tagIncest/TabooMy Trip to the Doctor Ch. 01

My Trip to the Doctor Ch. 01


Authors Note: So this is very similar to other stories on this site, one in particular. This is my take on this kind of story; hope all of you like it!


Chapter 1: The Prescreening

Harry's mother led him down the hall quickly; he had his head down and was looking at the floor. This was embarrassing, his mother had always known of his problem, but until now she hadn't done anything about it in a very long time. Harry suddenly stopped walking and felt the familiar panicked feeling of his problem.

"Oh my god." Harry muttered before he gasped and felt his dick shoot a large load into his pants. Harry moaned quietly as the orgasm continued, his mother stopped and turned. She simply watched her son twitch and pant as he leaned against the wall.

"Has it passed"? She asked with a hint of concern as she walked up to him. Harry nodded ashamed of himself.

"Yeah, that was a big one." Harry replied as he panted and adjusted the blue jeans covering his crotch. Harry's mother cleared her throat and replied as caringly as she could.

"You put on a new condom before we left home right?" he nodded. "Good, well don't worry about it, just take a sip from your water bottle and lets get to the doctors office." Harry nodded again and spoke.

"Okay mother." He untwisted the cap of his water and took a drink. Harry stood back up to his full height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and began to walk briskly behind his mother.

They were late to his appointment with a special doctor. This was his fault, Harry needed to change his condom before they left and discovered that he didn't have any more. How he'd forgotten to mention that to his mother before putting on the last one and leaving for school earlier that day he had no idea. He'd already taken the used one off so he couldn't go out in public until he had a new one. This meant his mother had to drive to CVS and buy more. When his mother got home Harry explained to her that he'd shot two loads into a rag. She smiled at him, happy that he'd remembered what to do in case of these kinds of situations. This was the first time since he was 14 that he'd run out of condoms. Now 18 years old, his mother would simply buy him more before he ran out.

Harry's mother grabbed the door and held it open, Harry uttered a quiet thanks and they both walked into the small doctors office. This doctor's office was tucked into the back corner of a much larger hospital. There wasn't a single person in the waiting room except for the receptionist. The receptionist was a gorgeous brunette woman who couldn't have been more than 24 years old.

"Hello there, do you have an appointment?" Harry nodded yes. "Well then I'll need you and your mother to go over there and fill out this form. After that bring it back here and we'll go from there." She gave him a bright smile and Harry followed his mother to a chair and sat down. The form was your standard medical form until you got to the bottom where it asked you describe your problem.

"Harry sweetie, this form needs you to describe your problem in detail. It asks for you to state when in started as well." she handed Harry the form and the pen that the receptionist gave her and he sat back and started writing. After Harry had finished he stood up and walked over to the receptionist's desk and handed her the form.

"Thank you, now I'll be out there in just a moment to finish the preliminary screening. So go sit with your mom and I'll be right out." Harry nodded and spun around on his heels. Harry caught his mothers eye, she was looking at him with a look of sympathy on her face that only a mother could give. Harry went and sat down next to her and sighed. This was so embarrassing; he couldn't believe that his mom was sitting next to him right now in this room about to go talk to a doctor.

"I know it's embarrassing Harry, but this is for the best. This is something we should have done years ago."

It was about that time when the receptionist walked into the waiting room from behind a door carrying a medical bag and a bucket.

"Okay Harry, having looked at your form it's been determined that we need a sample to analyze." Stated the receptionist causing Harry to blush.

"What do you mean a sample?" His mother asked worriedly.

"We need a sample of Harry's semen to analyze Mrs. Partridge." His mother turned a dark shade of crimson after hearing that and he felt his dick instantly twitch.

"Okay so lets get started." The receptionist grabbed one of the nearby chairs and sat down in front of him. "Okay Harry so I need you to take your pants off and sit back down in the chair." His mother was obviously taken aback by the bluntness of the receptionist's instructions.

"What? But what if someone walks in here?" the receptionist laughed.

"Mrs. Partridge, nobody will be walking into this room, your son is Doctor Blake's only patient today. Now I need you to do me a favor and hold these." With that the receptionist reached into her bag and pulled out a large bottle of lube, a weird cylinder and another weird cylinder like device that was larger and all black with a clear collection area at one end. The receptionist handed Harry's mother the three items and then rolled up her sleeves.

"Okay Harry drop your pants all the way to the floor and then remove them completely, your shirt as well, you'll be completely naked from this point further. It's just easier this way." Harry nodded and proceeded to take off his clothes, he subconsciously placed his hands over his condom-covered cock and averted his gaze away from the beautiful woman in front of him. The receptionist removed Harry's hands, looked at the cum-filled condom then looked to Harry's mother.

"It's so that he doesn't soil his pants every time it happens during the day." Harry's mother stated as she swallowed nervously. Harry's mom continued.

"Everyday is different, but Harry ejaculates around 20 times a day. Today is unusual in the fact that he's only ejaculated 6 times today." The receptionist nodded in understanding and proceeded to remove the condom. She looked at the contents of the condom and seemed shocked.

"Jesus Christ, is this how it always is? This is a lot of semen." Harry's mother nodded. "Interesting." The receptionist reached into her bag and grabbed a small clear box containing a washcloth. It looked like it was wet.

"Are these condoms lubricated?" Harry's mother shook her head no. "Good then we won't be needing this yet." She set the washcloth back down in the box and set it aside. The receptionist looked up into Harry's eyes.

"Okay sweetie, when was the last time you ejaculated?" he swallowed.

"Well," Harry said nervously. "I came once this morning while I was on the school bus. I came once in the middle of 2nd hour, once on the way home when mom picked me up early to go to this appointment. Then I came twice while at home waiting for mom to come home with more condoms, see I went to change my condom just before we were going to leave, when I noticed that I'd ran out. Well I couldn't go out without a condom on and run the risk of creaming in my pants. So I had to wait at home while she got more. Then I came once in the car on the way here, which was almost 30 minutes ago and then I came again in the hallway while walking to this office." Harry looked away in shame.

The receptionist smiled at Harry, she could see the shame all over his face. Surprisingly this made her feel sad; she could see it in his eyes that he didn't have many friends and was probably rather lonely. The receptionist grabbed onto Harry's hand and spoke comfortingly.

"Harry look at me," he turned and looked at her. "There is no need to feel ashamed, this is a judgment free zone." With that being said the receptionist grabbed a hold of Harry's flaccid cock and began stroking very slowly and softly, she was only stroking the base of his shaft. "Now lets make this beautiful penis nice and hard. Tell me do you masturbate?" Harry blushed again and nodded. "Okay, what do you think about while you do it?" Harry's eyes went wide and the receptionist saw him look away then quickly glanced at his mother. The receptionist looked at Harry's mom then back to him and smiled.

"I can see why, I'll have to note that in your file." Harry's mother gasped and looked at him in shock, her son simply blushed; he couldn't look her in the eyes.

By now Harry was getting very hard, the receptionist being the observant woman that she was, noticed.

"Well I must say, this is the biggest cock I think I've ever seen." Harry blushed again; he noticed he'd been doing a lot of that. The receptionist gave Harry's cock one final stroke and spoke again.

"It appears that it's time to move on to the fun part of this prescreening, seeing as how we'll be getting very well acquainted very shortly, my name is Sarah." Harry nodded and then moaned as she let go of his cock. She grabbed the lube and the first cylinder.

"This is a lubricator, we use it to evenly lube up erect penises, which is imperative for this process." She said clinically as she poured lube into the hole at the end. The cylinder was rather wide and had a hole that was rather large. It was obviously large enough to fit an erect penis.

She waited until it was almost completely filled before stopping and turning back to Harry.

"Okay Harry now relax and prepare for an odd sensation." With that she asked him to bend slightly forward at the waist. She grabbed his large cock and pointed it straight down at the floor. Sarah moved a small bucket that she'd brought with her underneath Harry's cock. She then proceeded to submerge the large cock in her hand completely into the cylinder until the cylinder was touching Harry's pubic bone. Like she said it felt weird, it felt very tingly and was very pleasurable. The cylinder overflowed and dripped down into the bucket getting lube on her hand in the process. She waited for a long while then looked over at Harry's mother and grabbed the other cylinder.

"Okay Mrs. Partridge I need you to squirt a generous amount of that lube into this cylinder, make sure to only get the sides of the cylinder." Harry's mother having been mostly silent for the last couple minutes nodded and went to work. A minute later Sarah grabbed the other cylinder from Harry's mom.

"Okay Harry now I need you to take a calming deep breath and relax, this is gonna feel really good, but I need you to fight back those sensations for now okay?" Harry nodded, with that she unceremoniously pulled the lubricator off of his rock hard cock and quickly replaced it with the other cylinder. His cock dripped lube down into the new device that Sarah was holding. The sensation of the cylinder sliding onto his cock felt very good but he took a deep breath and fought back those sensations.

Sarah set the lubricator down in the bucket and reached into her bag with her lubed up hand and brought out a small hand towel.

"Hold this steady." Sarah asked his mother, who nodded then reached for the device and held it in its current position. Sarah then proceeded to wipe the lube off of her hand. Having done this she took control of the device back from Harry's mother and pressed a red button on the device. The Device formed a tight seal around the base of Harry's penis. She then paused and looked up at the horny teenager in front of her.

"Okay, Harry this device that I just put on your penis is called the Dyno-Tech Semen Extraction Device. This cylinder like machine contains 560 very tiny rubber buds on rings inside of it that will spin very fast in opposite directions. There are 20 separate rings in total. I can adjust the speed and which rings rotate in what direction. Now I need you to stand there very still and relax, this thing is gonna simply work it's magic and before you know it you'll be emptying load after precious load of your thick semen into the collection chamber at the end. Now Mrs. Partridge, I need you to grab onto this device and hold it very, very still for me once again." My mother grabbed a hold of the device again. Then we both watched as Sarah stood up and removed her lab coat and the rest of her clothes, revealing a stunningly beautiful 6 foot tall brunette with an athletic body, thick toned thighs and massive 36G breasts. She had a beautifully white smile and the deepest blue eyes you've ever seen.

"I figure this will be more pleasurable if you've got descent visual stimulation as well as the device." She sat back down and grabbed onto the device. "Okay Mrs. Partridge now I need you to stand behind your son and wrap your arms around his torso. You'll be holding him in place and I might ask you to do more. If this thing works it's magic just right, Harry will have a hard time standing up." Sarah smiled at Harry slyly as his mother nodded and moved behind him. Harry's mom, swallowed nervously and grabbed onto Harry from behind, almost like she was hugging him.

Admittedly Harry was nervous, but he was far to aroused to notice. Sarah looked up into his eyes and could see the worry. Sarah stood up to her full height and looked him in the eyes.

"Relax, Harry I'm about to make you feel really good. Don't be nervous, you're about to get your cock milked and I promise that you'll love it. You're in good hands Harry." Without another word Sarah pressed a button on the device and Harry felt the cylinder start moving. The device was on its slowest speed, but it felt unbelievable. Like a thousand hands stroke his cock all at once.

"Now Harry, this device is really good at what it does, so don't be embarrassed if you ejaculate in like a minute." She said as she looked into the dazed eyes of the teenager in front of her. She could see the euphoria on his face and it made her smile. The little buds were stroking every possible spot on his penis; it was a nonstop barrage of pleasurable sensations.

Harry moaned involuntarily and his hips thrusted forward into the machine. Sarah jumped a little.

"Harry you've got to stop that, you have to stand perfectly still okay?" He nodded and no sooner, it happened again. Sarah shrugged and reached into her bag and pulled out a weird device.

"This is a harness we developed to keep the machine in one spot when the subject can't stop thrusting." He nodded and watched her snap the two arms of the device into the sides of the extractor and then fasten the harness around his waist like a belt.

"Okay thrust." He did and watched, as his dick didn't go any further into the machine. "See it works" she said with a smile. The little buds could stimulate almost every inch of a man's penis, so the sensation was indescribable. This magical device on Harry's cock could stimulate the glands, the crown, the shaft and the base of his cock at the same time. There isn't a pussy on the planet, which can do that.

"Oh fuck this feels good." Harry muttered shakily as his cock trembled.

"Harry, language." his mother admonished from behind him.

"Sorry." He said as his cock was further bombarded with pleasure. Sarah proceeded to grab her tits and begin to play with them. She teased her nipples and jiggled the large udders.

This magical device was on its lowest setting and he was already close.

"Sarah I'm close." Harry moaned in pleasure. Sarah perked up and sat back down in the chair.

"Okay baby, now relax and squirt your first load." His ears perked up a bit.

"First?" he asked with a tremble in his voice, it was hard to focus on much of anything with this magical device strapped to him. Sarah smiled at him and stood back up to look him square in the face.

"We need a large sample from you so you'll need to ejaculate three times. It will be hard and it might take a while but I won't stop this machine until you ejaculate three big loads for me, okay?" Harry nodded and watched as Sarah sat down and got really close to the device and looked into the collection chamber at the end.

"I can see the head of your penis, it's purple and twitching. You're going to ejaculate soon." Harry nodded and closed his eyes; this device was incredible.

"Come on baby, shoot for me, please? Cum for me, you know you want to." Whispered Sarah seductively as she starred at Harry's tortured cock. He nodded in delirium from the constant pleasure as he suddenly shot a truly massive load into the device.

"There he goes, ooh and it's a big load too, good job Harry." He was twitching all over as his cock never seemed to stop squirting out semen.

"Oh Sarah." Moaned the teenager as he tilted his head back and moaned to the heavens.

"I know baby it feels good, doesn't it?" Harry nodded and moaned quietly as he finally came down from the incredible heights of his first orgasm.

"Yes it does." He whispered, Sarah smiled as she stood up to look him in the eyes. The device hadn't stopped and was still working on his cock.

"I'm gonna make you cream so hard that you'll wanna marry me. Now to increase the speed to level two." With that Sarah sat back down and pressed a second button on the device and Harry felt the machine increase in speed. He cried out in a mix of shock and pleasure. Sarah stood back up and looked him in the eyes as he shook his head back and forth.

"Oh no, oh no, oh shit, oh Christ, oh my god." He moaned causing Sarah to smile. She could see the intense pleasure all over his face. Sarah looked over his shoulder at his mother who was blushing heavily, his mother looked a little hot and bothered by the whole thing. Harry leaned back against his mother for support, just like Sarah predicted.

"Your cock is gonna shoot more cum for me soon, you can fell it can't you? That building tension in your balls." He nodded as the device worked him over; Sarah walked to Harry's left side. She huddled up close to him and began to tease his nipples. He cried out again and thrusted involuntarily. Sarah walked over to Harry's mom and leaned over. Sarah whispered into the beautiful mothers ear so that only she could hear her.

"Okay Mrs. Partridge, I need you to caress his cheek and whisper soothing yet sexy words to him. I need you to make him want to cum again, harder than the last time." Harry's mother nodded in a daze and began to pet her handsome son's cheek and lovingly whisper to him.

"Okay, my sweet little angel, I need you to concentrate on the sensations you're feeling and ejaculate another big load into the device. Cum for me Harry, cum for mommy." Harry cried out in pleasure as Sarah increased the speed to level three.

"Okay Harry it's time to up the ante." He felt the buds moving at a lightning quick pace this time and his cock flinched. Harry was sweating a lot by now as his breathing increased.

"Oh no, oh god, I'm gonna cum again." Moaned Harry in ecstasy as Sarah sat down to watch his cock again.

"Your poor cock is quivering so much, you're gonna ejaculate so good. I promise you, it's gonna feel good." Sarah looked up at Harry's mother. His mother nodded and redoubled her efforts. Harry's mother did something he never would have expected she kissed his neck. She kissed his neck and the sensitive spot behind his ears; she kissed his cheek and jaw as well. Harry felt her hands on his nipples again as everything seemed to melt together into one delicious fog of sexual pleasure. That's when he heard it, a string of sentences so sexy that he thought that was gonna be it right there.

"Okay Harry, cum, cum for me. Cum for mommy, shoot all those cummies out. Make little cummies for mommy. Ejaculate for mommy, Harry. I want you to cum, to make all of that hot white goo squirt out of your pee pee." He'd never heard his mother talk to him in such a sexy yet motherly tone. It was like she was talking to the eight year old him and it was the sexiest thing he'd ever heard. Harry's cock was quivering in pleasure as the machine worked him over nonstop. He felt the familiar tension then... hot goo.

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