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Nadia Closes


"Come off you...damn spots on my counter." She thought very irritated as she wiped angrily at the counter, her back was starting to ache from being bent over for so long, why people didn't watch their kids in a jewelry store she would never know. She let out a heavy sigh as she examined the smooth glass making sure it was spotless."

"Sure let your rugrats run free." She thought as she began to slowly rise, but as soon as she began to rise she felt a hand firmly grasp her posterior, jumping nearly out of her skin she turned around to look. She turned to see a tall man with a thick mess of dark blondish hair and dark glasses that she knew just hid immaculate eyes staring back at hers, his hand still stretched out towards her, and a broad grin on his face. She closed her mouth and smiled as she looked down blushing at the ground, she had been with Him sometime but he still had that same effect on her. She bowed her head slightly blushing, her hands smoothing over her round hips as she bent at the knees and curtsied for Him.

"Hello Master, how nice of you to visit me at work." She smiled as she looked up at him shyly.

"How nice of me to walk in on you while you are working." He grinned winking at her as He pulled her into his body, wrapping his strong arms around her as he tilted her face up towards his and leaned in to kiss her pouty lips deeply. She felt herself melt into his embrace as his lips burned into hers; it almost felt as if he were branding her lips. He pulled back and gave her a swift swat on the rear as He let one arm drop to his side and looked her over in her black form-fitting, high-waisted skirt and an also fitting white button up, reaching up to her chest he unbuttoned the first two buttons to show some of her cleavage. She held her breath as she held in a moan of ecstasy from the swat and watched as he unbuttoned her top. He looked at her chest approvingly.

"That is how I want to see your button up shirts worn at work Nadia." He rubbed her sides gently as she looked up at him with a slight grin.

"Yes, Master." She smiled at him as she looked around the empty store, he always liked to visit her, luckily she usually worked closing shift on her own, and so she could enjoy his company in peace. Nuzzling her face into his chest she took in his smell, she could never describe it really, she could only pick out the hint of leather from his car, and she didn't really care though she just inhaled deeply and enjoyed the moment. He looked down as He ran a hand along her full cheeks grinning at His short girl as he held her tight, he always liked to show up and embarrass her a bit, and she was cute to him when she was surprised. He chuckled deeply at her thinking to himself...to bad it wasn't raining today.

"How has your day been Master?" she asked quietly, careful not to ruin the moment as she stood there with Him.

"It's been pretty good; too bad there is no rain tonight." He looked down at her knowing she was about to blush a new shade of red. Her eyes widened as she heard him acknowledge that last part, and she most certainly did blush a new shade of red as she hid her face in his chest.

"Yes, Master it is too bad." She let out a quiet giggle only for it to be muffled by his body, remembering the moment as if it just happened five minutes ago, even if it did just happen last weekend. Suddenly shaken from her thought by her growling tummy, she covered it embarrassed, as she realized it was time for her to start closing procedures. But before she could say anything she noticed him fiddling in his pocket with something round, before she could ask to be excused He stepped in front of her blocking any view and raised the front of her skirt abruptly. He knew she wasn't wearing any panties and slipped something round into her warmth. He looked at her grinning as she looked at him wide eyed.

"Err, thank you Master may I be excused...to start cleaning up." She looked at him nervously knowing what he had just slipped into her. He just grinned back at her slyly as he gave the remote a quick switch on and off. Her body jumped as she moaned momentarily at the egg's quick jolt. She looked back at him blushing an even deeper shade of red; all he did was grin back to her.

"Let's see if you damn anything else after this, hmmm?" He gave her a quite sarcastic smile and went to lean against a wall.

"Go on and clean then." He shooed her off watching her walk away.

She vacuumed the store glancing up at him every now and then, almost forgetting the egg nestled into her folds until she made bends to pick up the cord. Then all of a sudden she heard talking, it was a customer.

Dropping the cord nervously as the woman neared the jewelry counter, she held her legs close together while she tensing a little. She looked over to see a wide grin spread across his face as she saw him fiddling with something in his pocket. She then looked back to the customer and smiled wide and welcoming to her.

"Can I help you ma'am?" she said raising her brow just a little as to show concern to the customer.

"Yes, you can I was looking for...." The woman explained what it was she was looking for while Nadia smiled and nodded to her. All of a sudden, she felt a sudden jolt between her legs, and heard a low hum down below. She gasped but feigned a yawn and covered her mouth nervously as she braced herself against the counter not breaking eye contact as the egg went off inside of her. Suddenly it shut off; she relaxed a bit as she continued to listen to the customer.

"And I was looking at this one...." The customer pointed to a sparkling silver bracelet with a rose pattern that was all the way at the bottom of the case. As she noticed the woman's finger touch the glass of the case she grimaced slightly because she had just cleaned it, the customer hadn't seen the look, but her Master had. She bent to reach it as she was hit by a sudden strong jolt between her legs; a sudden short moan escaped her lips as it went off inside of her. She bit her lip looking around as her top lip quivered, hoping the woman had not heard her. She peeked out through the glass, ah she looked just as clueless as anyone else, and she shrugged and continued to reach for the bracelet. Holding back moans that began to build up in her throat she stood and presented the bracelet to the customer. Looking down as if she were fixing something on the box she bit into her lip hard, the unrelenting and demanding vibrations of the egg beginning to push her.

"H-how *cough* how do you like this bracelet Miss?" she asked as she watched the lady turn it over between her fingers. Suddenly she felt the vibes stop and she relaxed again, blinking up at him clueless...he was trying to really get her tonight.

"Yes this is exactly what I've been looking for...she will love it," the customer placed it back in the box and smiled at her happily.

"Finally." She thought relieved, happy that the lady made a simple purchase. She wrapped the little white box in the stores softly colored tissue paper and placed it into a clear bag. Just as soon as she had rang it up the vibes started more demanding then the last ones, she felt the egg begin to slide from her moistness, leaning over as if she were looking for something beside the cash register she tried to conceal her face full of pleasure. She dug her nails into the counter, a screeching sound emitting from it. She coughed yet again trying to conceal her moans that seemed to be fighting against her.

"Ah Ei-Ah-Eighty OOO fi-ah five, p-please Miss" she tried her best to get it out; she prayed to God this lady understood the total.

"Excuse me, I didn't catch that." The woman said raising a questioning brow at her. "Are you ok back there?" she asked again as she stared at Nadia questioningly.

"Son of a bitch..." she thought to herself in her dismay. "Y-y-yes Ma'am, ah j-just hicc-AH!-ups." She had just lied and he had heard her. "Fuck me," she thought to herself as she knew what was about to happen. As soon as she had finished that thought he turned it all the way up on her. Her thighs began to tremble under her as she held the counter; she summoned all she had for this.

"Th-ah tot-Ah-l is e-ah-eighty oOOO fi-AH!-five!" she looked around a bit bewildered, she began to sweat as the lady swiped her card, wishing the receipt would hurry up and print. She bit down on her lip until she broke the skin; she had to catch herself from throwing the bag at the woman. The lady said thank you and have a nice day and took her sweet ass time strolling out the store. As soon as she turned the corner, without even thinking Nadia let go of what she had been suppressing, she moaned loudly as she began to cum, and then she realized the egg slowly sliding out as she was cumming. Before she could catch it, it fell to the floor from her slick folds and landed with a clatter. As she looked up she met his eyes. Her eyes widened as she realized what she had just done. She looked down at the cum slick egg and looked down at her hands shaking from her climax. She looked back to him but he had disappeared, she reached down and picked up her egg and wiped it clean with nearby paper towels, she walked into the back room and dropped it into her purse. Her stomach sank just as her egg had into her purse, what awaited her when she got home?

She pulled up to the house and parked perfectly in the driveway. She then sat there and looked up at the house; there were a few lights on. She slowly walked up to the house and put the key into the knob...but it was already unlocked, she pushed her way in. she didn't see him anywhere in sight...odd, breathing calmly she called for him and got no answer in return. She sighed quietly; Master ignoring her was not a good sign either. She walked up the stairs and into their room, she instinctively looked at the bed for her clothes that he usually picked, those were not there either. Not knowing what to do at this point she grudgingly took off her shoes and slid out of her work clothes.

"Maybe I am to be naked?" she thought to herself as she went to the large walk-in closet to hang up her clothes, she stopped short of the door realizing it was open. Not giving it a second thought she continued in, not even landing her second step she heard a rustle to the side, looking over she saw a hand coming toward her; she could not move for what felt like ten seconds was only two, the hand wrapped around her choker and pulled her forward and slung her body against the wall with such force. She landed and was about to turn but midway she felt something take hold of her hair and jerk her head back around, followed by a growl, a familiar growl.

"Don't you turn unless instructed slut!" He growled through his teeth at her. Instant fear filled her body as she stayed facing the wall, both her hands on it and her knees on the floor, she whimpered at His threatening growl...yeah He was somewhat pissed. Feeling him tighten his grip on her hair, she felt something, a bunch of smooth strips run over her ass-cheek and then it suddenly left as fast as it made contact, she bit her lip wondering.

"I trust you know what you did wrong, but in any case I will explain it anyways." He said as she felt the smooth flat tails roam down her spine and settle into the small of her back.

"You climaxed without permission and you also dropped a toy on the floor, what do you have to say for yourself?" He growled at her.

"I-I-I-," she didn't get a chance to finish it before she felt the strips rise from the small of her back and suddenly, they kissed her skin ever so harshly with a sting...the flogger, of course.

"Spit it out slut!" He growled at her through his teeth once more. He raised the flogger into the air once more and brought it down across her shoulders.

"I'm sorry I climaxed without your permission Master, I'm sorry I dropped the egg, and I'm sorry I have displeased you in such a way!" she screamed as she felt the second kiss of the flogger sear into her soft skin she bit harder into her lip from the burn. She felt another kiss to her back the tails burning into her twice stricken skin.

"Watch your tone slut!" He growled at her again as he pulled his arm back slowly.

"Yes Master, I'm sorry Master." She said in a loud yet subdued tone, lowering her head to the floor as her back burned and her legs trembled a little.

"I know you are slut." He said as He set His flogger down beside his boot.

She did not dare move an inch, her body still pressed against the wall.

He let her hair loose for a moment and she felt him move away. In the distance a clicking sound could be heard and she felt his presence come back to her. He gripped her hair and ran his rough palms down her back, she sighed softly as he felt on her skin. Suddenly, he took his hands off her and oh how she wished she could have known what it would be replaced with. She cried out loud as she felt a searing heat spread down the middle of her back, burning into her skin and clinging to it. She felt a sharp smack to her ass cheek and cut her crying short...she whimpered to herself as the heat cooled. Taking a deep breath and trying to center herself again, she found this relief to be short lived as she felt the burning on her again this time spreading all the way across her shoulders and slowly making its way down her back. She cried out again her fingers sinking into the wall as tears welled up in her eyes. Just as her tears trickled down her cheeks, she felt her inner emotions surface below, her inner thighs wet. Before she knew what was happening she was pushed down to the floor and yanked by her hair. He was still behind her; He hadn't moved any unnecessary muscles to get her to the floor. She looked down at her hands on the floor as she kneeled on her hands and knees.

He looked down at her shapely body, her back covered in blue candle wax as she lay on the floor and grinned to himself. He was proud of her and happy to know she knew what was expected. He shoved a boot between her legs and roughly rubbed the toe against her cunt. Hearing the squishing of his cold leather to her cunt he knew indeed he had done what was intended.

"Slut?" He said to her gruffly as he walked around in front of her.

"Yes, Master?" she answered not moving her gaze from the floor. She heard his heavy foot falls as he came around in front of her. Her eyes widened as they fell upon his boots shining from her cum.

"You see what you've done to my boots?" He yanked her ponytail back to bring her eyes to his. She blinked nodding looking up at him.

"Well clean that shit up!" he dropped her hair and pushed her face down to his boot. He watched as her tongue glided slowly over his boot, even though she cleaned where he wanted she knew better then to half ass things. He smiled down at her as she cleaned his entire boot, getting between the laces and around the lower edges, cleaning sole was something he didn't require because he thought it wasn't sanitary. Moving that boot to side he inspected and then moved the other in front of her. "What's the use of having one clean boot?" he chuckled at her as she lowered her mouth to it. He grinned as he heard a giggle come from her. Still holding the candle from earlier he bent over and held it over her round bum, tilting it slowly he watched as the blue melted wax dripped between the crevices of her buttocks. He looked down as he heard her muffled cry.

She held in her cry as best as she could so she could continue to work through her task, she tilted her head to get at the back of his boat. She fought the burning feeling spreading between her ass cheeks, as it cooled she applied the last few strokes of her tongue to the leather of his boats. He tilted his boats back to inspect as she waited for his approval.

He smiled happily at her thorough work. "Good job slut." He smiled and leaned over to the side to plug something into the wall. "On your back, slut," he leaned in to tug at a nipple before she lay on her back. He grinned as she arched herself into it and moaned lasciviously, he tugged at the other and gave her tits a hard slap, she answered with another lascivious moan. Laying flat on her back she stared up at the ceiling, she stared at all the things that hung from it, and the paddles, floggers, and blindfolds stared right back at her. She was shaken from her thoughts as she felt his hands spread her legs open. He bent her legs so that her calves met the back of her thighs, she heard a familiar ripping as he taped her legs to stay that way and he did so to the other. Oh how she loved the feeling of duct tape against her skin. His hands splayed her legs apart and he peered at her from between them. "Kitten has nowhere to go..." he grinned at her and touched his fingers to her wetness; he licked them clean loving the sweet taste of what he could create on a whim. He knelt between her legs and flattened his tongue against the bottom of her cunt, spreading it as he flattened it against her and dragged it up before folding the tip of his tongue so that it could fall between her soft folds, stopping right under her clit he tickled it mercilessly.

"Ahhh!" she moaned and cried out as he played with her clit, she purred as she bit into her lip, she reached down to run her fingers through his mess of blonde hair. She shook with ecstasy as she felt him suckle on her throbbing little knob. "Master...." She breathed his name softly between moans.

He peeked up at his purring kitten before lightly brushing a thick finger tip under her clit while he sucked it and then let it sink inside of her. He groaned against her as she ran her fingers into his hair. He loved when he got her this way. He pressed his fingers against the roof of her cunt and stroked them against her at a medium pace, she wriggled against his fingers and he pressed back just as hard.

She wriggled beneath him as her body sent her a million feelings at once. Her face and ears burnt so badly from his touch. She arched herself against his mouth wanting to feel more of him; he drove her to her edge so well... "Master may I please cum?!" she cried out feeling she couldn't hold it.

He ignored her and gave her a more flicks of his tongue and thrusts from his fingers. "Not yet slut, this is my fun." He looked up at her with a grinning face before pulling his fingers from her.

"Yes, Master." She whimpered as she felt him pull from her. But before his fingers were replaced with something large round and smooth, she knew that feeling. She whimpered as her eyes widened at the site between her legs...it was the Hitachi.

He licked his lips as he held the wand in his hand, he pressed it into her and before flicking the switch, fuck slow, he went straight to medium. Not two seconds after he flicked the switch, she began her purring and writhing again. He watched her as she grasped anything she could get her hands on her hair, her breasts, or just her sides; he loved doing this to her and it never got old to him.

"Oooooh, Master please?!" she moaned and pleaded with him, she wanted to pull back from the wand with all of her being. The strong hum and vibrations grabbed hold of every sensory system in her body, her eyes welled, her mouth watered but she tasted nothing, her skin crawled as he pressed the device more into her more. She wished for this feeling to never end but at the same time she desperately wanted an end. She cried out more and more with every second that ticked by. She suddenly felt the vibrations die; her heart sank as he laid it on her stomach and stood. Her eyes widened in pain. "Where is he going?" she thought.

He walked off into the room and rifled through her drawer looking for a pair of panties, he chose a black lacey pair and headed back to the closet where her body lay trembling. He squatted down in front of her and tugged the panties roughly over her taped down legs. He let go letting them snap against her sensitive flesh and picked the wand from her belly.

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