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My Ultimate Fantasy


I'm with a new acquaintance I've just made and there is an obvious sexual tension between us. I turn away for some reason or am just not paying attention when he suddenly slams me against a wall and starts making out with me violently. One of his hands is grabbing my tightly around the waist while the other is wound in my hair. His lips move from my mouth to my neck, sucking and biting, leaving huge dark marks. He grabs my shirt and pulls it off, his hands eagerly kneading my breasts.

I take his shirt off, slowly inching my hands up every inch of his torso. He reaches down, grabs the back of my thighs, and lifts me (with my legs wrapped around his waist) and carries me to the nearest flat surface. He yanks off my pants and panties, spreads my legs and starts rubbing my clit. He kisses me, my hands pulling his hair to keep his lips on mine. I arch my body into his, feeling our hot skin rub against each other, while his fingers slide down to my slit and into my soaking wet pussy and he begins finger fucking me roughly. His free hand yanks my bra down and he starts sucking and biting my breasts. I moan and arch my pelvis into the fingers that are fucking my pussy so good.

He pulls his fingers out and pulls his pants off, pulling me upright to meet his rock hard cock. I eagerly wrap my mouth around it, sliding his length as far into my mouth as it can go and then slowly pull it back out while my tongue swirls and licks around his shaft. I start sucking lightly on his tip, flicking it with my tongue before taking him as far into my mouth as I can. His hands wind themselves in my hair and he starts fucking my mouth slowly. I wriggle my tongue around his shaft as he thrusts in and out. He then drags me up to my feet by my hair and shoves me against the wall, facing away from him. He presses his body against mine, pushing me closer into the cold wall. He grips my neck and starts biting and sucking my earlobes.

I can feel his hard cock jutting into my backside and I lean back into it, needing it inside me. He takes it and slides it down to the opening of my pussy and shoves it in hard and deep, my wet pussy pulsating around it. He fucks me rough, fast, and deep while the hand that was on my neck slides down my body and starts rubbing my clit. He slams in and out of me, ramming me into the wall with each thrust. His other hand grabs a handful of my hair and yanks my head back so that he can reach and bite my neck. He continues to fuck me hard and deep, yanking my hair, rubbing my clit furiously, and biting my neck. He's panting hard into my ear while I'm moaning and squealing with each thrust. he pulls out, turns me around, and kisses me while his hands roam up my body to my breasts.

I run my hand up his chest and push him down onto the nearest seat and kneel between his legs. I take hold of his cock and slowly lick my own juices off it, lingering a little longer on the head before taking him deep into my mouth, lapping at his shaft as I draw it back out. I climb on top of him and hold his cock just under the opening of my pussy. I tease him, sliding just the tip in quickly then pulling it out again, until he gets so anxious that he grabs my hips and slams me down on his cock.

I ride him fast and hard, up and down, swiveling my hips as he guides my movement. I grip his shoulders to steady myself as he lifts my hips slightly and begins ramming his cock up into me. I pull his mouth to mine and moan as his slick shaft pounds deep into me. His arm loops around my back as he gets up from the seat, his cock still buried deep in me, and we fall to the floor. The ground is cold on my back, but his body is hot as it grinds into mine. He sits up, one hand gripping my hips and pulling him harder into me as he thrusts harder and faster. He finally pulls out as his hot cum shoots onto my stomach and up onto my chest.

We're both breathing heavily and my pussy pulses gently as the last of his load empties onto my body.

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