tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked on a Commuter Train

Naked on a Commuter Train


I was working as a temporary secretary and had been assigned a new job in a town near to where I live. I like to dress smartly and so I decided to wear a business suit of a black fitted jacket and black pencil skirt which came just above the knee.

As it was summer, I decided that I wouldn't wear anything underneath my jacket so I could keep cool (and to be honest, showing a little cleavage often helps on your first day). Just for fun, I decided not to wear a bra either so that I could feel my nipples rubbing on the jacket all day. Well, the job is a little dull and I do need some thrills!!

The work was OK (thanks for asking) but I was relieved when it was over. The day had warmed up quite a bit now and as I went back to the train station I started to feel the heat. The train arrived and I got on, found a seat near the back of the train next to a window and without any seats facing and sat down. As I was hot, I undid my jacket without thinking and leaned back in the seat. I put my bag on the seat next to me and as I turned to the bag to dig out my book, I was aware of a lad in his late teens / early twenties staring hard at me with through a gap in the seats in front and his eyes looking somewhere underneath my face.

At first I thought that he was either ogling my legs or staring up my skirt at my knickers. I know that this happens and, to be honest, it is no worse than men staring when you wear a bikini on the beach so I thought "Let him have his thrill". I have a slight exhibitionist streak in me and I think that a lot of women do. After all, that is why bikinis were invented in the first place. It was only as I turned back and went to take my jacket off that I remembered that I was naked underneath. He hadn't been staring anywhere near my skirt at all but I had just given him a full frontal of my upper half.

My mind started racing now. What should I do? Do I cover up quickly and move seats or just pretend not to notice. I stared out of the window to hide my embarrassment while I considered my options. "Well," I thought "he has already seen my tits so I will only make things worse by showing that I am embarrassed." and I changed the focus of my eyes slightly so that I could use the window as a mirror to see his reaction. He was reading the paper!!

I thought "What a cheek. Here I am on display and all he is interested in is the football results. Maybe I should show more leg or something." So I crossed my legs and let my skirt ride up to my upper thigh. Still no interest. Maybe he was a tit man.

So I pulled back my hair at the back with both hands and held it briefly causing the jacket to open and my breasts to be clearly visible. That made him look up. He sat there open mouthed and just watched me as I pretended not to know that anything was wrong. I turned sideways on the seat as if to look out of the window so that my jacket was now open. The thrill of the effect I was having over him made me very moist as I could see the lump in his jeans growing. I gave my pussy a couple of sly rubs through my skirt while he was watching me and this seemed to turn him on more.

As we approached the next station, he got off. That meant that I had the carriage to myself so I could finish what had already been started.

As soon as the train was out of the station, I took my jacket off and started massaging my nipples. That felt so good and I could feel my knickers getting wetter by the moment. By now, I was beyond caring about embarrassment so I reached down the waistband of my skirt to give myself a little proper relief. Of course, the trouble with business clothing is that it is not designed for you to stick your hand down it to indulge yourself sexually while sitting on a train. I reached behind and undid my skirt and slid it and my knickers down to the top of my thighs. I started rubbing my wet pussy while massing my boobs and then I slid a finger inside. In and out I went, increasing the tempo. I just knew that I had to open my legs more and so I slid my skirt and knickers to the floor and left the last of my clothing there as I drew my legs up onto the seat. I turned myself so that I was lying naked on the seat with my head at the window end and my feet at the aisle end and just let myself go. I reached a massive climax which must have been audible throughout the train and then lay there with my body twitching enjoying the moment until I heard the train approaching the next stop.

I suddenly came to my senses and sat up. Here I was, stark naked, playing with myself and people were just about to board the train and see me. Two sensations hit me at the same time, panic and the thrilling sensation of being caught. I knew then that I would be doing this again. Maybe not on a train but definitely somewhere.

I quickly pulled back on my skirt, jacket and shoes and stuffed my knickers into my bag. As the next passengers joined the train, I sat there smiling to myself, reading my book as if nothing had happened.

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Turn on

Fuck that’s turned me on. Off to finger myself like the girl on the train

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