Nadine's Submissive Games


But, I love it anyway. 'Pound me good, you fucker! Make me so sore that I can't sit down in the morning.' He just keeps pounding away. Eventually I feel him about to climax. He grabs my tits just as he makes one final thrust before emptying his balls in my ass. God, it feels like he's just filled me up. How can that be? He fucked Henrietta twice before coming over here. Man, he must have one Hell of a quick recovery time. But, I can feel his cum deep inside my rectum. God, I need it in my pussy now. 'How about it stud? Can you do it again in my cunt?'

About that time Henrietta comes back out of the house -- totally naked.

"Well, stud," she says to him. "Let's go home. I've got a real treat for your dessert."

"You go ahead." Sam replies. "I need to talk with George about our presentation tomorrow." He then goes inside the house.

As Henrietta walks out to her car -- still totally naked -- I can see cum dripping from her asshole. Fuck, the bitch just fucked my hubby. Hubby wouldn't fuck me, but he fucked her in the ass. When I get free from here I'm gonna kill him.

"How about me, bitch?" I try to yell to Henrietta. But, of course it comes out all mumbled since I am still gagged with one of my silk scarves.

"What you say, bitch?" she yells back. "Oh, you want to clean my cunt and asshole? But, your mouth is already full. What a shame! I guess you will have to do that in the morning. See ya later!"

With that, she struts back out to her car -- still totally naked. I now understand that she's a bigger exhibitionist bitch than me.

After Henrietta leaves, I am kept there all night by that SOB hubby of mine. I am bare-ass naked, gagged, and bent over the porch railing for all to see. And more! During the night two carloads of guys and a carload of bitches come driving by. All three stop when they see my predicament and decide to take advantage of me. Before the night is over, I've got cum dripping from all three of my holes. My fuckin' hubby just leaves me there to get fucked by anyone driving by until morning.

Eventually Carol shows up. It's a repeat of the session with Sam and Henrietta. She's with the pizza guy, Henry. Like Henrietta, she goes into the house alone, leaving me there alone with Henry. This is between the times the first carload of guys leaves and the second one arrives. Only now I've got cum dripping from all three of my holes.

It's a repeat performance. For the second time tonight the pizza guys fucks me in the ass. Without any lube! The bastard must be a sadist. While he's doing that, Carolyn is up in our bedroom getting fucked by my hubby -- and probably Sam, too. God, I'm gonna kill that bitch someday. But, unlike Henrietta, when she's done she doesn't leave.

Instead she comes down to the porch and tells Henry that he's wanted upstairs. Later I learn that although Henry is straight, he always loves a good BJ and doesn't care who gives it to him. Now I am learning that Carolyn is bi -- just like me. I should have never told her that Henrietta and I like to play 'Creampie 69'. Only tonight there's no 69 with Carolyn. We only play 'Eat Carolyn's Creampie!'

But, to do this she has to free me from my bondage. She frees me from the railing, but does not untie my wrists. Next, she forces me to my knees, plants her cum filled pussy right on my face, and then tells me to clean hubby's cum from her puss. Of course, she knows that I love 'clean up duty'. I've even told her about doing it to Henrietta. But, this is the first time that she's fucked my hubby. It's weird eating his cum from her snatch. It still tastes good, though. Maybe even better than eating Sam's cum from Henrietta. If that is Sam's cum that I eat from Henrietta.

Well, I take my time cleaning out her cunt, for I kinda figure that my freedom is short lived. I am right. As soon as I get her cleaned out, Carolyn quickly turns me back around, bends me over the porch railing, ties me back up, and gags me again. I want to yell, 'Fuck you, you nasty bitch!' But, of course, I can't. Not with my mouth filled with my own scarf.

Finally, I remind myself that I'm a submissive at heart. When hubby's at home, we have a maledom domestic discipline relationship. He's in charge, and I do what he tells me most of the time. Not always; but most of the time. When he's traveling, then I spend a lot of time talking with some internet doms and dommes. Carolyn's one of my internet dommes. She learned a long time ago that I will do almost anything that she tells me. That's how I got in this position tonight. Fuckin' bitch!

Well, right before dawn, the third carload comes by. This time it's a carload of black bitches. Each one is barely dressed. Each has on a very short skirt and a skin tight top that shows most of her tits. It's obvious that none of them is wearing a bra or panties. Whenever any of them bends over, you can see their pink. They're probably a bunch of whores on their way home from a night of street walking.

By now it's almost dawn. They've probably been fucking anything with a cock all night. I am sure that if they would drop their pants, I would find their asses or pussies -- and probably both -- filled with cum just like mine. But, of course, they don't do that. All they do is give me a hard time about being tied naked to the porch railing outside my own home.

"Boy, you must have really pissed off your man," one says. "I'll bet he's gonna give you a good whoopin' in the morning."

At that moment I figure that she's right. But, I'm never gonna admit it to that bitch.

Then, another one says to her friends, "Maybe we should warm her up for her ole man. He's probably asleep right now. I'll bet he'll love finding his bitch with red marks on her ass when he gets up."

"Whip her with what?" the second one asks.

"How about this?" the third one says as she pulls a two inch wide leather belt from her purse. "I bet this will give her 'what for'."

"Why the fuck not?" the third one says. "Who knows -- maybe he'll whip us, too."

Next, I hear a whistling in the wind sound.


The one with the belt lands a good stroke on my left ass cheek.


This time it lands on my right cheek.


Then both cheeks at once. This fuckin' bitch is good. She's either been whipped a lot, or done some whipping herself. Probably both. She knows what she's doing. She's probably got some clients into BDSM.


My left cheek again.

And so it goes. The bitches take turns whipping my ass with their leather belt. After about 30 minutes of whipping me, I hear the front door open.

"Sorry, sir," one of the girls says to hubby. "I hope we didn't wake you."

"Well, you did," he replies. "You girls are just as naughty as my whore."

'My whore?' He just called me his 'whore' in front of three bitches who've probably been fucking and sucking for money all night. If any of us is a 'whore', it's them!

"So, what are you going to do about it?" one of them asks.

"Ever had three black bitches at once?" a second one teases.

"Only in my dreams," he replies.

"Well, let's go make your dreams come true," the third one suggests.

Then, all three of the bitches go into my house with my hubby, leaving me still gagged and tied to my own porch railing. I know that they're not in there talking about the weather!

Before long, it's daybreak. Most of my neighbors are on their way to work. I'm still naked and tied to my porch for everyone to see. It's humiliating and kinky at the same time. I guess that I'm also an exhibitionist at heart. The more neighbors that see me there, the wetter my puss becomes. Right now I just want some stranger to stop by and fuck me some more.

After about an hour or so, the three twats come back out of the house. So does hubby and Sam. But, hubby really looks tired. After all, he's spent the night getting his cock sucked by me, Sam, Henrietta, Carolyn, and a carload of whores. Plus, he's probably fucked at least five cunts in their asses and/or pussies. Now, I want that cock in mine.

However, that's not what he has in mind. After the black bitches leave, he releases me from my public bondage. But, instead of letting me clean up my pussy and ass, he tells me to meet him in the garage. I know what that means. The only time we go in there is when I am about to be punished. When we get there, he releases my wrists from the cuffs behind my back. Only he then re-cuffs my wrists over my head to cuffs hanging down from the 'punishment beam'.

The 'punishment beam' is an overhead beam located in the middle of the garage. There are 2 cuffs hanging down from the beam by 6" long chains. The chains are located about 4' apart, so when I am hanging there my arms are pulled both outwards and upwards. When locked in, my feet do not touch the floor. But, that doesn't matter, for he locks me in ankle cuffs which pull my legs outward, too. Once secured, I am chained as if I am on a St. Andrews or X-Cross you see on some of the BDSM web sites.

Once I am secured spread-eagled above the floor, he removes my gag so that we can talk. I ask him why he is doing this now, and why he did what he did last night. He explains that when they drove up last night, they all see the pizza guy's car parked in front of our house. They also all figure that I have simply ordered pizza for my dinner.

But, he also says they were all surprised when they walked into the kitchen and saw me kneeling on the floor with my legs spread wide, my snatch already wet and dripping, my hands tied behind my back, and my mouth gagged with one of my scarves. They also see that the pizza guy is gone. They all figured that they had just interrupted me fucking the pizza guy. If they only knew that he was fucking my ass, not my cunt.

"There's no way that you could have tied your wrists behind your back without help," he tells me.

Yup, he is right, too.

He also explains that later, while I am giving him a BJ, he sees cum dripping from between my legs. He thinks it's coming from my pussy. But, either way, he knows that I have fucked the pizza guy. That's when he decides to punish me by tying me to the porch railing completely naked and leaving me for anyone to use during the night. My offer to give him a BJ only delays that action.

Believe it or not, down deep I like getting treated like a pure slut. It's in my nature to submit to him and others. After suspending me spread eagled, he says that he has to go to work. But, he decides to give me a little incentive not to fuck the pizza guy again. But, he doesn't whip me. He has another punishment in mind.

He gets a set of nipple clamps -- you know, the kind with alligator clip style teeth -- and places them on both of my tits. He then attaches little weights to the nipple clamps. He does the same to my cunt. Three clamps on each of my cunt lips. He puts weights on all of them, too. He then tells me he has to go to work and leaves.

He leaves me like that all day. I'm hanging like that all fuckin' day. Thank God our daughter is away on a trip with her friends this week. I would hate for her to see me like this. She has seen me get whipped before. But, she's never seen me hanging in the garage with alligator clips, and weights, dangling from my tits and cunt.

About an hour after he leaves for work, I hear Henrietta enter the house. Hubby evidently left the kitchen door unlocked. She's yelling my name. But, naturally she cannot find me. Or, so I think. Eventually the side door of the garage opens.

"W-T-F!" (What the Fuck!) She yells when she spots me hanging there. "What has that bastard done to you? He may be a good fuck. But, he's a real bastard. You should consider leaving him. Sam would never to that to me. At least he never leaves me hanging when he's not at home. What would happen if you need some medical help? Your hubby is a real bastard. You need to get the fuck out before he kills you."

Then, she gets a real nasty look in her eye. She spots the cat o' nine tails whip hanging on the back wall of the garage. She quickly walks over and gets the cat. She then walks back where I can see her and begins to run the handle of the cat along my tits. Then down my front until it's just above my slit. Next, she begins to tease my puss with the handle. We've done this routine before. I know that she's just dying to whip my ass with the cat. But, for some reason she does not.

"I think that you really would love a good whipping," she adds. "But, you went through a lot of shit last night. Maybe now is not the right time. How about this? If you promise to come to my house sometime tomorrow morning and eat my cunt, I will skip the whipping right now. Agreed?"

I want to say 'Fuck you! Get me down from here!' But, of course I cannot. After all, my mouth is gagged. She continues to tease me with the cat handle. But, eventually she says that she needs to get home before Sam misses her. She promises to come back and check on me later in the day. But, she does not release me from my bondage. Fuckin' bitch!

By the time hubby gets home, both my tits and my cunt are sore as hell. But, when he releases me, he's naked as a jaybird and his big banana is rock solid. But, after releasing me, he cuffs my hands behind my back again. I spend the rest of the night light that. But, I still don't get any rest. We spend the rest of the night fuckin' like newlyweds at a bondage party.

By morning I can barely walk -- or sit. My cunt, tits, and ass have never been this sore without a whipping. I've got cum dripping from all three of my holes. But, he leaves me totally naked and with my hands still cuffed behind my back. As he leaves for work he tells me that if I want my hands released I need to call either Henrietta or Carolyn and ask for their help.

God, I hate that fucker! Henrietta might be right. Maybe I should leave his ass.


Chapter Three

After hubby leaves for work I go up to the bedroom to take a nap. I don't know how long I sleep, but when I look outside I see there are very few people moving about. Most of the adults have left for work and their kids have all gone to school. So, I decide to go talk with Henrietta. She's been my B-F-F (Best Friend Forever) ever since high school. We can tell each other all our troubles. And cry on each other's shoulders. We have a relationship that's better than sisters. Or, so I thought until I walk into her house.

We have always had an 'open door' relationship. We never lock our back doors when we are home. Each of us has permission to enter without knocking during the day. After spending yesterday hanging by my wrists with weights dangling from both my tits and cunt lips, then spending the night serving as my hubby's legal whore, I need someone to talk to. Or, more specifically -- a shoulder to cry on. And, of course, someone to free my wrists. Henrietta is that person.

But, as I approach her back yard, I hear noises coming from her garage. Male noises. To be specific: Sloppy male voices. I am now afraid of what I will find. But, I am also curious as Hell. I know that looking into the garage may not be safe. After all, I'm still bare-ass naked with my hands cuffed behind my back. But, what the fuck! After the past day and two nights, what else could happen to me? Right? So, I sneak over to the window and peak into the garage. What I see is a different side of Henrietta's hubby. And my hubby, too!

What I see is my hubby hanging by his wrists from an overhead beam. Just like what he did to me yesterday. He's totally naked, hanging by his wrists, with his feet completely off the floor. His ankles are cuffed and pulled sideways by chains. He's suspended with his body forming an X-Cross. Just like he does to me when he whips my ass.

I also see Sam, Henrietta's hubby. He's also totally naked. He's kneeling between my hubby's knees while sucking my hubby's cock. I continue watching as Sam continues to suck hubby's cock. After about 15 minutes, hubby spurts his load -- onto Sam's face. Soon afterwards, Sam releases hubby and tells hubby to follow him into the house for some more M2M sexual fun. Just then I see Sam turn and spot me watching through the garage window. I quickly decide to get the fuck out of there and go back over to my house.

When I get home I am pissed. Very pissed! But, I'm also turned on at the same time. I can't wait to finger myself to an O. In fact, I only go as far as the family room before I roll around on the floor until I am able to pull my arms around my legs, thus allowing me to move my cuffed wrists in front of my body instead of behind it. Soon I am lying on my back on the sofa while my magic fingers play with my cunt. Of course, I forgot to lock the back door when I got home. I am in the middle of my self-pleasure session when Henrietta walks into the kitchen. I am still naked and cuffed when she walks into the family room.

"God!" she comments when she sees my naked body. She also spots how wet my cunt is. "You're one horny bitch! After everything that you've done the past two days, I would think that you'd be all fucked out by now. But, look at that wet cunt. You're definitely one horny bitch! Here, let me take care of that for you."

She quickly walks over and pushes me back down onto the sofa, opens my legs, and then drops to her knees between my legs. The next thing I know she's tongue fucking my pussy. She does it so well, too. While her tongue is pleasuring my clit, one of her hands wonders up my chest and begins to fondle my left tit. The other hand reaches behind me and begins to play with my ass. Eventually I have her tongue in my cunt and her finger in my ass. I love every moment of it.

It doesn't take her long to get me off. Once I come back down to earth, she stands up and then grabs my hand and pulls me back to my feet. She then begins to lead me towards the kitchen. She continues to lead me through the kitchen, out the door, and eventually into the garage.

O-M-G! (Oh, my God!) Is she going to hang me by my wrists in the garage, too? Is she going to hang me by my wrists, then whip my ass? Just like hubby does? But, she then goes over to a shelf and picks up a key. It's a handcuffs key. She unlocks the cuffs and frees my wrists. For the first time in almost two days I now have use of my hands. I feel that I owe her something. Maybe a good cunt lapping.

"Com'ere, you lovely bitch," I order as I drop down onto my knees. "Let me taste that lovely cunt of yours."

"Not now," she replies.

"Don't you want reciprocity?" I ask.

"No," she replies. "I fucked Sam all night. Let's go back into the kitchen. Right now all I want is some coffee. Then, what do you say that we go into town for lunch? I hear that there's a great soul food place that just opened on Fifth. But, first, tell me what the fuck got you so hot and horny this morning. After all, if I know George, you probably could not walk when he left for work earlier today."

Of course, I should be feeling a bit uncomfortable as we walk into my kitchen. After all, she's totally clothed and I'm totally naked. But, for some reason it doesn't bother me at all. I quickly fill the coffee maker with water and begin to brew a fresh pot as she sits down at the table. I turn and face her, lean my ass against the counter, and make sure that my legs are open as I begin to tell her about what I just saw in her garage.

As I tell her what I saw earlier, I can feel my cunt lips getting a wide on. God, what a horny slut I am. I am making myself horny again just telling Henrietta about what our two hubbies were doing to each other. I'm also daydreaming about what it would have felt like if she had done that to me a few minutes ago. That's when she catches me staring at her puss.

"Why that no good fuckin' pig," she screams. "I told him about stopping that shit. You know, of course, that Sam and George were up in your bedroom the other night sucking each other off while you were tied to the porch railing. I whipped Sam's ass good for that one. But, he's going to get his ass beat again. That fuckin' homo just won't quit. B-T-W, (by the way) you need to take control of that bastard hubby of yours, too. You should be beating his ass, not the other way around!"

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