My Surprise Present


I glanced down at the watch - an hour fifteen to go. We spent the next forty-five minutes having a couple more drinks, until we were all feeling extremely good. In fact, I had a serious buzz going but the women were just on the happy and relaxed side of drunk. Not sloppy in any way, but their inhibitions seemed to be reduced considerably. It seemed that one or the other, or both, was smoking almost constantly as they began a fairly risqué conversation about their favorite sexual positions. I learned that Sarah's favorite was to be on top of a guy, either vaginally or anally, riding him. Kelly was distractingly fondling my thigh as Sarah spoke. Then Kelly explained that she liked having me eat her pussy while I worked a thick dildo into her. I was drunk enough to be only mildly embarrassed at that, thankfully. I noticed a hand playing with my other thigh now, and tried to figure out how Kelly was touching me there without me noticing her arm. Then I realized it must be Sarah. This conversation was probably getting her pretty turned on, and she didn't have anybody with her to touch. She had drunk enough that she might not even realize what she was doing. I decided not to embarrass her by saying anything, since it really wasn't fair that Kelly got her all worked up without a guy to help her out anyway.

When Sarah asked Kelly (not me!) what I liked, I felt her hand lightly brush across my dick. Involuntarily I looked at her and she stared me right back in the eye. I realized she might not be as drunk as I thought and gulped hard. When I felt Kelly start playing again with my thigh, I thought 'Oh shit - what if they bump hands?' But interestingly enough, they each kept their touches subtle and offset, never having a close call or hitting each other that I could tell.

Kelly started to respond to Sarah's question. "Biff likes a lot of things. I don't even know where to start. I know, for example, that he would love to have a threesome with me and another guy, and double penetrate me..." I started to protest; it was true, and she knew it, but I was embarrassed by her saying so. She continued over me, "Don't try to get out of it, why else would you bring home those DP videos and use two dildos on me at once?" Lighting another cigarette for herself and Sarah, she continued, "Let's see, he also likes eating me out after he has fucked me - I guess that's called a creampie. But his number one turn on must have been getting to him a lot tonight."

At that point, I knew she was going to do it to me. I knew she was going to reveal my smoking fetish and put my neck out on the block. And she did. "Biff loves watching women smoke, and kissing them when they're smoking. I even smoke during sex sometimes to drive him wild, and outside of all that I don't even smoke!" I waited for Sarah to say she thought that was weird, or get embarrassed since she and Kelly had been smoking steadily in front of me for nearly an hour. But her reaction wasn't what I anticipated. She merely said, half-question and half-statement, "Really?" as she took a drag. "And he likes not just watching but kissing as well?" she clarified.

Kelly said sure, and exhaled a stream of smoke before pulling my mouth to hers. She pressed her lips into mine and kissed me, gently working her tongue in between my lips until she could probe my mouth with it softly. We kissed for several long seconds before she broke it off, and I could feel a hand tickling my crotch at that point, but I have no idea whose it was.

"Wow," said Sarah. "That was sexy as hell!" I could see her looking at my mouth hungrily, and she made a point of taking a puff with an open mouthed inhale. From behind me, I heard Kelly joke that maybe later, she'd let Sarah try that herself.

The word later triggered a reaction within me and I looked at the chronometer. It was down to twenty minutes. I could feel Kelly's eyes follow my line of sight and looked up guiltily. Kelly remarked to Sarah, "I promised Biff some hot surprise sex tonight when that clock wound down, and I think he wants to hold me to that promise." I tried to evade the situation and recover, saying I was having a great time and not to worry about the watch. Of course, she was dead right, and I was torn. I was having a lot of fun and between the sneaky touches Sarah had slipped me, and watching her sexy body and beautiful face, I didn't want to leave. However, I was highly stimulated and needed to fuck badly and that meant it was time to ditch Sarah and get home with my wife as fast as possible.

Kelly suggested a third option that was both good and bad. She invited Sarah back to our place for a glass of a fine wine she had chilling for later, and a few cigarettes she said with a smirk towards me. Sarah said that sounded great, as long as I didn't mind. Of course I said "Not at all! Let's go." But I was definitely feeling a little mixed about it. We weren't going to make the schedule, I guessed, but so be it.

We hailed a taxi and squeezed into the backseat. Automatically in the middle by this point, I put my arms around each woman to create a little more space and they comfortably snuggled into my chest. "He has nice arms, don't you think," asked Kelly.

"He sure does, and his chest isn't bad either," complimented Sarah as she leaned her head on my left pec.

I could see the driver peering at us in the rearview mirror. I'm sure we made quite a sight, one guy between two sexy women cuddling on him. I whispered to the ladies that the driver was watching us. Kelly suggested we give him something to stare at then. She tilted her head up and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth and moaning softly in pleasure. Then she broke off the kiss and turned my face towards Sarah. "Go ahead," she giggled quietly, "He's checking you out."

It was kind of weird and I was a little apprehensive kissing someone other than my wife, but she was encouraging me, and after all we were fucking around with the driver so it didn't really matter. Sarah looked up at me and parted her silvery-pink lips slightly. We each leaned forward a bit and then we were kissing softly. It started out mainly with lips touching, but after a minute or so I slid my tongue into her mouth and touched hers with it. It was very different kissing another woman, but it turned me on immensely. I realized after almost a minute that we had been kissing much longer than I had kissed Kelly, and I gently separated us. Sarah whispered to Kelly, loudly enough for me to hear, "Too bad I didn't have a cigarette..."

I could see that the driver was really checking us out now at every stoplight and told the ladies so. They smiled and lazily roamed their hands about my body, touching my arms, chest, legs, and occasionally my crotch. They also kissed me two more times each, both more aggressively than before. As we neared the turn for our street, I found myself wishing that we lived a lot farther away because this had definitely become the best cab ride ever. Just before we stopped, Kelly and Sarah lifted my arms from their shoulders and pressed my hands to their chests, so that I was cupping one of each of their tits in my palm. I couldn't focus on anything else, feeling their distinctly different sizes and softness, while their nipples pressed into my palm like small pebbles. Finally the driver cleared his throat and we opened our car doors. Sarah insisted on paying the fare, and the driver looked at me as he prepared to drive away.

"You are one lucky dude, brother," he said as he pulled away. "It's his birthday," the ladies called after him in unison. I unlocked the front door to our condo and ushered the women inside. "Oooh, you have such a cute place," gushed Sarah as she handed me her coat. "Why don't you give Sarah the tour while I get the wine," suggested Kelly.

Our condo isn't all that big, so a tour doesn't last very long. Sarah had already seen our living room, so I showed her our small dining room, our newly remodeled kitchen, and my office where I spend most of my time working. Then I pointed out the all-important bathroom. Finally I led her to the doorway of our bedroom. Sarah gave me a wink and said she was sure that would be the busiest room in the house tonight. When I brought her back into the living room, Kelly had already set out some full wineglasses. With a quick glance at each other, both of the women reached into their purses and took out their cigarettes. As they lit them, my watch started beeping. I realized the timer had run out. It took me a minute to figure out how to silence the beeps, and I tried to recover by joking, "You two had better be careful; you've been teasing me all night and my timer just went off!"

Kelly flashed a naughty grin at me. "He's right, I did promise him some hot sex when that alarm went off."

Sarah smiled an equally wicked smile. "Well a promise is a promise. You're going to have to sleep with him."

"But I said there would be a surprise involved, and I have sex with him all the time," countered Kelly.

"Well then maybe I should help you fuck him," proposed Sarah. "You haven't shared him with another woman, have you?"

At this point, I think I tried to say something, but they both looked at me calmly and ordered me to "Be quiet."

"Well, no. He is my husband after all... Have you ever fucked a married man before?" Kelly wondered

Sarah said, "Yes, once, but his wife had set it up as a threeway. We both fucked him together."

I noticed their banter was getting cruder, and there's something about two sexy women using the word "fuck" that is awfully hot - especially when they are basically talking about you!

Kelly looked at me. "Well, do you want to fuck Sarah? You already know what her tits feel like, and you've kissed her. And she's been playing with your cock all evening."

I wasn't sure how to answer. Of course I wanted to fuck Sarah, but was it safe to tell my wife that? I was starting to understand that I had been set up this evening, but it was still a little surprising to me.

Sarah slid closer to me on the couch. "I think he's having trouble adjusting to this, Kelly. Maybe I'd better simplify it for him." She took a long drag on her cigarette and slowly exhaled, saying to me, "I'm your surprise present. Happy Birthday." Then she put her hot smoky mouth to mine and began kissing me assertively. She turned her lower body more towards me and swung one leg over mine so that she was straddling me. She kept kissing me, running her tongue all around my mouth and letting me taste her. Her hands roamed freely up and down my body now, touching and squeezing me.

I saw Kelly sitting on the loveseat next to us, smoking and gently rubbing her pussy through her skirt. That was my last reassurance needed. I lifted my hands to Sarah's chest and began touching her breasts while we kissed. Her tits were firm and shaped well even braless. I untied the halter from her neck and let it fall to reveal the sexy mounds I'd been looking at all night. She had a decent tan even in December, obviously from a booth, and no tan lines. Her nipples were hard and her areolas were nicely wrinkled and tight from arousal. I started sucking on them one at a time, coaxing even more hardness from them. I felt Kelly's hands reach down and unbuckle my pants, drawing down my zipper, and releasing my cock finally.

Sarah slid down onto the floor in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She expertly rubbed the head across her lips a few times then plunged the first few inches of my shaft into her mouth. She stopped with less than half of my cock between her lips and began bobbing on it slowly and sucking hard. The vacuum pressure she exerted on me caused my to swell up even more. Gradually, she took more and more of my cock into her mouth, until she had pressed 7" of me into herself. I could feel my head hitting the back of her throat. Glancing over at Kelly, I saw her staring intently at Sarah's pink lips encircling my member. She had pulled her skirt up and was now alternating between rubbing her clit furiously and pushing two fingers deep into herself. "Suck his entire cock, Sarah! Take the last inch," she demanded hoarsely.

I felt Sarah's head rise slightly and then she pushed all the way down. I felt my cock fully engulfed in her mouth, and her lips were pressed firmly against the skin of my pelvis. Her tongue was slowly stroking the bottom of my cock like silk in a breeze. Then she began mouth-fucking me with long strokes. The feeling was intense, and watching my wife smoke and masturbate while her sexy friend blew me was fantastically arousing. I warned Sarah that I was close to coming and she redoubled her efforts. True to my word, I erupted with all the jism that had been building up in my testicles since she had arrived at the club that evening. I could feel her tongue and cheeks gently sucking every last drop out of me. She swallowed some of it right off, because I left her with quite a mouthful. But then Kelly looked at me and told me I wasn't through yet, and that they were going to make sure I got hard enough to fuck shortly.

She pulled Sarah towards her and leaned forward. Then my cock-loving wife, the woman who fast-forwards through lesbian scenes in porn movies, leaned forwards and began french kissing her blonde friend. It was a sloppy kiss, as Sarah shared the remnants of my seed with my wife. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes, my come smearing across their faces, and when they finally broke off, Kelly made a point of swallowing obviously to show that she had gotten the last of my load. I was easily back to a semi-hard state right away, although it would be a few minutes before I would be ready to perform. Sensing this, Kelly led Sarah off to the bathroom with their purses to wipe up and reapply their makeup.

A few minutes later, Kelly called me from the bedroom. The women were lying on the bed, smoking and fondling each other's tits. They were both naked from the waist up, and wore only their garter and stockings (Kelly) and sheer black thigh-highs (Sarah) below. I could see Sarah's closely trimmed pubic hair revealing that she was in fact not a blonde, although the color suited her well. Kelly's neatly groomed pussy was as delicious looking as always. They had fixed their icy pink and dark red lipstick respectively, and looked positively amazing.

"Honey, come eat us for a while," requested Kelly. I eagerly dove in and found her cunt to be wet and sticky from her arousal. I sucked at her clit and ran my tongue through her folds several times until she was moaning in pleasure. Then, responding to the gentle pressure on my head, I let myself be pulled into Sarah's moist sex. Her cunt was beautiful as well, with a tasty sweet flavor that was slightly different than Kelly's slight tanginess. I ate her pussy with vigor, enjoying her new taste.

The women moved me back and forth a couple more times, once each pulling me up to kiss their wet tastes into each other's mouths, until I could no longer distinguish between the mixed flavor of their nectar. Then Kelly told me to fuck Sarah.

I started on top, spreading her legs with my thighs, and pressing the head of my now recovered cock into her opening. She gasped as the head slipped inside of her, and I fucked her slowly with shallow strokes, just popping the head in and out. I reach down to thumb her clit at the same time. Unlike Kelly, who is not multi-orgasmic, Sarah began popping mini-orgasms immediately. I could feel her shuddering as I teased her clit while refusing to penetrate her more than two inches. Finally, she slid to one side and rolled me onto my back. Climbing on top, in her favorite position according to her earlier statements, she placed the head of my prick at her damp opening and steadily sat down until I was fully wrapped with her skin. As she rose to slide me out and repeat the process, I could feel her cunt walls gripping me tightly and stretching to hold me inside.

Sarah began fucking me in earnest, tweaking her own nipples and rubbing at her clit. Meanwhile, Kelly was kissing me from beside us and rubbing her own pussy. She waited patiently, looking into my eyes while I fucked another woman, and helping diddle Sarah's clit with her fingers when it was obvious she was approaching an orgasm. Sarah, relieved of touching her own vagina, started pulling both of her own nipples hard as her clenching twat rode me. I could feel her muscles fluttering as she drove herself through a series of mini-orgasms until a deep, powerful come shook her entire body. Her fresh juices leaked freely out of her pussy around my dick.

Exhausted, she rolled off of me and Kelly took her place. Kelly's familiar cunt was sopping wet and she slipped me into her easily. I was still very aroused from Sarah's intense explosion and Kelly played on that to drive me higher. She started talking dirty to me as she pounded me in and out of her riding cunt. "You liked fucking my friend didn't you? Kissing her and then me, touching our tits, sucking our pussies... You'd probably like to watch me lick her pussy, and watch me pull her blonde hair to hold her head in my crotch, or fucking each other with those big dildos..."

Kelly was using every trick in the book to drive me wild, as if I could be any more turned on by this point. Finally she pulled off all of the gloves and virtually forced me to fill her aching cunt. "Come in me," she commanded. "Come and then I'll sit on Sarah's face and let you watch her lick me clean. Watch your come leak out of me and into her mouth. Come for me!" The image was electrifying. I felt my groin bunch up and release, blasting spurt after spurt up her snatch. She gripped my dick tightly with her vaginal muscles, coaxing every drop out, then pulled off of me and swiftly straddled Sarah's face. As Sarah's tongue slipped out to part Kelly's pussy lips, Kelly released her muscles and let a stream of my sticky semen ooze out of her crack into Sarah's waiting mouth.

Sarah swallowed rapidly, licking and sucking Kelly until she came fiercely, grinding her clit into Sarah's face and smearing her lipstick. Come, cunt cream, and saliva covered Sarah's mouth. Kelly slid off of her and pulled all three of our heads together for a messy kiss.

Exhausted emotionally and physically, I thanked the women for a wonderful birthday surprise. Kelly and Sarah began laughing, and I demanded to know what was so funny. "We haven't given you the surprise yet!" exclaimed Kelly.

"I thought that having sex with the two of you was it," I said, confused.

"Anybody could had seen where that was going from about 10 minutes after Sarah arrived," explained Kelly. "You were just too sweet of a husband to see it. The real surprise," she continued, "Is that Sarah is spending the whole weekend with us. Now let's get some sleep; you're going to need your rest."

They curled up beside me, one under each arm, and pulled the blankets on top of us as we all tried to fall asleep, thinking of what the weekend held in store for us...

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