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Naked in College


David Taylor was thrilled that he had gotten into such a prestigious school. Harris University was a great school. The fact that up until this year it had been an all female University didn't stop David from realizing that he would now get a first class education. And in addition to that he had a full scholarship. This was all because of the fact that he was the only male who would be attending the school in a sunset law that was recently enacted by the State legislature forcing the school to admit males. The school challenged the law and a state Supreme court Judge ruled that they could still comply with the new law and have the body of the school nearly unaffected by allowing the admission of one male. The school didn't want this, but had little choice at this point. So they chose Davis Taylor, a resident of the state and a stare athlete in wrestling, which would propel the schools athletic program into triple A AAU status; something much desired by the school. Hence the reason the schools executive board decided to drop their challenge.

Harris University had been participating in the NIS program for three years now and it was deemed a glowing success. How the school would fair with a male counterpart was up for debate. The fact that the school was very small was an attribute that probably helped.

David's first day in school was nerve wracking as he had been contacted by the schools dean and requested to show up at her office first thing in the morning. He really had no idea what it could be about, but assumed that it might have had something to do with the fact the he was the only male on the campus and she probably just wanted to have a formal introduction with him.

This was partially true. David made his way up to the fifth floor of the administration building and was greeted by the dean's secretary, a woman in her twenties dressed smartly with her hair in a bun. She was friendly and told him to have seat and Dean Meyers would be with him shortly. His palms sweated as he waited the ten minutes. Finally after a phone call on the secretaries intercom she bade him to go in.

The office was rather large as he assumed it would be for a woman as senior up in the school administration as she would be. He was surprised at how young she was though...she looked about thirty and a bit on the heavy side. Even so she looked very elegant in her navy pants suit. She reached out and shook my hand introducing her self.

They had a small chat and he found her to be quite ingratiating. Finally he felt her take the conversation in another direction as she told him that she had actually called him there to discuss another matter.

"As you know, David, We are complying with the state NIS regulations. Now usually we have one person from the student body, participate in the program...and it is rotated throughout the whole population. As of this date it had been strictly female. Now that brings us to you. We are mandated to have a male and female participate...as is the fact that you are the only male student, you are going to be required to participate. In addition since you have no other males to rotate with, then you will have to have each successive rotation roll over to you again. In other words as long as you are the only male in the student body, you will have to participate in the program until another male in enrolled in the school."

David couldn't believe his ears. He knew that the school participated in the program and that there was a small chance that he might have to participate for a week if it ever came to him. He didn't expect this turn of events, though.

"David, I'm sorry that this is somewhat unexpected for you, but there is no choice in the matter, both for you and for the University. So consequently I am going to have to ask you to disrobe." David was in shock...but what could he do. He knew he had little choice other than not attending school here.

"I'm going to ask my secretary in to chaperone. That is also required. With that she picked up the phone and spoke for a few seconds. A moment later her secretary entered the office and closed the door behind her. Dean Meyers went behind her desk and retrieved a cardboard box. "This is for your clothing, which will be returned to you at the end of the school day", she said. David, realizing he had no choice, slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

"David, you may not be aware of the recent changes in the NIS laws that were amended this past summer. First of all because we are in a warm climate, you are not to be allowed to wear sox or shoes anymore. So you will in fact be completely nude." David was now removing his jeans as she spoke. "Also regarding obtaining relief, you are no longer permitted to request it. It will be granted, at the sole discretion of any faculty person. Also other students are no longer allowed to assist you in obtaining relief. You are allowed to administer it to yourself or any Faculty person may administer it...but it is up to that said faculty person to determine which of the two options will be available to you. Do you understand this, David?"

David was down to his boxers at this point. The fact this he was in remarkable shape was not lost on either woman. But of course they had to act as professionally as possible. David was in great shape, standing 6'2" and weighing 182, without an once of fat, which came from wrestling at his level. The sinew of his muscles, the definition of them was a sight to behold. And his abdominal muscles were right out of some fitness magazine. He wasn't muscle-bound, just beautifully fit...like a swimmer maybe. The women could already see what looked like a slight tenting in his boxers as he took hold of the waist band and slowly dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them.

The two women were having a bit of trouble trying to stay nonplussed. His penis looked flaccid but hung down about five inches resting serenely over two large testicles inside the soft supple skin of his scrotum. He was fit all right, a muscular chest tapering down to slim hips. The women could easily tell that he was both humiliated and embarrassed. He looked down at the floor, not wanting to meet their eyes. That was fortunate for the two women, as it afforded them the opportunity to, at length, visually examine his large sex. They could only imagine what his penis looked like, fully erected. Dean Meyers took this opportunity to read to him the disclaimer, which she legally had to. So she went over to the sofa that she had in a sitting area in her large office. She beckoned her secretary, Janice over to sit with her...and for David to stand before them as she read the lengthy disclaimer to him. Dean Meyers was wearing a rather conservative pantsuit, but was also wearing a beige silk blouse.

Because she had a somewhat small bust line, she seldom wore a bra, which was the case today. Her breasts may have been small but her nipples were very large. Normally they protruded about half and inch, but when aroused they lengthened to nearly one inch. Her silk blouse did nothing to hide this. In fact in a strange way seeing them stiffen against the sheer, silken material was quite a sight in itself. And her nipples were fully erect at this point. Janice on the other hand was wearing a silk pleated short skirt that showed a lot of leg. And what great legs and feet she had. She easily could have been a leg model if she wanted to. She sat in front of David, with them crossed tightly, sitting up, and showing her fine posture from years of ballet. Her measurements were something of a contrast to Dean Meyers. She wasn't classically tall and slender in the way that the dean was. She was petite and had a woman's figure, thin but definitely voluptuous. Her breasts were full and stretched the thin fabric of her thin cotton tee that showed off her ample bust to her advantage.

David up to this point had been so flustered by the turn of events he had not even taken an opportunity to look at these two women. Now let it be said that David was no "ladies man". He was not a "player". In fact he was actually very shy by nature, which made this whole affair all the more humiliating. So it wasn't until they took their seat across from him did he notice them at all. The first thing he noticed was the Dean's erect nipples in her blouse. She saw him glance at them, then quickly look back down at the floor as she read the document. But the damage was done. The image was seared into his mind. Janice was the first to notice David's penis begin to lengthen. David had been in many locker rooms and knew that he was larger than most men were. This mortified him with the prospect of erecting right in front of the Dean and her secretary. Janet stared, wide eyed as the thick organ began its accent, marveling at the wonder of male sexuality. The fact that this young man couldn't even control himself in this professional setting was arousing to her. His needs were so strong that nature compelled him to proceed with the male sexual process in spite of the setting, or maybe even because of it. The Dean had yet to observe David and was still busy reading the disclaimer. Usually David's penis would nearly attain it's full length and yet only rise to slightly better than a forty-five degree angle. It took that extra spark of stimulation for it to erect fully until it was standing up tall, flat against his stomach. Part of that was the fact that he had size, and the shear weight of his organ erect usually kept it from standing straight up, truly rigid. But that was always enough anyway. He would always be hard enough for any activity that required it. Today, to his utter dismay that extra spark was in place and Janet watched as he erected, full-blown in front of her. "Oh my god", she thought.

Dean Meyers finally finished her treatise and looked up at David. She nearly did a double take when she saw his erection. Momentarily flustered, she managed to regain her composure, looking David in the eye. She had expected that this would be a possibility. She knew that David was 18 years old and probably was erect a good amount of the time, as was befitting a young healthy male. Also she surmised that he would harden to something quite sizable based on his thickness and length of his penis completely flaccid. It just took her aback for a moment. She was female after all and heterosexual. So she was not unaffected my David's display of male sexuality. He was very large, she thought. "Thicker than my wrist," she mused.

Dean Meyers continued, "well, that said, David, do you have any questions?" David could only shake his head in the negative. His mind was still in a whirl as the two women stood up to both shake his hand and wish him good luck. It was somewhat comical, in a sense, ending what amounted to a business meeting and shaking hands. Only, one of the participants was fully nude and sporting a terrific erection. Janice went to open the door and David proceeded to the outer office and then out to the stairwell where there were a large group of female students gathered waiting for the registrar's office to open. Dean Meyers took this opportunity to watch him walk away. David's backside was on full view to her and Janice. They both had to glance at each other with a "knowing" look. His ass was amazing.

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