured his penis back within his slacks. "Next time, I will not ask. It is expected. Understood?"

She nodded affirmatively. He asked if she also needed to pee, and she did so as he watched. This ritual left her quite aroused, to her surprise. They returned to the living room. As he sat down, Rachael saw his slacks protruding, and it brought a smile to her face. Without further words, Frank placed a pillow on the floor between his legs and motioned for her to demonstrate her skill in pleasing a Man.

Obediently, but with a smile on her face, she snuggled between his parted thighs. Tenderly, she undid his slacks and made her way to the bulge hidden there. He lifted his hips to help her in her efforts to free him. With wonder and sincere eagerness, she slid his briefs down until his stiffened penis sprang free. For a brief moment, she admired it's beauty, standing tall and proud, a testimony of the quiet strength of this man. Overwhelmed with emotion and desire, her hand began to caress it, and her lips pressed a sweet kiss against the tender head before opening onto its thickness. She understood his need for release, and fully intended to suck him dry, then, if permitted, she would later explore his body further.

Her mouth engulfed his swollen penis until he felt the back of her throat, her tongue continually moving around him. She felt it dance within her mouth in response to her attention. Her eyes closed, and he noted the angelic yet lustful look on her face as she sucked him hungrily, deeper into her throat. He, like most men, had always loved the look of a woman sucking on his penis. He groaned as her powerful sucking sent electricity through him. Her lips, tightly slid up and down on his shaft, and her tongue continuously teased him, tracing every vein and ridge, around the sensitive head, all the while she sucked. She released him only long enough to catch a deep breath and suck him deep into her throat again.

"Arrrrrrgh!" he groaned. Her fingers lightly traced his testicles, and quickly pushed him toward the point of eruption. She noted his fast approaching climax, and sucked him even more powerfully, determined to give him a memorable first encounter. Faster and faster her head bobbed on his rock-hard muscle, her mouth completely given to his pleasure, as her lips pressed tightly around the head of his penis. She released it for a moment and simply breathed on it, the tip of her tongue flicking the tiny opening, lifting the drops of moisture there.

Once again she sucked the fullness of his penis into her mouth and throat. Her body was hot, her soul devoted to giving this man pleasure. She rubbed her breasts against his legs as again he grunted deeply, and she drank the first spurts of his savory sperm. His gift to her was blast after blast of his hot, thick milk. Her mouth did not relent, but continued to suck his throbbing penis deep into her tight throat. He pumped fully, but still she continued to suck until to his surprise, he fired several more bursts of his hot, virile milk. All the while she purred, and groaned in delight, happily swallowing his delectable juice. When his penis finally ceased its dance, her mouth opened but her tongue continued to lick him lightly, aware of his tenderness, yet hungry for more of his penis. He stopped her after he regained his breath, and she stood before him, aroused and feeling her femininity.

"Please lie down there, and show me your clitoris," he ordered softly. Surprised, she paused to look at his face. He was not kidding. She did as she was told, and laid down before him, and parted herself to show him her swollen clitoris.

"Beautiful! Now rub it for me until I tell you to stop."

"OK," she shyly replied. She did as she was told, and rubbed her tender clitoris so that the slurping sound put a smile on his face. She did this for some time.

"Show me your opening." Again she parted herself for his inspection.

"Perhaps later, you will masturbate for me, hm? Now stand, and undress me." She did as told. She undid every button of his shirt, slid it off his shoulders, helped him loosen his slacks and let them fall to the floor. She lifted one foot and pulled the slacks from it, then did the same with the other foot, so that he now stood near her as naked as she was. She noticed that life was returning to his penis, and she couldn't resist a caress. If there had been any doubt before, Frank understood now how much pleasure she received as she served him.

He took her hand and led her into the bedroom, then drew her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Their mature yet awakened bodies pressed together as their hot skin touched. Breast to breast, thigh to thigh, they danced even as their tongues danced back and forth, testing and tasting one another. Rachael could feel his penis rising against her and she hungered for it to fill her. She parted her thighs to allow it access to her bald lips.

"Oh, you think it will be that easy?" he asked with a chuckle.

He scooted back onto the bed and laid down and indicated that he wanted her to straddle him. She followed his direction. He stopped her again as his penis pressed against the door of her female heat. She lowered just an inch onto him, as permitted. With his hand, he used his penis to stir her juices, sliding up to press firmly against her protruding clitoris, and she shuddered visibly. Her hips involuntarily began to circle, as he continued to stir her. slowly, his hands on her hips, he guided her slowly onto his hard penis, but told her to be very still. He guided her hips back and forth slowly, and her back arched. Her breasts were lifted high, and he couldn't resist grabbing them. She leaned forward some to facilitate his desire. He whispered for her to lift herself onto and off of his penis slowly as he enjoyed her nipples, sucking them and nibbling them until slight pain mixed freely with her pleasure. Her hips began to grind and circle against him, and he felt her muscles squeeze him in hunger. She sat up and with her legs, began to bounce up and down on his hard piston as it pumped her, swelling with each thrust. His hands turned and pulled her breasts as though they steered her lusty movements. She loved the feel of his filling her deepest places so perfectly, and she rode him with a helpless freedom that really turned him on. Finally, she leaned down against his chest, her nipples lightly touching his mat of chest hair. His hands shifted to her soft, round ass. He grabbed it and lifted her up and down on him. He lifted her up then she dove powerfully back on, taking him completely within her ...faster ... deeper ... faster ... deeper ... until she cried out his name. He felt her body convulse around his penis as she groaned and grunted in pleasure. He felt his penis coated with her juices. She gripped him tightly as her body writhed in pleasurable delight. On and on she rode and groaned as her climax endured wave after luscious wave. Frank held her to him, turned on by the vulnerability she showed him.

At last her rhythm slowed, and he held her close, his penis still buried deep within her. They were still for a few minutes ...

"How do you feel?" he asked, his stiff penis still buried in her wet hole.

She looked into his face. "I could get used to this feeling!" With that, he gently withdrew and pushed her onto her back, grabbed her ankles, and pulled her to the bottom edge of the bed. He put her ankles over his shoulders, and ran his penis up and down her open and slippery slit. She felt empty, but only for a minute. Quickly, he pushed deep into her. Again and again, he speared her making her body pulse to his rhythm.

She moaned at the delicious sensations and slurpy sounds. The air was weighted with the heavy musk of their sex, and the sounds of their sex driven groans. When it seemed as though she was very close to the edge, he withdrew and asked her to get on her hands and knees. She responded as fast as she was able, eager to get him back inside of her. He loved the sight of her open bottom offered to him, and he took a minute or two to look at it. She wiggled her hips in anticipation. Inch by tiny inch he teased her, driving her mad. She tried to push herself back onto him, but he withdrew altogether. She tried desperately to remain still, every muscle, every inch of her skin crying out for him. Again, inch by inch he gave her his penis, feeling her muscles grab onto him. Finally, he filled her and began a slow, consistent rhythm. Her body began rocking to his thrusts, as her breasts dangled just out of his reach. She was almost ashamed to say how much she loved this position. It allowed his penis to hit her most sensitive spots with each entrance. She loved the sounds of his body slapping against hers while he fucked her convincingly.

Their arousal grew simultaneously and his speed increased as he dove in and out of her faster and harder with each stroke. His hands grasped her full hips firmly, pulling her forcefully onto him. Faster and deeper until she felt he would come right through her ... and they both cried out as his hot sperm once again fired deep into her causing her to explode and rub back against him wantonly. It seemed to last forever as stream after stream of his seed pulsed from his firm penis to her wanting cavern.

At last their grunts turned to giggles as he collapsed against her back and finally grabbed her dangling breasts. He caressed them tenderly, pulling her nipples sending still another ripple of pleasure through her.

He withdrew his spent penis and they collapsed together. He pulled her to him.

"So, Rachael, will you be my sexy Valentine?"

"I better be!" she said with a playful smirk. She snuggled into his embrace enjoying the remains of their juices slowly dripping from her. His hands cupped her breasts as they fell off to doze until the next round.

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