Naked and Fruity


"I'm full," she said and looked up at Malcolm, who'd been in charge throughout her filling.

"Yes, but wait and see how this feels," he replied.

Her legs had been elevated through the filling procedure but now two of the men each grabbed and ankle and pulled her legs backward towards her hear and her shoulders, until she was doubled up on her back. She was looking up between her knees and feeling the pressure inside, and the juices running out of her.

At that point, her vagina was pointing towards the ceiling. One of the younger men came to her on the bed, turned his back towards her, pointed his erection downwards with his hand and sat into her. She looked up through her legs, at his bottom and his back, as she felt him settling into the fruit and into her bloated insides. He leaned forward slightly as he moved up and down in her, and she could feel the fruit being pulped inside her. When he settled into her, she felt the bloating right up to her throat. When he lifted out, he brought great quantities of juice and puree with him, which trickled down her body and onto her throat. She held her arms out sideways to steady herself against the movements inside herself.

After some minutes the boy speeded up his movements and pumped his sperm into her with an "Aaaah." He lifted himself off her, and she could see his penis covered in juices and pieces of fruit.

"There's more room now," said Malcolm, and the fruit insertions began again.

That is how it went for the next two hours. Men would fill her up with fruit and other men would turn it to puree inside her. Every man had a turn at filling her with fruit, and at pulping her also. At the end, the trolley was empty, there was fruit puree and juice all over the bed and the carpets. And she was slick with it and with the sperms from dozens of ejaculations. She was exhausted by the movement and the tension of knowing what was happening inside herself. More than anything else, she was exhausted by the multiplicity of orgasms she'd enjoyed. She'd lost count and she felt more satisfied than at any time in her life. Twice she'd lost control of her bladder and just peed great fountains upwards at the men who were pulping the fruit inside her. Her pee just gathered in the pool in which she now lay, surrounded by fruit pulp and liquids.

Every two or three fillings, she'd been emptied of the juice and puree, and prepared for the next filling of fruit. The first jug was filled early in the two hours, and was in the fridge. By the end, a second big jug was also filled and placed in the cooler. Both jugs were then poured out into big wine goblets, mixed with Bacardi or gin, and everyone had a good drink of their own juices mixed with fruit puree. There was much good-natured joking and gentle caressing of Georgina.

When everyone was satisfied, men went by two and threes into the shower room and cleaned themselves up. She saw that they also were covered in fruit and juices of various sorts, from her filling and from each other. Someone brought the two jugs from the fridge, and made 24 small glasses of champagne mixed with fruit pulp. All the men drank a cocktail of their own sperms, the fruit juice and pulp, and her urine. They faced her, raised their glasses and swigged their drinks backing one quick movement. She felt that they'd saluted her.

She closed her eyes and rested, whilst Malcolm came to her and placed a blanket over her sodden exhausted body.

When she awoke, all the men except Malcolm had left. As she stirred, he came to her and spoke softly.

"How was that? Did it surprise you? Are you pleased with the day?"

"Hmm," she mumbled and then said, "you did more for me than I thought anyone could. It was a real surprise and lots of pleasure."

"Don't worry about my friends," he said, "they're all healthy and we get ourselves checked out regularly, because our pleasure is giving pleasure. We don't want the worry of sickness or disease, any more than you would. OK?"

"Yes, thank you," she replied, coming to full consciousness, and realizing she'd been filled many times by the sperm and other fluid from dozens of ejaculations. He mind was at rest now, and her body was tired.

After that, she bathed and Malcolm produced a complete set of new clothes for her. Everything was the right size except her bra, which was a little too loose, but she forgave him. She kissed him, and he took her to the front lobby of the hotel, where a taxi was waiting already. As she rode home, her mind was filled with the pleasures and the excitement of the day. But she was hungry now; none of the fruit had been eat en - only drunk. She looked forward to a pasta supper with Valpolicello, and a warm comfortable armchair in front of her own fireplace.

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