tagFetishMy VideoChat Error Ch 11

My VideoChat Error Ch 11


Denise and I got back to our hotel room just before 5 pm. We were exhausted from our day. We knew that Naughty would have plans for our night but he/she had not yet revealed them. We had been told that every night would be different. Thats it. I had been instructed to wear my light blue lingerie under my work clothes and to plan for a light dinner around 5:30 at the hotel.

Denise's phone dinged with a text message just as I had taken my dress shoes and suit jacket off.

"Slight change of plans. Turn each others vibrators up to 2. Kiss passionately for 5 minutes, then blow Shauna till she is about to cum, but don't let her. Go to dinner and be back by 6 pm sharp. Do it now."

I put my shoes and jacket back on and then we intimately embraced and kissed each other for about 5 minutes. She was mischievous enough to rub my penis through my pants multiple times, yet was careful enough to not get me so close that I would cum, then she dropped to her knees undid my pants and pulled my penis out of my panties.

I looked down and saw this gorgeous creature looking up at me. She had a naughty twinkle in her eye as she grabbed my penis and began sucking on my knob. I was in heaven until I noticed my blue panties overtop of my gartered legs. That reminded me of my situation. Naughty was in control. This wasn't my wife. She almost made me cum at that moment. Then she stopped and winked at me.

We arrived back at our room 10 minutes before 6 pm. Denise was holding my hand as we entered my room. I realized that we had been hand in hand ever since leaving the restaurant, and that Naughty would not have known.

Denise continued holding my hand and led me to the bedroom. She said "we should get you undressed now, before Naughty asks. That would be progress." She helped me undress in a sensual way. She kissed and groped me as she unbuttoned my shirt and removed all my man-clothes.

When she was done, I was standing there in my lacy blue bra, garter belt, panties and stockings. Our intimacy had brought about my erection again.

Suddenly she dropped to her knees pulled my panties down to my knees and with my penis in her hand looked up into my eyes with a wry grin on her face.

"This is the fun part," she said with a wink. Then she engulfed my penis again. She expertly sucked on my penis, then stopped just before I shot. My organ throbbed, I wanted to will it to cum. To no avail.

Denise had another text.

"Good job, both of you. I like how prepared you are. Now down to business. Dress Shauna in her Alice costume, blue lace elbow gloves, white heels and brunette wig. Her armpits and face should be closely shaven first, then face done up with makeup. I will supply further details, but they are not for Shauna's eyes."

Makeup? Wig? When did that become part of our sex? When did we get that? I was half stunned and a big knot formed in my stomach. What was I being done up for, or rather for whom?

"Ahem," Denise said and looked at me expectantly.

Still in shock, I took the cue and went to the bathroom to re-shave my face and my armpits. I had known I would be wearing my Alice costume at some point, but still it felt like a surprise, as were the added details. When I finished I found Denise sitting on the bed, my Alice costume and a medium brown wig beside her.

She crooked her finger and motioned me over.

"Tonight is going to be a busy night, I need to prepare you."

"What's going to happen? Why the wig? Makeup?" I said nervously. Wearing lingerie as a man was humiliating, but all could see I was a man. In lingerie. Why the subterfuge? Would I have to go out all dressed up? That had me scared.

"You're going to wear them silly," Denise replied with a hint of humour in her voice.

"But why?" I asked again, nervously.

She got up, took me in her arms and gave me a soft kiss on the with lots of tenderness and tongue.

"Lets get you ready, then I will explain."

She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. "I will start by giving you an enema."

After she gave me the enema, I shaved as was told. She sat me on a chair facing away from the mirror. It only took her 20 minutes to do a decent job on dolling me up. She applied some foundation, then worked on my eyes - mascara, eyeliner and fake eyelashes. She then spent time making my lips look perfect and added some pinky red blush to my cheeks. At the end she put some clips in my hair and attached the wig on my head and to them. It seemed fairly secure in place to my dismay.

She then quickly glued some fake red nails onto my fingers. I looked at my hands afterwards, If I did not know any better, I would say that they were hot looking. As a final touch, she tied my long hair back into a pony tail with a blue ribbon.

Afterwards she took me to our livingroom, so that I would not see any mirrors, and helped me get all the blue lingerie and my dress on. Then she led me back to the bathroom with my hands in front of my face. She had me face the mirror, removed my hands and revealed Shauna to me. I saw a fairly hot looking brunette looking back at me. I was shocked at how good I actually looked. Is my facial bone structure really that feminine I asked myself?

Denise led me back to the bedroom and motioned for me to sit down beside her. I crossed my legs as she had taught me to. She took my hands in hers and looked me in the eyes. I nervously batted my girly eyes which made her giggle a little. The unusual feel of something on my eye lashes caused me to do that.

"Ok, here is what's happening tonight. In 10 minutes 3 Japanese business men will be joining us. Apparently this is a deal Naughty has to have go down without a hitch. She/he didn't fully explain but did emphasize how important it is that they are fully satisfied. Failure to do so would have dire consequences for us."

"So what are we to do?" I ask, a knot forming in my stomach. Still unsure about whether we were going out with me all dolled up or not.

All three will sit in the living room with me. I will keep them company with snacks and 'American' beer and porn. Then you will come out, curtsy, which I will show you how to do in a minute, take one to the bedroom and satisfy his carnal desires. You will touchup your makeup as best you can then come and get the next. Each will use a condom, after he cums you must carefully remove it and get all of it in a cup. After all three you need to come out, add your own to it and sip it in front of them. Making a good show of it and how appreciative you are that they gave you the essence of their manhood."

I just sat there for a moment taking it all in. I felt relieved that I wasn't going out in public. But. Not only did I have to sexually entertain three men, one at a time, I had to do that without Denise and be a girl for them. And pretend to really like it. Then drink their seed in front of them like a show. That would be humiliating. This is what I was being forced by Naughty to do. I knew that they couldn't know I was being forced.

I would have to seem to genuinely like it. To actually crave their cocks and their seed. Images of muscular men holding my hips as they pounded into me, large cocks in my face for sucking appeared in my mind. I could feel hot loads being shot in my mouth. I could taste their semen, I could-

I felt Denise grip my hands a little. I realized that I must have been elsewhere for a moment.

"It'll be ok, just use your best girly voice and do what they want. We'll get through this, together," she said reassuringly.

She got up and showed me how to curtsy. I tried it and was ok at it.

"For what it's worth," she began, "you look great as a girl," she smiled deeply at me.

With that, Denise left me sitting on the bed as she went to put final touches on the living room.

After she closed the door I continued to think about my situation. I was going to be forced to do sexual acts with three different men, one at a time. Dressed fully as a hot looking girl. To satisfy their needs and carnal desires. I already felt humiliated and the evening had not yet begun.

Would they want to kiss me and fondle my breasts? Sucking a cock is one thing, but kissing a man is another.

I got up and looked at myself in the mirror again. I looked a lot like a girl. A hot girl. That itself made me feel submissive. I felt so feminine. I wanted to take all of this off right now, before they arrived and go out for a beer and watch some sports in a bar surrounded by other guys doing the same. Any bar. Any sport. Any beer. Normally that was what I would do on a business trip.

Now I am under Naughty's control. I must do as he/she says. Naughty says I am to be dolled up as a hot girl with lingerie and a hot looking dress with makeup etc. Now I must satisfy men's sexual desires, submit to their large cocks and balls. Swallow their seed. And show them that I like it.

I heard a knock at the door. Denise answered it promptly. I heard some male voices speaking both broken English and what must be Japanese. They talked for a few minutes, then Denise opened the door and stepped in.

"Showtime," she said as she held out her hand for me.

I rose and took it. She led me into the living room. There on the couch sat three Japanese men. All had dress pants on and more casual button shirts for the evening than they likely wore during the day. All appeared to be fairly muscular. All smiled and clapped as I entered.

"This is Shauna," Denise said with a smile as she presented me to them.

I did a little curtsy as I had been taught. I smiled.

They clapped again.

I still felt very anxious and humiliated. Here I was, standing before three men, done totally up as a woman. I had a brown wig on, tied back in a pony tail with a blue bow, a light blue and white Alice dress, that only came down mid-thigh. Peeking out from underneath were blue garters attached to the blue stockings that covered my legs.

I wore white high heels that I now walked ok in, and had lacy blue elbow length gloves covering my arms that matched my lacy blue garter belt and bra. Like the fake nails, the pointy red ones that had been added to my fingers earlier, it added to my femininity. They made me feel submissive.

Oh and my face was covered in exquisitely done makeup complete with fake eyelashes that constantly made me blink and glossy bright red lipstick that made my lips look more luscious.

Inside my stomach churned at the prospect of what was to come, and I felt humiliated to be dressed like this for these men. They knew I was a man and that I was here to service them.

"Very good," stated the man in the middle. "Just what Naughty had promised us."

Instinctively I looked at their crotches. Each sported a bulge. I had caused that. And I was going to have to relieve that. Naughty had promised that I would take care of these men's sexual needs. I suddenly felt so much more submissive.

"So, who is first?" Asked Denise bluntly.

"Yuki, our junior associate. He is new to this, so he goes first," said the older man in the middle. The man on my left rose. He must be Yuki. He looked to be only 20 years old. He was about my height and muscular but not overly so.

The big knot that was in my stomach felt tighter.

"Come with me Yuki, I will take care of you," I said with a smile in my best girly voice and reached my left hand out to him.

All the men laughed excitedly. I blushed.

Yuki took my hand and I led him to the bedroom, trying to sway my hips sexually as I walked.

I was about to take my first man as a cock hungry girl. I felt nervous, embarrassed and oddly excited. I was glad that That last part bothered me.

Once inside he closed the door and let me lead him to the bed. He smiled as I began to unbutton his shirt. He seemed pleased to let me take the lead.

Once I had his shirt undone I planted some light kisses on his muscular pects. He smiled and said "you like?"

"Uh huh," I replied, looking into his eyes as I clumsily undid his pants with my nailed fingers. My nails helped make me feel more feminine. I pulled his pants down as I dropped to my knees before him. In front of my face were his briefs containing a sizeable bulge.

I kissed the bulge through his briefs, which made it stir and him gasp. My heart raced. I then took hold of the sides of his man underwear, and pulled them down. Out popped his cock. It was thick, even though semi-flaccid.

My own penis was rock hard in my panties and my heart was thumping in my chest.

I took his manhood in my hand and began to stroke. I played with his moderately large ball sack with my other hand. I licked and kissed his balls lightly. they contained the seed that I would make come out of him. That I would later on swallow in front of them all in humiliation. My manipulations made him moan.

I looked into his eyes as I began to lick under the head of his cock. He was stiff now, about 7.5 inches long, cut and thick. I was going to submit to this cock, to give myself to this man, to make him cum. Did he see my submission in my eyes?

His smile oozed lust.

I licked around the head a couple of times, and then took him in my mouth. He moaned throughout.

His breathing was already heavy.

I bobbed up and down on his hard cock.

My own penis was fully erect.

His breathing grew heavier.

"I want to fuck now!" He exclaimed.

I took one last slurp of his cock, rolled a condom out over it and then got up. He did not appear to have Mike's sexual stamina.

He sat there and smiled so I got on the bed doggy style. He followed me and got on the bed behind me.

I hiked up my dress for him and enticingly shook my panty covered ass. It felt awkward, offering my ass to a man I just met. No, to any man. Butterflies filled my knotted stomach as I knew I was inviting him to fuck my ass.

"Nice." He pulled my panties down to my knees, exposing my butt plugged ass and my smaller balls and penis than his.

"Ohhh," he exclaimed.

"Pull it out," I said. My heart beginning to race again. That would enable him to fuck me. Like Naughty wanted.

He took hold of my plug and pulled lightly on it. I was so lubed that with a little tug, it easily came out. I gasped as it did.

He placed his cock in my still open ass and grabbed my hips.

I gasped again.

"Fuck me," I tried to say huskily in my girl voice. I felt like I was in another world.

"This is great," he whispered with a heavy breath.

He shoved his thick cock into my ass. Almost all the way.

I gasped at this quick and deep anal intrusion. He did not seem as experienced as Mike. His thickness stretched my ass just as much though. It hurt.

He pulled back and thrust again, shoving his cock the rest of the way in. I gasped at the fullness and the pain at the sudden deep anal intrusion.

His breathing was heavy again.

He pulled out and thrust forcefully in again. He was already fucking me.

I leaned down onto my forearms and gripped the bed sheet as best I could with my nails on, the feeling in my ass was so intense. He had stretched me quickly and was filling me with his man meat. He did not take his time like Mike or Denise.

I began to moan as he kept roughly thrusting his thick cock into me.

He was moaning too.

Suddenly he reached under me and grabbed my own swollen penis. And then let go.

Feeling my hardness, hardness brought about by submitting to his cock pushed him over the edge.

"This is so hot!" He moaned loudly.

"Uhhhnnn, Eeku!" he stiffened and began to cum. He held there then pumped a few more times and then kept his thick man meat buried in my ass once again. I felt so submissive bent over, dressed like this with his spent cock buried in my ass.

Finally he slowly pulled out. I turned and carefully held his cum filled condom covered cock in my hand. The condom was really full.

I smiled for his benefit. Then I carefully removed it and drained it into a glass. I even held the tip and squeezed downward to get as much out as I could. I then took the open end in my mouth and sucked hard. I had to show him that I wanted it all.

He smiled as I did this.

"I am glad that you want my semen," he added.

"Thank you for fucking me and giving me your seed, it tastes so good," I said and put the open end of the used condom in my mouth again and sucked hard as I looked down from his eyes. It was humiliating and made me feel girly at the same time.

He smiled with satisfaction, as he got dressed. He left the room on his own.

I heard a ping from my phone. I looked and found a text from Naughty.

"Good show, keep it up."

"Thanks," I replied.

The weight of what just took place hit me. I had just taken a man into my room and enticed him to fuck me as a woman. I had submitted to his cock. I made a man drain his balls. Into me. For me. This was not me on my knees in my office being told step my step what to do. And it went smoothly. A chill ran down my spine as I went about touching up my makeup as best I could. MY makeup.

The taste of his cum was strong in my mouth. I looked down. My penis was hard. It had been hard the entire time. That was embarrassing.

After I was finished, I lubed myself some more, put my butt plug back in place. I looked into the mirror. a hot looking woman looked back. What had I become? What was Naughty forcing me to become? Not the time for deep thought. I steeled myself and I went back out.

They were still sitting on the couch, drinking 'American' beer, eating pretzels and chips and watching porn. Anal sex to be precise. Denise was sitting in the armchair, looking as hot as ever. Tonight she was just the hostess.

As I approached them, the man in the middle said Kaito was next. The one on the other end from Yuki got up. He was taller than Yuki and more muscular.

He took my hand and looked me confidently in the eyes. I smiled then looked down in submission and led him to the bedroom.

He started to undress himself so I helped. Shortly he was completely naked. He climbed on the bed and lay on his back. His thick cock stuck up in the air. He was already turned on.

I climbed onto the bed as well.

"Suck my cock," he stated firmly.

Obediently I crawled over to his cock. It was erect and much bigger than mine. It was cut, thick and about 8 inches long. Large balls hung down towards his ass.

I wrapped the long nailed fingers of my right hand around his shaft. My red nails on my fingers barely touched the pointy nail on my thumb. It looked so hot seeing this very feminine lace covered arm with painted nails sticking out the end, wrap around a hard cock. I began to stroke it with my right hand and fondled his hairy balls with my left.

He moaned.

I looked into his eyes. They were filled with lust.

I began to lick his cock from below,up from the base to the tip. It tasted sweaty. I made smacking noises as I finished each lick. I had my hand cupped over the top side of his cock and was just lightly stroking the top and licking the bottom.

"Mmmm," I moaned as I did.

He was moaning in response. His head was tilted back and his eyes were shut now.

After a few minutes, I took him in my mouth.

"No, I want you to keep licking," he said.

"Ok," I replied, and obediently went back to licking the underside of his shaft.

I glimpsed at him. He was looking intently at me again. Smiling as he took in me servicing his cock. He must have liked seeing a hot looking brunette, face dolled up with makeup, lace covered arms, with pointy red finger nails worshiping his hard cock and balls.

Seeing the lust in his eyes for me as I did this made me feel so embarrassed and submissive.

"Now I want to fuck," he said a few minutes later.

I could see that he wanted me to ride his cock.

I looked into his eyes with my most hungry look. Take me, I need your cock, I need it now was the look I was after. His eyes had a fire in them.

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