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She doesn't protest when Michael pulls the handcuffs out.

The last time, she pretended to argue until he convinced her to let him fasten her wrists to the wrought iron headboard before he took her.

This time, though, she can only laugh at the wicked twinkle in his eyes as he presses her gently back against the mattress. She lifts her arms over her head willingly enough and shivers a little as the cold metal clicks around her her wrists. She pulls against the cuffs experimentally and is almost relieved to find that she is, indeed, caught.

Michael kisses her hard, forcing her lips apart so he can slide his tongue into her mouth. She whimpers a little as he draws her tongue into his mouth and suckles it. He kisses his way down her shoulders to her breasts to tongue and suck each nipple in turn before continuing to drop kisses down her thighs and calves to her feet.

He sucks her toes and she closes her eyes, blissed out by his loving attention. When she feels something cold and leather fasten around her ankle, it's too late to pull away. A second later, her other ankle is similarly cuffed and she struggles to free herself from the bonds that hold her spread-eagled on his big bed.

He pulls a length of black silk from a nightstand drawer and makes a show of folding into a blindfold. She is frozen and silent witih fear as he leans forward to tie it gently over her eyes. His lips brush hers softly and she shivers when he whispers, "Enjoy this."

She can't keep still as he runs his hands over her. He explores every inch of her nakedness, stroking and teasing her until she's breathing hard and twisting helplessly in her bonds.

She groans when his hand finally cups her mound. His fingers slip between the swollen lips of her dripping pussy to explore her wet warmth and she can't help lifting her hips to thrust herself toward him.

Michael laughs softly at her eagerness, harder at her sudden blush. She yelps when he pinches her swelling clit gently between his thumb and forefinger, shocked by the jolt of sensation through her body.

He strokes and rubs the little bundle of nerves until she's squirming under his skilled touch. "Beg for it," he demands, laughing, and she hears herself moaning, "Please!" as he strums her clit to a pulsing ache.

He teases her for what feels like hours as she twists and begs shamelessly for release. Finally he gives her clit one last pinch before stroking his middle finger rapidly back and forth along its entire length. She shrieks and comes, jerking her hips back and forth in rhythm with his touch.

A minute later, he stands up and she feels his hard cock brush her lips. She opens her mouth eagerly to take him into her mouth.

His hands slide to the back of her neck as he tilts her head back to hake him deeper. She lets him control her as he rapes her mouth, lets him guide her mouth up and down the length of his cock.

"Lick it," he orders, and she obeys immediately, swirling her tongue up and down his hardness. His flesh is a little sour, a little salty, and she can't get enough of him. He pulls out a few inches until just the head of his cock is poised at her lips and she runs her tongue all around him, loving his sudden harsh breathing as licks the underside of his shaft.

He thrusts back into her willing mouth and she opens wide to take him, then wraps her lips around his flesh to milk him with her mouth. He groans and thrusts harder, almost gagging her as he pushes in and pulls out faster and faster. Finally, Michael screams and jerks hard and her mouth is filled with his hot, salty cum. She can't swallow all of it, but she likes the feeling of it dribbling down her chin as she works to capture every drop.

She licks him clean without being told, even straining to lap at his balls as he guides her head with his hands.

Finally, he climbs off her. "Don't think I'm done with you," Michael tells her, and pinches her nipples for emphasis before walking away.

He's back a few minutes later with a warm wet towel to clean her up. He walks away again and she lets her eyes drift shut.

When she wakes up, he's lapping gently at her clit. "Feels so good," she murmurs, trying to lift her hips to meet his mouth. He squeezes and strokes the cheeks of her ass and she sighs with contentment as he tongues her tingling clit.

When a warm mouth closes gently over her right nipple, she almost doesn't notice until she realizes she can still feel the tongue flicking relentlessly against her clit. Teeth worry her jutting nipple and her clit is sucked gently and she freezes, finally realizing a second man – woman? She wonders, panicked – has joined them on the bed.

"Stop it!" She tries to twist away, but they keep her pinned under their bodies as they continue to pleasure her. Fingertips tickle the underside of her breast as her nipple is sucked and pinched. Two fingers slide up into her cunt and she groans as her clit is gently bitten and licked. A heartbeat later, she realizes she's about to come again and she groans, "Don't!"

They work her gently to another shuddering orgasm, making her scream with release. A hand strokes her hair as she writhes under them. When the pleasure finally fades, she can only lie there panting as they stroke and soothe her.

She's almost breathing normally again when her two tormentors trade places and begin teasing her again. When a third mouth begins pleasuring her, licking her left nipple to a firm, aching point, she shakes her head in helpless protest.

She has no idea how much time passes as they play with her, bringing her to orgasm again and again. They keep trading places until they've each tasted both breasts and her aching sex. Soon she can't tell which mouth is which as they continue devouring her, and she decides it really doesn't matter.

Her clit is almost numb when they finally stop. She's too exhausted to struggle when the cuffs at her ankles are released and she's turned over onto her stomach. She panics for a second when the cuffs are re-fastened, but relaxes when a familiar voice murmurs, "Sleep now."

It's morning when she wakes up. The cuffs and blindfold are off, and she's alone in the room.

Her skin feels like it's on fire, but she can find no physical signs of last night's sweet torment.

"Michael?" she calls.

He appears in the doorway a minute later.

She can't get the question out at first. "Who were they?" she asks finally, trying to ignore the sudden wetness between her legs.

He just smiles. "Maybe I'll introduce you next time."

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