tagGroup SexNaked Sara's Ch. 01: The Outlaws

Naked Sara's Ch. 01: The Outlaws


She was a "no-nonsense" type of woman. Compassionate, fiercely protective of her family, hard-working and serious most of the time. Ma was tall compared to most women, and appeared heavier than others I had seen. That may have been because she never wore fancy, tight-fitting dresses. She seemed to have a much bigger bust and broader hips. But we rarely got to town or to see other people, so I had limited experience. To me, she appeared prettier than others, with high cheeks, dark eyes, long blonde hair and a proud, self-confident carriage.

Our homestead was in the Chiricahua Mountains in Southeastern Arizona, surrounded on three sides by high rocks. There was a fresh water spring which created a cool, deep pond behind the house then emptied into a creek bed on the west side. Several large trees provided welcome shade among the various types of cactus.

I was helping Pa mend the gate on the corral fence when we heard horses coming down the road. There was a large cloud of dust, which meant there were a lot of riders and caused us to think it might be soldiers. When the front riders came into view, it looked like a bunch of cowhands. We watched as they rode into the large clearing in front of the house. It was a mixed bunch of men, mostly white like us, but with some Mexicans, Apaches and a couple of black cowboys.

My two older brothers were chopping and stacking wood at the side of the house. Ma was sweeping the large front porch, but stopped to observe the strangers. I followed Pa to the front of the house.

"Welcome. My name's Joseph Burnett. This is my wife, Sara, and our three boys. Where you men headed to?" Pa asked. Ma and my brothers came forward to stand near me and Pa.

"South, to Mexico. We're gonna stay here tonight and rest our horses. I am Julio Sanchez, and these are my body guards." This caused the other men to laugh.

But it struck fear in me and my family. Although we had limited contact with the outside world, we had heard of Sanchez and his band of outlaws. It was said that they tortured and killed neighboring ranch families for refusing to furnish food, guns, money or whatever the outlaws wanted.

"We don't have much, but you're welcome to share what we have. All we ask is that you leave in peace after you've rested," Pa said.

"Well, that depends on your hospitality mostly. Did you say the woman's name was Sara?" Sanchez asked.

"Yes, Sara is my wife," Pa replied.

"Well, we've been riding hard from up north for a week or so. We ain't seen a woman in awhile, I mean, up close. Why don't you step forward and let us take a look at ya, Sara?" Sanchez invited.

Pa started to step in front of Ma, to get between her and the outlaws. The man on Sanchez' right drew his pistol and fired a shot between Pa's feet, stopping him from moving further.

Ma stepped forward a couple of feet, and asked, "Why don't you just take what you need and leave, Mister Sanchez? We're happy to share what we have, and there's no need for violence."

Sanchez cracked an evil smile. "Right now what we need is you, Sara. And if you make us feel real welcome, your men folk will still be alive when we leave. You do exactly like we tell you; no questions, no hesitations and no complaints, or we'll start by cutting off your old man's balls. So what's it gonna be, lady?"

Ma took a deep breath, and slowly took another couple of steps forward, until she was about even with the rest of us. "You're gonna do whatever you want, and we can't stop you. So let's get it over with," she said loudly, looking around to show her courage to the whole group of more than 40 bandits.

With that, she unbuttoned her simple cotton dress, and let it drop to the ground. She didn't wait long to lift her camisole over her head, and she was bare-chested underneath. I had never seen her naked, at least not since I was nursing. Of course, I had no recollection that far back, so her breasts were a shock to see. Each one was larger than my whole head! Her nipples responded to the light breeze flowing through the canyon, and stuck straight out, surrounded by large, darker circles.

Ma waited a moment for everyone to get a good look. I guessed most of the men had not seen tits that big either, because they just stared like I did.

The man to the right of Sanchez said, "Holy shit, amigos! I seen cow udders that wasn't near as big as either one of them titties!" The other men roared with laughter, and most agreed with his observation.

Then she placed her thumbs inside her pantaloons, and slid them to the ground with her other clothes. She kicked off her sandals, and stood in front of us defiantly, and completely, naked. I couldn't help staring, at her giant breasts, the crotch, covered with fine, blonde hair and her rather large butt.

She placed her hands on her hips, and glared at Sanchez. "OK, now what?"

"Turn around, nice and slow, so we can see what you're offering," Sanchez replied.

Ma took nearly a whole minute to go all the way around. As she turned, she looked each of us in the eyes slowly, as if to say "Don't do anything stupid, and we'll get through this!"

"Face the house, and bend over with your legs spread wide," Sanchez ordered.

Ma's face flushed pink with embarrassment, but she did as she was told. Her massive tits hung straight down, about even with her knees! They swayed back and forth as she tried to maintain her balance in that awkward position.

"Now, grab your butt cheeks and pull them apart. Let's have a good look at your ass and your cunt!" The men laughed at Sanchez' crude torment.

She reached around and spread her butt wide open. I was staring at Ma's pussy lips and her puckered butthole! There was a large, thick, puffy "V" between her legs with a slit down the middle. I never saw anything like that before. My oldest brother, standing next to me, poked me hard with his elbow. I hadn't realized my jaw was open wide, and I was breathing harder than normal.

There were "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd of men, along with some vulgar comments, not all of which I understood yet. The gang dismounted, and several men took all the horses around back to drink at the pond. The rest gathered around Ma, pushing us out of the way. They took turns fingering her rear and pussy, squeezing and pinching her tits and slapping her ass. Ma flinched and gasped, but never complained or pulled away.

"Why don't you four gents take off your clothes, too, and show Sara what you think of seeing her naked in front of everyone!" Sanchez demanded of us.

Ma was still bent over, but barked at us: "Do it now!" So Pa, my brothers and me pulled our clothes off as quickly as we could, then stood with erect penises pointed at Ma.

"Take a look at your family, lady. It looks like they all appreciate the view!" More laughs and comments from the outlaws followed.

"You two older boys go in the house and drag your folks' mattress out there on the front porch so everybody can see what's happening. Go on, get to it!" Sanchez yelled. My brothers ran in, straight dicks flopping around, and carried the bedding to the large, covered front porch.

At least it was in the shade, I thought.

Sanchez then grabbed my arm and pulled me around behind Ma. She still had her butt cheeks pulled wide apart, and I was looking directly at her asshole and pussy lips, which showed a little wetness. "Ever seen anything like that, boy?" Sanchez asked me.

I looked at him, then back at Ma's rear end. "No, sir," I said quietly.

"He's a polite little shit, ain't he?" making the men laugh. "Sounds like you've been neglecting this boy's sexual learning, Sara. Looks to be about 17 or 18 maybe.

Should know all about pussies and such by now. So let's start with lesson one."

I looked over and noticed my brothers standing naked on the porch, with the folks' mattress lying next to them in the shade. Sanchez took Ma's elbow, pulled her upright and escorted her to the mattress on the front porch, ordering Pa and me to follow, with the rest of the men just behind us.

"OK, lady. I want ya to lay on your back, and spread your knees up outside of those big tits," Sanchez said. Pa was then tied with his back to one of the porch posts, his dick still sticking up, but now there was a little drop of wetness at the end where the pee comes out. Ma laid down like she was told, with her head just in front of Pa.

"You boys go over and stand in front of your Ma so's ya get a real close look at where ya come out of. Sara, reach down and pull those big pussy lips apart so the boys get to look deep inside." I had never before given much thought to the birthing process; it wasn't something Ma or Pa ever talked about.

We were only a few feet away, and watched in awe as Ma pulled her pussy open for us to see. It went in a couple of inches, with various colors of pink. With her knees high in the air, we could also plainly see her asshole.

Sanchez continued with his nasty plan. "Before we start enjoying your Ma's hospitality, we want to make sure she's really wet. Otherwise, it won't be as much fun for her, and besides, it hurts my dick to fuck a dry cunt. OK, you there, the youngest boy. What's your name?"

"Tommy, sir."

"Get down on your knees, boy, and start licking

her wide open cunt. Sara, he probably don't know what he's doin', so you give him real good directions so's you cum a lot and get real wet! And make sure you're loud enough for all of us to hear. You other two boys get down there and start suckin' on them big titties of your Ma's. We want to make sure she's havin' a real good time."

I dropped to my knees and looked at Ma's pussy, then up at her face. She said, "It's OK, Tommy, just do as you're told so nobody gets hurt. I'll tell you how to do it."

So I leaned forward, placed my hands inside her upper thighs, and touched my tongue to the gaping hole. It was an unusual taste, but not altogether unpleasant. I started gently licking deep inside, first on the left, then the right, then straight up the middle. There was a bump at the top which made Ma jump a little when I touched it, so I pulled back, thinking I hurt her somehow.

"You're doin' fine, Tommy. That bump is real sensitive; it's called a clitoris. Suck on it gently, then lick my pussy again. Go back and forth until I tell you different," Ma said loud enough for all to hear. I saw her look around at everybody watching her. I couldn't believe that Ma didn't seem nervous or embarrassed! I just assumed she calmly accepted this situation; like she said earlier to Sanchez: "You're gonna do whatever you want, and we can't stop you. So let's get it over with."

My brothers started sucking on her nipples, which caused her to begin moving her hips up and down.

"See, Mister. You're wife's already startin' to have fun with your boys," Sanchez said to Pa. He tried to look away, but Sanchez pulled Pa's face back around. "Watch, amigo. I want you to see how happy we can make your wife! Just wait until me and my men take our turns. She will howl like a coyote!" Pa's dick was still sticking straight out toward Ma's face.

I turned back to Ma, and put my tongue back inside her cunt, licking all around the inside, then started sucking her clitoris again. She began moving her hips up and down on my face. Soon after that I heard her moaning, soft at first, then progressively louder. I looked up to see if she was OK; she still had her eyes open, watching the crowd.

"Keep going, Tommy, don't stop now! Suck harder on my clit; bite it gently a little. You other boys do the same thing to my tits!" Ma instructed. "Oooh, oooh, that's it, right there, right there, right there!" Her pussy got really wet, soaking my face and chin. By then, she was humping her hips really hard on my face.

"Oh, God, no! No, no, no! Joseph, it's happening; I can't stop it." Ma yelled. I looked up to see if she was OK. She was looking at Pa, then looked around at everyone else.

"Keep going. All of you boys, suck harder and faster, bite a little harder. Like that, yeah, like that. More, more, more. Oh, damn! Oh, damn! Oh, damn! Here it comes. Now, now, now. I'm cumming! Keep going, keep going!" My tongue and jaw was sore, but she kept furiously humping my face for another couple of minutes. Then she relaxed, and kind of went limp. My brothers and I stopped and stood up.

Her nipples were bright red from being chewed on. Her cunt was wet and shiny. She had her eyes open the whole time; did she enjoy everyone watch her cumming in front of them?

Ma looked at Pa for a moment, then at Sanchez. "We did what you said. Now will you please leave us in peace?"

"Oh, Sara, Sara, Sara," Sanchez said, chuckling. "My boys and me ain't had our turns yet. It'll probably take hours before our horses and us are fully rested. So there's a whole lot more we got planned. Why don't you see if you can stand up; or do you need help?"

Ma rolled over on her hands and knees, then stood up and looked Sanchez in the eyes. "I did it. Now what?" she asked.

"How 'bout you come over to the hitching post in front of the porch? Bend over so your shoulders are on the bar, with your arms stretched out on both sides. Enrique will tie your wrists and elbows to the bar to help you stay in position." Sanchez made the men laugh. Ma walked around and leaned forward as told. Two of the outlaws repositioned Pa so he could see her from the post where he was still tied. I noticed a clear liquid dripping from his hardened dick. Did he really like what was happening, or was it something he couldn't control? My dick was leaking, too. Did I enjoy it, or did it just happen to men when they see naked women?

After she was tied, Sanchez went behind Ma and instructed her to spread her legs wide. Then he reached in to see how wet her cunt was. "Hey, she's drippin' wet! Must be ready for some company to visit her, eh boys?"

We watched as Sanchez pulled his cock out of his pants, and rubbed the tip of it around the opening in Ma's pussy. Then he just shoved it in all the way.

Ma jerked forward, not expecting the quick entry. One of the most incredible sights I'll every see in my lifetime was Ma's big, beautiful titties hanging down nearly to her knees and swaying back and forth while Sanchez pounded her cunt. Apparently it was a crowd pleaser, because everyone else was watching the same thing, many of the outlaws cheering the couple on. The harder Sanchez pumped, the more wildly her tits bounced around.

A quick, small squirt of cum shot out of my dick and landed on the ground just below Ma's head. I couldn't believe it! She saw it fly by, then looked up to see where it came from. My cock was still dripping, so she just smiled and winked at me, as if to say it was OK.

It didn't take long for her to start moaning and moving her hips back and forth with Sanchez. Ma couldn't move her head very high, but she looked around side to side and in front of her on the porch, making sure everyone was going to watch her cum again.

She was looking right at Pa when it hit her again. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Harder, you fuckin' bastard. Harder, harder, faster," she yelled at Sanchez. I had never heard Ma use cuss words before. But she was breathing real hard, and her titties were flopping like crazy. She let loose with a loud moan, then a yell. "Damn it, yes." Sanchez finished inside her a minute or so later, plunging his dick all the way in to his balls. Ma rode it for all she was worth.

"See, old man. I told you we would make her howl like a coyote!" Sanchez bragged to Pa.

Stuff dripped out of Ma's cunt, then down the inside of her thigh. She calmly looked around from her bent over position, eyeing each of the strangers in front of her. All she said was, "Who's next?"

I thought she just wanted to get everything over and done with. Days later, she told us she loved the feeling of cumming, and wanted more, and more!

Enrique stepped up and stuck his dick in her cunt, and they both started humping in time with each other. At the same time, Sanchez went around in front of Ma, his dick still slimy and dripping.

Sanchez touched his dick to Ma's right cheek. I couldn't believe my eyes! She slowly opened her mouth and started licking and sucking this stranger's wet dick. Enrique was pumping her hard, causing her to moan loudly and suck even harder on the dick in her mouth. Ma was enthusiastically sucking her own cum, mixed with his, off Sanchez' dick. Pa and my brothers just stared. I moved a little to one side to get a better view.

When Sanchez was satisfied, he stepped back and loaded his dick back in his pants. Ma looked around again, and said, "More. I want more, please. Who's ready?" Her voice was a little broken, somewhat breathless, as Enrique continued at the other end.

Sanchez had noticed me moving for a better view. He looked at me and my straight dick. "Ever had a blow job, boy?" I had never heard that term before, so I just shook my head.

"Well, step up and stick your dick in your Ma's mouth. Since you went down on her, let her return the favor. She seems to really like it."

So I looked down at Ma. She was watching me, then opened her mouth! I moved forward, and eased my dick into her mouth. She started moaning again, sucking hard, up and down my cock. I could feel another shot of cum working its way out. I started to pull back, but Ma mumbled "uh, uh (no!)" and sucked harder and faster. I exploded in her mouth, and I'll be damned if she didn't swallow it all and suck me dry after!

As soon as my cock plopped out of her mouth, she began howling again, pumping for all she was worth back up against Enrique. Her titties were bouncing up and down, back and forth, sometimes flopping in circles! It didn't take long after for Enrique to deliver his load, too.

"Fill me up, you son of a bitch!" Ma said loudly. "Then come around here so I can clean you off. The next fucker better be ready to go!" I couldn't tell whether Ma was acting "enthusiastically" for the men in order to finish quickly and avoid violence to us, or if she was actually enjoying this ordeal.

The next man had a surprise planned for Ma. From where I was standing, it looked like he got the tip of his dick wet in her dripping pussy. But then he pulled back, went up a bit, then slammed his dick hard into her puckered asshole. She resisted for only a few seconds before it popped through and sunk in all the way up to his balls. Now she was howling for real, yanking at the ropes that tied her to the hitching post and trying to pull away from the intruder.

"Not there, not there, god dammit! No, it hurts. Pull out, pull out!" she screamed. But he ignored her and pumped harder and faster. Then reached under her and grabbed two handfuls of tits for more leverage.

Ma was so turned on being naked and abused in front of all those men that even getting fucked in the rear soon had her moaning and humping again. She continued to look around at all of us while being pummeled. The man behind her groaned loudly as he came; she responded by climaxing again.

The guy pulled out and came around in front of Ma while another lined up and slid his dick in her cunt. I could see small, brown speckles on the man's dick as he slapped it against Ma's cheek. She looked at it for only a second, then wrapped her lips around it and started sucking and licking it clean. If tasting her own butt bothered her, she didn't show it.

Men kept taking turns fucking either her pussy or ass, then getting a good cleaning from Ma's mouth. After awhile, her legs got wobbly from being in that position and getting pounded. I imagined her titties must have been sore, too, from all the grabbing and bouncing around.

Sanchez ordered two of his men to untie her. "Go lay on the mattress, but keep your legs spread wide. Do we need to tie you again?"

"No, I'll do it," Ma said. She slowly lay down, and stretched her feet towards the bottom corners of the mattress. "OK, I'm ready."

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