tagBDSMMy Wife, My Mistress

My Wife, My Mistress



It was Sarah’s turn to play boss and I knew it was going to be hell tonight. The previous turn had been mine, and I’d been a little rough, so I knew she’d be looking for payback.

I stood, feet widely spaced and anchored to the floor by the ankle cuffs. We were in our dungeon, and there were many attachment points scattered around the walls, floor and roof to bind slaves.

My arms were stretched above me, connected to the roof via soft wrist cuffs and light but strong chains. I was not stretched as tight as usual and thought at first that this evening Sarah might take it easy on me; I should have known better, of course, but for now the ignorance was bliss. I was easily able to move my feet almost a half step backwards or forwards, before feeling the chains take up the slop and halt me. My arms when stretched straight above me had about one foot of movement.

I must have been deep in my own thoughts, as the first I knew she was there was when I briefly heard a “swishing” sound then pain exploded in my arse cheeks. So intense was the pain I briefly lost my footing and it was only the chains that held me up.

“Oww”, I howled. “Oh shit …shit …Shit!”

She came around in front of me then and it was like looking at a stranger. A gorgeous, sexy, scary stranger, her normally brunette hair now blond, and tied in little girl pigtails. She wore a short schoolgirl style dress, done in black leather, with a gathered hem that opened up to display her shapely thighs and black thong when she pirouetted. It was low cut at the front allowing me a good view of her nicely rounded breasts. On her feet she wore black high heels, her legs graced a pair of black lace stockings.

After a couple of pirouettes she came close, her thigh touching mine and whispered,

“Quiet lover, you knew this was going to be rough”

“Yeah, but shit, that really hurt Sarah. Fuck it still hurts!” I replied.

“We’ll talk about it later.” She said, finality in her voice. I felt a fearful chill run through me, and wondered if this had finally gone too far, though I was too scared to voice my apprehension, in case she should decide to be even harder at my obvious lack of trust.

“I don’t want to gag you tonight love, I want to be able to hear your every breath, your every sigh, your every gasp. So you will need to be quiet, always quiet. If you promise to be quiet now, I will forget the gag, but should you speak without permission, that little swat I gave you earlier will seem like nothing. I am giving you a choice tonight, accept the gag and the lessening of self-control required, or spend the evening gag free, and give up some of the freedom and pleasure you might get from being able to scream and beg at your whim.” She delivered this in a calm and caring voice so that I almost felt it was only my welfare she was concerned with.

I shivered again, the fear coursing through me; I wanted to ask so many questions. I knew I really had to go through with her game, if I chose the gag she was sure to make me regret it.

“I’ll go without the gag” I managed in a dry, feeble voice.

She leaned into me then, her thigh gently rubbing my cock, and favored me with a radiant smile.

“Good boy.” She whispered in my ear, her hand caressing my right nipple. She gave me a quick peck on the lips, before moving behind me and out of my sight.

It was perhaps 10 minutes before her footsteps again tap tapped across the wooden floor. I heard what sounded like the shifting of furniture behind me then after what seemed like another 10 minutes she reappeared.

“O.K. lover here’s the deal,” She said with a grin. “ This is a 9 pound weight, I don’t know what the effect would be should you try to lift it by your balls. I have chosen it as a challenge for you. I have seen you take 3 pounds with relative ease so I thought 9 pounds would be adequate as a training weight.”

She held the weight with both hands and brought it to my eye level. It was a solid piece of round brass bar, roughly 5 to 6 inches in diameter I guessed and about the same length. There was a solid brass loop attached to the one end.

“Let’s test it huh,” She continued, “Squat down as low as you can big boy”

“Sarah please…” I began, before she lifted her hand quickly to smack my balls. I groaned out loud, the dull agony rising into my lower abdomen.

I sagged, knees bent, anything to ease the pain. My weight was taken entirely by my bound wrists.

“There,” She said, “That’s got you squatting.”

I barely felt her careful hands attach the parachute to my aching balls.

“All done now,” She said, “up you get. Try and stand straight up slave. Remember you are slave tonight. If you don’t make a good effort I’ll smack your balls again and again until I feel you are putting your back into it. See if you can lift the weight.”

She stood up in front of me and smiled as she watched me.

I felt sick, my balls already hurt, though the pain was fast fading, but I was really scared she might do me permanent damage. I wanted to tell her so, but I was scared of what punishment speaking without permission might unleash upon me. Jesus I was so angry with both her and myself. Fucking bitch I thought. Oh God what is this?

I began to rise, then slowed when I felt the resistance of the weight begin to tug on my balls.

“C’mon, the string is barely taught yet” She teased me, before once again crouching down between my widely spread knees. “You’ll have to do better than that”.

I began to lift, feeling a dull ache flare out from my balls as they were pulled down into the base of their sack and flattened out under the weight. I groaned; I couldn’t help it. It was just too much. She was mad, there was no way I could lift this huge brass weight with just my balls.

Suddenly she stood again and smiled at me and said I could squat again. Sweat was running off my body; fear, nervous tension, anger and rage were all churning through me. I squatted and breathed a long sigh of relief; hope returning at the thought that perhaps she wasn’t insane after all.

She unclipped the weight, but left the parachute in place. She then tied another piece of thick string around the base of my sack, just above the parachute. Despite everything I felt myself begin to harden. She looked up at me and with a grin gave my hardening cock a playful but firm slap across its head. It made me harder still.

“You’re a horny slut aren’t you, look at this thing, I think it would spear me if I gave it half a chance.” She ran her fingers gently up and down my rapidly hardening cock.

Once again she moved behind me, but not before she gave my cock a couple of friendly firm pumps.

I felt her playing with the parachute and string attached to my balls, then in a short time I felt the gentle pressure of something pulling on either the string or the parachute. It was not really painful, just mildly uncomfortable.

“Turn your head around honey, gently now though, I’ll hold things secure at this end.” She ordered.

I turned around very slowly and tried to make sense of what I saw.

“ O.k. here’s how it works,” She smiled as she spoke and I felt the fear revisit my stomach. “The rope from the parachute is attached via this string to the weight.” She gave it a gentle twang so I’d know which string she was referring to.

“The other string is attached to this catch here.” She showed me a crude type of wooden peg. “When I sit the weight on the peg it stays where it is, but if you move backwards a little it will have the effect of allowing the peg to move slightly and pivot, which will cause the weight to drop down through the hole here, which will probably be very painful to those two little jewels between your legs! What do you think? You may speak briefly.”

“Come on Sarah, It’s brilliant but this is just going a bit too far, you could permanently damage me, I’ve even heard of men dying when their balls have been injured too much!” I was scared, I felt like my legs were going to fail me, I’d never before felt so scared.

“I guess it will hurt a lot if the weight falls, but all it means is that you will have to learn a little self control. Now that’s enough talk from you, let me explain the game for you.” Again that nasty grin before she continued. “ I have added that little weight to the rope between the catch and your balls to remind you that you have got something attached to your balls, should you forget. Now turn around again and move forward a little.”

I very moved forward very slowly and gingerly until she told me to stop.

“O.K. lover that’s it. I am about to let go of these strings now, so keep still. Ready?” It was a rhetorical question and she did not wait for a reply before continuing. “That’s done then, just make sure you don’t move backwards at all and you’ll be fine!”

She came back in front of me and bent down on the thick-carpeted floor. She then took a roll of red insulating tape and made a line just in front of my feet.

“You are not to cross this mark, if you do I’ll whack your balls.” She looked up at me and smiled.

I kept very still.

“I am concerned with your staying power lately love. You seem to be loosing your load a lot quicker than you once did. I don’t know if it’s the effect of the changes we have made to our sex life or if it’s a biological thing. I suspect though that the problem is that your just getting too excited with some of the games we are playing together now. The sex is great, but I really do think you would enjoy it so much more if you could hold off a little, before shooting your load.”

“So tonight is going to be a time for some training. When we are ready I’ll set the clock going, and we will play for one hour fifteen. If by the end of that time you have managed not to pull away from me and have the weight drop we will call it an evening.” She gently caressed between my thighs as she spoke. “I have another treat tonight, Marie is going to join us!” She laughed as she saw my shocked reaction.

“So Marie will play with your cock for you and try to help you by making you come. When you get close to orgasm, and it must be close or your balls will suffer, you will tell me. As soon as you do Marie will stop stroking your cock and hold you with your foreskin stretched down so that the tip of your cock is accessible to me. The first time you are about to come I will flick each of your balls once with my second finger. I will then rub just the very tip of your cock for as long as I feel necessary for you to overcome the need to orgasm, then we start again.”

“I realize the need to orgasm builds as stimulation continues so the next time you say you are about to come I will flick each testicle twice, and so it will continue with an additional flick to each ball until time’s up. If you pull away then of course the weight drops. If you come before times up, despite our help, then we carry straight on as though nothing has happened for another additional thirty minutes with a lot of additional stimulation to the knob here.” With that she flicked the very head of my cock.” Like it so far?” She smiled up at me again.

Damn if I didn’t begin to feel myself stiffening slightly, though I was terrified of the weight.

“Yes Sarah, that sounds good to me.” I replied obediently.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“I wonder who that could be?” She winked at me as she got up to answer the door.

I thought of Marie, she was one of Sarah’s best friends and a real tease. She loved to flash me as she crossed her legs whenever she was visiting. She was tall, like Sarah, with long shapely tanned legs and an hourglass figure. I’d seen her in a bikini and she had gorgeous small titties that just turned me on so much. I’d often dreamed of giving her a good fuck when she was teasing me, but I had never suspected my wife might have told her the intimate details of our sex life. Shit this was going to be an impossible evening for me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of two pairs of footsteps approaching the room. Suddenly they were both in front of me. Marie leaned into me and gave me a wet kiss, then pulled away and grinned at my awed reaction. She turned away and removed her leather coat. What I saw stunned me, she was dressed in high heals, and an eye-catching floral print thong bikini set. Her hair was pulled back and set in a ponytail. The floral print thong set and high heels made her look at once sluttish and fun, but at the same time with her smile she looked so maiden like yet coquettish. When she turned around I saw how much the thong rode up into her fantastically formed buttocks…this was going to be a wild evening I thought.

“Ready love?” Sarah asked,

I swallowed before replying. “I guess so love, but couldn’t we ditch the weight?”

“Uh-Uh.” She replied. “Now do stop complaining, we will just be a minute then we can get started.”

With that they both went over to the drinks cabinet and poured drinks for themselves, and I heard the sounds of them whispering together.

When they returned they carried a tray, upon which were a pair of nasty looking Clover clamps, a couple of chop sticks, some fishing weights, a small incense burner, a large pump bottle of water based lubricant and a small ice bucket, filled.

Sarah saw me looking at the clover clamps and answered my questioning glance.” Those are in case you want more help to prevent yourself from coming, don’t worry we’ll only use them if you ask us to.”

She walked off and shortly the lights I the room dimmed and some swirling evocative music gently filled the room.

Sarah sat on a chair to my left, her short skirt pulled up so I could see her panties every time she crossed her legs, while Marie made herself comfortable in a smallish chair right between my wide spread legs.

“Like a little drink before we start?” She asked me.

“Thanks.” I croaked.

She held a third filled goblet to my mouth and I gulped the wine down, relishing the sensation as it worked its way down my parched throat.

The next thing I knew was Marie reaching out and running a finger up the underside of my cock. I looked down at her and she smiled at me and licked her upper lip suggestively. Oh shit, I thought, how am I ever going to survive this night with my balls intact.

“Clock starts now.” Said my beautiful wife.

To Be Continued.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/12/18

Don't give up on this story.

This story seems mindlessly cruel, and I was not liking it, but I'm glad I did continue, and I did read the second chapter. I found something. Do read it.

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by Anonymous03/11/18

Marie is going to join us .......

Without him having any say about it ...?
No marriage here.
Divorce - quick !

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by Anonymous02/17/18

Only idiots go to BDSM without a safe word!!!

That author believes BDSM is a funny play! You may be only an idiot! Try one of your suggestions and you will go down! Even its a fantasy it have always to be believable! Your crap is only a fantasy formore...

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by Anonymous11/30/17

Only for real brain sick ones!!!

.....hope returning at the thought that perhaps she wasn’t insane after all. What has violence in this form to do with love and carrying for one another to do?? Only real insane people would think amore...

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