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My Wolves


I walked out of the apartment building I call home and started running down the street to go to my boyfriend David place. I'm running super late. Then suddenly my mobile went off, I had to pause and read it. It's from David, oh joy.


David Silberman:

Hey, where r u? If you want to cancel I'm cool.

"Oh fuck.." I muttered as I stood in the middle of the street and texted back:

'I'm sorry i slept in!! I'm on my way!'


I placed my phone in my pocket and started running. I ran past groups of people, one of the main reasons why I decided to live in this city is because I like the gothic feel it has (it reminds me of Gotham city in batman). One of the downfalls is that it turns out to be the 3rd werewolf capital of the world, behind Seattle (2nd) and Germany (1st, that place is infested with wolves)

I'm scared of three things

1: airplanes, they freak me out because I'm scared of the fact that there is a chance the plane will crash.

2: clowns, when I was a small little girl I swore a clown tried to kidnap me. He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and ran to the other end of the circus where we ran into my parents and guess what they said "Oh Alee dear are you playing with the

clown?" ugh...

And 3: Werewolves. They are the reason why I hardly ever walk around the city alone. Werewolves have been roaming this world as long as man kind has. I've only known of werewolves for a few years, when I was a teenager, my hometown was attacked by a pack of wolves, I was the only one who made it out alive.

I ran onto the street still in my white night gown, I was told to run as fast as I can and as far as I can. I screamed at the sight of all the mauled and dead bodies and the blood that covered the street. I continued to run down the street and dodge the bodies and covered my feet and night gown in splashes of blood. I started crying when I heard the howl of wolves close behind me. Then I reached the edge of the town and reached the forest. I bumped into a tree and was paralyzed with fear as I watched a huge group wolves the size of grizzly bears creep into the forest, all

their eyes were staring hungrily at me. I closed my eyes and screamed. When I looked back at the wolves, they were wolves no more, and standing before me was a group of men.

"Who wants her?" one asked.

"She does look raver tasty..." another one mumbled.

"Maybe we could keep her, with one woman most of the guys are desperate." another said.

"nah. I want to kill this one..." one whispered, then standing before me was a great black wolf. I screamed at the top of my lungs when the wolf opened it's mouth and reviled knife like teeth that were stained with blood. I closed my eyes and screamed, then suddenly there were multiple noises but I was untouched.

When everything was silent I opened my eyes and saw the back of a man in a black uniform holding a samurai sword that was coated in blood, all of the wolves and humans were dead on the ground.

"Did they hurt you?" the man asked.

"No." I answered quietly. "What were they?"

"A disgrace to immortal kind. Men and women that can take the form of wolves and feed on the blood and flesh of helpless humans." the man explained. "Never trust a werewolf. Blood thirsty creatures they are, werewolves can take the form of an ordinary wolf whenever they wish, but on nights of the full moon is when the true monster is reviled." the man explained. Then he started to walk away.

"Wait! Where are you going?!" I asked.

"Go to the town and you will find the police doing a body count, they will take care of you." the man replied. "I must leave now."

"Thank you for saving me." I said, he finally looked back at me and showed me his face. His cinnamon eyes stared at me and his perfect lips formed a smile.

"It's my job."

I think that it is amazing that there are human beings out there that can actually fight packs of wolves and win, they must all be Ninjas. I've never seen a werewolf since that day, I'm glad. But sometimes I freak out when I see the occasional scary shape at the end of the alley way, and the occasional casualty report on the news saying that yet another person has been killed by a werewolf. It's really shocking. My whole family was whipped out by wolves, I hate those creatures, if I had the guts and the skills to do it I would beat the shit out of those overgrown wolves. I finally arrived at David's house, I knocked on the door and waited patiently for someone to answer. David opened the door and greeted me with his handsome smile, his hand reached out and rubbed my hip.

"Hello sexy..." he whispered.

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