tagBDSMMy Wife, My Mistress

My Wife, My Mistress


If I had only known what I was getting in to I never would have done it. But I'm so far gone now I can't get out.

The woman I married has me so controlled that I'm in this forever.

Nancy, my wife of 10 years, has always been the object of my every fantasy. She has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, and was, and I emphasize was, always a wildcat in bed with me. That is until she caught me in her friend Vicki's panties, sitting in front of the computer jerking off while I was thumbing through pictures of Vicki on a computer slideshow.

I didn't even know she was standing behind me until I had cum all over my hand and stomach while looking at the pictures.

"Did you enjoy that you jerk off?? " Her voice made me freeze. There was no covering it up, I was busted.

"I can't believe what I just saw" she said looking at me with those coal dark eyes staring right through me.

The pictures of Vicki were still flashing on the screen. "No wonder you're always around when I ask Vicki over. Where the fuck did you get those panties?"

I was speechless.

"Are they hers?" she asked. "Answer me dammit! Or maybe I should just call her and ask her if they're hers."

"No please don't do that Nancy" I finally stammered out.

I started apologizing profusely but she would have none of it. I had just betrayed her with thoughts of fucking her best friend.

"I don't know what to do Mike" she said, and turned and left the room.

The next several days were very tense around the house to say the least. Finally, she called me one day at work and told me to meet her for a drink after work so we could figure this out.

My stomach was in knots as I walked in to the bar. I almost stumbled as I saw her, sitting with the shortest skirt on that I had ever seen her wear, with extremely high heels and a black lacy shirt that hugged every curve of her hot body.

"Sit down" she said authoritatively as I walked up.

"My feelings are hurt Mike and I'm mad as hell".

"I don't know if I can trust you anymore so I have to do what I have to do to make sure this goes no farther" she said, with me hanging on her every word.

"Frankly I have felt very neglected lately. I don't deserve this shit your putting me through so here is the deal."

"Unless you want all of your friends, and Vicki, to know about your sick little episode, you will do exactly as I say from this day forward."

"If I say jump, you will ask how high. If I tell you I'm going out with my friends for the night, a weekend, whatever, you will simply give me the money I need to do it. Do you understand what I'm saying Mike?" she asked, again looking right through me with those smoldering eyes.

"Yes Nancy" I said. "Just please don't tell anyone about what happened."

"Let's see how well you understand Mike." She reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of black lacy panties...very small. "Go into the bathroom and put these on. Since you like wearing panties so much, you will wear them from now on."

"But Nancy, we're in a bar!"

She got up as though she was about to leave. I asked her to sit back down and started walking towards the bathroom.

I went into the stall and pulled of my pants and underwear and slid on her panties. I couldn't believe this was happening and despite all, my cock was growing hard.

I walked back to the table and Nancy told me to sit beside her.

"Do you have them on" she asked?

"Yes" I replied.

She reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants and felt my erection.

"Show me" she said.


"Show me the panties. Open your pants and show them to me...now!"

Making sure nobody was paying attention, I unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them, and exposed the panties. She reached inside my pants and felt my now throbbing cock.

"You're so pathetic" she said.

"Now let me tell you what happens next. I didn't wear this outfit for nothing. You are going to get to watch me tonight as I flirt around and find a guy to have a little fun with. Do you understand?"

I felt the jealousy rising inside of me.

"Nancy, please don't" I begged.

"Just remember, this is all your fault Mike."

She then left the table, walked over to the bar, and immediately started talking to a guy at the bar.

I watched for the next couple of hours as they talked and laughed, sitting on bar stools facing each other.

I watched them dance, some were slow dances and she would taunt me by putting her head on his shoulder and wink at me.

She finally pointed to the bathroom, indicating that I should meet her there.

Outside the bathroom she informed me that she was leaving with him and I shouldn't expect her until much later.

"Nancy, why??" I asked.

"Because it's time you learn what it feels like to be to hurt" she said.

"Oh by the way, don't you dare think of touching your cock when you get home...believe me I have my ways of knowing."

With that she turned and left. I watched as they left the bar, hand in hand.

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