tagText With AudioMy Taboo Fantasy 01

My Taboo Fantasy 01


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I am lying down on my bed. I am not feeling just sensual tonight; I am feeling raw and needy. I can't have you so I have to pretend you are here. You live so far from me and I miss you more each day. No one knows about my desires for you and that is part of what keeps it so hot in my mind.

I am moving my hands over my breasts, teasing my nipples until they are hard. I give them a quick pinch and a moan escapes my lip-gloss covered lips. I slide my hand down my stomach and rub my pussy through my panties. I am wearing black ones tonight and I notice they are clinging to my wetness.

I press on my clit and rub in a circular motion. I am getting too excited, and so I move my hands back up to my breasts feeling my nipples again. I think about your lips on them as I put my fingers in my mouth and back to wet my nipples. They instantly grow harder and larger as the cool air from the open window makes them cold.

I am tilting my head back and massaging my breasts as I think of you. I want your hands on them. You have such amazing hands, and I need them on my breasts. I moan as I feel "your hands" move over my body.

My hands move down to my pussy, and I slide my fingers under my panties to the wet warm clit that begs for my attention. I can imagine the feel of "your tongue" over my clit--licking softly and teasing my body. I want you. I need you.

My fingers move harder against my clit and I make fast little circles on it as I imagine your tongue. It feels so good, but I didn't want to cum yet. I slide my fingers down to my wet hole. I feel around in it a little bit imagining your wet tongue darting in and out of my pussy hole. Your tongue would feel amazing fucking my hole.

I move my hips against your tongue. I am no longer touching myself--It is you. I feel your tongue slide into me and move around. My pussy grows wetter and I feel your fingers slide deep inside me. You arch your fingers onto my g-spot and pushed hard.

I am leaning over to grab my dildo/vibrator, and now I slide it into my cunt--imagining your cock sliding into me. I let out a gasp as you pierced me. This has always been my favorite part. You move your cock into me hard. I feel your hands move up my body and play with my nipples again.

I moan as my body builds with sexual frustration. You fuck me harder as you can feel my body grow more frustrated. I can't stand it anymore and I let my body release. My pussy reacts with spasms and my juices, which belong to you, flow from my pussy. I pull you into me so you can fill my pussy. I love feeling you pulse inside me.

I pull the dildo out of my pussy and open my eyes. You vanish, and I find myself in bed alone. The thoughts of you drive me wild. I can't seem to get enough. I will lay here for a while enjoying the echoing sensations in my body. My thoughts are so taboo and no one will understand, but I enjoyed them so much. I enjoyed the thoughts of you, my brother.

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