tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaoko's Ordeal

Naoko's Ordeal


Synopsis: A young 28 year old Japanese wife quickly learns new skills when she reluctantly agrees to be rented out to a group of men to pay off their debts while her husband watches.


Naoko stepped out from the shower and looked at her self in mirror. The water droplets covering her naked body sparkled under the bathroom lights. She looked at the reflection of her slender body and in particular, at her breasts. She realised that, like many Asian women, after always yearning for bigger ones when she was younger her small but well formed breasts still looked pert and firm at her ripe old age of twenty eight. She looked at the way her long jet black hair contrasted with the pale skin of her body and felt happy with her appearance.

She felt her gaze drawn down to where she had freshly shaved in preparation for what lie ahead that evening. She had never shaved her pubic hair before but her husband, Haru, had reminded her that it was necessary. As she dried her self with a towel, her husband walked into the bathroom. Naoko saw his eyes move down appreciatively over her naked body and fix on her freshly shaved pubis. "You look incredibly sexy Naoko," he said, "are you still sure you want to go through with it?"

"I think so,"

She could see how excited her husband was feeling because although they had made love passionately less than an hour previously, his penis was already fully erect again.

She also realised that he was more excited than she was about their appointment later that evening but, although feeling very nervous, the idea still intrigued and aroused her as it had for a while now.

Haru stood and watched his young sexy wife drying her self wondering how she would cope with the demands that might be made of her later. He followed her back into the bedroom and watched as she carefully made up her face whilst still naked.

They both then got dressed and prepared to leave.


He felt a pang of guilt that he had let them both down by losing his job a year ago and falling behind with the mortgage payments. However, he had recently got a new job. The pay was not particularly good but he knew that if he could pay off the six months mortgage arrears that had accumulated they would then be OK.

The chance to pay off the mortgage had come almost by accident. Haru had always had fantasies of watching Naoko have sex with a group of men. Naoko played along with his fantasies by letting him blindfold her and then pretending that other men were in the room as he undressed her exposing her naked body to the 'others'.

It had always remained a fantasy and something that Haru felt certain could never happen for real. In pursuit of his fantasies Haru liked to watch porno movies featuring gangbangs. He and Naoko would sometimes watch these movies together and, although Naoko would always object at the beginning saying things like, "this is so perverted, how could a woman possibly agree to, let alone enjoy, being used and treated like that."

As the movie progressed though, Haru always found that she would be more aroused than usual when they made love afterwards. Recently she even admitted to him that sometimes, when she was fully aroused, she would have fantasies similar to his where she would be at the mercy of a group of men.

Haru belonged to a few online adult forums specialising in group sex and one day followed up on a post which read, "Gentlemen, rent your wife to me and my friends for an evening and I will pay you £10,000."

There was a link which enabled secure emails to be sent from members only. Haru remembered hesitating, wondering if he should consult Naoko first, before emailing the advertiser. He decided that it was almost certainly some kind of hoax and that he would check it out properly before telling her.

He sent an email saying, "Hi, I saw your offer in the forum and would like more details please." He included his email address and then sent it.

As he pressed 'send' he felt sure that it was just some kind of scam and regretted including his email address. He fully expected to be inundated with spam during the coming weeks. He was very surprised when only a few hours later he received a reply which read,

Mr Haru, My offer is very genuine but I have to be sure that both you and your wife are suitable candidates before we proceed further. If you are still interested in renting out your wife please call my Skype number at precisely 8pm and we will arrange a Video Call where I can interview both you and your wife.

Haru spent the rest of the day trying to find the courage to tell Naoko what he was arranging. Finally, late in the afternoon, he sat down with her and told her what he had done.

At first she shouted, "How dare you even think of making me do something so degrading."

He felt awful but replied, "If we do this it will clear our debt completely and fulfil a fantasy."

"Yes," she replied, "fulfil your fantasy but what about my feelings?"

He looked at her saying, "I thought it was part of your fantasy as well?"

She still had an angry and hurt expression on her face as she replied, "Fantasising about being at the mercy of a group of men is one thing but actually allowing it to happen for real is quite different."

"I'm sorry," he replied, "It just seemed to be the perfect solution to our debt problem. I'll email the gentleman and tell him we have changed our minds."

There was silence for a while until Naoko said softly, "So this man will pay us £10,000 if I submit to him and his friends for an evening?"

"Yes," said Haru.

Naoko was silent again as she tried to imagine what it might be like to do this thing.

Suddenly she turned to Haru and said, "OK, £10,000 for one evening of shame to pay off our debts doesn't sound like an impossible task. OK, I'll do it!"

Haru looked at his young wife and wondered what they were about to enter into as he said, "We have to make a video call to the gentleman first so that we can be interviewed and he can decide if he will accept us."

Naoko stared back at him and said, "What you really mean is that he wants to check me out first to make sure I am attractive enough for him and his pervert friends!"

"Probably," said Haru apologetically.

As the time of Video Call approached Haru nervously set up the web cam and logged on to Skype.

At 8pm he called the gentleman.

The call was answered almost immediately and a live video image of an old but very distinguished looking man came onto the screen of Haru's computer.

The man said, thank you for calling Mr Haru, My Name is Takahiro now please turn on your camera, stand next to your wife so that I can see both of you.

Haru did as he asked glancing at Naoko and seeing the nervous look on her face as he activated the camera.

"Very nice Mr Haru, now please introduce your lovely wife."

"This is my wife Naoko."

"Hello Naoko," said Takahiro, "just in case you are in any doubt, your husband has offered to rent you to me and my friends for an evening."

Naoko felt her face blush as the reality of the situation sunk in.

"I'm sure I do not have to spell out what might be required if you during the evening. I will leave that to your imagination but I have to be sure that my friends will not be disappointed."

Naoko nodded her understanding as he continued, "I must also be sure that your husband is serious about renting you to us. After all, he will be there watching and maybe participating."

Naoko and Haru both looked at Takahiro on the screen as he continued, "Mr Haru, to show me that you are happy to rent out your wife and for me to see that she will be acceptable, I want you to stand behind her and then strip her naked while I watch."

Naoko had been expecting something like this but it sounded so sudden and impersonal as though she were just a commodity being sold at a market.

"I'm waiting Mr Haru!" Takahiro said impatiently.

Naoko had dressed in a simple white blouse and dark short skirt. She glanced over her shoulder nervously as Haru moved behind her, reached around her and started to unfasten the buttons of her blouse. She could see Takahiro smiling in anticipation as Haru unfastened the buttons one by one until the blouse was hanging open.

She felt as though Takahiro was actually in the room leering lustfully at her as Haru pulled the blouse from her shoulders, down over her arms and then tossed it to one side revealing Naoko's pert bra covered breasts. Naoko was wearing simple white underwear which added to an impression of innocence.

"Now take off her skirt please," instructed Takahiro.

Haru reached for the zipper behind Naoko's skirt and pulled it down. He then unfastened the waist button and Naoko felt the skirt hang loose.

She stood obediently as Haru pulled the skirt down over the youthful swell of her slender hips, down her legs and then, as Naoko obligingly lifted up one foot at a time, off completely leaving her in just her white bra and panties.

"Very nice so far," said Takahiro, "now take off Naoko's bra Haru and let me see her breasts."

As Haru fumbled with his wife's bra he realised that showing her off like this, to a complete stranger, was really turning him on. He could feel his erection straining against the confines of his clothing as he unfastened Naoko's bra.

Naoko felt the bra go slack and suddenly felt shy as she realised that her breasts were about to be revealed to this stranger. She felt Haru slip the straps from her shoulders and then pull the bra down over her arms.

She instinctively brought her arms up to cover her self as Haru tossed the bra on the floor.

"Haru," Takahiro almost shouted, "move your wife's arms and let me see her breasts."

Haru whispered in his wife's ear, "just keep thinking of the £10,000 as he gripped her arms and pulled them away to reveal her breasts to Takahiro.

Naoko felt surprise and shame as she realised her nipples were feeling tingly and erect. Being displayed like this to this stranger was actually turning her on.

"Very nice Naoko," said Takahiro, you have delightful breasts and from what I can see from here, responsive nipples."

His comments made her face blush again and she was still blushing and looking down at her feet when Takahiro said, "Take off your wife's panties Haru."

Naoko felt her husband push his fingers inside the waistband of her panties on both sides and then felt them being pulled down.

He pulled them down swiftly, causing her to gasp as her neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair was suddenly fully displayed to Takahiro.

Again she lifted each foot in turn allowing them to be removed completely and leave her completely naked.

"Haru," said Takahiro, "please turn your wife around slowly so I can see her delightful naked body from all angles."

Haru placed his hands on his wife's shoulders and slowly turned her around.

"Very nice Naoko," said Takahiro as she completed one full turn. "There are just a few more checks and questions to go now before I make my final decision.

"Naoko, are you willing to be at the mercy of me and my friends this coming Saturday?"

"What will I have to do?" she asked in a small weak voice.

Takahiro, smiled as he said, "absolutely anything we want."

Naoko's mind was filled with many images from the group sex and gangbang movies she and Haru had watched together. She felt reluctant to ask more and just simply looked directly at the camera as said, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Takahiro asked.

"Yes, I am willing to be at the mercy of you and your friends this coming Saturday evening."

"Excellent!" said Takahiro.

"Now, Haru, are you willing to be present as your wife is used for the enjoyment of me and my friends?"

Haru hesitated and glanced at his wife before replying, "Yes, I am willing."

"Before I make my final decision there is a small test for you both.

Naoko, please turn round so that I can see your sexy back side."

Naoko turned around as instructed as Takahiro then said, "Now place your feet about 2 feet apart. As she moved her feet apart he then said, "Now bend forward and try to touch your toes."

Naoko hesitated, knowing full well that she would be displaying her self in the most obscene way to this man.

Haru looked at her, enjoying, but at the same time ashamed by how this humiliation of his wife was turning him on and whispered for the second time that evening, "just think of the £10,000."

He continued to watch as Naoko slowly bent forward until her fingers were touching her toes. The camera and of course Takahiro, now had a clear view between her legs.

"Very sexy Naoko!" exclaimed Takahiro, "just one more test and I will make my decision."

Naoko wondered what this man would want her to do next. Surely, she thought, as she remained bent over exposing everything to him, I can't do much more.

"You may straighten up now Naoko," said Takahiro.

As Naoko stood up she then listened as he said, if your husband is like the others who have rented out their wives he will already be excited. Naoko, please unzip Haru's trousers and get out his penis."

Now it was Haru's turn to feel embarrassed as his wife, with a degree of eagerness, reached for his zip and undid his trousers.

She swiftly unfastened his belt and then, gripping both his trousers and underpants together pulled them down to his ankles.

His stiff penis was immediately free and exposed to the view of both Naoko and Takahiro.

"Just as I thought," said Takahiro, "now Naoko, the final test is to suck off your husband while I watch.

When he ejaculates I want to see you swallow it all.

Is that clear?"

Haru found it difficult not to grin. During all their married life Naoko had often sucked him but always objected if he ejaculated in her mouth. He had done it a few times early on in their marriage but she would always spit it out and tell him she did not want to do it.

Naoko started to object but then went quiet as Haru whispered, "Just think of the £10,000."

"Now kneel in front of Haru and suck him."

Naoko knelt in front of her husband, reached up and gripped his erection in her hand before moving her head forward, opening her mouth and then closing her lips around his penis.

Haru was in heaven as she used her tongue to lick around the head. She was still gripping the shaft with her small hand and pumping him as she sucked and licked.

Takahiro chuckled to himself as he watched Naoko and Haru. They were the same as all the previous young couples that had submitted to him over the past few years. He knew as soon as Haru switched on his camera that Naoko would definitely be suitable but, like the other young couples before them, he enjoyed watching the horny spectacle of a husband following his instructions and stripping his young wife naked. Now he watched avidly, waiting for the moment when Haru ejaculated into his wife's mouth and then watching her swallow his semen for the first time.

He knew that Haru would have wanted this since they first married but, like the other husbands before him had been too nervous to ask or insist. He also knew that after attending the gathering at Takahiro's house the following Saturday, Haru would discover a lot of other talents that he did not realise his innocent young wife could perform.

Takahiro idly stroked his own erection as he watched the two of them. He watched as Haru started to thrust his hips towards his wife's mouth, forcing a little more of his penis into her mouth. He watched Haru's thrusts increase in speed and intensity and then the moment when his thigh muscles tensed, his head leaned back, his thrusts momentarily paused and then the frantic movement of the muscles in his wife's neck as she swallowed his copious semen.

Takahiro watched as the young couple were now motionless, Haru's softening penis still between Naoko's lips as he said, "That was very good Naoko. You'll both be pleased to know that you have passed my test and I want you to join me and my friends this coming Saturday evening."

"Thank you, said Haru, I'm sure Naoko will not disappoint you."

"I also sure she will not disappoint us all," said Takahiro, "But before we end the call I must insist on a few stipulations for next Saturday."

"OK," said Haru, "what are they?"

They both looked at the screen as Takahiro said,

  1. "Haru, you will be allowed to watch and maybe join in but only if you are asked to do so. You must not interrupt or interfere in any way when your lovely wife is entertaining all of us. Is that clear?"

"Yes," said Haru.

  1. "Naoko, you will do what ever is asked of you. The evening will conclude, and you will get paid, only after every one of my guests has ejaculated. Is that clear?"

"Yes," said Naoko.

  1. "Naoko, you must shave off all of your pubic hair so that you are completely hair free. Is that clear?"

"Yes, said Naoko.

  1. Finally, Naoko, you must arrive at my apartment at 8pm precisely wearing the same skirt and blouse that you wore today but with no underwear. Is that clear. Just wear your blouse and skirt with nothing underneath."

"Yes," said Naoko.

With that the screen went dead as Takahiro logged off.

Five minutes or so later an email arrived confirming the time and place on Saturday.


Naoko felt as though she was still naked as they left the house, got into their car and drove the few miles to Takahiro's apartment. She could feel her nipples brushing against the fabric of her blouse, reminding her with every movement of the car that she was naked underneath her outer clothes.

Takahiro's apartment was in the very expensive side of town. They parked the car and walked the short distance to the apartment.

As they entered the building Naoko felt sure that the concierge somehow knew that she was not wearing any underwear by the way he openly stared at her. They checked the apartment number and soon realised that Takahiro lived in the penthouse.

They took the lift up to the opulent roof top apartment and were greeted by Takahiro himself who was naked except for a white towel wrapped around his waist.

He ushered them both inside.

As they entered the apartment Naoko was amazed at how large and opulent it was. She could hear the low mumble of male conversation as Takahiro led them to what he referred to as the 'play room.'

He pushed open the door and guided them both inside. The conversations abruptly stopped as they entered. Naoko looked around the large room. It looked like a gentleman's club with leather upholstered chairs all arranged around what looked like a circular bed in the centre. The bed was illuminated quite brightly by overhead lighting but the rest of the room was relatively dark.

Naoko felt her legs tremble a little as she tried to count the male faces that had all turned to look at her. She thought there were at least twelve chairs in the circle around the bed, all occupied except for one which she assumed was Takahiro's seat but then she noticed more men standing around the outside.

The men were all about the same age as Takahiro which she guessed would be about the same as her father. Like Takahiro, the men were all wearing only a towel around their waists.

Takahiro led Naoko and Haru to the centre next to the bed before taking his place in the empty chair.

He then said, "Gentlemen, this is Naoko and her husband Haru. As you already know Haru is renting Naoko to us for the evening."

As Takahiro finished his introduction the men applauded. Once the applause had died down he then said, "Haru, if you look over in the far corner you will see a spare white towel on a table. Please go and take off your clothes and then join my friends."

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