Naked Bisexual Lube Wrestling

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She can only watch nude women fight, but has unexpected fun.
16.7k words
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Naked Bisexual Lube Wrestling. Ten women, one guy. Exactly what it says on the tin.

"Ali? Love?" My girlfriend Becca entered our bedroom, putting her phone away. "We're invited to a party at Jen's, Saturday after next."

"What sort of party?"

"Thegood kind!" Becca gave me a wicked smile. "Some friend has moved back to London, from abroad. It'll be a proper 'filthy lesbian celebration', she says."

"A good party? That's what we call sapphic orgies now, is it?" I raised an eyebrow, my pretend snark hiding my enthusiasm. One doesn't want to look like a total slut.

Oh, who am I kidding? Ilove being a total slut, at any appropriate event. Like a 'good' party at Jen's.

I love Jen, one of my oldest London friends, but she has varied friend groups. Some are rather too straight and vanilla. Not to mention the patronising disablism that too often comes with those. I don't lay myself open for that without good reason. At least my work colleagues have all got with the programme, now; me being a wheelchair-using dyke. Some took more hitshitting with the metaphorical clue-bat than others.

"Speak for yourself! You're the one who ends up snogging half the room at every do." Becca sighed. She's shyer than me, when it comes to fun flirtation. It's not that she minds me kissing other women - or men, sometimes - but she has body image problems and thinks people won't be interested in her.

Which is daft. Sure, she's a stocky butch shortarse, so she's not the typical fantasy of straight males, but given Bec's a gold-star dyke, who gives a shit? I tell you, I'm the beholder, and she's beautiful. So much personality shining out her face; cute little smile, kind eyes. That's enough for me, even before reaching her most fantastic huge tits, needing specialist shops to provide bras for. They are truly lush and outstanding. I didn't know brascame in a KK cup until I got together with her! Her body is broad, solid. She's pure muscle, and power. Each thigh is twice the size of my head! Which makes her arse a huge heaven of flesh to hang onto, while I shove my head between her legs... that's heaven, trust me.

I love watching her own the track, when she plays roller derby. She's grown her hair out a bit, at least in the middle. It's like a wide short mohawk, no longer bristly. I love the feel when her head is fuzzy and shaved, too, but sadly that usually means she's going a bit mentally wobbly. Doesn't think she 'deserves' her gorgeous hair, or she wants to avoid attention for her looks, that kind of shit. I'm the opposite. I've usually got my hair sticking up in floppy spikes, in a colour that stands out. I used to be peroxide blonde most of theof the the time, in my twenties, but in recent years I've worked through shades of red. Deep Fire, the current orange-red dye says.

See, I'm going to get attention no matter what, so I roll with it. Not a pun; I said that even before Becca bullied me into finally getting a wheelchair. That was five years ago; I've got a more supportive model, with a headrest, now. I use it most of the time when I'm out. I've got a neurological condition that causes pain and fatigue, sometimes unpredictably. Ican do pretty much anything - as long as it's not for long, as then I'm likely to crash and need a day in bed to recover. Or two, off my tits on the good painkillers. Lovely lovely opiates...

It means conserving energy is important. Leaves more of it for sex, right? I try to avoid needing Bec to be my 'carer'. She insists all couples look out for each other, that's all. True enough, but I don't want to need her help pulling me out the bath again, no matter how many jokes she makes about my naked body being 'all wet for her'! She says I keep her grounded, whatever that means. She's not been sectioned in the local mental hospital since we moved in together, nor tried to kill herself in a decade, so I guess I'm doing it OK.

That's all a bit depressing. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah, slutty lesbian orgies!

"The room would love to kiss you, too. You're just more shy."

"Don't want to be kissed by just anyone," Becca grumbled.

"Well then - can't complain, can ya?" She's kissed Jen - and Jen's charming girlfriend Dani - at almost every party we've been at. I encourage them. "Oh, was that a hint? Come here!"

Becca did that shy smile of hers. It grew as she settled on the sofa and pulled me on top of her, my little tits making dents in her big pillowy ones. When she came up for air after a good amount of kissing, I heard, "Love you, Ali."

Nearly two weeks later, I was looking forward to Jen's party. Yes, it's Dani's flat too, but Dani's the career woman, working the 9-7, while Jen's job gives her plenty of time to look after the home. And her siblings, and her friends, and various waifs and strays. She's warm and friendly to everyone. Heart of the community, they'll call her when she's elderly.

Jen called. I stuck her on speakerphone.

"You know my wee brother Ben? Yeah, well. His fiancé dumped him, so he's been living with me this past ten days."

"Oh no! Poor sweetie!" Becca called out.

Ben's four years younger than Jen. She calls him her 'baby' brother. He's never grown her levels of common sense. A sweet boy, though - he's been at lots of her more sedate parties. I say boy - he must be early twenties by now. Cute young thing.

"Poor love," I told Jen.

"Yes. So, I was wondering if it would be OK to have him at the party? He's very well behaved, he'd be happy to just look, not touch, but let's face it, a dozen naked lesbians might be just the thing to perk him up!"

"Something will perk up! Becs? You know Ben. What do you think?"

As I predicted, Becca was nervous. She's wary of men, in general. Not just lack of interest in them.

Jen tried persuasion. "He'd love to see you, Becca. He's got a thing for big tits! Mummy issues, I reckon. He won't make a move, though, I'll make sure of that! Please?"

It's rare for Jen to ask anyone for anything. Which meant Becca wanted to agree, for her. "You're sure he's well behaved?"

"Always has been. If he isn't, I'll set Dani - no, Rachel and Emma, on him!"

"Now there's a fate worse than death!" I joked.

"Mm..." Becca daydreamed of several occasions when I had, indeed, let Rachel and Emma loose on her. Filthy kinky sex had ensued. I'd enjoyed every moment of watching my girl panting and screaming. I loved the pair of them, and loved fucking them, too.

It was a consolation. If I ever got to the physical point where I couldn't properly satisfy Becca in bed any more, there were people like Emma and Rach I could delegate to. Even if we disguised it as a simple sharing thing.

On the subject of disguise, I didn't want Ben's first impression of me on Saturday to be the new electric wheelchair. Or have it damaged if I left it in the hall, for my drunk friends to trip over.

Jen had everything figured out, of course. "He'll be out in the day. Come round early, late afternoon, and we'll hang out. You can leave the chair in my bedroom. It'll be safe there, and Bex can get it back if you need it."

We had a plan.

It should be a good, if quite small, party. Of the kind that involved reasonable amounts of booze - lots for most of them, though in my case, alcohol enhances painkillers so a bit is encouraged, but not too much - no-one wants the enhanced hangover! And large amounts of cuddling, snogging, and possibly even shagging various cute women. We would overthrow the patriarchal norms of heterosexual monogamy! Becca might have said that, when she was younger. Me, I'm just a simple sex-obsessed girl.

I was glad we were going round early. It meant we were getting the trains before they got crowded with pre-loaded revellers on a Saturday night. I love the freedom of my chairs, but drunks tripping over me is a hazard.

Jen greeted me with one of her effusive hugs, her breasts right over my face, given I was still in my wheelchair. Seated hugs are great - you get to nuzzle the tits of everyone who comes up to you! Or sometimes, they're nuzzling yours. They should use that in some advertising campaign... There's so many people who would benefit from a chair to help them get around more, but think that's 'giving in'. I was one of them, until I became a convert.

Only when Jen stepped back did I get up to flop on her squishy sofa. Jen's freckly and cute. With her long straight brown hair, she's always had this 'girl-next-door', wholesome, vibe. It may be aging into MILF-next-door, but nothing wrong with that. I mean, ILF still.

Jen did the host thing. "You comfy there? What are you drinking? Becca, can you help me clear this space? I want the dining table folded and put out in Dani's room."

"Why?" Becca asked, wondering why Jen wanted half her lounge-diner empty. A dance floor, maybe? Would Ben's spirits be revived by funky moves?

"Dani found another of her bargains on eBay. She's bought a paddling pool. A huge one."

"Three metres ten?" Becca read the label. "That's like... ten feet!"

"Nearly twice your height," I reminded her.

Becca's face lit up. "Remember that party, when we did lube wrestling?" We'd had a small round pool, then.

"My thoughts exactly," Jen said. "Watching that should cheer anyone up! Especially Ben."

"But..." Becca had reservations. "Don't you remember Emma bitching for years, about getting oil-based lube out of long hair?"

"Two months of extra conditioner, every day..." I agreed. Emma had moaned for months and still did, every time she was reminded of the lube wrestling. Clearly her disrupted haircare routine was more memorable than her wrestling bout with me had been, both of us sliding naked around an oily round pool, her mostly holding me down. The pool had been dumped afterwards. I'd done three bouts - with the others, I don't know who won. We certainly felt we both had!

The doorbell went. Rachel had come straight from work; her Emma would be along in an hour or so. Jen updated her; I reminded her how Emma still complained about that party a few years earlier.

"Worth it, though," Rachel grinned, remembering. "Mm... Being pinned under her body, trapped, just sliding around... Not to mention watching everyone else." Rachel gazed appreciatively at both of us, licking her lips.

I'd loved play-wrestling with Emma. Losing, obviously. Nothing to do with muscle weakness - the woman's 6'3 and used to be an Olympic athlete. Lying under her long muscular bare legs, her solid-backed tits pressing into mine as she stole a kiss - it hadn't been a hardship! Rachel and Becca had giggled their way through a five-minute bout of alleged wrestling that was more like frantic fondling. Not a bad thing - both of them tended to take life too seriously and needed to laugh more. Bec walloped Rach in the head with one of her giant breasts - it was hysterical! You couldn't blame them for collapsing when they both slipped and fell down in the lube!

Emma's been good for Rachel - she's all calm and quiet, to Rachel's constant controlled fury. A bit like how I try to keep Becca from fretting about injustice in the world and trying to solve it all herself.

Jen laughed. "You didn't hear?"

"Hear what?"

"The great advance in lube-wrestling technology!"

Jen leaned in, conspiratorially. "Water-based lube! Washes off a treat!"

"Doesn't that cost a fortune?" I asked.

"On the contrary. See this bottle of powder? It was about 20 quid, yeah, but it makes up 25 litres of lube... Ha! You get me?"

I suddenly had extremely happy thoughts about naked women sliding aroundround in large amounts of sexual lubricant...

Becca caught my eye. "I'll wrestle you?"

I sighed. "Nice and careful, you mean?"

"More like, let's slide about and I'll have you on top of me, trapped between my tits..."

I nodded. Enough of these guys knew me well enough to be careful. I might be crap at any actual fighting, but hey, immediately surrendering to any of them would still be fun. Emma holding me round my waist, no escape from her naked body over mine... oh, the hardship!

Jen added, "And Ben knows the score. Look, don't touch. Unless he's invited, of course." She sighed. "Poor poppet. If any of youwere willing to wrestle him, it would make his day. Week. Year, probably. His ex really did a number on his confidence."

Ben arrived soon after our friends Lucy and Tess. He was subdued compared to his usual self, despite attempting to smirk about being the only man at a party full of women. "Really, I've made it in life, right?" He morosely sipped his bottled beer.

A couple more queer female friends, changing their clothes right in front of him, provided entertainment, but didn't cheer him up any.

When Emma entered, as per usual in a low-cut dress showing off her fabulous cleavage plus her long, long legs, Ben might have started to believe his words. Her partner Rachel wore leather trousers with heeled boots and had rather a nice cleavage of her own, in a subtle way. I wouldn't object to conceding immediate defeat if it meant her lying on top of me again...

Apparently Rachel was our guest of honour, back permanently in London from a couple years working in Spain. So she came over to where I sat, bent over, and kissed my cheek in greeting. As she straightened, my chin hit her breasts. This was only a good thing. As she started to rise, I buried my mouth between those cute little soft hills.

It's almost worth needing to always sit down for hugs. It means every time I'm out, I always get a lovely cleavage in my face. It really wasn't a hardship to conserve my energy, and fight the urge to stand, in that scenario!

"I like the red hair, Al. Makes you look like a fiery sex fiend! Just in case people hadn't guessed."

"Says the woman in black leather showing off her tits."

"You say that like it's a bad thing!"

Emma put her arm round her gobby girlfriend. "Oh, Rachel's avery bad thingindeed..."

Yes, that's the level of our friends' parties.

The last few guests arrived. Only ten of us all together, plus Ben. Quality over quantity. If you're wondering how many of them I've fucked, that depends on how you define sex. Most, I suppose. How many I've properly kissed? That's easy; all of them. Not Ben, though - just a peck on the cheek at New Year's.

Everyone got tipsy. I carefully nursed one beer, having taken only the painkillers which enhanced the effect of alcohol. My limbs all felt fine, for once! Maybe the meds were working.

Lucy's a sweet pouting curly blonde who plays up to the stereotype sometimes. She refused to let Ben be a gentleman, giving up the armchair to her. Instead, she wedged herself sideways next to him, her legs across his. Serious flirtation, or just our Lucy being our Lucy? Little difference, really. Lucy's girlfriend Tess perched on the opposite arm. Ben just slouched back and smiled at the pair of them. One blonde, one brown, like complementary book-ends.

Some more drink, especially by Rachel, Tess and Lucy, though Dani and Emma weren't far behind. I guessed Jen's hosting instincts were keeping her more sober than I was. Unusual. Perhaps she wasn't well? Emma and Rach couldn't keep their hands off each other, macking on each other like teenagers. They'd been living together for weeks now - you'd think it would have worn off. Though, my Becca's still worth long snogs. I couldn't talk. I reached over and curled up by her side, my head on her shoulder.

The conversation got raunchier. Gaby and Bryony were enjoying their first night out since Bryony birthed their baby. Bryony had been checking her phone anxiously for updates, but after her second of Dani's infamous cocktails, even she lay back, relaxing. The discussions covered all manner of dirt. I was glad to hear Bry's body had recovered enough for excellent sex, even if apparently missionary didn't do so much any more. "Doggy-style is where it's at, now!" she said. Gaby just smirked, silent!

Emma mentioned her recent holiday with Rach, visiting a deserted beach in Sweden, where they'd both swum in the nude. We all pictured that in our minds! Emma's a tall blonde Valkyrie of a woman, your perfect Scandinavian fantasy. Rachel's got the build of a model, though I guess she's now aging out of that range, in her late twenties. A few curves just makes her hotter, but no onenoone asked me. Herme Her face isn't blank like a model though - you can tell she's either pissed off, or thinking of subversive ideas. The pair of them are total devious kinky minds. I bet they'd gone for a sauna, and likely applied those birch twigs... I love seeing Rachel having to stop being bossy, squirming and being made to submit. Emma needs all her physical strength to make that happen! Or just the threat of it, of course.

Dani, Jen's girlfriend, told Tess about her new Blu-Wand. She claimed it was an even better vibrator than her previous magic wand. Tess didn't believe it. "You're having a laugh! Not possible. No way!" So Dani suggested Tess gave it a go.

"Show us," Lucy said.

Turned out, Tess had her trusty fake Hitachi in her bag. As you do. I mean, I actuallydo do. Becca jokes that I'm such a pervert, I use my mains-powered 'massager' on my actual muscles. They actually do work for that purpose, if you get a painful knot.

Tess dared Dani to try a swap.

Next thing I knew, Jen had found extension leads, plus condoms for hygiene, and Dani, Tess and Rachel were 'testing' the three competing vibrators, lying in a row on the cleared floor space.

Yes, I can clarify, that was three hot women gagging for it. One, Dani, naked from the waist down. Another, Tessa, with her dress flipped up and leggings and pants pushed down to her knees, splaying herself in front of us audience on the semi-circle of seats. Rachel didn't undress at all. She just unbelted her leather jeans, shoving Dani's outdated wand into her boy-shorts and downwards to where she liked it. The other two favoured an upwards approach, wands between their bare thighs.

"Wow," Ben murmured.

"It's probably not hot for you," Lucy said, "seeing as they're all mostly dressed."

Ben blinked. He said nothing. Just observed.

So did I. I like watching sexy stuff, when it's real, not porn. My ex Andy got me into the pleasures of watching people stripping and doing hot things. It's good, especially seeing as I can't join in, myself, as much as I'd like. These girls, publicly masturbating for all to see? Hot as hell.

Dani reached across to roll up the dial of Tess's vibe. Her own, rather. Then Dani closed her eyes as she arched her back in satisfaction, holding the borrowed vibrator in the right place.

"That's hot, all right," Ben told Lucy. She giggled. Lucy always looked prim and proper, today in a Fifties tea dress, but that rosebud mouth of hers was as dirty as any of ours.

Rachel hit a couple buttons of Dani's previous 'massager'. "This one's only got two settings! Not enough, and too much!" she complained.

"That's why I wanted the analogue cont-rol!" Dani gasped, enjoying the effects of her borrowed vibe, similar to her new toy. Dani's long dark-brown legs seemed longer than ever as she stretched out her feet, tensing and flexing to help deal with the sensations she was applying to her shaven pussy.

Tess was enjoying herself, her round thighs akimbo. She pushed her leggings down below her knees, out of the way. Her silky pants followed, the gusset of them dark from getting so wet. Looking at that - and Tessa's cute legs and the big juicy labia round her sweet cunt - I was getting wet too. I snuggled up to Becca and snuck a hand up under her skater dress. I'd convinced her it was still hot enough that legwear would be superfluous...

Tess squeaked, then breathed harder. I guessed her vibe and Dani's were similar. "Turn it up!" I called out. Becca giggled by my side.