My Virgin Sister


"Mmmmm It's.... It's.... Ohhh Fuck! It's... Hold it right there, Jack. Don't move it. It's making me cum already! Stop! Turn them off. I want to switch them. The egg vibrates too much or I'm too sensitive or something. Quick, Jack. Switch them around."

I set the egg on the bed and pull the pink vibrator out of her pussy, turning it off. I push the vibrating egg up inside her with my finger, then turning the pink vibrator on low, I hold the tip of it against her clit. She's already jerking against it and I'm having trouble keeping it on her clit.

"Lie still!" I tell her. "It'll only work if it stays against your clit. You can't keep bucking against it and expect it to stay in position." I move between her legs and press my forearm across her mound to hold her still, while I keep the tip of the vibrator against her clit. She's jerking and twitching from the simultaneous vibration inside her pussy and against her clit.

"It feels like an orgasm machine, Jack. I just keep cumming and cumming! Oh Fuck! It's.... It's.... building up a big one! Oh Fuck! God Damn! God Damn! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Lisa is bucking and thrashing wildly, and I'm trying to hold the tip of the pink vibrator against her clit, when she yells at me to stop. "Stop! Jack! Shut them off! Pull them out! Stop!"

I remove the pink vibrator from her clit and push the button on the egg, shutting it off. Lisa's body is twitching and trembling. She rolls onto her side, curling up in the fetal position, gulping air and moaning softly.

"Mmmmmm Jack," she moans as I pull on the wire and pop the egg out of her drenched pussy. Her juices are oozing from her pussy lips and running down her ass. I lean over and lick them up.

"I haven't had breakfast yet, remember," I whisper as I lick her hot, cream from her ass cheeks and thighs. She's curled up away from me and I'm lying on my side with my feet behind her head and my face pushed up against her ass. I lick all around her pussy lips, and then push her lips apart with my tongue, releasing a hot stream of thick syrup, which I hungrily lap up.

I pull my head back as Lisa rolls over, raising her left knee and giving me access to her pussy from the front. I continue licking her juices, while she lifts my semi-erect cock in her hand and slips the head into her mouth.

"Want to know what it felt like?" she asks, pulling her mouth off my cock and holding up the pink vibrator. "It was like continuous orgasms without the teasing or the build up. It was great, but I can see why Mom started with her fingers and built up to the vibrator. Here, let me show you." Lisa is smiling at me. I stop licking and watch her turn the vibrator on and press it against my cock just under the head. My cock immediately extends to its full length and in no time I'm humping against the vibrator. It feels like a milking machine trying to pull the cum out of my balls.

"Wow! That's amazing. It doesn't feel like anything I've ever felt before." I'm frantically bucking my hips against it as I feel the tension build. "God! I'm going to cum already." Lisa keeps the vibrator against my cock, wraping her lips around the head, just as I explode. She sucks and swallows, as I buck my hips against her mouth, and the vibrator milks all the cum from my balls.

"Okay, stop! Take it off my cock! Fuck that was unreal! It was like instant sex. I came hard but it was over pretty fast. Is that what it felt like to you?" I ask Lisa, as she settles back on the bed, licking her lips and swallowing the last of my cum.

"Yeah, pretty much. But when you had both vibrators going, it was fucking amazing. I think I'd like to try it sometime after you've already given me two or three orgasms with your mouth and your cock, and see what happens, because you're right it was over pretty fast."

"You're insatiable. Do you know that? What will you think of next?" I ask, teasingly.

"Well, I've actually thought of how we might be able to seduce Mom. Want to hear?" Lisa explains her idea and it almost sounds plausible. I can hardly wait. The plan includes me watching through the window, and listening to them, using our cell phones.

We get our chance about two weeks later. It's a Saturday and all three of us are in the pool. We horse around for a while, both of us teasing Mom with as much skin contact as we can. Then Lisa and Mom put suntan lotion on each other while I lie on my back next to them, my bulge apparent in my trunks. I watch Mom squirm, eying my cock, as Lisa rubs suntan lotion up and down Mom's legs, nearly caressing her ass cheeks.

We know the plan is working when Mom abruptly gets up and says she's had enough for the day. As she goes into the house, we head for her window. What we see is nearly an exact replay of what we had seen a few weeks before. Mom locks her bedroom door, strips out of her swimsuit and begins fingering her pussy and pinching her hard nipples. She already has the vibrator with her when she lies down on the bed, finger fucking herself. After cumming with her fingers, she slides the vibrator deep in her sticky, wet pussy and turns it on.

"That's your cue, Sis. Are you ready?" I ask. Lisa's plan includes interrupting Mom just as she's about to cum with the vibrator. That will put Mom at her most vulnerable and give Lisa's plan a greater chance for success. We each have our cell phones and I speed dial hers, as she's walking into the house.

"Hey," I say into my phone, "wait for my signal. And don't forget to put your phone on speaker when you go in Mom's room."

"Don't worry. I won't let you miss anything. You just remember to hit mute so she doesn't hear you jacking off through my phone," Lisa laughs.

"Okay, I'm at her bedroom door," she whispers.

I watch Mom moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy, and just as she's raising her hips off the bed, I give Lisa the signal. "Go now!"

Lisa knocks on Mom's door and tries the door handle on the locked door. "Mom, can I talk to you a minute?" She sounds so innocent.

I watch Mom yell something at the door, pull the vibrator out of her sopping, wet pussy and hide it under her pillow. She gets up, grabs her silk robe from the closet and walks toward the door.

"The vibrator is under her pillow. She's coming to the door in just her robe. You're on!" I say as I hit mute on my cell phone and watch. Lisa must have hit her speakerphone button, because I hear the door open.

"What's wrong, Lisa?" Mom asks.

"Umm," Lisa hesitates, "can I come in and talk to you a minute, Mom?" Mom tied her robe around her waist, but Lisa still gets a great view of her cleavage, as her tits swell out into the opening at the top of the robe, and her hard nipples push against the thin fabric.

"Of course, is something wrong?" Mom leads Lisa into the room and they both sit down on the edge of the bed. I see Lisa nonchalantly lay her phone on Mom's nightstand, speaker side up.

"Mom, you know you've always told us we can talk to you about anything, right?"

"Absolutely, no matter what's wrong, we'll work it out together," Mom says, serious concern showing on her face.

"Oh no! It's nothing like that," Lisa laughs. "I just have a couple of questions, but it's kind of embarrassing to talk about with your mom."

"Oh, come on. Whatever your questions are, I'll try to answer them the best I can without causing you any undue embarrassment. Now what do you want to ask." Mom is clearly relieved that she only has to deal with embarrassment and not a real problem.

"Well. You have that very sexy swimsuit, that doesn't cover as much as mine, yet your pubic hair doesn't show around your swimsuit and mine does. I keep adjusting my suit and yet a few stray hairs are always sticking out and it's embarrassing, especially around boys. Do you shave or trim yours? Can you show me how?"

Mom is smiling. "Yes, Lisa, I do trim my hair so it doesn't show and yes..." Lisa cuts her off before she has a chance to finish.

"Can I see? I want to see how it's trimmed and see if that's what I want to do with mine." Lisa is already pulling Mom's robe open to look at her pussy. I know Lisa's plan isn't about trimming her pubic hair. It's all about getting Mom to expose her pussy to her.

"Hold on," Mom says standing up and untying her robe. "I'll let you see what I'm talking about, just be a little patient." When Mom opens her robe she's facing the window and I get a clear view of her neatly trimmed triangle of hair. I watch Lisa reach her hand out and run her fingers across Mom's patch of short, trimmed pussy hair. Mom takes a deep breath, but doesn't say anything.

"That's all the hair you have? You trim all the rest away. How? Do you trim with the scissors or shave? Look at mine. The hair just goes every which way. It doesn't look sexy like yours." Lisa pulls her swimsuit bottom down and shows Mom her blonde pussy. She brushes her fingers through her hair saying, "See mine's ugly. Not sexy like yours at all."

"It's not ugly at all, dear. It's quite lovely actually, but we can trim it if you like, so it's not so unruly." Mom is concentrating on consoling Lisa and barely notices her bend forward to look up at Mom's pussy from below. This is where her plan is either going to work or not work.

"Mom! You don't have any hair around your vagina, it's totally smooth." Lisa has her fingers on Mom's hair again and runs her thumb across Mom's smoothly shaved pussy lips. Mom steps back out of reach of Lisa's hand and starts pulling her robe closed.

"Mom! You're soaking wet. You are.... Oh my God! That's why you had the door locked, isn't it. Oh, Mom, I'm sorry. Were you... um? I'm sorry I interrupted you, didn't I?" While she's saying this, Lisa is licking the juices off her thumb as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

"It's alright dear." She's staring at Lisa licking her thumb." I guess I was silly to sneak in here in the middle of the day. I should have waited until I went to bed. Yes, I was masturbating but it's not something I wish to discuss with you." Mom is really flustered and talking fast. I'm not sure Lisa is going to get anywhere, but this is very exciting to watch.

"Actually, that's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about," Lisa says, softly. "I think there's something wrong with me and I might be a pervert or something."

Mom steps closer with concern coming back on her face. "What do you mean, dear? What do you think is wrong with you?" Lisa is sitting on the bed, naked except for her swimsuit top, with her head down, not making eye contact with Mom. Mom sits down next to her and puts her arm around Lisa. "I'm sure there is nothing wrong with you and you're certainly not a pervert. Just tell mama whatever's bothering you, okay?"

"Well, you know that I've been going out with a couple of guys at school but I've never let any of them go all the way." I love how carefully Lisa is wording this so she won't be lying to Mom.

"Well I didn't know, but I'm awfully glad to hear that," Mom says turning toward Lisa and lifting her chin up with her hand. "So what is it that's bothering you?"

"Umm...I haven't let any of them do it, but not because I didn't want to and after our dates I come home very excited and... well... um... really wet, you know?" I can see Mom is smiling but not letting Lisa see that she is.

"That's pretty normal, I'd say. There's nothing wrong with that," Mom says, trying to reassure Lisa.

"Well, I'm really excited and I umm... you know..."

"Masturbate?" Mom cuts in. "Well as you have seen, it happens to the best of us, dear. There's nothing wrong with masturbating. It's very natural. It certainly doesn't make you a pervert."

"But it doesn't seem to help. I don't seem to be able to relieve all the pressure. I touch myself and I just get wetter. But I don't think I'm getting an orgasm like you read about in all those Cosmo type magazines. I think there's something wrong with me!" Lisa throws herself down on the bed crying. I have to admit, it is quite a show. Who knew my twin sister was such an actress. But wait, Mom is staring at Lisa's bare ass jiggling on the bed as she sobs.

"Lisa, there's nothing wrong with you. Those articles are full of exaggerations and inaccuracies; they're trying to sell magazines." Mom is rubbing Lisa's back, but her eyes are on her cute, round ass.

"Does it help you? Do you get relief when you masturbate, Mom? I mean, it's been over four months since Daddy's been home, you've got to miss being with him, right?"

"Of course, I miss your father, we all do," Mom says, her hand starting to rub across Lisa's ass cheeks.

"No, I mean being with him sexually. You miss that. Isn't that why you're masturbating in the middle of the day, Mom? Does it help? Do you get relief from it?" Lisa turns her head and looks at Mom. Mom's hand stops rubbing but stays on Lisa's firm, round ass cheek.

"Yes I miss having sex with your father and yes masturbating does help. It releases my sexual tension for a while." Mom is starting to squirm a little and I can see her legs opening and closing slightly.

"How long? How long does it last? I need to touch myself all the time. Even right after I finger myself and I'm soaking wet, I want to keep touching myself. What's the secret? What am I missing, Mom?"

"I don't know. Do you just play with your vagina or do you rub your clitoris, too?" Mom is getting very uncomfortable with this discussion but she's in for a real surprise, because Lisa rolls over to show her how she masturbates.

"Here's what I do," Lisa says as she rolls onto her back, spreads her legs and starts rubbing her fingers up and down her slit. She slips two fingers inside her pussy and starts pumping them in and out.

"I just do this until it feels like I'm cumming," Lisa says. "But the perverted part is that I lick my fingers afterwards. I love the taste of my own juice and I get so hot when I taste it. You think that's perverted, don't you?" Lisa is still pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy while she looks at Mom. Mom's face is flushed and she is staring at Lisa masturbating right next to her.

"You are not a pervert, Lisa. I'm sure a lot of women like the taste of their own juices. I even like..." Mom stops. She seems to realize she's about to tell Lisa that she likes her own juices, which we already know from our previous spying episode.

"What Mom? Ohhhh!" Lisa is starting to buck her hips up to meet her fingers. Mom is breathing hard and seems mesmerized by Lisa's actions. "Mom, show me how you do it. Show me how to get off." Lisa takes her fingers from her pussy and scoots around so her pussy is facing Mom on the bed. "Do me like you do yourself, mama. Show me how to really get off. Please!"

"I don't know, Lisa," Mom stutters, as she stares at Lisa's wet pussy. "This isn't appropriate!"

"Please Mom!" Lisa pleads. "If you don't show me, who will? How am I supposed to learn?" Mom hesitates, and then moves her hands towards Lisa's pussy. She slowly inserts two fingers inside Lisa's wet snatch and uses her other had to massage her clit.

"I shouldn't be doing this, Lisa. It just doesn't seem right." She starts moving her fingers in and out of Lisa's pussy. "Here's what you do," Mom says, taking an instructive tone. "You need to massage your clitoris as you stimulate the inside of your vagina. How does that feel?"

"That feels soooo good, mama." Lisa pants as she humps Mom's hand. Mom manipulates her clit between her thumb and her index finger as Lisa moves her hand down and slips her fingers into Mom's mouth. Startled at first, the taste works it's magic and Mom starts licking the pussy juice off Lisa's fingers.

"Oh baby, what are you doing?" Mom says, still sucking Lisa's fingers. "This isn't right!" she breathes." Oh God! You taste so good!" Mom moans as she slips her mouth off of Lisa's fingers. Slowly lowering her head to within an inch of Lisa's sweet pussy, Mom inhales, taking a deep, intoxicating whiff. Hesitantly, she licks a few drops of juice from Lisa's pussy lips, savoring the taste. Closing her eyes, Mom tentatively replaces her fingers with her tongue, lapping up Lisa's sweet juices. My cock is rock hard, and I'm frantically rubbing it through my swimsuit, as I watch Mom eat Lisa's young, hot pussy.

"Oh my god! Mama, eat my pussy! It feels so good! Oh, mama!" Lisa is lifting her ass up off the bed, pushing her mouth into our mom's face. Mom has moved her mouth up to Lisa's clit and is finger fucking her again. Lisa has pushed her swimsuit top up over her tits and is frantically pulling at her nipples.

"Oh, mama! Ohh yes!" Lisa is bucking wildly now. I've pulled my cock out of my swimsuit and I'm stroking it furiously, while watching the most unbelievable sight I've ever seen. I never in a million years ever thought I would see my Mom eating my sister's pussy.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh mama! It feels so good. I'm really cumming!" Lisa is out of control, in a way that I've never seen. She is bouncing her ass off the bed, holding the back of Mom's head with her hand and really getting off on whatever Mom is doing with her tongue. Mom seems to know exactly what to do when Lisa climaxes. Lisa doesn't yell stop like she usually has to with me. She just falls back on the bed quivering, as Mom licks the juices all around her pussy. My cock explodes and I shoot a huge load of cum on the ground, as Lisa settles down from her orgasm.

"Jesus, Mom. I've never felt anything like that! You are amazing. Thank you so much! You are the best Mom in the whole world!" Lisa is running her fingers through Mom's hair as Mom continues lapping up Lisa's juices.

"I don't know about that," Mom says, looking up from between Lisa's legs. "What kind of mother eats her own daughter's pussy?"

"The best kind. It was incredible, Mom," Lisa says, sitting up. "Now it's my turn. I want to do for you what you just did for me. I can't wait to taste you, Mom." Before Mom can argue or resist, Lisa pushes her back on the bed, pulling her robe open. Lisa spreads Mom's legs and stares at Mom's neatly shaved pussy. "It's beautiful, mama. I bet it tastes wonderful," Lisa whispers as she lowers her mouth and runs her tongue up Mom's pussy lips.

"Oh, baby girl! We shouldn't!" Mom moans. "This isn't right! I was just showing you how!" Mom's robe is all the way open and I can see her hard nipples sticking up from her jiggling tits. She pulls her legs up on either side of Lisa's head and raises her ass off the bed, pushing her pussy against Lisa's hungry mouth.

"Oh fuck! Just this once, then," Mom pants, "lick your mama's pussy! God it's been so long and it feels so fucking good!" Mom starts massaging her tits and stretching out her nipples. I can feel my cock getting hard again as I fantasize about sucking Mom's thick nipples and fucking her pussy. Lisa actually did it! She fucking seduced Mom into eating her pussy and now she's eating Mom's pussy. We agreed that I would stay outside until Lisa signals me. I can hardly wait.

"Ohhh, Yes! Suck my clit, Lisa! That's it. Oh yeah! Put your fingers inside me. Oh fuck! It feels so good!" Mom is really thrashing around on the bed now, swinging her head from side to side and I figure she must be getting close to cumming. Lisa is finger-fucking her while she sucks her clit. Earlier, I had told Lisa about flicking the clit with her tongue while she sucks it with her lips. I imagine that's what's getting Mom off now.

"Ohhh Fuck! You're making me cum! I'm cumming now! You're making your mama cum!" I watch Mom push her ass way up off the bed, grab Lisa's hair and hold her head against her pussy jerking wildly in the throes of her orgasm. Finally, Mom falls back on the bed, letting go of Lisa's head. Her tits heave up and down as she tries to catch her breath. Lisa still has her head between Mom's legs and I assume she's lapping up all the sweet syrup that must be running out of Mom's cunt.

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