tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 05

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 05


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, laughed at another one of Reece's jokes. The bard rode alongside her as they journeyed through the thick forest and despite his rather flowery exterior she was actually growing to like him.

But Narlissa was still worried. She had to reach the next village soon and she hoped that when she did they would know something about the ship that she was chasing. The crew of that ship had stolen her treasure map and she needed to reach the treasure before they did. She would not lose it now.

They had been riding for a good few hours and Narlissa could tell that it was late afternoon. There were still some daylight hours left but she did not want to be riding in the dark. They had lost a little bit of time earlier that day when she had ridden Reece's cock but she did not regret that interruption for a moment.

Soon she saw faint tendrils of smoke above the trees and her half-elven hearing was able to pick out the sounds of habitation. It did not sound like a particularly large settlement and was probably a village more than a town but Narlissa was glad to find somewhere that might be able to help her.

"Ah, there it is," Reece said, pointing ahead of them. He gestured at the smoke. "I do not expect someone without my extensive travelling experience to notice such things, Narlissa, so do not worry, but there is a settlement ahead. You can tell by the smoke."

Narlissa laughed inwardly. She would not shatter this man's ego. "Oh? That's quite incredible, Reece. You truly are a man of many talents."

He beamed at her and gave a small mounted bow. They continued on in silence for a moment until a minute or two later the village came into view. It truly was just a village, with probably no more than twenty houses and other buildings but Narlissa was relieved to see that it did have a small dock jutting out into the lake. It was very possible that the ship had stopped there briefly. Sadly it was not there any longer.

They entered the town and the people largley ignored them. Not out of impoliteness but clearly travellers coming through their village was not something that bothered them. Reece found his way to the local inn and Narlissa followed, dismounting from Faeht when they reached the entrance.

Even in a small village such as this there was a stablegirl to take their horses but then Narlissa realised that older children still needed some way to earn coin and taking horses off travellers was an easy way to start. She tipped the young girl a silver piece very ostensibly so that Reece would feel pressured to match it and though she could see the annoyance in his eyes as he did so his outward expression was all gracious prose.

"Inside we will find an old friend of mine. He may be able to help you," Reece said, already seeming happy again, the coin forgotten. His ability to forget the bad was remarkable. Narlissa envied that.

They stepped into the inn and Narlissa glanced around. It was virtually the same as every other inn she had seen which was to say that it wasn't unpleasant just very boring. She and Reece took off their cloaks. Then she followed Reece to the bar, noticing that almost all of the patrons were now watching them carefully. She was quite sure that the men in the establishment never took their eyes off her but she did not mind. Equally amusing was the way the women present eyed Reece.

"Good evening Eamonn," Reece said loudly and the tall man at the bar, who had been cleaning cups with his back to them, turned around.

"Reece! It has been a long time," the man replied, reaching out to shake Reece's hand.

Narlissa could not help but cast a roving eye over the man. He was tall, probably 6'4" or so, but fairly slim. His arms spoke of strength but he would not stand up in a fight against a true warrior. Yet he remained very attractive. Short, blonde hair was complemented by blue eyes and Narlissa realised that her magic cunt had started to ache at the sight of him.

She shook her head and stepped forwards as the man turned to regard her. A small smirk played across her lips as she noticed his eyes dart over her body.

"And who is your companion?" he said to Reece.

The bard spun back to her with a broad grin. "A fellow traveller, Eamonn. I encountered her on the roads only this afternoon. Narlissa, this is Eamonn. Eamonn; Narlissa."

She took his hand and bowed, giggling as he did the same. Then she stood. Trying to ignore the lust that was slightly building inside her she addressed the man she now knew as Eamonn.

"Are you the barkeep here, sir?" she said with a smile.

The man shook his head. "Unfortunately, I am not. I am his son and I run the tavern whilst he is elsewhere. He left town earlier this afternoon and will not return until the morning. Is there something I can help with?"

"I am looking for information regarding a ship that may have docked earlier. It certainly would have passed this village on the river. Do you know anything about that?"

Again, Eamonn shook his head. "Sorry, no. I have been in the forest all day. I arrived here only shortly before my father left. If there is something to be known about this ship, though, then my father will know it. I would suggest you stay the night."

There seemed to be something in that last sentence, and Narlissa's magic cunt yearned to believe it. She grinned. "It seems I shall have to."

Eamonn's eyes lingered on her a moment before he turned back to Reece. "And of you, Reece? Will you be performing for us tonight?"

"I will indeed, if you allow it," the bard replied with a flourishing bow.

"Of course. Father will be disappointed not to see it."

Reece smiled then, and reached into his pack, pulling out a harp and a flute. Narlissa was intrigued to see him play.

The evening passed quickly enough. Reece had said he would not perform until it was dark but it had already been late afternoon and Narlissa did not have long to wait. Soon the inn was crowded with people and Reece stepped into the centre of the room to play.

She open her eyes wide with surprise as he strummed the harp. He was very, very good, excellent even. Then again, she remembered, he had played in the court of the Queen so he must have been something special. The crowd in the tavern - surprisingly packed for such a small village - began to cheer and join in and soon the whole place was a picture of revelry.

Reece was the centre of attention and Narlissa could see he was at home there. She grinned at the sight of him and kept herself to the edges of the room. Being the centre of attention was the complete opposite to how she liked to live.

"He is quite gorgeous, isn't he?" she heard a voice giggle, and she turned to look as two young women eyed Reece up and down. The voice had come from a pretty blonde thing, certainly no older than Narlissa and very probably even a little younger.

The other woman, slightly older, grinned at her companion. "He certainly is. If I were not married I might well try to bed him."

"Sister, you are terrible!" the first woman laughed. "If only your husband knew your sordid past."

The second woman grinned. "Ah, but he does not need to worry. I am devoted to him now, no one else. Which means that handsome bard is yours."

"Mine?" the first woman gasped. "I would not know where to start."

"Just be yourself. You're gorgeous. Show the interest that you clearly have and if he likes you in return then you will... well, you know."

"But perhaps he won't like me."

Narlissa had heard enough. This pretty young blonde thing clearly liked the look of Reece and from what she had learned about him today he would have no trouble whatsoever in letting her indulge that interest. She stepped towards the two women.

"I'm so sorry to intrude, ladies," she said with a small smile. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I travelled here with Reece."

The first woman who had spoken looked horrified. "I apologise! I did not know he was married. Please, accept my humblest apologies. I will leave now."

"You will do no such thing," Narlissa said sternly, stopping the woman in her tracks. "I am not married to Reece, I am merely a companion of his. A companion, I should add, who understands his tastes. If you think to bed him, he will be only too eager to comply. Do not let nerves hold you back. Approach him when he has finished, suggest that perhaps the two of you go somewhere quiet to talk, and before you know it you'll be naked together."

The first woman flushed. "I... I don't know."

"Does that not sound nice, sister?" the second woman said with a mischievous smile. "Seeing him naked, feeling his lips on you?"

"It does..."

"Then go to him!" Narlissa laughed, pushing the blonde woman towards Reece. She stumbled, righted herself, took a deep breath and strode towards the front of the crowd.

Narlissa turned to the other woman. "Will she follow through?"

"Yes," the woman replied with a smile. "Once she sets her mind on something it takes a great deal to stop her. If that bard is as amenable to a woman's company as you say, and I believe you that he is, then she'll not be coming home tonight. Thank you for your help."

The woman bowed low and left. Narlissa watched her go with a broad smile. Some part of her wondered why she had just set Reece up with another woman when her magic cunt ached to be filled. Another part of her knew exactly why.

She turned to try and find Eamonn. Her pussy throbbed when she realised that he was staring at her and she quickly stepped towards the bar.

"Good evening, Eamonn," she smiled seductively.

He grinned. "Good evening, Narlissa. Reece is quite something, isn't he?"

Narlissa nodded, then ordered a drink. When Eamonn returned with it she smiled at him. "So how long have you lived here?"

"All my life. My father runs the inn and my mother is in the local militia. I had to choose which of their footsteps to follow in and found myself more suited to a life of drink and companionship than bloody warfare."

"It seems we have something in common," Narlissa said low.

Eamonn rose an eyebrow. "How so?"

"I, too, enjoy companionship."

The barkeep seemed to take the hint somewhat, and he glanced around the inn. "Where are you staying tonight, Narlissa? Unlike Reece, you did not rent a room. Will you be staying with him?"

Narlissa shrugged. "I'm sure he will find room for me if nowhere else can be found." Then she moved her head to whisper in Eamonn's ear. "I had been hoping, however, that... alternative sleeping arrangements could be made."

When she pulled away the sparkle in the barkeep's eyes made it clear that he had understood her intentions, although it would have been very difficult not to.

"Would you like to come upstairs?" he asked.

Narlissa merely nodded and Eamonn took her hand, glancing around before he darted from behind the counter and opened the door at the rear of the inn. It was not the door leading to the guest rooms but that did not surprise Narlissa. She followed him up the stairs and soon they had reached a landing.

Opening another door Eamonn stepped inside, and Narlissa realised that it was his private bedroom. It was spacious enough but what caught her eye was the bed.

Not that she paid attention for long because soon she was kissing Eamonn passionately. His hands wrapped around her back. Her own fingers dropped beneath his shirt and soon she had tugged off his clothes to leave him naked in front of her. At the same time he had not been still and her leather bodice had been removed, leaving her big tits hanging free. To her great delight Eamonn reached out to grasp them, kissing and squeezing them for a while before his hands dropped down to remove her pants.

Soon she was naked too and they kissed again as the barkeep turned her around and led her towards the bed. She felt her thighs against the cool sheets and moaned as she knew what was coming.

Narlissa thumped back onto the bed with a giggle as Eamonn shoved her onto it and she willingly crawled further up. He joined her quickly and she parted her legs to reveal her glistening pussy. Eamonn did not need to be instructed what to do.

"Oh fuck..." she moaned as his tongue found her magic cunt, covering every inch of her senstive lips. She began to writhe in pleasure at his excellent work and she raised her head to look down at the blonde barkeep with his blue eyes staring back at her. His fingers found their way to her entrance and deftly pushed inside.

He did not break eye contact even as she threw her own head back and soon Narlissa was not thinking about that as an orgasm tore through her body. She felt her insides spasm with pleasure but even as it faded she knew that her magic cunt was not quite sated. Sure, it had been provided with some relief and she could probably now go a few hours without seeking out pleasure again but the fact was there was a naked man with a hard cock waiting to plunge it inside her and Narlissa's magic cunt was not about to let that opportunity go to waste.

Eamonn climbed fully onto the bed then, positioning himself above her. Narlissa reached down to grab his cock, groaning at the feel of his hard length in her hand and delighting in the knowledge that soon it would be stretching her pussy.

She did not have to wait long. Angling himself with her cunt he slipped inside and soon Narlissa was moaning loudly as Eamonn thumped his hips against hers. She hoped that Reece was distracting the patrons of the tavern enough that they were not looking for Eamonn to buy a drink because she desperately didn't want to be interrupted now. Not with this gorgeous man hammering his wonderful cock into her magic cunt.

Her pussy started to spasm around his length and she knew that she was not far away. She grasped his cheeks and kissed him deeply before pulling away to moan loudly.

"Oh fuck, Eamonn, I'm going to come..." she said, her eyes rolling back.

"Me too! I'm going to come too!" He said the last word with slight strain as he thrust into Narlissa powerfully and she felt his cock twitch as he came. She knew ropes of his seed would be spurting inside her and that thought was the final thing she needed.

With an orgasmic cry of her own Narlissa's climax arrived and she felt her magic cunt clamp down on Eamonn's cock. She was briefly lost to the bliss of her release but eventually it faded and Eamonn rolled off her with a contented sigh.

"Narlissa, that was probably the hardest I've ever come in my entire life," he said happily. "You truly are special."

She grinned.

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