tagInterracial LoveNagisa Michio of Tokyo

Nagisa Michio of Tokyo


Sitting at his desk on the seventh floor of the G4S Secure Solutions headquarters in the City of Tokyo, Japan, Dwayne Lucien looked at the nighttime skyline of Tokyo, and smiled. What's a humble brother from Fayetteville, Georgia, doing around these parts? Dwayne privately wondered. The Capital of Japan, while superficially similar to many other world-class cities such as Johannesburg, Toronto, Lagos or New York City, was definitely a world of its own. A worthwhile challenge for a man of his caliber, to be sure...

In the worlds of business, politics, finance, et cetera, it took a unique combination of brains, good looks and savvy to succeed. The men and women who reached the top didn't get there by accident. The world was a shark tank, and the weak got themselves devoured early on, leaving only the strong. Dwayne's old football coach, an old Jamaican-American crone named Adrian Jackson, taught him that a killer instinct got a man far in life.

"Dwayne, my friend, if you want certain things, in football, in school and in life, you need to take them regardless of the risk," Adrian Jackson told Dwayne, the summer before his final year at Morehouse College. Dwayne, who'd come by the coaches office in the Morehouse College Department of Athletics after practice to discuss his NFL aspirations, was surprised by his coach's words, but took them to heart.

"I agree, Coach Jackson, I want to go far," Dwayne replied heartily, and the old football coach smiled and nodded. Dwayne, the only son of Matthew and Nancy Lucien, a pair of poor African American farmers from Fayetteville, Georgia, possessed that in spades, and it took him from the old country town where he was born to Morehouse College, and now, a fruitful career with G4S Secure Solutions, the second largest company in the world.

Dwayne remembered his halcyon days as a regular patrol guard with G4S, having joined the company mere months after graduating from Morehouse College. When every NFL scout passed on him, Dwayne thought about trying his lucky with the Canadian football league, but didn't make it there either. Delaying his dreams of success, Dwayne threw himself into the world of private security, thinking it was just a gig to make ends meet. In time, it actually became a career.

Dwayne Lucien enrolled at Georgia State University while working at G4S, and earned an MBA. That's how he became the manager of the Atlanta branch of G4S. After a few years at that post, he faced a dilemma. Harun Habib, a Lebanese-American executive who'd been Dwayne's rival for years was appointed the new branch manager, and Dwayne was contemplating leaving the company when his good pal Erica Louise Larouche offered him a golden opportunity.

"Dwayne, I'm going to Japan to work for G4S, and I need people I can trust as part of my new team, what do you say?" Erica asked Dwayne, on that fateful day when he found himself demoted and working for Harun Habib, the man he'd despised for the past five years. Dwayne and Erica were sitting inside The Spice House, a Haitian restaurant which was popular with working-class Blacks all over the City of Atlanta. Dwayne introduced several of his friends, Erica included, to Haitian cuisine, and since then she was hooked.

"I'll check it out," Dwayne said absentmindedly to Erica while sipping his Pepsi. Erica Louise Larouche, a six-foot-tall, blonde-haired, thirty-something White woman with frosty blue eyes, had been Dwayne's friend and co-worker for the past five years. They'd come up together as patrol supervisors with G4S, and then working for the branch office as site managers. Now they were executives, and at a crossroads...

As luck would have it, moving to Tokyo was the best thing Dwayne could have done. Shortly after he left Atlanta for Japan, G4S upper management restructured the Atlanta branch, firing much of its executive team, including Harun Habib, and bringing in a new management team from the outside. Dwayne embraced his new career as much as he embraced Japanese culture. The Far East was upon him, and he welcomed the challenges that it posed...

"Anything I can help you with, Mr. Lucien?" Nagisa Michio asked slyly, leaning over her boss desk with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Dwayne was startled out of his daydream by Nagisa's voice, but kept his cool. As an executive with G4S Secure Solutions, Dwayne hadn't risen to his position by being obtuse. He knew damn well what Nagisa Michio was up to, but he continued to play dumb. The lady was seductive, but he didn't fool around the office...

"Well, Nagisa, those spreadsheets you sent me, the figures on them seemed a little unclear," Dwayne replied, stroking his goateed chin. Six feet two inches tall, burly and handsome, with smooth chocolate skin and a shaved head, Dwayne Lucien carried himself with the same swagger he had when he played football at Morehouse College while studying Criminal Justice, ten years ago. Of course, he'd become much more refined since those days, that's for damn sure.

"I see, well, I'd actually like to discuss that with you," Nagisa said, sitting on the edge of Wayne's magnificent teak desk, leaning so close that he could smell her perfume, and a lot of other things that you usually had to get real close to a gal to sniff. Nagisa Michio, his executive assistant, definitely didn't fit the stereotype of the beautiful but prim and proper, honorable and quietly repressed Japanese woman often seen in TV shows and movies.

When Dwayne first laid eyes on Nagisa Michio, he found himself mystified by her. She looked a little bit different from most of the Japanese ladies he'd seen in malls, restaurants, business offices and on the streets of Tokyo. Later, he learned the reason why. Nagisa's father Noboru Michio was Japanese, hailing from Sapporo, northern Japan, and her mother Catherine Duplessis was White, hailing from the City of Montreal, Quebec. In the mix for real, Dwayne thought at the time.

"Do tell," Dwayne replied evenly, looking at the tall, curvy, bronze-skinned and dark-haired young Eurasian beauty sitting on his desk. Nagisa wore a White blouse over too-tight Black dress pants, and Black flats. Her short, spiky dark hair stood on end, and this week she was sporting some bright pink highlights like those of her idol, Alecia Beth Moore, the artist formerly known as Pink. This gal is definitely trouble, Dwayne thought with a smile.

In modern Japan, there's a mixture of modernity and classicism, with the majority of Japanese citizens straddling the line between both. If one were to venture into the shopping centers, the restaurants, the video game arcades, the spas, and all that jazz, one might think one is someplace like Lagos, Toronto, Johannesburg or Melbourne. Tokyo people also considered themselves a cut above the rest of Japan, and were more westernized than most. The place was unreal, and the women were, well, simply amazing.

"Dwayne, let's not play games, I've seen the way you look at my ass," Nagisa said softly, grabbing his tie. Dwayne winced slightly as she tugged on it. Even more the office was fairly casual in its dress code, Dwayne insisted on wearing a business suit, dress shirt, tie and dress pants to work every day. The other men and women at the office often remarked on his fondness for Black Timberland boots, which he wore everywhere. Got to have my swag and my style, Dwayne often answered when queried on the subject by the curious and the unwary.

"Nagisa Michio, you're a beautiful woman, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice you, but you work for the company and I don't shit where I eat, pardon my French," Dwayne replied, smiling. Nagisa frowned, evidently put off by his answer or the casualness with which he delivered it. Who does Dwayne think he is? Nagisa wondered.

In Japan, a society that prized all things western to the point of being unhealthy, a mixed-race woman of East Asian and Caucasian descent is considered the epitome of beauty. Dwayne had seen the commercials for skin-lightening creams used by Japanese women seeking to look more western. Odd society but not my place to judge, Dwayne thought privately. Nagisa was undoubtedly used to having men and women fawn over her, hence why Dwayne's resistance surprised her...

"Dwayne, I don't work for you or the company, I'm a co-op student, remember? I want to work in law enforcement, not become a security guard," Nagisa replied sharply, and she practically leapt from the desk with a grace that Scarlett Johansen's Black Widow couldn't have matched. Dwayne rose at once, intent on quelling this, ahem, whatever it was, toot sweet...

"Nagisa, forgive me if I offend you, you're beautiful and smart, I have no doubt you can succeed in law enforcement, and you can have anyone you want," Dwayne said politely, choosing his words carefully. In Japan, one have to be careful because the cultural ways and honor system still thrived among these very modern Japanese folks who walked around with their high-tech gadgets, and quoted everyone from Nishida the philosopher, legendary actor Ken Watanabe to Japanese singer and pop star Yui.

"I know I can have anyone I want, Dwayne," Nagisa replied, and next thing Dwayne knew, he felt her sleek hand against his crotch. Dwayne looked into Nagisa's light brown eyes, and saw a mixture of sexiness and danger. Dwayne grinned, and crossed the distance between them, stopping inches before Nagisa's face. Nagisa's tongue slid out of Dwayne's mouth, poking his lips.

"I like your style," Dwayne replied, and then he pressed his lips against Nagisa's, kissing her. As Dwayne kissed Nagisa, it occurred to him that a lot of powerful men, from certain political leaders to international businessmen and Hollywood stars, have risked it all for a cute gal in a skimpy outfit. Hope I don't become a hashtag on Facebook, Dwayne thought as he embraced Nagisa...

"Hmm, sweet lips, let's get out of here," Nagisa whispered in Dwayne's ear, and he nodded firmly, like a soldier receiving a direct order from his commander. Dwayne honestly did not remember how he got from the elevator to the parking lot, but somehow, he and Nagisa left in her bright Acura NSX and sped to the suburb of Harajuku, where she rented a two-bedroom apartment.

"Nice place, Kawai josei ( pretty lady )," Dwayne said, in passable Japanese, as Nagisa welcomed him into her place. The place looked so nice, upscale even, that Dwayne knew Nagisa had to come from money. Even with his six-figure salary, he couldn't afford some of the art work on the walls of Nagisa's apartment. Dwayne kissed Nagisa once more, and she grinned and shoved him against the wall before grabbing his crotch again...

"Hansamu, my handsome friend, I didn't bring you home to chit chat," Nagisa said, and as an amazed Dwayne looked on, she unzipped his pants, freeing his member. Dwayne held his breath as Nagisa grabbed his manhood and began stroking him, marveling as he lengthened and hardened in her hand. Nagisa looked up at Dwayne and smiled, and then kissed the tip of sex, like a long-lost lover. It's about to go down, Dwayne thought happily.

"Hmm, you do that so well," Dwayne murmured as Nagisa fellated him, engulfing his manhood into her mouth. He closed his eyes as she worked on him, and pleasures he hadn't experienced in quite some time were unleashed upon him. Nagisa worked her magic on Dwayne, loving the way he smelled and tasted. A sexual connoisseur, she'd experimented with men of various ethnic backgrounds, but it was her first time with an African American...

"Dwayne, I will show you wonders," Nagisa paused to say, eyes brimming with lust, and Dwayne nodded, her oral talents taking his breath away. The two of them continued with their fun in Nagisa's living room, and once there, they really cut loose. Nagisa undressed, revealing her sexy, curvaceous body, and Dwayne nodded appreciatively. Miss Japan has a ghetto booty, he thought lustfully while caressing Nagisa's big round bum before kissing her sex.

"Anata wa yoi aji ga suru, you taste good," Dwayne paused to say, as he began lathering Nagisa's pussy with his tongue. Dwayne inhaled Nagisa's womanly scent, and then began teasing her clitoris with his tongue, then slid two fingers inside of her. Nagisa let out a deep, passionate, throaty moan, and grabbed the back of Dwayne's neck, urging him to continue.

"Watashi o nameru, lick me," Nagisa demanded, and Dwayne heeded her words. Like a brother needs any encouragement at a time like this, Dwayne thought before he resumed tongue-lashing Nagisa's pussy. Nagisa thrashed about wildly on the bed, moaning and squealing as Dwayne pleasured her. To really shine Nagisa on, Dwayne put her on all fours, spanked her big beautiful butt and then ate her from behind. What an ass, Dwayne thought as he fingered Nagisa's butt hole while licking her pussy.

Nagisa and Dwayne continued with their fun, and he took her on all fours, face down and ass up. Nagisa pressed her thick derriere against Dwayne's groin, and he pushed his dick into her. Nagisa went wild, screaming obscenities in English and Japanese as Dwayne went to town on her, gripping her hips and ramming his dick into her. He went to town on her, and she absolutely loved it.

"Ride me," Dwayne demanded, as he slammed his dick into Nagisa's pussy, loving the way she kept grinding that ass against him. Dwayne smacked her ass with one hand and gripped her by her short, spiky hair which was nevertheless long enough for him to grab. Nagisa's slick pussy gripped his dick nicely, and Dwayne pounded away at her like there was no tomorrow. Dick her down, Dwayne thought to himself as he drilled his dick into Nagisa's sweet pussy...

Much later, Nagisa and Dwayne lay in bed, happy and sweaty. Dwayne looked at the busty, curvy Asian beauty lying next to him and smiled. His life had definitely gotten more interesting since he left Atlanta and moved to Tokyo. If Nagisa was any indication of what the local ladies were like, the brother from Fayetteville, Georgia, was definitely going to like it here.

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Your Japanese is terrible

Google translate and anime are not guides to speaking Japanese.

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by Anonymous09/13/18

You are the least creative person ever.

Really? Two virtually identical stories about Asian girls in the same day. Plus both of them follow the same failure of a formula as all the rest of your trash. You need to give up writing and find a newmore...

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