My Sister Eva Started It All


I do have incredible stamina when I want to, and since I had just filled Amber's pussy with a huge load, I knew I could hold out for much longer than my sister expected her mystery man to do. I found a clock hanging on the wall and was laughing on the inside as twenty minutes passed and my sister was still doing everything she could think of to make me cum. I could tell she was frustrated that it was taking so long and I stoked the fire just a bit by gruffly saying, "Hurry up bitch! You said you'd make me cum and swallow it all! Come on, let's get to it!"

She looked up at me with desperation written all over her face as she said around my cock head, "I'm twying, honesth I yam. I'll do bedder, sthoon ou'll be clummin." She dropped back down fully onto my shaft and she was hungrily trying to drain my balls down her lovely throat. Her eyes were begging to me as she frantically jerked my shaft with both hands while she swirled her tongue rapidly around my cock head, her lips sucking hard on my bulbous head. Then she would release her hands and slam down onto me driving her nose into my abdomen hard as she bounced her face on me.

I decided to let her have my load (I had been holding it back just to torment her) and she felt it as my cock swelled even more between her lips and she groaned around me "Ummm hmmm. Ummm hmmm!" I grabbed her head and held her nose to my pubic hair as my first four blasts of cum rocketed straight into her stomach. Then I pushed her head back about six inches and held her there as the remaining five huge ropes of cum filled her mouth to over flowing time and time again. Evie's eyes bulged out as she desperately worked at swallowing everything I had to give her and I gave her a lot!

I released her face and she gently worked her tongue and lips round and round my cock head making certain that she had fully drained me. "Holy shit," she said finally pulling her well stretched mouth from my cock, "you really did have a gallon of cum in these things!" She squeezed my balls lightly as she said that.

Deeply my voice said, "That was really nice, slut, but now look what you've done!" She looked at my cock in surprise wondering what she had done wrong and I continued. "Just how the hell am I to get this back into my pants? Now I need to fuck you once again!"

I pulled her down onto her back next to Amber and took position with my cock just at the entrance to her pussy. "Well, bitch, what do you want me to do?" I huskily asked.

MY slut sister grabbed my hips and wrapped her legs around my ass then used all four appendages to pull me hard into her as she cried out, "Oh god, fuck ME!!!!!!! Fuck me harder than I've ever been fucked before! Make me cum on your cock till I can't cum anymore!" Funny, that was what I had just decided to do to her I thought to myself with an inward chuckle.

As I started thrusting into her I glanced at the clock on the wall, it showed 10:45. In no time Evie was gripping tightly to me as she shook violently under her first climax of this go around. I just kept right on going, paying her no mind as I drove my cock hard into her core. She grabbed my face and pulled us together kissing me fiercely as our bodies worked in unison as we slammed into each other. My right hand pinched her left nipple before I gripped it really hard and pulled it out about 2½ inches. She screamed as her back arched and her pussy clamped onto me harder than she had before, her second orgasm coursing through her tight young body as I just kept pounding into her.

As her climax waned she began moaning out "oh my god ... oh my god ... oh my god ..." in time with my cock bottoming out inside her pussy. I looked once more at the clock and it showed 11:05 and I knew I was in for the long haul. Soon my never ending thrusts had her groaning hard into my shoulder and she was urging me to make her cum once more. My hand snaked in between us and quickly found her clit, making her eyes bulge in surprise. The first time I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger she stiffened as she cried out "OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OH FUCK ME I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OHFUCKYESOHGOD! YESSSS FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER ... HARDER ... THAT'S IT, FUCK ME AND MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!" Her cries rose in pitch and soon became inaudible as her body shook violently beneath me.

After she came back down I eased up just a bit and then gently reached under her legs and lifted them up and back until her knees were pressed to the mattress on either side of her shoulders. "Oh my god, you are in me so deep," she groaned as I resumed my slow thrusts, my cock pulling back until just my tip remained inside, then I reversed until my base pressed hard against her opening. After getting her going that way I dropped my hips an inch or so thus changing the angle of penetration. This forced my cock head to rub hard against her g-spot on each inward and outward stroke. My first stroke made Evie emit a deep and raspy groan of pleasure while I slowly picked up my pace once more.

"Oh my god, you fucking stud, I'm going to cum again! Oh my god YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!" and her vaginal muscles clamped down onto me like a ten ton press! It was difficult, but I managed to continue moving in and out of her tight passage while she cried out continuously in the beautiful agony of her climax. My sister's head was rolling side to side as she groaned and her climax slowly faded away.

Suddenly her hands came up and grabbed at my mask, trying to somehow get it off of me. "Show me your face! I have to know who it is that has fucked me so good! Tell me who you are!"

I drove my hips forward forcing my cock deeper than ever into her and making her gasp. At the same time I grabbed her hands and said as deeply as I could, "It's Halloween, bitch, that's why we wear masks!" Then I quickly pulled out and flipped her onto her hands and knees before slamming my cock forcefully back into her dripping wet pussy. After giving her two more thrusts she was no longer thinking about my identity.

"Oh god yes, fuck me from behind! I love this position! Don't stop, whoever you are! Just fuck me and don't stop fucking me! Oh god help me, I love your massive cock! Say you'll fuck me forever!" She powered her hips back at me as she called out once more, "God damn it, SAY IT!"

I was pounding relentlessly into her and could only managed a grunted "Forever", in my real voice. My sister jerked her head up and started to turn to look at me just before she screamed out, "Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass!" She continued crying out and groaning in pleasure as her climax pulverized her tight body until she could only hang her head as she struggled for breath.

My hand gripped my shaft as I pulled fully out of her before I changed the angle and pushed right back in, this time shoving about two inches of cock up her ass before she cried out, "Oh shit, not there! You're too big, please not my ass!"

I gripped her shaking hips tightly and slowly increased my pressure with my hips as I said, "Bull shit, bitch! You just told me to 'fuck your fucking ass' and that is exactly what I am going to do!"

"Oh god no! I didn't mean it!" she cried out as I slipped another inch into her tight little ass. Then I held my position firmly as she moaned and continued begging me to pull out. I reached forward and grabbed her messy but still tied "genie' style hair and pulled her head back.

"You asked for this, and now you are going to get it, bitch," I said in my deep voice and as I continued pulling she eased her ass back onto me another inch or so. "Come on sexy, you've only got an inch to go (it was really more like four but why tell her that), you know you want it! Come on bitch, shove your ass back and take all of me!" I was concerned that part of my speech was more normal voice than the deep one I was using but she was so into getting her ass pummeled by me that she didn't seem to notice. She wiggled her ass before groaning as she pushed back against me and soon I gruffly said, "Good girl, you've got my entire cock up your ass hole!"

"Oh my god, you are so fucking huge!" my sister groaned as her body quivered on my cock. I loosened my hold on her hair and she let her head fall forward as she started slowly pulling off of me and then pressing back onto me. Only an inch or so at first but soon she was pounding nearly my entire shaft into her sexy ass. In minutes she was working her ass on my shaft in a blur just before her body stiffened as she screamed in climax once more. I took over thrusting into her as she could no longer manage it on her own.

After her climax was over I slowed and waited for her to regain her composure before resuming my full thrusts into her delectable ass. She tried to turn her head but simply couldn't and so she just let it drop as she softly asked, "Why haven't you cum yet? Every guy I've ever been with would have cum ten times by now...that is if he could still keep it up."

"I'll cum when I'm ready!" I told her. "As for me, right now I just want you to know you will NEVER find any guy who can fuck you like I am tonight!" Damn, a few words weren't deep enough and I thought I saw her react to them. She groaned hard as I resumed my hard and deep thrusts into her well stretched puckered hole.

Once again I reached around her and found her pussy dripping with her juices. God she was soaking wet! Her body jerked in surprise when I slipped a finger into her pussy, then two and finally a third as I was fucking my hand into her cunt in time with my cock's fucking into her ass hole. When she was groaning non-stop from her double fucking I moved my thumb up to her clit and rubbed it fiercely as I pounded both of her holes.

Evie let out such a blood curdling scream that I thought it would bring the entire host of partiers running into the room, but nobody arrived. Well, nobody came but my sister who babbled incoherently as she shook violently on my shaft and fingers. As she came back down to earth I pulled my fingers from her pussy I sniffed them and then licked her juices from them as Evie turned her head to watch me.

One might think I had been doing it for years instead of just the past seven months when I pulled fully out of her ass and said, "Suck my cock." She did it after slowly turning around, her talented mouth taking me fully down her throat as she removed all residues from her ass. "That's enough, now I want your pussy," I said in my deep voice and she expertly spun around then shoved right back at me forcing my cock into her pussy all the way to the bottom. "Ohhhhh fucking hell," she moaned as I bottomed out. This time I was pounding her pussy with only one goal in mind, I wanted to cum! Minutes later Evie cried out and then shook violently again as she came without a word, her teeth biting her lower lip to remain silent.

The room was echoing with the slapping sounds of our bodies smacking against each other over and over. Evie was mumbling gibberish as her passion swelled once more. My cock began to grow inside her and she perked up her head as she softly said, "Oh please, give me your cum! Shoot your seed into me! Do it, I want to feel it when you blast my insides with your cum!" I gave her three more hard full thrusts into her pussy and she tore the mattress covering open when she clenched her fists as she cried out "Oh fuck, I'm cumming again!" just as my balls powered up and my fire hose cock blasted her insides with one huge stream of cum after another.

Each blast from my cock was received with a loud groan and a shudder from Evie! Soon she was sobbing into the mattress as both of our climaxes reached their Zenith and began to recede. I was afraid I had hurt her but then I could hear her sobbing, "Nobody's ever fucked me like this, NEVER! And I don't even know who you are. Please take off your mask so I can see you! Please."

My deep voice softly said, "No, my mask stays on! But you my dear Genie were one fantastic fuck!" I looked to my side and Amber was watching us through glazed eyes. "In fact, you were almost as good as Amber here is!" I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips and she just looked back at me and then at my sister sprawled before me. When I pulled out of her fuck hole, Evie simply fell forward onto her face with a groan, her lips trying to move but nothing was coming out of them.

I pulled my costume bottoms back up before I bent down to Amber once more and deeply said, "I hope you are okay, I didn't want to hurt you!" She formed a weak smile on her dazed looking face and nodded to me. Then I leaned down and put my face right next to my sister's as my hand rubbed her ass and then slid up and rubbed the side of her 32D breast.

She looked like she wanted to speak but I put a finger on her lips and used my deep voice to say, "Thanks for begging me to let you suck me off and fuck you! You are one fantastic fuck ... for a bitch." Her eyes blinked when I called her that and she tried to focus on my eyes once more. Then I resumed in my deep voice but slowly reverted into my real voice as I softly said, "It's not so bad that you never saw my face. You can always ask some pencil dicked shithead to help you out if you get horny!" Her eyes grew wider than I had ever seen them as she tried to find my face as I started to standup. My hand reached down and pushed her face back into the mattress as I whispered "See you at home, Evie!" I was gone in a flash, but not before I glanced at the clock, which now read 12:25.

When I stepped through the open doorway and closed the door behind me the entire crowded hallway broke into applause and cheers at the stud in the Spiderman suit. The girls just stared at me in awe with their mouths hanging open. I acknowledged them and made my way through the mass of people, many of girls grabbed at my cock bulging in my pant leg as I passed them.

Not expecting to be out so late, I simply went home in the Spiderman outfit, instead of swapping it at Randy's place. Our folks were in bed so I didn't have to explain the outfit I was wearing, or its unusual fit. Instead I just hung it on a hook in my bedroom and went to sleep in the nude like usual. Man did I sleep soundly with a huge smile on my face!

Chapter Two.

I woke up around 7:30 Saturday morning feeling happier than I could ever remember! I had managed to find Amber at the party and she sucked my shaft before climbing on top of me and riding my cock through several orgasms until we both climaxed at the same time, an event that made her pass out and fall off of me in a deep sleep right after she finished shaking. What I hadn't expected was my own sister begging me to fuck her and then sucking me for several moments to show she meant it. I decided it was the perfect time to get back at her for all the shit she had given me so I let her suck me off until I flooded her mouth with cum and then I fucked her hard and deep for over an hour and a half! Evie had been slammed with at least eleven powerful climaxes during our tryst and was unable to move when I left her sprawled on the mattress.

When I stumbled into the kitchen wearing just a pair of boxers, mom and dad were just getting ready to leave. "Good morning, son! Looks like you must have had a fun time at Randy's party!" dad said. "Your sister has been moaning all night so she may not wake up for quite some time! I'll bet she had too much beer last night!"

"Yeah, probably too much of something," I said with a laugh.

Both of them told me to be nice to my sister and then said they'd be back quite late as they had several places to go in search of antiques, one of their favorite activities. They left and I ate some breakfast before grabbing a Coke and returning to my room to surf the web. I peeked into Evie's room and she was in the fetal position with both of her hands tight against her pussy as she moaned and groaned some more.

I chuckled out loud and then went to my room, leaving her door wide open. About two hours later I heard her stirring and then later heard the toilet flush. Soon she was standing in my doorway holding onto the door frame to help steady herself. Her hair and makeup were a mess and she looked like a freight train had driven right through her. I ignored her presence and called up another page on my E-bay account.

Evie cleared her throat and I looked up smiling broadly at her as I said cheerfully, "Good morning sis! I had a GREAT time at my party last night, how about you?" She dropped her eyes for a moment and I said "Oh, oh, my sister had a bad night. I am really sorry to hear that!"

"How could you," she softly asked?

"What? I couldn't hear you sis, speak up please."

Evie forced herself to speak louder and repeated, "How could you?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

She took three steps and grabbed the hanging costume and shook it softly at me. "This, Dale! How could you fuck me last night like you did?"

"Was that you?" I said in mock surprise. "Wow sis, you have a damn fine ass!"

"How could you fuck your own sister?! That's ... that's ... that's, um, shit I know it's illegal, I just can't think of the name for it!"

"You mean incest? Well it may be illegal but it sure was great! Wouldn't you agree dear sister?"

"Stop it you ... you damned mother fucker!"

"Hey, a new moniker for me! Cute but no, I haven't tried that yet. Mom is pretty hot though, hmmm."

"Dale, STOP!" she shouted at me.

"All right, back to your question. Let's see, I tried several times to get away from you, but you were begging me to let you ride my cock and then let you suck me dry. Jesus was it difficult to hold out that long while you blew me! You really can suck cock, Evie!"

She blushed lightly and mumbled a soft "thanks" before I went on.

"As I recall, when I asked you what you wanted me to do, you said something about fucking you harder than you ever had been, to fuck you till you couldn't cum anymore." She just looked at the floor so I finished with, "Tell me I didn't do both of those things for you! Tell me you were ready for the rest of the frat house to gang up on you when I left and begged them to fuck you some more!"

She stayed silent and I laughed before saying "I didn't think so! Now get out of my room you fucking bitch!"

She didn't move and finally I turned to face her and asked, "Well, NOW what do you want?"

Her eyes burned into mine for several seconds before she dropped them to my lap where my cock was resting at about half mast due to our talk. Her eyes finally came back up to meet mine and she softly said, "Dale, fuck me again! Please fuck me without the mask! I want to watch the man with the best cock ever while he fucks me to another huge climax! Just don't over do it, I'm rather sore."

I got up and walked over to her and then picked her up and tossed her onto my bed. Suddenly she looked wide awake as I approached her. I pulled her nightgown over her head, revealing her nakedness as she grabbed my boxers and pushed them off my hips where they slipped easily to the floor. I stepped out of them and got onto the bed beside her and started to climb between her legs face first. "No, I'm so horny you don't need to do that, yet. Just push your big cock into me and fuck me! I need to feel my brother's cock inside me again!"

Grinning, I moved up her body, stopping to kiss each of her nipples and make her groan in pleasure. My cock pressed up against her opening and I looked into her eyes, our faces inches apart. "So my beautiful sister, one last chance; are you certain this is what you want?"

Evie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a soft yet passionate kiss before saying, "Do it, bro, push your cock into me and fuck me like you really mean it! Make me scream!" My hips had pushed my tip into her so the moment she said that I just slammed forward, my cock instantly bottoming out against her cervix once more. "Oh goddddddddd, yes! Do it, Dale! That feels SO good! Oh god yes, pound me with your cock!" Then she wrapped her legs around my hips and held tight to me as my hips began thrusting hard and deep into her quaking pussy. She screamed in climax in less than four minutes as her hips humped back up at me, her fingers digging into my arms.

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