tagBDSMMy Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 07

My Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 07


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


Finally she came back to life. She rolled towards me and kissed me passionately, nearly stuffing her tongue down my throat. We mashed our faces and bodies together and tongued each other a long time. She reached down and held my cock; it was completely hard again.

"Looks like our friend is ready for his turn!" she snickered. "Now Georgie, watch what you'd get if only you had a real cock instead of the tiny, teeny weenie of yours."

I still had trouble reconciling one of the most loving and sexy women I had ever met, with this vicious ball-busting bitch that treated George as she did. It was very Jekyll and Hyde!

She now positioned herself comfortably beside me as if she was planning on this lasting quite a while, which suited me perfectly. George was tight against the side of the bed, I was lying normally on the bed with my crotch right under his nose almost and she was lying at my side opposite from George with her face at the level of my cock. She had propped me up with pillows, "So you can watch, after all you should have at least as good a view as Georgie!" She could take my cock in her mouth and still look George or me right in the eyes, which was undoubtedly what she had in mind.

She cupped my balls in one hand and started to rub them very gently; with the other she guided my cock to her mouth. She had her mouth closed and touched her puckered lips to my pee slit as if to kiss it, but just let my cock head slide between into her wet mouth until just the head was inside. She started to suck gently, and run her tongue all over my glans as she did so. It was feeling wonderful already. She opened her mouth and used just her tongue to go all over my fleshy head and then the very tip of her tongue went around and around the corona just under the head. She would stop each circuit to flick my most sensitive spot at the frenulum.

I was squirming already and she had barely started. I could feel my cock swell even more. She shifted slightly and now she started to bob her head up and down, causing her mouth to fuck my cock. She also was using both hands on my balls, exploring them and learning their most sensitive spots. Once she found those places she returned to them often.

It was also an amazing turn on watching my cock disappear and reappear from that beautiful face.

She would look directly into George's eyes from time to time and smile wickedly at him. Then she'd turn to look at me with a completely different smile, usually when she was doing one of her most stimulating tricks. Every time she looked at either of us she would moan, which also imparted a remarkable feeling to my cock.

She licked and sucked and tickled using her hands, lips and tongue in concert, pushing me higher and higher. While she managed to keep my excitement escalating, the increase went slow and lasted a long while! I couldn't help moaning with pleasure and thrusting my hips. She didn't try to keep me from it; she let it help her. Soon my cock was going deeper and deeper and before I knew it she was taking nearly the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat. Finally she managed to get me to lie still and she slid down on my cock to the point of her lips touching my pubic hair, and her tongue snaked out and licked my balls. I could scarcely believe it! With me all the way inside her she managed to turn just enough to look at my face and smile around my cock. I nearly lost it. I was getting very close to cumming and I didn't want to hold back, I just wanted to enjoy it.

She sensed how close I was and, without stopping, found ways to prolong the experience. She would stop sucking and lick my most sensitive spots while tickling my balls at the same time. Then as I calmed a bit she would go back to sucking. She wouldn't let me back off, just plateau for a while, building my orgasm a step at a time and holding at each phase for a time. Once she even moved to licking my balls on their most sensitive spots, the sides down low, while just holding my cock in her hand with her thumb over the frenulum, but not moving it.

I was in absolute ecstasy! Finally it was time, she couldn't put off my orgasm without stopping completely and she knew it, so she started to bob her head again, nice and steady, letting my cock slide almost all the way out of her mouth and then back down taking me very deep. When her lips would slide over the ridge around my cock head, it was as if an electric shock was going the entire length of my shaft. At the same time she took one ball in each hand and milked them. That did it, I exploded! She never stopped pumping my cock with her mouth or holding my balls, and she sucked up every drop. Even after I stopped cumming she held my balls gently and sucked ever so lightly on my cock, until it finally was almost soft.

She let my cock and balls go with a gentle reluctance and looked straight into my eyes with a huge smile. Without anyone saying a word, she tilted her head back slightly and I could see her throat move as she exaggerated swallowing. She never lost eye contact with me and her smile widened as she licked her lips very provocatively and wiped a little drop of cum from the corner of her mouth and then did another exaggerated swallow.

Just watching her little show made my limp cock twitch. I grabbed her and pulled her to me and French kissed her deeply.

"WOW," we both said simultaneously and we broke our embrace.

The day was wearing on and I knew I'd have to go soon. I didn't want this to end, and I wasn't sure at that point how it would.

George looked the most pitiful he had yet. It seemed as if every time I thought it was as bad as it could be for him, it still got worse. And this time was no exception. He was a mess and he looked very tired and I could tell his muscles were starting to cramp. In addition he looked as if someone close to him had died. In a way, maybe someone had.

Alice saw it too, but I don't think that was her motivation. "Let's untie Georgie, we haven't had much time together alone and he needs to clean up," she said to me.

As I began to untie George she continued to him, "Georgie, we need some privacy. You go in the guest room and use the bath in there. Once you're clean rest on that bed; you must be tired. Close the door and leave it closed. I'll call you when you can come out."

George said nothing, just hung his head and shuffled out. A moment later I heard a door click shut. He didn't even slam it. I sure would have!

As I feared, Alice approached the subject, "I'm afraid you'll have to go soon." I couldn't tell her feelings on the matter, she was subdued, but straightforward.

"Yes, I know." it was all I could think to say.

"Would you like to share a Margarita first?" she asked.

I nearly leapt with joy, not that I'm so big on Margaritas, but I would have leaped at any reason to stay a little longer. "Sure, I'd love to."

Still buck naked, we went to the kitchen. She started to get out the makings and directed me to the fridge to get what she needed from there. She was pretty good with a blender and within just a couple of minutes we each had a nice frosty glass full of Tequila and lime.

"Let's go into the living room and enjoy these," she said.

The room was beautiful. Her touch was everywhere. She flipped on some mellow jazz as we entered. We sat on a leather loveseat, close enough that we were just touching. Neither of us said a word. It wasn't just that neither of us knew WHAT to say, I'm sure that was true, but it just seemed fitting that we sit silently.

It took a long while to sip our drinks, it seemed we didn't want to finish them, but finally we both had. Several more minutes of silence went by and at last I spoke, "I think I'd better go now."

"Yes . . . . . . . . but first I want you to come back into the bedroom with me. There is one more thing I want to do."

I didn't know what she had in mind, but I was sure it was more sex of some kind, and while my mind wanted as much more as it could get, I knew my body was done. Nevertheless I went with her without comment.

"Lay down in the middle of the bed and get real comfy, this could take a while," she said as she when to the bedside table.

Silently I did as she directed, still positive that I was physically finished for today, but unable to resist nevertheless.

"I want to give you a hand job you won't forget before you go."

"Alice, there is no way I . . ." she cut me off

"You've seen a sample of my 'hand-ie-work', trust me. Just lay back and enjoy."

What could I do? With that she took the Astroglide and got up on the bed, kneeling between my legs. This time I propped myself up on the pillows so I could watch. Sitting up had made the blowjob so much sexier; I wanted to do it again.

She poured an ample amount of lube in her hands and set the tube where it was easily accessible.

She started on my balls, ignoring my cock at first. She put her hand under my sac, holding my balls in her palm and then pulled her hand away, rubbing the undersides. As my balls would drop from the fingers of one hand she would catch them in the palm of the other, letting them drop just a millimeter or two. The lube made the friction very light and the little drop was a very intense but not painful experience. Almost immediately I could feel my balls starting to harden and my sac starting to tighten. My cock was beginning to react too, though it was mostly just recovering from its completely shriveled state. After what it had been through, it looked almost as if there were NO blood in it. For a long time she alternated between that and just holding my balls and lightly brushing that sensitive spot on the sides with her finger tips. As she alternated between the two, spending several minutes doing one, then the other, my cock continued to harden until it was almost as big as a full erection, but only about half hard.

Finally, just as my cock was nearing its full hardness, she started to play with it too. At first she poured more Astroglide in her palms and just rubbed it all over my cock, and I do mean all over. It felt wonderful! Somehow, I'd never had a hand job with it before; it was so slippery that it reduced the friction to a level that made this like an entirely new experience. She was especially attentive to the head of my cock, making sure it was ultra-slippery.

Next she did something no woman had ever done to my cock before. With her hands flat, she put one on either side of my cock so the head was right between her palms, then she started to rub her hands together as if warming them, but with my cock in between. She did it with fairly light pressure. It had the effect of rubbing especially around the corona and at the end of each stroke it greatly stimulated the frenulum. It was quite amazing and in no time at all my cock was rock hard again. I was quickly realizing that in the very capable hands of this woman I could be most certainly brought to yet another orgasm.

After a bit of that she started some good old-fashion stroking, being sure to slide her fist all the way up until it nearly came off the top of my head, then back down again. While she did this with one hand her other hand kept stimulating my balls. Much to my surprise, I could feel an orgasm building already, though it was still a fair way off.

The next phase had her holding the shaft in one hand and with just the index finger of her other hand she would run it around and around just under the head of my cock, lightly rubbing right under the ridge. When she got to the very sensitive spot where the cleft of my cock head meets the shaft she would pause and rub in a circular patter a few times, then continue around again. Since my cock was leaking a substantial amount of precum, she also would take that one finger and wipe it over the opening and then smear the precum mixed with lube all over the head.

God it felt good. I was now squirming in pleasure and moaning. As I got closer and closer to cumming, she would pause all attention to my cock and use both hands on my balls. She gently massaged and tickled and rubbed those very sensitive spots. After a few minutes of that she would go back to my cock, rotating through her entire repertoire of techniques. She would spend some time stroking every few minutes, but mostly doing the other things that increased my sensitivity and felt fantastic, but built me towards orgasm much more slowly.

After about the fifth alternation between cock and balls, she did something else new. She laid one hand flat on top of my cock, so my balls were under her palm and my cock was nestled between her middle and ring fingers and then slowly and lightly slid her hand up the shaft. This was stimulating both my balls and cock all at once. As her fingertips reached the head she let the two fingers separate and the ridge of my cock head slid between them until it rested right in the crotch formed by the two fingers. As she let my cock then slide off her hand completely she started a second stroke with the other hand just as the first hand lost contact. It was another amazing sensation.

I was extremely turned on and wanted her to start making me cum. As if she read my mind, she got still more lube and started nice steady firm strokes with one hand and kept massaging my balls with the other. The feeling was fantastic. I was steadily building toward an orgasm, which after the more than 30 minutes she'd been at this I knew would be explosive.

My breathing got heavy and I could feel the impending contractions in my balls. My eyes were shut tight and I was humping her hand and moaning loudly. Just as my balls started to tighten . . . she STOPPED!

My eyes flew open, "No! Don't stop! WHY?"

"Shhh . . ." as she hushed me she held my balls gently, just held them.

"If you insist, I'll finish you off. I promised I'd do whatever you said and I will, but don't make me go on. I want us both to have something to remember. If I make you cum again it will be over, this way we will both remember this for a long time."

"But I . . ."

She cut me off with a finger to my lips, "Please!" both her voice and her eyes implored.

I couldn't think straight. In spite of all the orgasms I'd already had, I wanted to cum very much. I started to speak again, but before I could get anything out she whispered, "PLEASE!"

Somehow I just couldn't deny her what she was asking for. "Okay" softly escaped my lips.

"Now it is time for you to go. Get dressed and I'll be back in a minute." With that she turned and went into the adjacent dressing room.

It finally occurred to me that Alice was now fully in control of the whole situation. I was completely unsure of when I had lost that control, or maybe I never really had it at all, it was just that Alice had let me think I did.

Slowly I got up, my cock rock hard and throbbing, my balls swollen and aching to cum still. Gingerly I dressed. Just as I had finished, she came back in wearing a very, very sexy, short and low cut nightshirt made of gray lace. It set off her coloring very well. She looked beautiful in it. It was one of those things that makes a woman look even more erotic than when she is completely naked.

We walked silently, hand in hand toward the front of the house. On the way she yelled, "Georgie, come say goodbye. Our guest is leaving."

I started to ask, "Will I see you . . ."

She cut me off again, "Shh, No questions."

I hadn't expected to care about the future when this had started. I did now!

Just then George showed up wearing what I would describe as an "old man" bathrobe.

"Well Georgie, I hope you didn't get too much more than you bargained for. I sure did enjoy fucking your wife, and more!" I laughed, even though it was forced and I didn't really feel it.

Then I nearly fainted as George astonished me even more than he had yet. "Thank you" he said very quietly.

Alice came to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard, and whispered in my ear, "Yes, thank you very, very much." We kissed some more.

"When will . . ." I started again.

"Shh, trust me," was her only reply.

She went on. "Promise me that you won't do anything about that ache in your groin until after Wednesday."

"What happens Wednesday?"

This time she let me finish, but her only reply was to repeat, "Just trust me, and wait and see. Now do you promise?"

I'm damned if I have any idea why, but I replied, "Okay, I promise."

With that she gently turned me toward the door. I opened it and left, hearing it close behind me. I walked to my car without looking back.

On the drive home, which seemed much longer than the trip over, there were a hundred questions racing around in my head.

Was it me or just the situation that had turned her on so much?

Silently laughing I wondered if George was going to get to cum or if his torment would go on even longer.

Why in Hell had I agreed to wait until Wednesday? In spite of all the sex in the last 24 hours, I wanted nothing more than to cum again right then! God, could it really have been only 24 hours?

But the most troubling thought, and one I could not help coming back to over and over, was whether or not I would ever hear from or see her again. The thought of 'not' was almost too much to bear!

I realized I had no choice but to just wait and see. Wednesday would be slow in coming, I was sure.

The end


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