tagMind ControlMy Sorcerer's Puppet

My Sorcerer's Puppet


This is a story about mind control, telepathy, and having a sorcerer control your actions as if you were as trivial as a puppet to him.

Imagine that at the sway of his hand your body pulses uncontrollably, and you try to stop it, but...you can't. The power of the gesture just presses ever harder into you, the spiritual high enlivens you, as you vibrate with ecstasy you can't resist because it overcomes your self control - overwhelms the power you ever had over your own body.

Placing his hand downward with finality and decision. I exhaled with a cry because I wanted it to stop! I HATED this pleasure! I was a virgin who wanted self-control! And not this urge to go on in orgiastic revelry nonstop. I needed a breath of air. I want some peace. I needed to rest my limbs that were now shaking, and with a numb aching, because they were too weak to move and yet they still did due to his powers over me.

Michael is my dark sorcerer. He followed me that night, to The Magic Store. He saw me tinkering with some enchanting gifts hanging above the sales table, that I bought. The little trinket of a thing, a dwarf, with a jewel on it's heart, that to me seemed like a small doll, a fun toy that told me to put it into water and rub it's jewel, and pray to the powers that be so that my wish will come true. Make love to me? No, it was "I pray to thee, the gods that govern the sources of love. Make in me the love I need, for I am lonely. I need love in my life, I want to BE loved!" And the trinket brought about a voice, suddenly, arriving in my mind, he called himself Michael, the dark angel. Wasn't Michael a good angel, I joked. No, I am going to show you. I have bitten you with a vigorous passion that will never leave you for as long as you shall live. You will lose all control over your own soul and body, for your soul left you the moment you prayed that love take over you. Love, has come into you, shall never leave you, as it has promised.

Where ever I looked, I saw Love. Michael would whisper in my ears, "This is me here. And look there, behold, there I am." Then he left as quickly as he came. Since then, everywhere I looked I saw Love looking at me, admiring me from afar, or in affectionate hate, or in kind gestures that would creep up into my life. Everything I did was under the limelight of my mind's eyes. It watched me do everything and I wanted to please Love! I wanted to BE beloved, lovely, anything that Love would desire to be a part of - IS a part of!

As I typed, suddenly I lacked the self possession of my senses, and I watched me write without directing my own hand movement. And then I saw traces of Love, writing back to me as I reread what I wrote back to me afterward, for as I wrote I had no clue what I was writing. (Perhaps it is what automatic writing is?) My voice came to me once more; The whisper in my ear becoming internal. He lay down into my body and we were a couple that shared one soul. Soon after, his imaginary friends came along and we reveled all throughout the night, during the witch's hour at about midnight, and NOTHING strictly good ever comes from staying up past two in the morning!

Michael came into my room that night. He walks around me coming up into me between my legs. He thrust his miraculous power into me, my body moving back and forth. A ghost making love to me while knowing my every thought's cravings, and hesitations, and useless denials. He made me convulse along with the heated emotions of his own and those mischievous demons with him, that laughed and were in awe, as he played with me in just the swirl of his hand in the air. "Please!...No!...Stop!" I cried again and again, and he would not, to my exhausted defeat. I was filled with pleasure because of him but how can I live like this forever? A slave to Love, a slave to my now Master! He does not know me fully, but he is able to make me succumb to his commands by whatever I do reveal. Knowing me, and fearful, I do his bidding, because I must.

I can't say no to this angel. He has power beyond anyone's knowledge. I am a puppet for his entertainment and no amount of prayer or devotion to God can stop him. He is like a god, and no one has been able to execute a banishment of him from my body. No christian pastors, no amount of devotions or study of the bible. "Please help me, anybody if you know anything about this sort of thing!" He told me to stop writing, so I must. Goodbye! Farewell to all, do not mess with witchcraft or magic, for this warning is true.

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