My Virgin Sister


Nobody says anything for several minutes. Then, Lisa licks her way up Mom's sweat soaked body stopping to suckle her tits and bite her hard, thick nipples. I watch her move up and put her tongue in Mom's mouth, while pushing her firm, round tits into Mom's plentiful chest and crushing her blonde bush against Mom's trimmed, dark mound.

My cock is sticking straight out of my swimsuit as I watch my sister's sweet young ass move around, grinding her pussy between Mom's legs. With her legs spread wide apart, Mom loops her feet behind Lisa's legs, pulling her tighter against her. Their naked bodies rock back and forth as they squeeze their pussies together and suck each other's tongues.

"That was amazing, Mom! I love you so much and you taste so delicious. Thank you. Thank you for doing this with me." Lisa has rolled onto her side next to Mom. Her leg is draped over Mom, with her knee against Mom's pussy and she is massaging Mom's tits with her hand.

"Yes it was!" Mom says, still panting. "I can't believe we did that. You were fantastic, baby girl." She's still catching her breath. "But as good as you were," Mom says, stroking Lisa's hair with her hand. "I would do anything right now for a hard cock."

Lisa raises her head and looks at Mom, smiling. She raises her hand off Mom's tits and gives me a thumbs-up that Mom can't see. That's our signal and I head into the house.

"I'll be right back, Mom," I hear Lisa say through the phone, as I open the sliding glass door. I meet Lisa in the hallway and she smiles when she sees the tent my cock is making in my swimsuit.

"Take those off," she says, pointing to my swimming trunks. "This is the moment we've all been waiting for." I drop my trunks on the floor and Lisa wraps her hand around my rigid cock, leading me into Mom's bedroom.

"How about this one?" Lisa asks Mom, as she leads me over to the bed by my cock. Lisa is grinning from ear to ear and Mom can't take her eyes off my hard cock. Mom is lying on the bed, starring at us with her mouth open, not saying anything. She furls her brow, shifting her eyes from me to Lisa, obviously trying to come to grips with all of this. Eventually a smile comes to her lips and she accuses us of setting her up.

"You two planned this whole thing, didn't you?" she says, reaching over and taking my cock from Lisa's hand. She pulls me closer to the bed, positioning my cock inches from her face. "You've been teasing me with this for a couple of weeks now," Mom sighs. "You better be ready to use it," she says, wrapping her lips around my cock and sucking the head into her warm mouth.

"Oh yeah!" I groan. My own mother is sucking my fucking cock! Oh fuck!

Standing next to the bed, I eagerly pump in and out of Mom's experienced mouth. She's licking and sucking my cock, stroking her hand up and down my shaft and massaging my balls. It's like a dream come true when I see Lisa start sucking Mom's tits and playing with her pussy. I've always fantasized what a threesome would be like, but I never believed it would be with my sister and my mother.

"We've got a fantasy to live out here, Mom," Lisa says. "Let Jack join me on the bed so we can each suck one of your tits." Mom looks up at me questioningly as she continues stroking and sucking my cock.

"Sure," I say, shrugging, "we can continue this later." I reluctantly pull my throbbing cock from Mom's wet mouth and climb on the bed next to her. Taking her right tit in my hand I wrap my lips around her thick nipple, while Lisa continues sucking on her left tit. Lisa has her fingers in Mom's pussy, so I start playing with her clit, rolling it between my finger and my thumb.

"Ohhh yeah! My babies! What are you guys doing to your mother? Yes! Bite my nipples, squeeze my clit, oh my god!" Mom is humping against our hands while Lisa and I watch each other suckle at our mother's breasts. I watch Lisa bite Mom's nipple and pull it with her teeth, stretching it out about an inch. I do the same with her other nipple.

"Jack I need you to put that hard cock inside my pussy right now!" Mom yells. Lisa moves over and I climb on top of Mom sliding my cock between her legs. Her pussy is soaked and I glide right in and start pumping in and out of her. Mom isn't as tight as Lisa, but she's doing something with her pussy muscles and her hips that feels amazing around my hard cock.

"Faster, Jack! Fuck me harder and faster!" Mom yells, reminding me a lot of Lisa and I wrap my arms behind her legs pulling them up, as I pound into her. I've got Mom's legs in the air and I'm on my knees hammering into her hot, throbbing pussy. Lisa lies down behind me, pushing her head up between my legs and licking my balls. She moves her tongue up to the base of my cock and is licking Mom's juices off my cock as slam it in and out of Mom's pussy. I don't know how long I can take this before I'll explode.

"Oh yeah! Lick my asshole! Oh Fuck! That is fucking wonderful! Oh baby girl, what you're doing!" Lisa obviously has started licking from Mom's asshole, up to the bottom of her pussy and along my pumping shaft. "Oh! Stick it in. Stick your tongue in my ass! Yeah! Just like that!" Mom is panting and thrashing around on the bed, her lust displacing any inhibitions about fucking her children.

"I'm cumming! Jack, keep it up! I'm cumming sooo hard!" Lisa must have her tongue buried in Mom's asshole, because I don't feel it anymore. Instead I feel a finger rubbing up and down the crack of my ass.

Just as Mom starts cumming, Lisa holds my balls with her hand and starts rolling them gently around while she pushes a wet finger into my asshole. Immediately, my cock explodes inside Mom's pussy and I jerk violently, shooting load after load of cum deep inside her burning hole. I feel her pussy muscles pulsating around my cock, as Lisa moves her head and hands out of the way so we can settle back down on the bed. I'm lying on top of Mom enjoying the rise and fall of her tits against my chest, as we both gasp air into our lungs.

Lisa is rubbing my back and running her hand lightly over my ass cheeks. She moves her head over and starts kissing, licking and biting my ass. I feel my cock stir inside of Mom's pussy. Lisa continues nibbling at my ass, pushing her tongue in my asshole. She's massaging my balls and tonguing my ass while I'm lying on top of Mom, my cock buried deep in her soggy pussy. I start moving my hips around, sliding my stiffening cock in and out a little bit.

"Already? My, you are something, Jack," Mom says, pushing her tongue between my lips and kissing me passionately. She flexes her pussy muscles, massaging my cock as it moves in and out a little farther.

"If you knew what your daughter was doing, you'd understand why I'm recovering already, Mom. She's tonguing my asshole and massaging my balls. I can't help but get hard again."

"My aren't you two the adventurous ones. I suppose you've been fucking each other for a while, haven't you?" Mom looks me in the eye as she asks this.

"Yes we have, Mom. It started off kind of innocent, but we really love each other, and once we started fucking, we couldn't stop." I'm pumping in and out of her a lot faster now and Lisa is still working her magic on my balls and my ass. She is alternating between tonguing my asshole and biting my ass cheeks, and it's driving me crazy.

"Lisa, your brother is doing just fine now. Come up here and let your mother suck your pussy while your brother fucks me. You have the sweetest pussy juice I have ever tasted."

"Tasted a lot of pussy, have you, Mom?" I ask, as Lisa moves toward the head of the bed to straddle Mom's face.

"That is none of your business, young man," Mom says with a smile, bouncing her hips off the bed to meet the thrusts of my cock. "Wait this isn't working. Stop a minute, Jack. Let me turn over." I pull out and move back, while Mom rolls over and gets up on all fours. I push my cock into her pussy from behind, as Lisa lies down under Mom's head, positioning her pussy under Mom's face. Mom buries her face in Lisa's pussy, while I pound her from behind, holding her hips with my hands.

"Oh mama! Yes! That feels so good!" Lisa moans. I slam harder into Mom's pussy, pushing her face against Lisa's snatch with every downward thrust of my cock. This is unfuckingbelievable! I'm fucking my mother from behind as she goes down on my twin sister. It doesn't get any better than this. At least that's what I think until Mom pulls her head up from Lisa's pussy and looks over her shoulder at me.

"Put it in my ass, Jack," she says, "I want you to fuck my ass." Oh my god! I pull my hard cock out of my mother's dripping, wet pussy and put the head against her tight round asshole.

"Just push it in, Jack. Push it slowly up my ass. I haven't been fucked in my ass in years, Jack. Just push my ass cheeks apart and take it slowly. I want it in there so bad." Mom lowers her head back into Lisa's pussy and I slide my well-lubricated cock up inside my mother's ass. I slip the head in and I feel her ass tighten around it. I keep pushing with short pumping motions until I've buried my entire cock inside my mother's ass. It is so tight I just hold it there for a minute.

"Fuck me, Jack. Fuck my ass. Your cock feels so good inside my ass. Fuck me in the ass, Jack!" I start pumping in and out of my mother's tight asshole, going faster and faster until I'm slamming into her.

"Ohhh yeah, Jack, slam your balls up against my pussy like that. That feels so fucking good!" Mom moans, continuing to eat Lisa's pussy.

"I can't believe you're fucking Mom in the ass while she's eating me, Jack! How does it feel?" Lisa is smiling at me, pinching and pulling her own nipples as Mom eats her out.

"It feels incredible. Her ass is tighter than your pussy, Sis, and I didn't think anything would be tighter than that!" I'm watching my sister squirm around, pulling hard on her nipples, as I hear Mom's tongue slurping up her pussy juices.

"Can we all come together, do you think? I only ask because I'm getting ready to shoot my load up Mom's ass." Mom is eating Lisa furiously, rubbing her thumb across Lisa's clit and rubbing her own clit with her other hand, while I slam my hard cock in and out of her ass.

"I'm cumming, Jack. Don't stop. I'm going to cum so hard!" Mom is rubbing her clit and slamming her ass back against my cock, while I'm hammering her as hard as I can.

"Me too, Mom! That's perfect. Just what you're doing there! Oh god, I'm cumming!" Lisa yells just as I shoot my second load of cum inside my mother, this one deep inside her ass. Lisa is holding Mom's face tightly against her pussy, while I'm jerking violently in her asshole. I feel Mom shudder then relax as her own orgasm rolls over her. We sort of fall in a heap on the bed, Mom's face in Lisa's crotch and my cock slipping from Mom's ass with a popping sound.

"Let's rest for a while," Mom says, panting, "then I want to watch you fuck your sister, Jack. We only have a month until your father gets home and I want to make the most of it."

We do make the most of the next month. We fuck, suck and daisy chain in every conceivable position. I fuck Mom or Lisa while they eat each other. One of them sucks me while I eat the other one. We all sleep in Mom's king-sized bed, with me usually sandwiched between their sexy naked bodies. Mom and Lisa both have voracious sexual appetites and I quite frequently wake up with one of them sucking my cock. I fuck Mom before she goes to work, then Lisa and I fuck all day and are waiting to ravage Mom's body when she gets home. Lisa introduces Mom to the harness, and Mom teaches us a few things, too. Mom says it's the best sex she's ever had and suddenly we aren't looking forward to dad getting home.

Mom makes Lisa and I promise not to mention any of this to dad or do anything to make him suspicious. We agree, but we are all pretty frustrated within a week after he gets home. In September, Lisa and I move up to Los Angeles to attend college. Mom convinces Dad that it's better for us to live in an apartment off campus than to be in the co-ed dorms. She rents us a two bedroom furnished apartment close to the campus. For appearance purposes, we maintain separate bedrooms but Lisa and I sleep together every night.

Mom visits every other weekend and we pick up right where we left off. Mom complains that we've ruined her for anything but three-way sex and she always has something new she wants to try. She says dad has always been a wham-bam thank-you man, who satisfies himself, then rolls over and goes to sleep. She confides that the vibrator isn't just for when he's at sea. She tells us her sexual appetite has been dormant for a long time, but now that we've awakened it, she has proven to be as adventurous a sexual experimenter as Lisa. Between the two of them we have experimented with everything from homemade porn videos to mild forms of bondage and even butt plugs. There is nothing they won't try, which is all right with me. I'm just living out my fantasies.

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by Anonymous

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by bigbob22804/15/18

Family is spelled Fuck YA!!

It's a shame that the old man had to come HOME! We could have had at least another 10 pages! I really enjoyed it keep them CUMMING!!

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by bendigoboy04/07/18

Incredibly cock hardening story!!!

You have written possibly my most enjoyed story on this site! It kept me hard throughout the entire thing!

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by horny2doit03/16/18

Yes, a very hot story for sure. Brother and sister in love and having hard sex constantly. Now Mom gets involved ... unbelievable in what they do but whatever works is great. A sequel would be nicemore...

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by penneydog5502/28/18

I am so

Jealous! It's so Naughty but by hell it would be nice! Oh well dream on you old coot?
This story is what dreams are made of! So yeah Thanks for sharing this Fantastic Story with us! ★ ★ ★ ★more...

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by funseeker118601/28/18

As good as it gets!

I don't think it could get much better One of the best stories ever.

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