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My Wife is Finally Fulfilled


Some background first then a few years ago (sorry this is long for my first attempt)

Names have been changed but there is plenty of facts and some fiction. We are Kay and Vernon.

Having now been married for over 20 years to Kay, we have been through the normal ups and downs during this time that most couples encounter. As couple we are now in our mid/late 50s and we had both had our share of previous partners, while I had been married previously my now wife had not.

It was obvious to me from those little bits of background history that she would/has divulged that she had had a good number of previous lovers including a colored guy. She also admitted and mentioned the so called holiday romances that I personally viewed as her just wanting to get well and truly seen to and then walk away (something sort of confirmed in pictures she still had in her box of photographs that she had stored in the loft of keepsakes of guys that looked either Greek or Turkish).

Over our first few years of being married the sex was great but I was aware or felt that Kay appeared to want more, more cock than I had to offer. She would occasionally in the these early days also put stockings on or wear something sexy for bed but this soon faded as she said she was not a hooker, Kay would also not entertain the idea of me getting some sex toys so I could test my theory of her wanting a bigger cock in her pussy . Our sex life just went from there to average and if we had sex more than once a week it was a real treat, I just have no idea to this date when Kay would actually entertain sex and there are only so many times you are told not to night before porn sites become attractive and the ability to live out those fantasies I have of Kay while stroking my cock.

Recently and for her special birthday we had friends round for the evening, lots of wine, beer, champagne and so on, this was a great evening and once everyone had gone about 1 o'clock in the morning and I had cleared up it was time for Kay and me to head to bed.

Now bearing in mind she was at the point between merry and slightly inebriated she had let some of the normal barriers down and was most defiantly up for sex. Having started with some soft kissing, I then went down on her and started to slide my tongue over her clit and then run down to her beautiful pussy lips. This started to have the desired effect and Kay was at that point of getting just what she wanted, her hips rose every time I licked her from top to bottom and with occasional dart of my tongue between her open pussy lips she would force herself onto my face with a longing and desperate urge to be taken.

I tried my hardest to keep my cock standing to attention for as long as possible and build Kay up to an enormous orgasm despite wanting to just plunge my 6 inch cock deep into her pussy and shoot my load, as Kay had now had her first orgasm I briefly left the bedroom and went to the kitchen and grabbed a decent size cucumber from the salad draw. Returning to the bedroom she was still laying there, pussy spread and looking so inviting I just had to go for it.

Sliding a condom over the cucumber while I licked and sucked on her pussy she was ready, grabbing some lube from the bedside draw I slowly edged it forwards to her opening. It was amazing and really erotic to see this green giant edging its way into my wife's pussy, her pussy lips spreading wide to accommodate the extra thickness and her responding sighs once the first five inches were embedded in her pussy.

This long cock substitute was a lot thicker than me but she had no problem taking it having already cum. She was obviously enjoying the sensation and for the next 15 minutes I gradually managed to ease about 8 inches into Kay, slowly easing it out and then gradually sliding it back in, then fully withdrawing it and letting her enjoy her first new cock in 15 years. It was after another 10 minutes of following this slow and rhythmic fucking of my wife's pussy that I decided to pick up the pace, longer and deeper thrusts while making sure not to hurt her. She was now getting into it and I could sense she was close to another orgasm as she held her right breast and run her hand gently over her nipple while I licked the other, I continued as before and with a continued steady pace of me fucking her with her new thick cock she had an amazing orgasm, squirted and said out loud "Oh Nikos " or a name very similar.

While I did not react and question who the hell is Nikos? I just presumed it must have been one of those guys from her supposed holiday romances. However and to my surprise I realized my cock had just became even harder than it was while I thought of my wife taking some guys large and thick cock. Being at a point between the fantasy in my head of her taking some huge cock and seeing her gaping pussy I just jumped on top her and slammed my cock deep into her soaking loose pussy and shot my load with gusto.

To this day she has never mentioned it despite me asking about it and just ignored the question, it is however still fixed in my memory and I still wonder just how big Nikos was to leave such a lasting memory in my wife's head.

As I said before my own cock is only about 6 inches long and an average thickness, so after the events with the cucumber I decided to buy a cock extension, it only gave me about extra inch or so in length but it also gave me some extra girth to my cock. Some weeks later I was brave enough to slip it over my cock while Kay was in the bathroom and it felt so big in my hand and I then panicked whether Kay could cope with my new bigger and thicker cock. We had the normal pre sex build up, me fingering her and playing with her breasts till she was wet. It was now or never to try and see if she really did want more cock in her pussy than I had to offer, placing a large amount of lube on the head and shaft of my new cock I moved on top of Kay and started to nudge my way in, Kay never said a word and appeared be oblivious to my new bigger and thicker cock. However once I got my rhythm worked out and my now bigger cock was sliding easily into her well lubed pussy she placed both her hands on my buttocks and pulled me deeper, Kay still did not say a word and her eyes were closed shut while she continued to pull me in deeper. The feeling of giving her perhaps what she had been missing for some years was wonderful as I moved faster, she started to tremble with an orgasm that appeared to hit her hard as her whole body tensed up and she just kept me buried deep in her while she came back down from that special place, it was not long after this that I also came with that vision of me being one of the guys she had had on her holidays or perhaps even that Nikos guy with his huge cock.

Moving forwards a few years and some naughty thoughts built around a Greek holiday we had.

We were away for a couple weeks in southern Greece, a great villa in its own grounds and just a short walk or amble down to the small resort and beach. Having arrived and un packed we had plenty of time to get ready to go down to the beach, Kay slipped out of her travel cloths and slipped into her one piece swim suit which she suitable covered with a wrap skirt and loose top. She looked a million dollars as we left for a drink and the start out well earned holiday, as we reached one of our favorite bars we sat down and ordered a couple of drinks and a Greek salad.

Looking at my watch we still had an hour or so to kill before we could collect the hire car just up the street so we decided we had time for another drink and just take in the scenery.

Anyway, time was up and we strolled up to collect the hire car. As we walked in the guy running the place asked about our booking and what name, on telling him (Dimitri) there appeared to be a problem and he could not find the paperwork or email. This went on for a few minutes and then he found it but the cost was not what I thought it would be, all this time Kay was sitting beside me in a hot and sticky office and obviously getting bored with it all. Anyway to cut this bit short we got it all sorted and agreed on the car and Dimitri got a set of keys, while getting the keys at the back of the office Kay comes out with it "he is hot" which threw me a little but what the Hell as he was a bit of a hunk.

The next few days were spent relaxing, eating, drinking and yes some holiday sex, however on the fourth evening we were sitting in a great local taverna having already eaten when in walks Dimitri. I could see Kay's face immediately light up and when he said hi (I am sure she was mentally undressing him in her mind) Sometime later Dimitri came by and asked if he could join us as his mate had not turned up, Kay immediately said yes and did a little shuffle in her chair while Dimitri sat next to her.

The next two hours are a bit of a blur as the conversation went from one subject to another, all the normal stuff like how long you two been married, any kids, what do you do, do you like the sea, sunbathing and so on. All this time Kay appeared completely captivated by this Greek Adonis and listened to every word he had to say, as I went to get another round of drinks I heard her giggle out loud at something but had no idea about what.

As I sat down Kay explained Dimitri had a small villa in a very small cove that was very private and he had said that if we ever wanted to go swimming nude he would take us down to the villa in his car, this would be fine for Kay but as I cannot swim I was not that keen and I knew Kay would never go nude-perhaps topless but not nude. We now decided we had had our share of booze and it was time to go back to our villa, she gave Dimitri a brief kiss on the cheek and said thanks for a lovely evening of chat and laughs.

Once back to villa Kay was like an animal, we had barely got changed and into bed when she was gone - Under the flimsy sheet that covered the bed and she was licking my cock to attention. Now this was not like her as in all our married life she has never given me a blow job or opted to suck my cock, what had come over her?

I was not going to say no to this unexpected treat and as she got me fully hard she just turned and said -now get between my legs and suck and finger my pussy. This is something I would never refuse her as the view of her pussy with my fingers gliding in and out of her love tunnel really turned me on, Kay's juices were really flowing now and having fingered her for about 10 minutes and managing to get four fingers up that relaxed love tunnel she just sat up and said fuck me big boy! This was not Kay; she never spoke dirty or normally initiated sex so it came as a bit of a shock. No sooner had I got my cock fully into Kay she suddenly began clenching my ass and pulling me harder and harder into her hot and dripping wet pussy, I was struggling to keep up with her and as she bucked below me she just shouted shoot you cum me in me now big boy, fuck me hard. Then it happened, I could take no more of this strange woman in my bed and just shot my hot stick cum deep in her pussy while she continued to buck under me to orgasm.

The following morning I asked Kay what had gotten into her (not that I was complaining) and she just tuned and said it must have been the combination of the sun, sea and drink of the day going to her head. After breakfast we again headed towards the beach for some supplies when there was a car horn beeping behind us, we immediately thought it was another impatient Greek on his way to the harbor. As we turned it was Dimitri in a beaten up pickup, he shouted to us and asks if we wanted to take him up later on his offer to go to his little villa and enjoy some time away from the other tourists?

Kay just stood and said what you think; we could get some food and drink if you want and it would be nice to have such privacy. I just looked at her and said up to you as we had nothing planned. Immediately she turned back to Dimitri and said we would love to it is so thoughtful and kind of you, ok said Dimitri I will collect you both from outside the taverna we were at the other night about 3pm and off he went in a cloud of exhaust smoke.

Kay said we should get what we needed for later from the tiny supermarket and go back and get ready, this way we could have a relaxing drink while waiting for Dimitri at the taverna and not have to rush. Once back at the villa Kay jumped into the shower while I started to get her suntan lotions together, some towels and swim wear, as she came out from the shower she looked at the bed where I had put the bits and pieces and she said "oh Vernon" not that swim suit I want that new bikini-the white one.

Having gone to the dresser and found the new bikini which still had the labels on it, Kay had started to dry herself off when she just let the towel drop to the floor and to my amazement she had given her pussy a serious haircut. Wow I think was my first word followed by why now? Kay said that the new bikini was a lot briefer than her regular swimsuits so wanted to make sure no embarrassing bits were going to be on show in front of Dimitri.

Having got all our things together for the afternoon, food, wine and more we headed down to the taverna where we're going to wait to be collected, Kay while sipping her drink said how nice it will be to get away from the normal every day routine that we had already grown into. I agreed but said she should not believe everything Dimitri had told us as he could just be looking for free food and drink or more, Kay looked at me and I said you know-getting you on your own with him. Kay just laughed and said not to be silly as he must be 20 years younger than us and besides he asked us both, as she finished speaking there was a hoot from a car horn and Dimitri was right outside the taverna as agreed.

For some reason he was still in the pickup so he just told us to put our stuff in the back and jump in, now this was not easy so I let Kay get in first and she slid over to the middle next to Dimitri and I then just about managed to squeeze in and shut the door. Off we went, at first it was easy but after about 10 minutes we turned onto a dirt track and the whole truck felt like it was being shaken to bits. Dimitri apologized as he placed his hand on Kay's upper leg but said we would be at his villa soon and we would forget the bumpy ride once there, as we turned the last sharp bend there it was. A fantastic tiny little bay surrounded by steep hills to both sides and the bluest clear blue sea you could dream of - heaven.

Once out of the pickup Dimitri grabbed our bags and said we should follow him, just nestled behind a huge boulder at the back of beach was his villa. Well when I say villa it was a large open plan room, a small cooking area to the left hand side and a large TV, a small table and four chairs and an old arm chair to our right and a large double bed at the opposite side to door where we were standing and in the far left corner was a walk in shower area with a half curtain round it that was next to useless. Dimitri said there was a toilet just out the back and a line to dry clothes on if we needed to use it.

Dimitri was quick to get the drinks out and said we should just relax and enjoy the rest of the day, while we sipped our drinks Dimitri set up three sun loungers so they faced the sun perfectly, then a wooden box between them to put our drinks on. It was then that Dimitri said that if Kay wanted to get changed first into her swim wear we could just carry on with our drinks and then we could change, so off went Kay with her bag.

Some minutes later Kay emerged in her new bikini and she looked stunning, her breasts were bulging upwards in the new top and the bottoms were equally alluring with a very high cut leg and minimal fabric covering her pussy area. As Dimitri turned I heard a faint gasp of admiration or was it lust? Kay sauntered towards me and took my beer straight out of my hand and then did the same to Dimitri and said your turn to change now boys and sat on one of the loungers.

As myself and Dimitri headed to get changed, Kay shouted not to forget her suntan lotion and do not take too long as she did not want to burn in the sun. Having found the suntan lotion I now rummaged through my bag to try and find my shorts, it was then that I saw Dimitri stark naked by his bed with a pair of speedos in his hand. This guy not only had the looks but his cock was to be envied, it had to be 6 inches in its limp state and at least twice my thickness/girth. Dimitri obviously did not have any inhibitions standing there naked, but as I thought to myself nor would I with that body and cock. I then heard Kay call asking if I found her suntan lotion and would I be much longer, before I could respond Dimitri had pulled his speedos on and shouted that he could see it and would bring it straight out.

Dimitri had just about managed to squeeze himself into his speedos and speedily left with the suntan lotion in his hand, having now found my shorts right at the bottom of the bag I too got changed and went out into the glorious sun only to see Dimitri applying the lotion to my wife's shoulders and neck with slow and rhythmic movements. He was very attentive to the job in hand and I could clearly see his hands slip forwards to the top of Kay's breasts which she did not object to.

Kay then turned to me and asked if I would do her back, as I started to apply her sun tan lotion Dimitri asked her if she wanted to go swimming nude as he often did in this very secluded spot, she just looked at him and said it was not her thing. Ok Dimitri said how about another drink to which we both replied that would be great, as he left to get the drinks Kay just blurted " have you seen the size of his package" which is very out of character for her to which I replied yes I saw him naked while we were getting changed. Why I asked Kay, are you thinking about a past lover or are you getting hot for Dimitri. Kay just replied that the speedos left little to the imagination and he was very brazen wearing them to which I replied if you've got it why not flaunt it, as Kay laughed Dimitri returned with more beers, wine and some of the food we had brought as a thank you.

After an hour or so just chilling with our drinks and food, Dimitri said how about a swim to work off what we had eaten? Now I cannot swim so I left this to Kay who said great idea and they both proceeded towards the water. It was now that I could savor every aspect of my beautiful wife as she walked towards the sea and her gorgeous curves in that new bikini, grabbing my beer I just sat and watched as the two of them swam and enjoyed the late afternoon sun. I could hear them talking but had no idea about what, soon they emerged from the sea and I now had a front view of my wife and wow her new bikini appeared to be see through with her nipples clearly visible and her pussy clearly defined which gave me a twinge in my shorts.

As Kay sat down on the middle sun bed I whispered to her about her bikini and did she realize it was virtually see through? No she said but as it was only the three of us she would take more care when she wore it next. Dimitri had returned from the toilet and was now standing looking down at us and I am sure he was taking in the view of my wife's breasts and pussy when he said as it was starting to get a bit cloudy and cooling down so shall we go inside. We both agreed and followed him inside, sit down said Dimitri and make your selves comfortable which was not easy given the lack of furniture. I said to Kay to sit on the bed and I would take the old arm chair which looked rather beaten and a little grubby while Dimitri got more drinks. Dimitri called over to Kay and said if she wanted to shower the water was lovely and warm and he would get more food prepared, ok said Kay thanks it will be nice to get into something more comfortable and moved to the shower area. As she started to shower Dimitri walked over to the other side of the bed and put some music on, now I am sure from this advantage point he must have had a clear view of Kay in the shower and as I looked up he spotted me and hurriedly went back to getting the food ready.

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