tagIncest/TabooMy Version of a Lexium Story

My Version of a Lexium Story

byA bit of Africa©

Kathy felt vibrant and alive with the freshness of the new day. She smiled as she looked at her stepson lying next to her, still asleep. His chest rose and fell with a slow easy rhythm. His cock, however, stood straight up like a pole as he lay on his back. She giggled under her breath as she hovered inches above its head. She stuck out her tongue, placing it on the tiny slit at the tip. She looked up at her sleeping lover as he stirred slightly. She opened her mouth wide as she took the head of the thick cock as far as she could.

Kathy passionately sucked on the big cock. She had come to love every inch of it. She licked its length and planted kisses down to his hairy sack. She was so carried away, that she didn't notice that he was awake. She moaned softly as her mouth made love to the hard flesh. The taste of his pre-cum fueled her passion.

Charlie propped himself up on his elbows as his stepmother sucked eagerly on his hard dick. He was very satisfied with her and her daughter. He though about what his father might be doing with his stepsister at that moment.

Frank, Charlie's father, took Sarah on his business trip. Kathy thought it was a good idea, so that he wouldn't miss out on any good action. It had been three months since their incestuous affair started and the sex had been nearly non-stop. Clothes had become a rare thing to see in their home. Sex, sometimes in quick bursts of passion, had become the norm.

"Good morning honey," Kathy said looking up at Charlie's smiling face.

"Good morning to you," he replied.

"I thought you might like to wakeup to a good blowjob."

"From you, anyone would love it."

"What would you like for breakfast?"

"You, of course, on top of me," Charlie said, pulling her towards him.

Kathy straddled his waist and placed the head of his cock inside her wet cunt. The large head spread her velvet inner walls as she slid slowly down its length. He took hold of her full mounds in his hand and massaged them gently, rubbing her hard nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

"I love your tits. I've been meaning to ask you your bra size."

Kathy smiled and leaned forward. "They’re thirty-six D," she said as she began to rock slowly back and forth on his hard cock.

"I don't think I will ever get enough of you."

"I hope not, because I don't know what I would do without this big thing."

Charlie was flattered by her words. He grabbed hold of her waist and humped his cock hard into her. Kathy leaned back and bounced against his motion. The wet sounds of their bodies colliding nearly drowned out the car horn blowing in the driveway.

Charlie and Kathy froze wondering who could it be. Frank and Sarah were not due back for another three days, and they were not expecting any company. Finally they decided to take a look out the window.

"Shit! It’s my mother," Charlie said.

"That's your mother? I thought she was in Paris?"

"Me too."

Kathy had heard stories about her husband's ex-wife. They told of a very uptight bitch that got off on making people feel little. Kathy could tell by the designer clothes she wore, that she fit the bill. But she looked like a very attractive woman just the same.

"Don't worry," Charlie said. "I'll change her whole attitude."

Kathy had learned that Charlie had a way of making things happen. She was not sure how, but what he said usually came true. Kathy got cleaned up while Charlie slipped into his jeans and went out to meet his mother.

She did look very good, he mused. She was dressed all in white. She had on a matching white jacket and skirt cut just above the knee, a white blouse, white gauze scarf, white broad-brimmed hat and white high heels, about 4 inches, he reckoned. They made her smooth legs look very long. Her jewelry was a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings and she had several diamond-studded rings on her fingers. Her pretty face had just the right amount of make-up on, her full lips painted with a shade of red that made her look very sexy.

"Charlie!" Pauline said. She kissed the air on both sides of his face, careful not to actually touch him. "You've sure have grown since the last time I saw you."

"What are you doing here, mom?" Charlie queried, folding his arms across his bare chest.

"Well, to tell you the truth. My flight was cancelled and now I have a two-day layover. Since I was in town, I thought I would drop by and see how you were doing. I heard that your father remarried. Is she here?" Pauline said, sidestepping Charlie and heading into the house.

Pauline's attitude was getting to Charlie right away. She looked around, inspecting every piece of furniture. She even rubbed a finger over a lampshade, to check for dust.

"Mom, you must be tired from your trip. Why don't you come in the kitchen while I fix you something to drink."

"You do have tea, don't you?" Pauline asked, fanning herself with her hat. Her auburn hair was taken up but it looked glorious.

"Of course, four cubes of ice and a bit of lemon, right?" Charlie said, rolling his eyes as he turned his back.

"Darling boy, you remembered," Pauline said, setting down her hat and placing a white handkerchief on the seat of the chair before she sat down.

Kathy walked into the kitchen wearing a plain summer dress that buttoned up the front. She was barefoot and her hair was still wet from her quick shower. Pauline scanned her from head to painted toe. The look she gave Kathy was one of disgust. Charlie quickly got Kathy's attention and gave her a wink.

"So, you're the little woman that Frank married. I heard that he found you in a trailer park. I think they must be cozy little things for some people."

"Kathy, could you help me out a minute," Charlie interrupted, seeing that Kathy was ready to attack.

Kathy didn't respond to Pauline's insult. She smiled at her instead and walked over to Charlie. He gave her the glass of tea, and whispered to her not to throw it into his mother's face. Kathy sat the tea on the table in front of Pauline giving her another forced smile.

Charlie and Kathy sat next to each other as Pauline went on and on about Paris and her travels. Charlie put his hand on Kathy's knee under the table as they both pretended to listen to Pauline's tales.

Pauline unwrapped the scarf from around her neck. She began to fidget and cross one leg over the other and then reversed them. She took off her jacket and rustled the neck of her blouse and then ran her hands back and forth over her thighs.

Charlie and Kathy watched her and smiled to each other about Pauline's behavior. They watched as Pauline started rocking back and forth in her chair. Kathy noticed Pauline's nipple print poking through her bra and blouse. The sight caused Kathy to become aroused. She was amazed how easily a woman could arouse her since she had started fucking her own daughter. She slid Charlie's hand up to her crotch as they watched Pauline closely.

Pauline's words turned to moans. She eventually unbuttoned her blouse down to her waist and even pulled her bra under her aching breasts. She seemed unaware that her son and her ex-husband's wife were watching her very closely. Both Charlie and Kathy admired Pauline’s nicely rounded milky white breasts, about a 34C, Charlie reckoned. Her large nipples were a pleasing pink hue, sticking out hard with her arousal. Pauline pinched her nipples and then pulled up her knee length skirt to rub her swelling wet pussy through her silk panties. Her moans echoed in the kitchen.

"Looks like we have a playmate today," Charlie said, getting up from his chair and going over to his mother. "Kathy, why don't you hop on the table and show her how good trailer park pussy tastes."

"Oh, I'll be happy to," Kathy giggled, getting up and pulling her cotton panties off from under her dress. Then she lifted her dress over her head.

Charlie slid his mother back in her chair and removed the rest of her clothes. He helped her out of her open blouse, unzipped her skirt and pulled it off her hips, then cupped her silk-covered pussy in his hand and watched her face for her reaction. Pauline shuddered and moaned. Her panties were wet. Charlie rubbed his thumb along her cleft, pushing the material inside her. Pauline gasped and arched her hips up. Charlie knew she was his. She was willing to be fucked by her own estranged son. He pulled her sopping panties off and sniffed them before he threw them aside. He decided to leave Pauline with her bra pulled tight under her breasts and wearing her pumps and jewelry. She looked extra sexy that way. He also left her long hair taken up. Now her pale body was exposed for their use. Charlie noticed with glee that his mother kept her pubic area nicely shaved or waxed, with a triangle of dark hair above her slit. Her pussy looked well-kept, even pretty.

Kathy got on the table in front of Pauline and spread her own juicy pussy lips. She hunched her hips towards the edge of the table and spread her legs so that her pussy was hanging on the edge. Charlie had his mother stand up then bend over Kathy's hot cunt, which she took to like a hungry bitch. If she had never eaten pussy before you wouldn’t know it. Her pink tongue came out and flicked at Kathy’s wet slit, moving up to tickle her clitoris before she pushed it between the other woman’s labia and into her slick tunnel. Kathy moaned her approval.

Charlie observed while removing his pants and began fingering his mother's twitching pussy.

"To think, I use to jerk off thinking about this bitch," Charlie said to Kathy, fondling his hard cock with one hand while keeping the other busy with his mother’s pussy. Probably because of the physical and emotional distance between him and his mother, it was easier to fantasize about her. She had less the role of mother and more the role of an object on which to project his fantasies.

"Mmm, she sure seem to like my trailer park pussy," Kathy said, humping her cunt up to Pauline's eagerly sucking mouth. "That's it. Eat my pussy you bitch." Pauline didn’t seem to register the taunts. She was just there to fuck. She drilled her tongue into Kathy’s vagina, making the other woman wetter and wetter.

Charlie laughed knowing that Kathy was enjoying getting back at his mother for her earlier air of contempt. There was no love lost for his mother. She had always been too busy with her friends and parties to ever give him any attention. By now he had three fingers sawing in and out of her wet pussy. She felt very tight around his fingers. He knew he was going to enjoy fucking her. She was just in the right stance, bent almost at a right angle over Kathy with her back arched, her feet spread apart on the ground, her high heels making her long legs seem endless, meeting at the juncture of her thighs. Her slit was perfectly formed and barely gaped open even in her current stance and state of arousal. She has to be tight, thought Charlie. Just above her moist slit was her neat little crinkled anus, a nice pink color. It too looked perfectly symmetrical. Charlie doubted she had ever been fucked there, but that was going to change. She was void of any hair from her clit to her asshole. She could pass for a porn debutante, Charlie mused, admiring her flawless pale flesh, her slender waist and gently rounded hips culminating in a glorious ass. Her tits hung below her as she lavished attention on Kathy’s cunt.

Charlie put his cock to the wet opening of his mother's cunt, nuzzling the head in her secretions. He admired how his cock looked against her swollen split.

"It's payback time now, bitch," Charlie said, ramming his dick as hard as he could inside her giving twat. Pauline cried out in pleasure and pain. Her soft walls spread open, her lubrication allowing him quick and deep access. He thrust inside her all the way, till his cockhead was pressed against her cervix and his balls flapped against her clit. She had never allowed a man to enter her so roughly before. Nor ever felt a cock so big. She had to hold onto Kathy’s thighs to steady herself.

"Fuck her good, Charlie," Kathy said, grabbing Pauline’s head and lacing her fingers through her hair. Strands of Pauline’s gorgeous auburn hair were being loosened from their clips and Kathy used those locks of hair as a steering wheel, pulling them hard and making Pauline squeal. She loved seeing the woman’s pretty face between her spread legs and feeling her hands clutching her thighs. She noticed how bright Pauline’s green eyes were. The other woman looked like she was in a zone. Pauline’s lipstick was getting smeared on Kathy’s cuntlips. Kathy groaned at the sight of Pauline’s pretty face getting coated with her cum. She pulled the other woman by her hair and forced her face harder against her spread pussy. Pauline’s nose mashed against Kathy’s swollen clit and her chin parted Kathy’s outer labia and got soaked with her fluids. Kathy let out a sex wail.

Charlie grunted as he slammed into his mother's steamy cunt. He nearly lifted her off the floor. She was so tight around him he really had to pull back and push into her with force, even through her wetness. He could see how her glistening pink inner labia sucked on his shaft, stretching out on his outward thrusts and doubling over inside her on his inward thrusts. She must have been frigid for a long time, he reckoned, to have tightened up so much. He gripped her roughly by her hips, digging his fingers into her soft flesh and leaving welts on her perfect skin. He pounded against her soft, smooth ass with all his strength. Images of her past neglect flashed in his mind.

"Take my cock, you fuckin' slut!" Charlie shouted.

"You tell her honey," Kathy laughed. She was enjoying watching Charlie take his revenge on the woman who had treated him so badly, yet at the same time she was loving this beautiful woman’s mouth on her. Pauline was doing so well for a novice carpet muncher.

Pauline was in pain, her cunt aching from Charlie’s assault. Truth was she hadn’t had sex in months, with months between her sexual liaisons. She was very picky about the men she dated and which of them she deigned to fuck. Charlie was hurting her, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She was in a trance. She also couldn’t stop herself pleasuring the woman in front of her. She didn’t understand why – she had never gone down on a woman before! Nonetheless, she flattened out her tongue and dragged it along the whole length of Kathy’s pussy, from her gaping wet hole to her swollen clit. She did this several times. Kathy expelled more cum and Pauline lapped it up. She was loving the taste of another woman’s cum.

"I'm going to call all my friends, so they can fuck you… whore!" Charlie said, interrupting her reverie. Instead of being sated, his anger was magnified the more he fucked her. He wanted to fuck Pauline into delirium. He wanted to use her beautiful body more and share it with others so they could use her. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer in her tight cunt at present. Her vagina was convulsing around him, massaging his cock with her soft walls. He could feel her cum washing around his cock as he rammed it home again and again, making his cock glisten every time it appeared. Some of her fluid was oozing past the tight seal her inner labia made around his cock, dripping down her inner thighs and wetting his hairy balls.

Pauline was whimpering. Her cervix had started to dilate from the constant knocking against it. She had never felt so fucked, so used and so vulnerable. She remembered she wasn’t on the pill and groaned at the thought of being impregnated by her son. But she couldn’t stop him fucking her. She couldn’t utter the words “No” or “Stop.”

Kathy pulled and twisted on Pauline's hair, controlling her head. Kathy came a couple of times, but she could tell that Pauline was one big orgasm. But Pauline never relented eating her pussy. Kathy started to look fondly at the pretty face between her thighs. Pauline ate pussy so well.

Charlie knew he was near the end – close to ejaculation. He was thankful he knew he had another load, in fact numerous loads in store for his mother. He thrust hard and deep several times in his mother's pussy. She anointed his cock over and over with her fluids of gratitude. Her cervix continued to dilate, making an open passage for her lover’s seed. When Charlie came his sperm would have instant access to her womb. Pauline groaned at the realization, a groan mixed with the sexual ecstasy she was feeling. Her pussy was sore but she was on fire for her son’s cock. He was fucking her so well – better than she had ever been fucked before. She had never experienced such pleasure mingled with pain.

Their combined sweat made Pauline’s ass stick to Charlie’s belly as their bodies slapped together. Her smooth ass was now reddened from the friction and if she could have seen the state of her pussy she would have groaned. Her outer labia were engorged with blood, deep red in color, and spread so wide and sexily around her son’s fat cock. Her inner labia, which were normally neatly tucked away, were peaking out every time Charlie withdrew, clinging tightly to his shaft. Her neglected clit had also swollen and come out of its hood. She wished desperately she could reach one hand back and caress it, or that Charlie would touch her there, but he didn’t.

Finally Charlie blurted out, “Oh, I’m coming! I’m coming inside the bitch!”

Pauline wished it were not so at the same time her pussy was coaxing him on. She was bewildered at her predicament, a confused mess of emotions and needs. She wanted him to come inside her, she wanted to feel his seed splash against her insides. Then it came. Charlie held himself still, balls deep inside her and hollered out as he jetted his seed inside her welcoming cunt. Spasm after spasm made him jerk his hips as he shot several bursts inside her. All nine inches of him were inside her. His cockhead was lodged in her cervix. The sperm swam the short distance up her channel to her womb. If she had any fertile eggs they were fair game.

When Pauline felt her son press deep inside her she cried out, then moaned as she felt his hot seed splash inside her. As wet as she was, she could still tell when foreign wetness was introduced to her cunt. Her pussy collapsed tightly on her son’s shaft, squeezing him in her soft velvet glove and milking him for any residual sperm. Charlie groaned at her increased tightness. He just wanted to hold himself inside her as long as he could.

As this was happening, Kathy pulled Pauline’s head away from her cunt by her hair. She wanted to see the full effect on Pauline’s pretty face. She saw what Pauline was experiencing and felt a twinge of jealousy, even though Pauline had licked her to several good cums and even though she could have Charlie at any time. Pauline’s face was flushed, her lips, cheeks and chin were smeared with female cum, her hair was in disarray, but she looked so alive and young again, younger than her 38 years. Kathy bent down to kiss her. Pauline’s eyes were closed but they fluttered open in surprise when she felt the woman’s lips against hers. She murmured and opened her mouth to receive the kiss. Kathy first just brushed lips, then she locked mouths with Pauline and stuck her tongue in her mouth. Pauline surrendered to the kiss, dueling her tongue against Kathy’s invader.

Charlie saw the kiss and thought it was so hot, so erotic. He wanted to kiss Pauline like that but he still wanted to carry out his vengeance. Pauline’s cunt was still squirming around him. His cock hardly had a chance to deflate before he stirred and hardened again. Pauline groaned into Kathy’s mouth, She couldn’t believe her son was getting hard again. She wondered how her pussy would be able to bear it.

But Charlie had another objective in mind. He slowly withdrew from his mother’s clutching cunt, her pussy muscles massaging him all the way before his cockhead finally popped out. He drew in breath as his cock left its warm, wet and tight home, the place where it was formed in her womb and returned for a second time to fuck her. Pauline groaned at the sudden emptiness, her tight sheath dribbling her sweet cum mixed with the backwash of Charlie’s ejaculate.

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